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A Good Visit to Flamingo Marina, Everglades National Park, Flamingo, West Florida

Flamingo Marina is part of the Cape Sable Everglades National Park Service and is located in Flamingo, FL. Because of reported severe shoaling in the entrance channel, this facility has not recommended by SSECN in the past. However, Ken Roddenberry experienced no shoaling with 4ft draft at low tide.

Since the latest report was Jan 2015 [/146721] I thought we could give an update on what we experienced at Flamingo marina / Everglades NP visitors center. We traveled the west coast of Florida on our way to the middle Keys. From Marco to Goodland then Everglades City to Shark River we cruised into Flamingo on Feb 5, 2016. Our draft is 4 ft and we did not experience any problems at low tide. There are few if any crab pots inside the NP boundary. The marina is managed by a concierge and not the NP. Docks are in good repair. Pedestals need some work as many do not have service. So you will have to find one in service before completing your dock lines. ‘Flamingo Rick’ answered my call even though he doesn’t work there anymore. But he was very helpful in answering my questions. The pump out was not operating but the public facilities in the visitors center are excellent and adjacent to the docks. Showers are under the control of the concierge and were operating but we did not use them. The price is $2/ft. The water is potable and not objectionable. We planned to stay a couple of days but extended it for four nights waiting for a weather window. Wind was constant and probably kept the insects away. However on a bike ride to a back country area we were very uncomfortable and shortened our trip. Insect repellent is required.
Ken & Jo Roddenberry Monk 36 Friar Tuck

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Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (1)

  1. Istvan Orosz -  February 13, 2017 - 8:19 pm

    Flamingo is a great place for boaters with draught less than 4′.
    With 4′ to 5′ can enter on high tide only.
    I have been there with my Beneteau-37 ( 4’7″) yesterday and today and would suggest to call this marina.


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