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Apalachicola & Carrabelle, Florida Marina Recommendations

I copied the question and answer below from the AGLCA list. Captain Jame’s advice sounds spot on to me!

The MV lady lee 34′ trawler will be in Apalachicola about Dec 09 & 10, looks like bad weather window for big bend route. What are the best Marina’s to stay at in Apalachicola & Carrabell3.We will need crossing information. We travel at about 7 MPH.
Joe & Jamie Schwartzott
34′ trawler Lady Lee

In Carrabelle you have two marina’s I would suggest…either ‘The Moorings’ (850-697-2800) or ‘C-Quarters’ (850-697-8400).? The latter is less expensive, but The Moorings offers more amenities (pool, boaters lounge, etc.), so depends on what you are looking for.
Re: crossing information, “Buddy” at The Moorings can give you good information, and you can call the National Marine Weather service out of Tallahassee (850-942-8833). They welcome calls from mariners making “the crossing” anytime of the day or night, and will give you updated marine WX info based on current & forecasted conditions in addition to what they are broadcasting on the local WX VHF channel.
Tom Jones

We left Carrabelle on Thursday afternoon and arrived in Clearwater on Friday morning. We stayed at the Moorings and one added advantage is they are close to a company called Marine Systems who can help you with any mechanical/electrical problem you have. It is run by Eric Pfeufer and he is on top of most jobs that they take on. Tom Conrad’s weather forcasts are very helpful. Have a safe crossing.
Neil Shaw
Adagio Due GB52
m/v Marbles

Apalachicola: the best marina is Scipio Creek Marina.
Carrabelle:  I say the best is The Moorings, (new name Moorings Marina  Sea Change).
Many loopers stay at C Quarters then walk to The Moorings for Buddy’s  advice on crossing the Gulf.
Alan  Lloyd

In Appalachicola, we stayed at the Water Street Hotel Marina.  It was
just fine for a one-night stay.  Appalachicola Bay is very exposed.
If you plan/need to be there multiple days, perhaps a conventional
marina would be better depending on what you want.

In Carrabelle, we stayed at C-Quarters.  It was fine.  Cheap.  The guys were very welcoming and helpful.  Never did met “Buddy,” but met several fishermen who seemed to know those waters pretty well.    We left our transit plan with C-Quarters, and they were glad for us to do so.  We called when we got to Tarpon Springs to let them know were had arrived safely.  Great service for $25 and change.
Peg and Jim Healy, aboard Sanctuary
currently at Charlotte Harbor, Punta Gorda, FL

We were at Scipio Creek marina in Sept. as we had made a short trip over from Panama City.  Although the people are nice, I don’t suggest this marina as they are over run with ants.  We had to leave our boat for a week and when we came back we were totally infested with them. Were told by the lady who owns the marina that they fight them constantly.  No fun. C-quarters in Carrabelle is a better bet.
Many blessings,

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