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Posted by admin | Posted on 01-05-2010

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Clearance Issue at Morehead City – Newport River Bridge? AICW Statute Mile 204

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 10-16-2013

Morehead City - Newport River Bridge - Click for Chartview

This report of less-than-charted height at MHW is the first we’ve had for this particular bridge. If others have had the same observation, let us hear from you. Morehead City–Newport River Bridge crosses the Waterway at Statute Mile 204, immediately north of the Morehead City Turning Basin, south of unlighted can buoy #39.

Usually 64′ at high tide.
Paul Eckenroth

Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Bridge Directory Listing For Morehead City – Newport River Bridge

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Morehead City – Newport River Bridge

Information Sought for Entering Cedar Creek Anchorage, off Adams Creek, AICW Statute Mile 188

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 09-16-2013

Cedar Creek - Click for Chartview

Cedar Creek intersects the AICW/Adams Creek at Quick Flashing Green Marker #9, immediately south of the intersecting range lights and just as Adams Creek turns to the southwest. An old sailboat wreck, reportedly well-marked, lies almost exactly in the center of the mouth of the creek, due east of Flashing Marker #9. We have not heard of any issues with entering or anchoring in Cedar Creek and if you have dropped hook there recently, let us hear from you!

It has been a while since we used this anchorage and would appreciate any comments from recent users on entering this anchorage in relation to the ATON’s at the turn.
Larry & Kathryn Byrd aboard Slo M’Ocean

We used this anchorage more than once. According to this graphic, we enter slowly tracking from either the north or south “9″ foot symbols toward the anchor symbol. In either case we stop short of the wreck symbol. We draw 5.5 ft
This is can be rolly anchorage if you stop before sundown. Other boats just blast by.
Chris and Janet

I used to anchor up in Back Creek a few years back.
There was a few holes around 6 ft. near the mouth it has a soft bottom of thick mud.
The wrecks marked on charts need to be given a wide berth. the wind and tides will move them on occasion.
Just be the prudent sailor,
Tom, formerly from MHC.

Captain Noel confirms that the wreck is well-marked:
We anchored in Cedar Creek last week. Absolutely no problem entering at the green 9 and skirting around the sunken sailboat, marked by at least four stakes, maybe more. Anchored in 8-9 feet of water just behind the wreck–a scenic stop where you can fish and watch the passing traffic on the ICW. There were very few crab pots and, on the day we visited, no fishing boats in or out.
Kathrine Noel

Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Anchorage Directory Listing For Cedar Creek Anchorage

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Cedar Creek Anchorage

Info on Aids to Navigation on Channel From Beaufort Inlet To Taylor Creek, Beaufort, NC, near AICW Statute Mile 205

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 08-17-2013

Click Charlet Above To Open Chart View Page Centered on the Intersectino of Beaufort Inlet, and the Channel to Taylor Creek

When we first posted the question below from Captain Schultz concerning the Bulkhead Channel which connects Beaufort Inlet and Taylor Creek (which serves the downtown Beaufort waterfront), we asked for input from the cruising community, and, as usual, our fellow mariners responded magnificently. As you will see, several local captains provide excellent info as to the ready usability of this passage, though do note that Captain Strong says marker #3 may be out of position!

I have not been through here in over a year, but I understand that dredging has been underway in the Morehead channel this year. Has this affected the location of some of the markers in the area of the connection between the Beaufort channel and Morehead channel, specifically 2, 2A and 1BH? (I plan on going through there in a few weeks.)
Either my nav. program and/or the latest Notice to Mariners place these far east of where they presently are, which does not appear correct. Have they been relocated?
Pete s.v.Selamat Jalan

We went through this area heading out the inlet on the way to Cape Lookout last Wednesday Aug 21st. We heard the ferry captain call the coast guard on the vhf about #3 green can marker at the entrance to Bulkhead channel before turning east into Taylor Ck being way out of place. It was over close to shore by the jetty. If it hasn’t been corrected it’s a grounding waiting to happen! As for the inlet channel markers, we noticed several missing as compared to our chart. #17 was gone but a 17A was close by yet seemed out of place.Also #12 was gone and that’s where we left the channel so not sure what else.
Liz Strong

Indeed dredging has been done and the markers are back in place. I can’t say that they are exactly where your plotter says they should be but I can tell you that the buoys will take you safely into and out of Beaufort Harbor. If I were to favor a side I would lean towards the green once past the rock jetty heading into the channel along Radio Island. Not a problem as long as you follow the buoys.
Richard Becker

I was last thru there in April with no problems and have been up that channel probably 25 times without incident. The only real hazard is the rock breakewater to port just as you start up the channel. It is covered for the most part at high tide and occasionally someone cuts the corner and ends up on the rocks! The only other caveat is to not pass right next to the markers as they are set on the edge of the channel and often there is shoaling close to the marks.
Sykes DeHart
SV Aquarius

I’m a local, in and out of the inlet and this area almost weekly. The dredging was on the deepwater ship channel, primarily to address the shoaling on the Shackleford Banks side of that channel. To get into Beaufort, off the ship channel stay inside the markers and you have plenty of water for any pleasure craft. See link below for Hydrographic Survey.

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Intersection of Beaufort Inlet and the Channel to Taylor Creek

Sailor Seeks SC Launch Information

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 08-08-2013

If you have suggestions for a location that fits Pete’s needs, let us hear from you!

Claiborne made a great suggestion for a place I can launch a 28 foot sailboat with a tall rig via ramp and find assistance raising mast in Georgetown!
If anyone knows anywhere from Charleston south along SC coast I can find ramp and perhaps a pole to raise mast or marina that will assist in raising mast, please advise.
I prefer to launch via ramp as opposed to paying for lift.
Smooth sailing and thanks.

Advice Sought for Cruising the St. Johns River, Eastern Florida

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 07-28-2013

AICW/St. Johns Intersection - Click for Chartview

For my money, the best cruising on the Eastern Florida coastline is to be found on the St. Johns River. Tucked in a small hide-away anchorage, south of Lake George, it’s hard to believe that you are in the same state that sports the “condo caverns” surrounding the Waterway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.
The Waterway intersects the St. Johns River at Statute Mile 741, east of Jacksonville. If you have suggestions for Captain Alan, let us hear from you.

I have a 21 ft walk around cuddy cabin boat. I live close to Lake Monroe boat ramp and at times launch there. I enjoy ocean and trailer boat to New Smyrna. Was thinking about a few days on Banana River but know little about St Johns River. If I was to launch at Lake Monroe, and want to make a few days on river which way should I go, and what advice?
I have little camping gear, but can sleep in cuddy cabin.
I understand river goes up to Jacksonville.
Would be traveling myself as wife hates nature.
What would you advise?

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of AICW/St. Johns Intersection

Answers re Anchoring Restrictions in Big Bayou Anchorage, Western Shore of Tampa Bay

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 07-03-2013

Big Bayou Anchorage - Click for Chartview

Big Bayou anchorage lies just south of St. Petersburg, along the western shores of Tampa Bay, about mid-way between Big Bayou markers #14 and #16.
If any Tampa Bay cruiser (or any other member of the cruising community for that matter) can help to answer Captain Lorenzi’s question below, we would also find that data most useful here at the SSECN. Please send any info on this subject to

Big Bayou is suggested as an alternative anchoring spot to Vinoy Basin. However, I have looked for but not found definitive information regarding anchoring restrictions in Big Bayou. GIS map indicates Big Bayou is within the St. Petersburg City Limits so I presume ordinance 23H would apply. Does this mean anchoring here is prohibited for cruisers and if so, what are the prohibitions? I cruise year round and am considering St. Petersburg as a destination in 2014 primarily because it is rarely affected by hurricanes.
Bob Lorenzi

This may help. Here’s a link to St Pete’s Anchoring ordinance which in effect until, I believe, July of next year. It’s a pilot program and may chance after that.

Thanks for forwarding Ken’s comment and link to the St. Petersburg ordinance. I already know about the ordinance and have read it. My question arises due to the fact Big Bayou has been recommended as an alternative anchorage… And, since I am a full time cruiser – not someone just looking for a weekend anchorage – I want to know if anchoring there for 2 months, January-February, 2014 would be allowed for a cruiser like myself. I’m in Orange, Texas where there is a narrow waterway I used in 2005 to tie my boat to trees on both banks bow and stern when hurricane Rita’s eye went right over. I’ll do the same this season if a hurricane is on track to strike Orange. I’ve sailed close to two global circumnavigations and am considering sailing at least as far as South East Asia, leaving through the Panama Canal in March or April , 2014. I may attempt sailing from here, but need to know sailing from Florida is a viable alternative. Can’t do without knowing ahead of time there is some place to anchor in St. Petersburg. I’d be using the Intracoastal Waterway between here and Apalachicola, leaving Orange in November or December.
Bob Lorenzi
S/V Armido of San Diego, Calif.
Presently anchored in Orange, Texas

Big Bayou Dinghy Docks at Public Launching Ramp in Grandview Park (southwestern tip of Big Bayou) - Photo Courtesy of Captain David Burnham

The short answer is: Yes, Bob, you can anchor in Big Bayou for two months if you can find enough room when you arrive. I’ve sent photos of some of the boats anchored in Big Bayou that I took this afternoon to the Editorial Director along with photos of the dinghy dock at Grandview Park that is on the western shore of Big Bayou.
Grandview Park is a boat launch facility and other than sheltered picnic tables and trash cans it has NO other facilities. No bathrooms, no holding tank pumpout, no water unless it rains. There are two bus stops so it is easy to catch a ride to other areas of the city.
If you’ve read the St. Petersburg anchoring ordinance you already know that you are allowed to anchor for up to 10 days (in any 30 day period) in Bayboro harbor in the area south of the USF sailing center and north of the Harborage Marina, as long as you are at least 200 feet from the marina docks. This anchorage is much closer to downtown St. Petersburg and just west of the Port of St. Petersburg where the USCG ships are berthed.

Boats Anchored on Big Bayou, 7/15/13 - Photo Courtesy of Captain David Burnham

Big Bayou is not what I would consider a good hurricane hole but as you will be here in Jan-Feb, that should not be a consideration.
A better anchorage is south of Maximo Park with no more exposure than Big Bayou, it has the advantage of being near Frenchman Creek and Eckard College and this creek is a real hurricane hole. Maximo Park has restrooms and playgrounds as well as boat launch ramps.
Although Maximo Park is NOT on the bus route its only a couple of blocks to walk to the bus stop on 31st St.
David Burnham

Bob, If you are planning to stay in the St. Petersburg area in Jan-Feb, you should anchor on Boca Ciega Bay near the Gulfport, FL pier. Now that the “Structure C” drawbrige has been replaced with a 65′ fixed bridge it is an easy sail to and from the Gulf of Mexico and Boca Ciega Bay provided your mast will clear the 65′ bridge. Gulfport is an active artist colony and public transportation makes the ride from Gulfport to St. Petersburg or St. Pete Beach a breeze. If you get the chance, drop in on the folks at the Boca Ciega Yacht Club next to the Gulfport Marina. They are an active sailing/cruising/racing/party group with all the 411 on Gulfport and the St. Petersburg area.
David Burnham

Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Western Florida Anchorage Directory Listing For The Big Bayou Anchorage

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Big Bayou Anchorage

Fuel Polishing Service Recommendation in the Florida Keys

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 06-22-2013

Subject: fuel polishing
Cruising News: I need to have the diesel tanks and fuel on my boat professionally cleaned when I am in the Florida keys next month. Anyone have any recommendations who I might contact in the keys that provides this service?
Scott Newman

Hey guys,
I’ve made the mistakes for you already! You will want to use Skip Trent. He has the newest updated fuel polishing equipment there is to date. He is located in Islamorada where our charter business is located. His number is 305-247-2177. Let me know how things work out? You can contact me at 305-407-0230.
Capt. Steve Scott

Make sure your marina allows this. We’ve have been offered contracts at a couple which expressly prohibit in-slip fuel polishing.
Chris and Janet

Update on Lake Sylvia, AICW Statute Mile 1064.5, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 05-12-2013

Lake Sylvia - Click for Chartview

While the charted depths in the body of Lake Sylvia look adequate, the depths at the northern entrance from the Waterway are questionable. If you know these waters, let Brian hear from you.
Lake Sylvia lies to the south, southeast of marker #13, itself just south of huge Bahia Mar Marina.

We draw 5’6″ how deep is Lake Sylvia?

To enter here for the first time, come from the marina direction paralleling their face dock. Enter Lake Sylvia’s channel staying well to the East ~10 feet off the pilings.
Where the curving bulkhead to the west straightens, there is an underwater obstruction that crosses the entire channel and offers 5ft+/- at low tide. We believe this may be construction debris, and we go very slowly here if we are at less than half tide.
Once inside it deepens, but it is deeper to the east. The bottom is good. However, currents move through here in strange ways. All the canals connect to to the river and ocean. Ebbs and floods do not come from consistent directions. The higher the tide range the more the currents come from the southern canals. As a consequence boats do not swing sequentially on a tide change. Boat with nylon rodes seem to be more affected than those with all chain.
Chris & Janet

Lake Sylvia in Ft Lauderdale no longer posts anchorage limits – show an anchor light and they are friendly. Closest safe place to stick your dinghy is Las Olas Marina but they charge $22 a day (9-5 only) and their moorings which include dinghy access are $35. Only 9 moorings though, so in season don’t count on an empty ball. You can also go
about 20 minutes (all slow speed strictly enforced) to the Southport Raw Bar where they do charge $10 a day for the dinghy, but you can use that $$ the same day for food and drink purchases so that’s pretty fair.
Peter TenHaagen, Transition

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Lake Sylvia

Suggestions/Advice Needed for Trip from Norfolk to Elizabeth City, AICW Statute Mile Zero to 50.2

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 05-12-2013

Click to learn more about our Carolina Loop program
My family has made the trip from the charted anchorage at Hospital Point in Norfolk to Elizabeth City a number of times in a single day, including an hour or so at the Visitors Center, with no problems. If you have had similar experiences, please let us and the crew of Rainshadow hear from you.
The Dismal Swamp Canal, the AICW Alternate Route, departs the primary AICW south of Norfolk at Statute Mile 7.2 and begins officially at Deep Creek Lock at Statute Mile 10.6.

Elizabeth City, at the south end of the Dismal Swamp route, has been charming cruising visitors to the City Docks since 1983 and it’s wonderful that some things do not change! The city docks are officially called Mariner’s Wharf and dockage is free for 48 hours. We are proud to report that Elizabeth, NC is A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

Will be making south passage through Deep Creek ICW in early June. Looks tricky for timing to get to the northern lock in time if leaving from Norfolk. Our goal is to get to Elizabeth City in one day. The bridges will be obstacles for marine traffic during rush hour. Seems like it would be better to stay overnight near the ICW split than in Norfolk. Any ideas on what works best for this?

Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Deep Creek Lock

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Deep Creek Lock

Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For the Dismal Swamp Canal Welcome Center

Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Elizabeth City’s Mariners’ Wharf City Docks

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Elizabeth City Waterfront

Remedies for Mold Prevention Requested

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 04-17-2013

This is a problem we have all faced at one time or another. Besides really good ventilation, there are other solutions – pun intended – as well. Let’s relate to Mary Jo your best choice for preventing mold when high and, hopefully, dry.

Cruising News:
I would appreciate any solutions you can suggest [for mold problems]. The boat is going on the hard for the summer in Southern GA.
Mary Jo

Hi Mary Jo,
I’ve had good luck with two simple rules: 1) leave the boat immaculately clean inside and 2) give everything a preventive vinegar wipe-down.
ANY dirt or dust, when it gets damp from moist air, becomes a substrate for mildew and mold. So the first thing I do is dust, vacuum, wipe-down EVERY surface to make it “hospital clean.” That means headliner, floors, little port ledges, galley cabinet fronts, … EVERYTHING.
Then I wipe down all hard surfaces with a damp washcloth dipped in a diluted vinegar solution.
Once the boat is completely dry inside (either aired out or running the A/C) then we leave the boat closed (keeping dust, pollen, insects out). We have had excellent success with this, but other boaters probably have a different opinion on leaving some ventilation or not. Our logic, which has worked for us, is that if you can have your interior pristine clean and preventively vinegared then there are no spores or dirty surfaces for the mold and mildew to get started.
Diana Doyle
m/v Semi-Local

We have had excellent results with Lysol Spray. We spray then wipe the surfaces. For items which can be bagged, we use 2 gallon, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x zip type bags with desiccant packs thrown in. Leather and canvas items are particularly vulnerable and shoes are a mold buffet. These items are “must bags.” We also use household closet moisture absorbers, however, they should be checked every two weeks minimum in really humid environments. We leave all lockers open.
This takes care of 90% of the problem which is pretty good for a boat.
Chris & Janet

Advice Sought on Dismal Swamp Canal, AICW Alternate Route

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 03-31-2013

The Dismal Swamp Canal, the AICW Alternate Route, departs the primary AICW south of Norfolk at Statute Mile 7.2 and begins officially at Deep Creek Lock at Statute Mile 10.6. See the link below to read an earlier article on the pros and cons of the two inland route choices south of Norfolk.

Elizabeth City, at the south end of the Dismal Swamp route, has been charming cruising visitors to the City Docks since 1983 and it’s wonderful that some things do not change! The city docks are officially called Mariner’s Wharf and dockage is free for 48 hours. We are proud to report that Elizabeth, NC is A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

We are preferring to take our Trawler thru the Dismal Swamp Canal this June… I just read an article stating this passage is not recommended for boats over 50 feet. Our Defever is 55′ LOA -by 17′ wide with a draft of 5′ . Should we avoid this experience and use the Virginia Cut based on boat size or do boats of our size typically do well with normal slow cautious traveling thru the DSC?
Don Mellinger

We take a 5.5 foot draft sailboat with 13 foot beam through twice a year. Your beam should not be a problem. If you have skegs neither should your draft…
However, given your size it would be best to be lead boat or leave a fair gap between your bow and the next boat’s transom. Even at the Corps speed limit request, boats with broad flat sections aft will suck punky debris from the bottom which take a while to settle.
Also it there have been recent heavy winds it is quite possible some of that debris will still be solid.
Tree overhangs are cut back very frequently. But it is possible for one to lean out during the night. Generally, this is a showpiece for the Corps.
Chris and Janet

I do have a few lingering questions:
Will the length of our Trawler (55′ LOA) be an issue finding overnight docking at the welcome centers and at the free docking in Elizabeth City?
Also in the unlikely event due to a canal blockage or bridge or lock issue requiring a turn around in the canal to back-track north would our 55′ LOA be an issue in doing a turn-around? I just don’t have a good feel for how wide the deeper water in the center of canal extends??
Thank you for your advice!
Don Mellinger

Click Here To Read An Earlier Discussion on Cruising the Dismal Swamp Canal

Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For the Dismal Swamp Canal Welcome Center

Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Elizabeth City’s Mariners’ Wharf City Docks

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Elizabeth City Waterfront

Suggestions Requested on Favorable Current south of Southport, AICW 309

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 03-30-2013

Southport Marina

Southport Marina - Click for Chartview

Captain Whitaker’s question was prompted by an earlier posting (see link below) that offered advice on northbound currents from Myrtle Beach to Southport. My suggestion would be to contact the good folks at Southport Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!, which lies just west of the Cape Fear River along the northern banks of the Waterway hard by flashing daybeacon #2A.

What about leaving Southport and heading south. Anyone know when to leave to catch favorable currents?
Horace Whitaker

Click Here To Read Earlier Advice on Currents.

Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Southport Marina

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Southport Marina

Information Sought about Cooper River Travel Times

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 03-24-2013

After reading an earlier posting about a trip from Charleston Harbor to Lake Marion, Kim has the following question:

We live near the cove at Santee State Park and Poplar Creek where you spent the night. At what speed were you cruising and how long did it take you to get from Charleston to there? We are planning on cruising 24ft pontoon with 6 to 8 people from there to the marina beside California Dreaming, eat dinner, spend the night and come back next day. Is this possible or do we need to give ourselves 3 days?

If you have made this trip, let us hear from you!

Is Maule Lake an Anchorage? Off the AICW at Statute Mile 1077.5

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 03-02-2013

Just south of Dumbfoundling Bay in N. Miami Beach, a hard-to-follow channel cuts west to Maule Lake. There used to be a marina and restaurant here, but that complex has fallen to condo blight. Has anyone
tried to anchor here recently? Were you hassled by the local water cops or by the owner of the property? The warning below from Chris has been posted on other sites and, in light of the on-going discussion re anchoring, it will be interesting to see if the owner can indeed restrict anchoring in these navigable waters.

March 2, 2013
I am the Trustee for our family trust which owns Maile [sic] Lake. As of 2012 I have been working with law enforcement to stop anchoring in our lake. As it stands now, all vessels anchoring in the lake will be trespassing and will be at risk of violation. We did not want to take this step but because of EPA and various other Governing bodies with their own regulations we had no choice. Thank you for understanding.
R G Williams

Something in Florida called the public trust doctrine holds that all waters within the state that are navigable, whether public or private, are to be kept available to all for the purposes of navigation. And, anchoring is considered a normal part of navigation. Of course the local sheriff won’t know this and will instead do whatever the locals want and chase you out, but I believe somebody could take this to court and win.
John Kettlewell

Maule Lake is actually a private lake. Anchorage is not allowed in the lake. The owners are actively removing derelict vessels in the lake as well as noticing floating vessels of trespass. DO NOT ANCHOR IN THE LAKE.
Chris Williams

Other opinions:

i just spent 4 nights anchored in maule lake in may, 2 nights on the way down to the keys and 2 on the way back. i live in ft laud and have to raise and lower my mast because i live past fixed bridges and maule lake is a calm place to do so. i saw law enforcement 1 time and they went right by me. there are about 8 sailboats anchored with nobody living on them and 1 power boat with someone living on it. the marina looks condemed. if maule lake is private then tell whoever owns it to show you their tax bill. it is a navigable waterway with greynolds park on one side, a public county park.
Skipper Dave C

It’s always fun to see people who don’t know anything about admiralty law and property law, who think when they purchase land, they have purchased the adjoining navigable waterway. It’s one thing to request the state to move derelict boats from an area. Anybody can do that, whether they own any land around the area or not. That’s not a problem, and should be done.
But, I hope they get some better legal advice, before they have the wrong person arrested for anchoring their boat there as allowed by U.S. laws and regulations. Although, this one would be a great example to other like minded condo developers, and so it might be a good thing if they did.
Rick Holman

We anchored in Maule lake in November 2012, for 3 or 4 days. No one bothered us and we had 3 other cruising boats anchored nearby. There is also 8 or 10 boats permanently anchored the area.
During our stay, the Coast Guard entered the lake with a small, abandoned sailboat in tow. they towed it to the center of the lake and dropped its anchor and left. There was also a law enforcement boat that cruised through the lake, but did not check any boats.
Roger Hayes

We anchored in Maule Lake twice, 4 days in all and never had an issue. Most recently was last August. I am not sure the post regarding it being a private lake is entirely accurate. Maybe something has changed recently but we had no issues whatsoever when we anchored there for a total of 4 nights and there are people living on their boats anchored there so a little more investigation is probably in order before declaring Maule Lake a no anchoring location.

We’ve anchored in Maule Lake, on occasion, for over 20 years. Most recently, two months ago. We’ll use it again in the future.
Skipper Jim Fitzgerald

Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Maule Lake Anchorage

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Maule Lake

Fellow Cruiser Asks Your Help

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 12-15-2012

Taking into account all the variables – weather, bridges and locks, no-wake zones, choice of routes, etc – maybe one of you who has recently navigated that particular portion of the Waterway will consult your log and give an estimate to Cappytoo.

Cruising News:
I don’t know the best place to ask this question, buy my map tech is out of date and I can’t seem to be able to open any of my kap charts, so could anyone please tell me the approximate distance and days it will take in the intercoastal at an average speed of 7 knots from Sapelo sound, Ga. to Cape May point, NJ?

Information Requested on Power Lines South of Rod and Gun Club, Everglades City, FL (Western Florida Coastline)

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 12-05-2012

If you have traversed the channel from Indian Key to Everglades City, south of Marco Island, in the recent past, and have an answer for Rusty’s question below, please follow the “Click Here to Contribute Cruising News” link found at the upper right of this, and all SSECN pages (except Chart View pages), and share your information!

Does anyone know if the 65 foot high power cables on the Barron River south of the Rod and Gun Club still exist? I have a 65 foot mast and am trying to figure out if I can get to the club. I’ve called the club a couple of times but for some reason they do not know the answer or whether the power cables still exist.

Using Google Earth and going into street view there are no wires above the channel. The wires further up the channel labeled 49ft can be seen going down the power pole to an underground cable route. I did not see any wires over the channel near the 65ft crossing.
Vic Tanner

Click Here To View This Facility’s Full Listing of Services on the Western Florida Marina Directory

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Rod and Gun Club

Question re Bridge Vertical Clearance Boards on the AICW

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 11-27-2012

If you can offer information about the replacement, accuracy, or mini-scandal regarding the clearance boards in Florida or elsewhere on the AICW, follow the “Click Here to Submit Cruising News” link on the upper right of this, and all (except Chart View) SSECN pages.

What is up with the clearance-boards for bridges in Florida?
We came through several bridges today (11/26/12) in the Daytona area, at effectively low tide, and the clearance boards showed 63-64′. We need 63’9″ to clear, and didn’t even brush.
I seem to recall within the last year a mini-scandal which involved the Florida DOT “lowering” their clearance boards to avoid getting sued, etc., etc. If so, it would appear at first blush that the situation has been resolved, and not in favor of accuracy. Maybe someone with “contacts” can sort this one out.
Larry Shick

Favorite Restaurants in Washington, NC? off the AICW on Pamlico River

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 10-14-2012

Whether you want to revisit the past or satisfy your curiosities, discover the arts or explore your true nature, you can do it from the heart of the Inner Banks - Washington, North Carolina. 800 546 0Read recent reviews and you will discover more reasons than ever to leave the familiar confines of the AICW, and journey upsteam on the Pamlico River to the Washington downtown waterfront. This SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR has sooo much to offer the cruising community. Tell them we sent you!
And now, thanks to our fellow cruisers who responded below, you know some of the best spots to slake a healthy appetite in downtown Washing!

Anyone have suggestions for a good restaurant in Washington NC in walking distance from City Docks? Our Power Squadron is planning a cruise there and would like some info.
The Reillys

Probably the most popular is Down On Main Street. Access is via Main Street or through their backdoor/patio seating area. On The Waterfront opened earlier this summer and appears to be quite popular.
Virtually across the street from Down On Main Street is a pizza parlor, that has excellent pizza — name escapes me.
Pias of Washington, I think is now closed.
The Blue Door Cafe is across the street and diagonal from On The Waterfront.
But all of these are easy walking distance from tie up.

I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days in Little Washington about a year ago. “Down on Main Street” was easy walking distance and offered decent food and reasonable prices. It was big enough to handle a group of hungry sailors and of course served liquid refreshments to take the mind off the terrors of the sea. Otherwise there didn’t seem to be a lot on offer close to the waterfront. There was one other place that seemed to be more of the white-tablecloth, expensive setting. There was a pizza place selling slices but I doubt you could fit a power squadron in there. So I don’t have any more to offer than Craig, evidently we’ve got it covered.

We spend this past summer in “Little Washington”. Bella’s Slices and Ices is the Pizza place. Good pizza.
There are two new restaurants, The Bank, nice place, high ceilings so it is loud, and On The Waterfront. It opened in July, ate there a couple of times, mixed review, one meal good, one really bad, bad service. For lunch and breakfast only there is The Meeting Place. Nice town!

Hi, Larry. The Long Bay Power Squadron trip was great! What a lovely town Washington, NC is. Loved the crab sculptures around town and the NC Estuarium. We ended up at “Down on Main” Friday nite, with live music in the streets. The restaurant was good, but the server and atmosphere were spectacular! Great town, and great marina.
The Reillys

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Questionable Anchorage on Back Creek????? AICW Statute Mile 189

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 09-26-2012

Back Creek - Click for Chartview

Back Creek, off Adams Creek just south of Cedar Creek, is not an anchorage listed in our North Carolina Anchorage Directory, principally because for the last 30+ years, I’ve hit 3 feet of water every time we try and enter. There seems to be a bar of UNCHARTED shoals between the AICW channel and the creek’s westerly mouth.  All this IN SPITE OF the inviting depths shown on chart 11541!
However, with Captain Davis’ 2.5 foot shoal draft (see below), he just might be able to safely cross the above described bar, and enter Back Creek. No guarantees though!
Hope he shares his experience on these waters with the rest of us!

Will be on Adams Creek evening of 9/30/12 and plan on anchoring in Cedar Creek. Just south of Cedar Creek is Back Creek with charted min depth of 5 feet. I only draw 2.5 feet. Anyone have any experience with Back Creek?
Jay Davis

These are my home waters. So long there is not a strong wind from the west or sw, you will not have any problem. Enjoy the serenity.
Sam Scudder

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