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Archive For: BRIDGES – Florida Keys

  • Rickenbacker Causeway

    ICW/Florida Bay/Inside Route Bridges

    Rickenbacker Causeway—crosses the combined paths of upper Biscayne Bay and the ICW at Standard Mile 1092, south of flashing daybeacon #67
    25 44.786 North/080 11.024 West
    76 feet of vertical clearance

  • Card Sound Bridge

    Card Sound Bridge—crosses the ICW and the passage between Little Card Sound and Card Sound at Standard Mile 1126.5, southwest of flashing daybeacon #22
    25 17.233 North/080 22.105 West
    65 feet of vertical clearance

  • Jewfish Creek Bridge

    Jewfish Creek Bridge—crosses the ICW and Jewfish Creek at Standard Mile 1134, south of unlighted daybeacon #34
    25 11.075 North/080 23.284 West
    65-Feet vertical clearance

  • Tavernier Creek Bridge

    Keys Connector Stream Bridges

    These bridges cross the various channels which connect in the Inside/ICW/Florida Bay Route to Hawk Channel.

    Tavernier Creek Bridge—Statute Mile 1151 – crosses Tavernier Creek, north of unlighted daybeacons #12 and #13, not far from this stream’s intersection with the open ocean and Hawk Channel
    25 00.154 North/080 31.804 West
    15 feet of vertical clearance

  • Snake Creek Bridge

    Snake Creek Bridge—Statute Mile 1158 – crosses Snake Creek, north of unlighted daybeacon #9
    24 57.134 North/080 35.260 West
    27 feet closed vertical clearance
    Opens on demand

  • Whale Harbor Bridge

    Whale Harbor Bridge – Statute Mile 1159—crosses Whale Harbor Channel, northwest of unlighted daybeacon #9
    24 56.369 North/080 36.632 West
    12 feet of vertical clearance

  • Upper Matecumbe-Lower Matecumbe Bridge

    Upper Matecumbe-Lower Matecumbe Bridge – Statute Mile 1161—crosses a whole series of different channels between the southwestern tip of Upper Matecumbe Key and the northeasterly genesis of Lower Matecumbe Key
    24 53.251 North/080 40.819 West
    7 feet of vertical clearance crossing the unnamed, northeasternmost channel
    10 feet of vertical clearance crossing Teatable Key Channel
    27 feet of vertical clearance crossing Indian Key Channel
    10 feet of vertical clearance crossing Lignumvitae Channel

  • Channel Two Bridge

    Channel Two Bridge – Statute Mile 1169—crosses Channel Two, north of unlighted daybeacon #2
    24 50.591 North/080 45.029 West
    10 feet of vertical clearance

  • Channel Five Bridge

    Channel Five Bridge – Statute Mile 1170—crosses Channel Five, north of flashing daybeacon #2
    24 50.278 North/080 46.402 West
    65 feet of vertical clearance

  • Boot Key Bridge

    Boot Key Bridge – Statute Mile 1195—spans the western entrance to Boot Key Harbor, east of unlighted daybeacon #14
    24 42.253 North/081 06.286 West

  • Seven Mile Bridge

    Seven Mile Bridge—Statute Mile 1195 – crosses both Knight Key Channel and Moser Channel between Marathon (Vaca Key) and Little Duck Key
    24 41.939 North/081 10.146 West
    19 feet of vertical clearance across Knight Channel

    65 feet (minimum) vertical clearance across Moser Channel

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