One look at a Kadey-Krogen Yacht and your cruising spirit awakens. And no wonder — every element of the new generation of Kadey-Krogen trawler yachts speaks of confidence and freedom. Our exclusive PuThe Pilot House Marina is located on secluded Lake Largo just minutes from downtown Key Largo. This choice location borders on John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, an underwater park famous among snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.Located at Mile Marker 135 on the Okeechobee Waterway, 15 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, Fort Myers Yacht Basin is a well designed and protected marina. It is owned and operated by the City of239 461-0775 Legacy Harbour Marina entrance is located on the Okeechobee Waterway East of Marker #49 on the Caloosahatchee River. The Marina is situated two blocks from historic downtown Fort Myers and three blocks from the historic Edison-Ford Winter Estates. The Marina's 131-Slips range in size from 40 feet to 80 feet and can accommodate Transient Boats of 100 feet plus. The large Fairways make our slips easily accessible. Our slips are surrounded by one of the largest 'floating breakwaters' on the Gulf of Mexico. The floating docks are state-of-the-art. Legacy Harbour Marina is a full-featured facility with all the modern conveniences of home including pump-out station, heated pool, fitness center, full electric metered at the slip, cable TV, laundry, air-conditioned showers and wireless Internet connections available. The Boaters' Lounge is available for relaxing after a cruise or for private parties. The view from the lounge is spectacular! Our grounds are beautifully manicured and provide great strolling along the river with benches, Chickee Hut, and excellent access to all of historic Fort Myers. Please take a few moments to browse our website and see for yourself what our  beautiful boating facility can offer you the next time you are cruising in Southwest Florida.Adventure Sailing - Authorized Amsoil Dealer and DistributorSouthwest Florida Yachts
Punta Gorda, Florida - a GREAT cruising destinationRiviera Dunes Marina Just off Tampa Bay Owned and Operated by BoatersDockside Cafe - Marathon, Florida on Boot Key HarborRegatta Pointe Marina

Mysterious No-Wake Zone on Caloosahatchee River West of Fort Myers

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 01-22-2011

I remember the no-wake zone described below by Captain. I could find no satisfactory explanation for its presence either.

There is a no wake zone about one mile south of the Cape Coral Bridge. It is in the middle of the river and I can see on reason for it. As you say, it is heavily patrolled.
Do you know why and who determines the no wake zones?
William Wallis

I am not entirely sure but I believe that is part of the “miserable mile” and I think that it is a manatee area. I am not sure why else it would be no wake, though being sailors who get waked frequently we kind of like it
BE CAREFUL there if you have a faster boat, on a busy day we have seen as many as 5 FWC, police, and/or other enforcement boats in this area.

Sounds like the zone from marker 72 to 76, which is not in the miserable mile. It’s at the entrance to Gulf Harbour Marina. It is a manatee zone by name, but why it’s really there I have no idea. It is patrolled much of the time.
David Bernstein

Good Words About Sunset Bay Marina (on the Okeechobee Waterway, at Stuart, FL)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 01-13-2011

Sunset Bay Marina is the new incarnation of the Stuart City Marina and later South Pointe Anchorage. This facility was rebuilt a few years ago, wet slip dockage added, and the adjacent mooring field expanded. By all reports, the new facility is really first-class, and it’s VERY convenient for those who are about to run, or those who have just completed the Okeechobee Waterway.
Sunset Bay is located just upstream of the old Roosevelt Twin Bridges, on the South Fork of the St. Lucie River/Okeechobee Waterway.

We have been at Sunset Bay for 2 weeks now and will most likely be here another week. What a pleasant surprise this marina has been! We are on a mooring.
The staff is great; facilities are excellent and easy walk to town make this the best overall marina situation that we have experienced since we left home in NC.
Highly recommend it even if you planning to continue South; it is worth getting off of the AICW and take time to enjoy this marina.
Pat Kenefick

I could not agree more with the compliments on Sunset Bay Marina. Very nice people and facilities. I would highly endorse this stop.

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Good Words About Owl Creek Boatworks (near Fort Myers on the Caloosahatchee River)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 01-04-2011

A quick but happy word about this repair facility on the Caloosahatchee River, just east of Fort Myers.

Had a fair amount of work done at Owl Creek Boatworks near Ft. Myers and was pleased with the workmanship and how they did business.

Tiger Marine in Clewiston, Florida A Good Spot for Repairs (Okeechobee Waterway)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 12-10-2010

It’s always GREAT to hear about a reliable marine repair firm, particularly one on the Okeechobee Waterway.

Subject*: cudos for Tiger Marine
Cruising News*: We had a really bad day on the boat. We crossed the Okeehobee without difficulty (plenty of water and got under the bridge. When we arrived in Clewiston, we wrapped our prop on a line. The the next morning the mixing elbow developed a hole in it and blew carbon all over the engine. On both occasions we called Rick Martinez at Tiger Marine. He was the best! He supplied a diver, put in a new mixing elbow. All this and was extremely fair in price. We can highly recommend him if you have any problems in the Okeechobee
Waterway. HIs phone:863-673-1460
Diane Fitzgerald aboard Fitzcat

Captain Rick from Tiger marine is the best. When we ran aground in lake Okeechbee last week his team was fantastic at checking out the boat and the surrounding area before pulling us off.
BE WARNED. We ran aground between the markers on the lakeside of the Port Mayaca lock 300ft from the lock! Unfortunately it is not just sand but also rock so hug the port side of the channel we were only 100ft from the dolls on the port side.
Michael Lee

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Clewiston and Roland Martins Marina

Free Mooring at Locks on the Okeechobee Waterway

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 12-07-2010

Always nice to know you can tie up somewhere free of charge. Of course, such a plan will bring on a “bare bones” night without power or water connections, but, hey, that’s what we all pretty much when anchoring anyway!

Subject*: Free moorings
Cruising News*: In Early Dec. we stayed a night tied to a dolphin near the Port Mayaca lock. The lockmaster informed us that we were welcome to spend the night at any dolphin near locks on the Okeechobee Waterway, that there is no charge, and permission is not required.
Richard Ross

After leaving Stuart, we tied to Port Mayaca’s dolphins just before the lock. There were 3 sailboats there; it was nearly dark; and, oh, my—what a new experience!!! Bow line to a dolphin and with any luck at all (like a couple in their dink returning from walking their dog), they took our stern line, our boat hook and rang the horn of the cleat. A couple springs and we were set but that was a new experience for us and we’ve been full-time for 2 years!!! I said all this to say that’s a good over night stop if you’re agile and persevering.

Boat Storage on the Okeechobee Waterway

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 12-06-2010

If there is any part of Florida that is “safest” from bad weather, it should be the central section along the Okeechobee Waterway.

I tried a general search for this and got little results so if someone knows where this info already exsists please let me know.
I will need to find a place within 100 miles from Fort Myers, Fl. to pull a 38 ft Bayliner around Feb / March /. Reasonable price of course is a concern as well as being able to work on my own boat if needed. Will probably store for 7-8 mo.
Thanks, Jeff

The best place to store a boat within 100 miles of Fort Myers and one of the only places that lets you do yout own work is The Gables Boat Storage on the [Okeechobee] Waterway near LaBelle, Florida. Amazing place, you see hundreds of masts, then the boats on dry land in the middle of nowhere. Their website goes off and on the web. Minimum storage is three months. Hurricane safe. It is really in the boonies.

Good Anchorage at LaBelle (Okeechobee Waterway, near St. M. 103)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 12-06-2010

We’ve never tried to anchor in front to the LaBelle City Dock, and Captain Laura’s note is the first indication that I remember that you can not tie up to this pier overnight. So, if you want to visit the delightful town of LaBelle, and overnight there, it looks like dropping the hook may be the best way to go!

Subject: LaBelle, FL
Cruising News:
There’s a delightful anchorage in front of LaBelle City Park just west of the Hwys 78/29 bridge–good holding and very quiet. The city docks have a 15′ limit and no overnights. Adjacent is an aluminum dock with very small slips. If you need to take a puppy to shore, either dock would suffice for a dink tie. We found nothing else so this was a great only choice.
Laura Lane Bender

I e-mailed Captain Laura and asked if she was sure there was no more overnight dockage at the LaBelle City Dock. Yes, she’s sure! Read on:

Yes. 15 minute limit! That’s hardly long enuff to walk a dawg!!! The other dock about 100 yds down is apparently also public but they made little bitty slips so they’re pretty useless. There were 6 of us anchored there and it was great. Moore Haven was also another boater unfriendly place where we thought we could tie up so called phone # and who ever answered said she had no idea what it cost. Could be $1. Could be $2. Someone would appear the next morn to collect. Asked who I could call for info and she was clueless. This was on a weekend. For no amenities wasn’t willing to risk $2. That could be a significant shock!

Here’s some differing information:

I believe the limitations on size of vessel and time at the dock apply only to the park facilities on the north side of the waterway. The free town dock on the south side, with water and electric, can accommodate larger boats moored stern-to. Overnight docking has always been allowed there, and as far as I know that hasn’t changed. I didn’t tie up there this year because the dock was full, so I anchored off the park along the north side. As Laura said, it’s a very nice, quiet place with good holding.
Peter Colket

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Fuel And Multiple Improvements at Indiantown Marina (Okeechobee Waterway)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 10-19-2010

Indiantown Marina (772-597-2455) lies along the northern banks of the Okeechobee Waterway, some 10 statute miles east of the Waterway’s entrance into Lake Okeechobee, at the Port Mayaca lock. This facility is VERY popular with cruisers, and does a lively repair/dry storage business. Now, they offer fuel as well. A quick phone call to Indiantown reveals they now offer both gasoline and diesel fuel!

Fuel is now available at the Indiantown Marina, new tanks, fully functional. Lot of new improvements (new docks, patio, WiFi through out the property, etc.). check it out.
Eric Bamberg

We communicated with Captain Bamberg, who we discovered was the Yard Service Manager at Indiantown Marina. He informed us that his facility had also gone through other multiple upgrades and enhancements over the last several years. He was invited to submit a report on all these improvements, and the note below is the result!

Mr. Young;
Thank you very much for your reply. Indiantown Marina is located in the Okeechobee waterway between the St. Lucie lock and the Port Mayaca lock. We are a full service and a “Do it yourself” marine repair / storage facility. We have a 50 ton Marine Travelift and haul vessels up to 15′ 10″ beam). We have made many improvements in recent years including new fuel tanks and pumps (both gas and diesel), new patio area, WiFi throughout the marina / boatyard areas, new docks, and improved landscaping. We also have a shops store and a campground area for our visitors both by land and by sea. Some of our “Do it yourselfers” enjoy working on there vessels and will bring a camper to stay on after the day is done. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any of the Marina staff.
Eric Bamberg
Yard Service Manager
Indiantown Marina
772-631-3272 (cell)
772-597-2455 (main office)
772-597-2457 (service office)
772-597-2451 (fax) (service department e-mail) (main office e-mail)

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Indiantown Marina

A Happy Experience at City of Fort Myers Yacht Basin (Caloosahatchee River/Okeechobee Waterway)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 07-20-2010

The City of Fort Myers Yacht Basin is one of the very best city owned and managed facilities I have ever reviewed. And, we are not just saying that because these good people are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! Not only is the dockage secure and the staff as helpful as can be, but all downtown Fort Myers attractions and dining spots are within easy walking distance.

We passed this marina on our way to Sanibel. About 30 min later we were hit by a ferocious thunderstorm, winds gusting 40 and us in a narrow winding channel for the first time. A call to Ft Myers sea tow confirmed the same all the way to Sanibel. We turned around and called the Ft Myers Yacht Basin, were talked in close then lost comms prob due to the constant lightning. As we passed the breakwater, I saw a lone figure waiting on the end of the dock in foul weather gear. He helped us dock in the height of the storm and we were tied up tight. Stayed the night. Staff were very helpful and friendly. As it was Sunday night, most of the restaurants and businesses were closed. Clean facility, nice laundry, great showers.

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Rialto Docks (Alva, Florida)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 07-19-2010

For many years now, I’ve been attesting in my “Cruising Guide to Eastern Florida” that one of the most unique and delightful marina facilities on the entire Okeechobee Waterway, is the Railto Docks, west of La Belle. Look like Captain Justice has the same idea!

One of the most beautiful hidden gems on the OWW is Rialto Docks. This small harbor is on the Caloosahatchee River on a natural “oxbow” that loops out of then back into the river. There are 13 acres mostly working horse farm, beautifully landscaped with a pool. Quiet, gators, limpkin (crying bird), apple snails, and no tidal change.
Dale Justice

Praise For Sunset Bay Marina (South Fork, St. Lucie River, on the Okeechobee Waterway)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 06-25-2010

Since the city of Stuart leased out this property, and the facility was rebuilt as Sunset Bay Marina, we have received nothing but praise for Sunset Bay here on the Cruisers’ Net.

There is no doubt that Sunset Bay is the BEST marina in the Stuart area. It was opened in 2009 so is not yet in many cruiser’s guides. Everything is new, great facilities, although mostly transient, it would pay to book ahead as many people come in for an overnight, then stay for 2 weeks. There is also a mooring field.
Keith and Laurie Rawlings
M/V “KenBane”

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Legacy Harbour Marina (Fort Myers – on the Caloosahatchee River – Okeechobee Waterway St. M. 135.5)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 05-18-2010

21 March to 13 April 2010.
We chose Legacy over the nearby municipal marina as it had a reduced weekly rate, a rarity in this part of the world. Staying a second week, it was cheaper paying for a month although we pushed on after three weeks and it was still a bargain. I heartily agree with all of the superlatives previously posted
Comparing it with the other marina which we visited by foot as it has a nice small marine store with a complete supply of local government charts, Legacy is within easier walking distance to a Publix. The municipal marina is closer to downtown which offers boutique-type shops, restaurants, a coffee house and a newly opened, well-stocked, dollar store. The Thursday farmer’s market is handy to both marinas.
The big plus for us was metered electricity. Instead of paying up to $12/day for 30 amp service, our entire three-week stay amounted to $5.85, or $.30/day. For the first and only time, we were able to see exactly how much we were paying in excess of our actual usage.
The fixed break-wall at municipal offers more protection from the swell from river traffic and wind blowing across the wide expanse of river. Legacy’s floating dock break-wall dampens it down but the entrance, open to the north, allows the swell to snake in. Finger dock slips are available extending from the break-wall that offer a nice view of the river but in stronger winds it’s an adventurous trip navigating to shore whilst dodging the odd wave breaking over the dock. We were on a floating dock closer in.
Most of the cruisers we met at Legacy were repeat customers, coming back year after year to stay for a week or two like us, taking advantage of a reduced rate for a period shorter than a month.
We made good use of the Fort Myers bus system as well as periodically renting cars for day trips. There is an Enterprise, Avis and Hertz nearby. All offered to pick us up and return us to the marina.
A nearby restaurant, Sub & Pub, is unique and good value for money. Neither a submarine sandwich parlor nor a true pub, it offers daily home cooked specials – hearty portions at bargain prices – as well as regular fare. The relaxed, folksy decor was a welcome change from the restaurant chains. In the latter category, a Joe’s Crab Shack is located on the marina premises, replete with dancing waitresses and loud music. Still, it was hard to resist the odd visit as the irresistible odor of crab cakes and fish wafted over the marina each day!
Austin Whitten

I thoroughly agree with Mr. Wittens observations. Legacy Harbor is a great, and well managed, marina! The two downtown marinas do more to help each other help the boaters, than any others I am aware of. Job well done Dave!
Leif Lustig,
FMYB Dockmaster

I heartily agree with the positive comments about Legacy Harbour Marina in Ft. Myers. We were part of a group of four boats from Solomons, MD that went south this past winter. Some of our group had visited Ft. Myers and vicinity by car the previous winter to check out potential places to stay and Legacy Harbour as well as Ft. Myers came out as top choice. All of the perks mentioned above are true. We arrived towards in early February just before it began to blow and blow and blow. Once there, we never left until heading back home across the lake. It was just too cold and windy. Apart from the ammenities discussed above, the cruiser’s group there has potluck dinners each week. There was also a group dinner out each week to a new retaurant with those with cars driving those without. We were tied up on D dock, the outer breakwater and that was an experience when the winds were from the northwest across the river. Dave and his staff at Legacy Harbour really made everyone welcome and went out their way to help out. Another plus coming up in the installation of dockside pump outs for all the docks. D dock will probably be last on the list but, this ammenty is really welcome. After checking out Naples and Punta Gorda, Ft. Myers and Legacy Harbour would surely be our choice for a return visit.
Curt Larsen

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Pirates Cove Resort and Marina (on Manatee Pocket, off the St. Lucie River/Okeechobee Waterway)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 05-15-2010

Pirates Cove is one of the most upstream facilities on Manatee Pocket. This body of water lies near the intersection of the AICW/Okeechobee Waterway/St. Lucie River, known locally as “The Crossroads.” I’ve always been impressed with Pirates Cove, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sailcraft at their docks. Always has been 100% power vessels.

We stayed here on 4/5/2010 for one night and had a nice stay. Since we were there for one night they put us on the fuel dock which was fine with me since access into and out of the slips looked like it could be a little tight (50′ LOA). We were enroute from Ft. Lauderdale to the northern Gulf Coast and some of our group who were driving a vehcile home stayed in the rooms and reported them as nice. The restraunt was pretty good, the marina staff were helpful. I’d stay here again. The location is very good if your headed to the west coast of Florida and you’re breaking the trip across into two days.

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Sunset Bay Marina (Stuart, on the South Fork St. Lucie River)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 05-07-2010

Here’s a different point of view on Stuart’s Sunset Bay Marina. Heretofore, the messages received here on the Net concerning this facility have been overwhelmingly positive!

8 March 2010. It looked like it would have been a great marina but available only to folks who book six months in advance. When we asked for a one-night transient dock, we were told to come back in June! There were empty slips and a big inside protected fuel dock that no one was on. Something wrong here.
Obviously no transient slips were reserved, despite the Waterway Guide claim of there being 60. This was the first marina we encountered that had nothing available for transients, keeping in mind our size usually guarantees a spot can always be found for us.
The facilities for the mooring field were excellent but as noted by others, it is completely open to high speed waterway traffic, subject to gunnel-to-gunnel rolling and wet dinghy rides. And why is there no bum boat available for such a large mooring field?
Two of the three other marinas in the area also claimed to be filled, with only the Harborage Yacht Club and Marina having transient places available. One said they don’t take sailboats despite the visible masts. For short term stayers like ourselves, Stuart wasn’t that attractive of a place. We anchored up the North Fork after the first rolly day on a mooring, moved to Harborage for a day for provisioning, walking over the bridge, cabbing back.
Fair winds and following seas,
Austin Whitten
S/Y “Discovery II”, Vancouver 27

Below is a response from the management at Sunset Bay Marina:

As Assistant Harbormaster at Sunset Bay Marina I can tell you that our marina is always available to transients and since we opened last year we have not had to turn down, due to lack of availability, any transients who have wished to come in on a daily basis. We offer side to ties on our fixed docks for transients of all size vessels from 25′ to 125′. We have, however, had to put those who own vessels under 40′ and who wish to have a long term dockage on a waiting list as all of our slips that accommodate those size vessels filled up almost as soon as we opened last year. We are trying to accommodate these vessels on our waiting list as soon as slips become available.
The Okeechoobee Waterway traffic problem that we have had in the past has been addressed as the entire area surrounding the mooring field and the marina has just recently been designated as a no-wake zone by the State of Florida and slow no-wake signage has been installed.
As far as the “bum boat” goes, unfortunately we do not have one but we have always personally patrolled our mooring field several times each day with our carolina skiff and constantly offer assistance to our mooring field guests in any way we possibly can, helping them with provisions, etc.
We apologize for any misunderstandings that may have occurred.
Ruth Conrad

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Historic Traffic on the Okeechobee Waterway

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 05-06-2010

There have certainly been times when I’ve felt as if the Okeechobee was a “secret Waterway.” However, Captain Vince must have thought he had wandered into a time warp, when he witnessed the vessels pictured below!

Upon exiting the Ortona Lock (westbound) on the Okeechobee WW on April 13,2010, the Nina (65’) and Pinta (85’) passed us entering the lock. It certainly took us by surprise when we got our first glance at them and almost felt like we were in a time warp. They had departed Ft. Myers that morning headed to the east coast to continue their tour. Check it out on
The photos were taken with a Canon Power Shot A570.
The first photo is the Nina and the second photo is the Pinta.
Vince Burkhardt
M/V Sharon Ann

Kissimmiee River Closed To Navigation For Seven Months (north of Lake Okeechobee)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 05-06-2010

The Kissimmee River and its series of locks, runs north from Lake Okeechobee to Lake Kissimmee, enar Orlando. Due to depths and low bridges, cruising size craft seldom attempt to traverse these waters, but now, as you will see by following the link below provided by Captain Ted, these waters are going to be closed to all vessels for some time to come.

News you may be able to use. Seven months’ closure of navigation on the Kissimmee River. That’s a long time!
Ted Guy

Okeechobee Waterway and Western Florida Cruising

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-12-2010

Wow, there’s all sorts of great cruising info in Captain RB’s message below, concerning both the Okeechobee Waterway, and cruising the Western Florida coastline from Fort Myers south to Boca Grande!

Subject: Fl trip
Cruising News: I just got back from a spring break cruise with the family and thought I would share my observations. We left Stuart at 10AM and arrived at Ft Myers at 8PM. We stayed at the Ft Myers Yacht Basin which was an easy and pleasant walk to the happening Downtown seen. Had a very good meal at Delicious things. Left the next morning for Boca Grande and had a beautiful ride and found the Miserable Mile not so miserable. Stayed at Boca Grande Marina and while it was expensive it was nice and clean. I draw 5 feet and am very concerned with running aground and I did not have any issues with the channel. I went 50 feet past Green 7 and made my turn to Boca Grande Marina. You can see the shoal which helps. We then enjoyed Boca Grande for 2 days. Rode bikes and dinghied to the north end of the island where Uncle Henry’s Marina is. The water is beautiful there but it is a ways from the village and might be a challenge for the first timer bringing in a deep draft boat. We left Boca for Tween Waters on Captiva and stopped at Cabbage Key for lunch. Plenty of water for a 5 foot draft. They do not allow dogs on the island which is an issue for us. We ate lunch and walked the trails (without the dogs) and it is a really beautiful/natural island. Then we went to Tween Waters. There was a shallow spot by Red 4 but you can see the shoal on each side of the channel and at least can have the boat at idle speed. I believe we carried 6 feet through that spot. Tween waters is a long walk from the shops and restaurants but if you have a dinghy you can dinghy towards Sanibel on this mangrove lined creek and end up at a beautiful pass/inlet. Also I called Bailey\’s Grocery and Hardware(on Sanibel) to see if they would pick us up at Tween Waters and let us shop and bring us back and to my surprise they were happy to do so with no charge for the ride although I tipped the driver. Very good fresh seafood and bakery. On the way back to Stuart we stopped in Clewiston at Roland Martin’s marina and ate at the Clewiston Inn (they picked us up and the food was delicious and surprisingly reasonable.) Martins Marina was very friendly maybe a tad run down. Overall the Okeechobee had plenty of water. The worst section is between the Stuart bascule bridge and Riverwatch Marina. We fueled up at Harborage Marina and pumped out and the staff is very friendly and didn’t mind if we hung out to wait for the tide to come up for my white knuckle journey up the Manatee Pocket to A&J Boatworks for some work. I recommend A&J they did a fair amount of work on my boat and did it on time and on budget. Hope this info helps others as others info on this website has helped me.

Railto Harbor Marina (Okeechobee Waterway, Neat St. M. 120)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 03-29-2010

Like Greg and Judy (see below), we have always loved Rialto Harbor. It is one of our favorite stops on the Okeechobee Waterway. There’s something backwater, and yet elegant, about this notable facility. Just be sure to arrive with a fully stocked galley!

Subject: Marina’s west of Okeechobee
Cruising News: We stayed on night at a wonderful little “boutique” Marina called Rialto Harbor located at Alva, Florida. Slightly pricey – but actually worth the money if your looking for a relaxing respite after long days cruising. It’s hard to describe – but it’s like being the guest a a very wealthy and very hospitable boat oriented host.
Greg and Judy Edwards,
1979 Mainship I, Magic II

Campground and Dock at W. P. Franklin Lock

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 03-29-2010

Well, I’ve known for years about the free docks at the campground just west of the St. Luice Lock, but somehow I’ve missed the piers below described by Captain Thomason.

Dear Claiborne,
I have looked for the Franklin Lock Campground on the cruiser’s net under Okeechobee Route and can’t find it. It is also not in the edition (admittedly ten years old) we have of Eastern Florida. I just wondered why? The docks here are longer than the St. Lucie Lock Campground, though not suitable for a boat length over 40 ft. There is a laundry as well as showers, water and electric hookups for $24 a night ($12 for senior pass holders). Four slips can be reserved three days or more in advance by calling 877-444-6777 or on line at . Four slips are first come first serve. The setting is natural with birds, alligators and manatees. The Park Campground office number is 239-694-8770. We usually stay several nights here when we’re transiting the Okeechobee Waterway.
Jean Thomason on DOVEKIE

I e-mailed Captain Jean and asked for more details on this facility’s location. She was kind enough to respond with the note below:

The Lat/Lon is 26 43′ 387 N; 081 41′ 454 W. The 4 fixed wooded docks are on the northern side on the river on the eastern side of the lock on a charted sidewater. Depths at the water end of the docks are over 7 feet, while the shore end is shallow so all boats go in bow first.. There is good protection from winds from any direction. The campground is administered by Army Corps of Engineers, so Federal passes are honored. It mostly caters to RV’s but there are 8 boat slips. Slips # 1,2 7,8 can be pre-reserved. Slips #3,4,5,6 are first come, first serve. The official limit on length of stay is two weeks. There are no stores etc nearby, but with all the campers, one can probably get a ride to a grocery or have someone pick up an item or two. There is biking on the roads outside the park, including a county park with walking trails.
Hope this helps!

Sunset Bay Marina (Stuart, FL on the St. Lucie River, South Fork) And the Roosevelt Bridges

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 03-05-2010

There have already been many postings praising Sunset Bay Marina here on the Cruisers’ Net. For those who don’t know, this facility is the new incarnation of the Stuart City Marina, once known as Southpointe Anchorage. The new version has plentiful slip dockage, plus an extensive mooring field.
What makes Captain Dave’s note below so valuable, is his advice about the nearby Roosevelt Bridges, which lie between Sunset Bay and the AICW. These old spans were supposed to be removed with the adjacent high-rise span opened, but that’s never happened!

Ditto to all the good comments. We agree and will be there for the next three months.
Note of interest: I suggest calling the Roosevelt Bridge for an opening before going under the new 65′ bridge. The bridge tender is very accommodating and will let you know when she is about to open so you can proceed safely. Be prepared to stop and possibly turn around as the railroad bridge closed without warning just after we started to go under the new bridge.
On weekends with many boaters and a strong tide racing thru there, it can get interesting.
Capt Dave