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  • Announcement: All Eastern Florida Cruising News


    Below, you will discover our COMPLETE listing of Eastern Florida cruising news/postings from fellow cruisers, arranged in chronological order, based on publication date. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO NARROW YOUR SELECTION of EF cruising news to those messages which pertain to a specific geographic sub-region, locate the RED, vertically stacked menu, on the right side of this, and all Cruisers’ Net pages. Click on “Eastern Florida.” A drop down menu will appear, with a blue background, Now, click on “EF Regional Cruising News.” A sub-drop-down menu will now appear, listing 12 Eastern Florida geographic sub-regions. Select your waters of interest, and after clicking on your choice, a list of messages will appear, confined to the sub-region you have picked!

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    Light Blue Background Denotes Postings Concerned with “AICW Problem Stretches”
  • Mar-a-Lago Security Zones Here to Stay, Palm Beach, FL, AICW Statute Mile 1025

    With Mar-a-Lago now designated as the “southern Whitehouse” you can expect these security zones to be in place often, if not not every week. See

    Read More

    News Release
    Feb. 17, 2017
    U.S. Coast Guard 7th District Southeast
    Contact: 7th District Public Affairs
    Office: (305) 415-6683
    After Hours: (786) 367-7649

    Coast Guard, partner agencies to establish security zones near Palm Beach

    Security Zones in vicinity of Mar A Lago, Florida iare established during VIP visits to the Miami area.

    Editors’ Note: Click on images to download high resolution version.

    MIAMI – The Coast Guard is scheduled to establish security zones Friday in the Intracoastal Waterway and offshore near Palm Beach.

    The security zones are scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. Friday, and will continue until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, to include certain waters of the Lake Worth Lagoon, Intracoastal Waterways and the Atlantic Ocean in the vicinity of Mar-a-Lago Club and the Southern Boulevard Bridge in Palm Beach.

    The security zone is necessary to protect the VIP and accompanying official party, the public, and the surrounding waterway from terrorist acts, sabotage or other subversive acts, accidents, or other causes of a similar nature. Entering, stopping, or anchoring in this security zone is prohibited unless authorized by the Captain of the Port Miami or a designated representative. The security zone will be broken into three zones.

    Palm Beach security zone restrictions:

    Zone (1): This zone is always in effect. No vessels or person will be permitted to enter this zone consisting of the waters of the Lake Worth Lagoon from the southern tip of the Everglades Island in the north to approximately 1,000 yards from the south of the Southern Boulevard Bridge on the south and eastern shore line west of Fisherman Island.
    Zone (2): This zone is always in effect. All vessels transiting the second zone shall maintain a steady speed and shall not slow or stop from waters of the Lake Worth Lagoon including the Intracoastal Waterway from the southern tip of the Everglades Island in the north to approximately 1000 yards from the south of the bridge on the south and from the western shore line to the western edge of the Fisherman Island in the east. Vessels needing to wait for the Southern Boulevard Bridge to open in zone 2 are permitted to wait in this zone only for the draw bridge to raise for safe passage.
    Zone (3): This zone is always in effect. All vessels transiting the third zone shall maintain a steady speed and shall not slow or stop from waters of the Atlantic Ocean from the Banyan Road in the north to Ocean View Road in the south and from shore to approximately 1000 yards east of the shoreline.
    Vessels seeking authorization to transit security zone 1 must contact the Coast Guard via marine-band radio via VHF-FM channel 16.
    Violation of a security zone may result in a civil penalty in excess of $88,000, a criminal penalty up to $10,000, and/or imprisonment up to 12 years.

    For breaking news, follow us on Twitter @uscgsoutheast.

    Editors’ Note: Click on images to download high resolution version.

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Security Zones

  • LNM: Multiple 5.5 Hour Closures through March 3, NASA Parkway Bridge, AICW Statute Mile 885, 2/17/2017

    With a closed vertical clearance of 27ft, Addison Point – Space Center Causeway Bridge-crosses the ICW at Statute Mile 885, south of flashing daybeacon #43.

    BRIDGE: Bridge Repairs/Waterway Closure.

    The NASA Parkway Bridge across the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (Indian River), Cape Canaveral, Florida will be closed to navigation from 6:30 a.m. to 12 noon daily, February 6 through February 9, February 15 through February 17, February 20 through February 24, and from February 27 through March 3, 2017.
    The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway will be closed to navigation at this location during these times.
    Chart: 11485 LNM 02/17

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at NASA Parkway Bridge

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Anchorage Directory Listing For Space Center Causeway Bridge

  • Derelict Boats Accumulating along Central Florida Coast

    Derelict and abandoned vessels are a huge factor in the increasingly restrictive anchoring regulations in Florida. See MTOA Florida Legislature Update 2.

    Derelict boats accumulating along Central Florida coast
    The Intracoastal Waterway is among the gems of the Central Florida coast, but rotting, sinking and rundown boats are marring the landscape. Volusia County officials are working to remove derelict boats from the county’s waterways, but officials said it won’t happen overnight.
    CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REPORT and Video from Claire Metz of NBC WESH News 2, Orlando

  • MTOA Florida Legislature Update 2, 2/16/2017

    Our thanks to Mike Bodin of Marine Trawler Owners Association for this updated perspective on Florida’s anchoring restrictions. See Florida Wildlife and Fish Commission Proposed Anchoring Program

    MTOA Florida Legislature Update 2/16/2017
    Enclosed is the latest review from Capitol Access in Tallahassee representing the following Boating
    consortium: SSCA, Standing Watch, AGLCA, MTOA, CFFW. Read More!

    We are promoting safe and considerate use of anchorages, and opposed to unjustified regulations of
    Florida’s waterways.
    The Boating consortium has had great success with the initial bill that was filed last night. The provisions
    of the bill are consistent with essentially all components of the consortium’s position:

    1. The STATE reserves all authority to adopt anchoring and mooring regulations (therefore avoiding a
    patchwork of differing regulations at the local level).

    2. There are no anchoring setbacks measured from residential waterfront properties.

    3. The setbacks from boat ramps, launch facilities and marinas is 150 feet.

    4. The buffer around existing mooring fields is 300 feet (as-recommended by FWC

    5. There are no additional anchoring limitation areas throughout the State
    This bill will be filed by the House Committee on Natural Resources and Public Lands, Chaired by Rep. Holly Raschein whose district covers the Florida Keys. The next step will be for the Committee to vote on whether the Committee itself will file this as a bill sponsored by the Committee (rather than a bill filed and sponsored by an individual member). Following that vote, the bill (called a PCB or Proposed Committee Bill) would then receive referrals to multiple committees and be heard in each one successively. Of course, Capitol Access would be in attendance at every step and provide their input.

    Capitol Access will watch for any amendments that are filed. There may be a need for our boaters to appears and give testimony.

    There is no Senate bill filed yet. Capitol Access is lead lobbyists.

    Mike Bodin
    MTOA Public Advocate

  • High Praise for Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor, AICW Statute Mile 775.5

    Welcome to Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor! Located in America’s oldest city- St. Augustine, Florida- Camachee Cove is a fully protected marina adjacent to the ICW, and less than a mile from the St. Augus

    Camachee Cove Marina,A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, continues to garner words of praise for its facility and staff. Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor is located just off the Waterway’s western shoreline, south of unlighted daybeacon #7 and north of the Vilano Beach Bridge.

    Encountered some electrical problems with generator and AC en route to S. Florida. Called Camachee Yacht Yard in St. Augustine and was connected to its president, Peter Sabo. He arranged for me to have service the next day. Technician arrived at boat right on time and quickly resolved both problems. Entire staff could not have been more helpful and competent, and rates were very reasonable. The service was outstanding. Plus, it’s the only marina I have encountered that has its own navigation range! High praise for Camachee Yacht Yard at Camachee Cove Marina!
    David Grimes

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor

  • LNM: Submerged Vessel, Biscayne Bay, West of AICW Statute Mile 1095, 2/15/2017

    This submerged vessel is in northern Biscayne Bay south of Miami and west of Waterway Mile 1095

    There is a partially submerged sunken vessel in the vicinity of Private aids John A Brennan Channel Daybeacon 5 (LLNR 49000) and Daybeacon 7 (LLNR 49010). A temporary Lighted Green Buoy (TRLB) “WR5A” displaying Fl Q G characteristics has been set in position 25-43-02.746N/080-13-46.597W to mark the hazard to navigation. Mariners are advised to exercise caution while transiting the area. Chart 11467 LNM 07/17

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at Biscayne Bay

  • LNM: Destroyed Light 67, Indian River, AICW Statute Mile 939, 2/15/2017

    This destroyed light 67 is on the east side of a narrow Waterway channel east of Sebastian, FL.

    Indian River (South Section) Light 67 (LLNR 43680) is destroyed. The missing steel pile may pose a hazard to navigation. Wreckage has been marked with a temporary unlighted buoy (TRUB). Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. Chart 11472 LNM 07/17

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at Indian River

  • LNM: Submerged Hazard, Canaveral Barge Canal/AICW Intersection, Statute Mile 894, 2/15/2017

    This hazard is at the western terminus of the Canaveral Barge Canal which crosses Cape Canaveral and Merritt Island and intersects the Waterway at statute mile 894.

    The U.S. Coast Guard received a report of a partially submerged piling that poses a hazard to navigation in approximate position 28-24.362N/80-43.937W. The hazard is very near Canaveral Barge Canal Light 12 (LLNR 41555). Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution when transiting the area. Chart 11478 LNM 07/17

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at Canaveral Barge Canal

  • LNM: Ortega River Bridge Closure, Feb 25, 7:30-10:30 AM, off St. Johns River, FL

    With a closed vertical clearance of 9ft, the Ortega Bridge crosses the mouth of the Ortega River off the west side of the St. Johns River.

    The Ortega Bridge across the Ortega River, Jacksonville, Florida will be closed to navigation from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on February 25, 2017 to facilitate the Ortega River Run event. Vessels that may pass through the bridge without an opening may do so at any time. Chart 11491 LNM 06/17

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Ortega River Bridge

  • LNM: Destroyed Daybeacon 45, Boynton Beach, FL, AICW Statute Mile 1034, 2/9/2017

    This destroyed daybeacon is on the east side of a narrow channel north of Boynton Inlet.

    Lake Worth South Daybeacon 45 (LLNR 47010) found destroyed and leaning outside the channel approximately 1foot under the waterline at high tide. Wreckage is marked with a TRLB, W45, displaying Fl Q G, and 4NM characteristics. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. Chart 11467 LNM 06/17

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at Lake Worth South

  • LNM: Destroyed Signs near AICW Statute Mile 820, 2/9/2017

    These destroyed signs are in very shallow water west of Ormond-by-the-Sea near statute mile 820.

    FLORIDA – AICW – ORMOND BEACH – TOMOKA RIVER: Hazard to Navigation
    The U.S. Coast Guard received a report of two Slow Speed signs at the mouth of the Tomoka River, where it enters Tomoka Basin, just off State Park Point (Tomoka State Park). A Slow Speed sign on the east side of the opening is destroyed the piling sits just below the water line in approximate position 29.35636N, -81.09013W. The second Slow Speed sign on the west side of the opening was replaced but the old piling remains approximate position 29.35667N, -81.09032W. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. Chart 11485 LNM 06/17

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at AICW Mile 820

  • Security Zone Ahead!! What do I do?

    With Federal Security Zones, such as the one this weekend at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach (, becoming more frequent for south Florida boaters, many beginning Waterway cruisers may have questions, even qualms, about how to approach and navigate a Federal Security Zone. Many might be asking what role these zones will play as they navigate through Palm Beach and what should a skipper expect when approaching on-site security personnel?

    If you have experienced Security Zone passage, please share your observations and advice for those for whom such passage may seem down right frightening, especially in the crowded and already intimidating waters of south Florida. Let us hear from you!

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Security Zones

  • Waterway Cleanup, March 4th, Fort Lauderdale, FL

    This March 4th Waterway Cleanup is a good way to become personally and tangibly involved with our waterway environment.

    South Florida waterway cleanup set for March
    Posted on February 2nd, 2017

    CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE from Sounding’s Trade Only Today
    The cleanup, the county’s largest and longest-running environmental event, will take place March 4 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at multiple locations.
    Read More

    The cleanup is presented by the Florida Inland Navigational District and organized by the Marine Industries Association of South Florida and the Marine Industry Cares Foundation.

    “As the Venice of America, Fort Lauderdale recognizes that clean waterways are critical to the economic and environmental sustainability of our city,” Mayor John P. “Jack” Seiler said in a statement.

    “To that end we are proud to partner with the Marine Industries Association of South Florida, the Florida Inland Navigational District and the Marine Industry Cares Foundation for this important event that raises environmental awareness, safeguards our marine ecosystems, promotes sustainability and offers families, friends and neighbors an opportunity to work together to help protect one of our most precious natural resources.”

    At the event, volunteer registration will be open and sponsorship opportunities, scholarship guidelines, site locations and details for the annual Trash Bash after-party will be announced.

    The first Waterway Cleanup was held in the late 1970s and it brought marine industry businesses together with the community and raised awareness among volunteers to the importance of keeping waterways clean.

    In 2016 nearly 1,500 land-based volunteers of all ages and 100 boats worked at 35 sites across the county to remove 22 tons of trash and debris from waterways, rivers, and canals.

    “We encourage everyone to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Waterway Cleanup by volunteering your time, talent and energy to help preserve and enhance the health, quality and beauty of our waterways, rivers, and canals today and for future generations,” Seiler said.

  • Good Words for Oasis Boatyard and Marina, San Sebastian River, St. Augustine, FL

    Oasis Boatyard and Marina is on the north eastern shore of the San Sebastian River upstream of AICW Statute Mile 780. Their website is Our thanks to Roger Long for this report.

    Read More
    I’ve designed and supervised the construction of multi-million dollar research vessels, owned three vessels, and cruised about thirty thousand miles. I’ve seen a thing or two. We just had a bent strut replaced and both powertrains overhauled at Oasis Marina and Boatyard in Saint Augustine. On time and under budget with the best service attitude I’ve ever encountered. Ryan Barnes especially is making a legend for himself on net forums like this. It doesn’t get any better and this is now our goto yard.
    Roger Long

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Oasis Boatyard



  • Florida’s Anchoring Program, MTOA Updates, 1/30/2017

    Our thanks to Mike Bodin of Marine Trawler Owners Association for this updated perspective on Florida’s anchoring restrictions. See Florida Wildlife and Fish Commission Proposed Anchoring Program. See link below to donate to these lobbying efforts.

    Florida’s Anchoring Program Update 1/30/17 MTOA Read More

    Boaters’ rights to anchor in public waterways are under attack again in Florida. SSCA, MTOA,
    and AGLCA, are raising money to fund a professional lobbyist to defend our rights. The
    lobbyist team Capitol Access, Tallahassee, is now representing boaters from unjustified
    regulations. Help us to stop the attack on Florida’s anchorage areas. Please donate TODAY: “BOATERS’ RIGHTS FUND”  {Note: Click on Chart below Boaters’ Rights Fund, then ignore Log In to Contribute and go directly to name/address form.}

    Many wealthy Florida waterside residents, condominium units and cities complained to their local
    governments about anchoring boats spoiling their water views. Federal government owns the land
    under waterways and relinquished semi-control to Florida state. This anti-anchoring consortium
    contacted their state representatives to change the law to prohibit anchoring in front of their
    waterside property
    Florida enacted a study called Anchoring and Mooring Pilot Program in 2009. The study is to be
    completed July 1, 2017. Final recommendations to be submitted by January 1, 2018. The multi-million
    dollar 244-page report is available for review. “Anchoring and Mooring Pilot Program Final Report of
    Findings and Recommendations 12/21/2016” in Adobe PDF. During last year’s legislative season the
    report was accepted as submitted. 2017 is the final year. Florida legislature has stated they will accept
    the state recommendations for state law. The report has several anti-anchoring provisions that must
    be changed to better represent the needs of the boating community. One glaring item of concern; If
    enacted, county governments can easily contact the state for an exemption to control and regulate
    local anchoring without any input from the boating community. The unintended consequence of the
    legislation would be the precedent it would set for other states along the eastern seaboard to follow
    banning anchoring.
    A large “AHOY MATE” call is now being made to fellow boaters. As a boating community, we can be
    complacent, stand back and complain when our previously used anchoring areas are no longer
    available or put on some heavy weather gear and ride the storm out while still keeping the heading.
    This will ensure future anchorage availability for us and our children. How is this accomplished? As any
    boater knows you must have the right gear. 1) We need a knowledgeable professional lobbyist. 2)
    Money is required for this lobbyist: $35k, 3) How do we get the funds? The boating community unites
    and individual boaters to donate as they can. Marine Trawler Owners Association (MTOA) has engaged
    the services of Capitol Access, an outstanding lobbying firm with offices in Tallahassee to represent all
    boaters interest from unjustified regulation upon the waterways., Today combined funds from
    members of American Great Loop Cruising Association (AGLCA), and Seven Seas Cruising Association
    (SSCA) are assisting with contributions from their membership. Additional funds are required to
    continue a pro- anchoring strategy to roll back unjustified regulation of anti-anchoring language in the
    proposed bill. Your support is requested. Marine Trawlers Owners Association has set up the following
    site for your donations from the boating community at large: Go to: highlight tab “FL Anchoring Rights Fund”
    We need your financial support. The following is a time progression review demonstrating the need
    for a professional lobbyists and active boater participation to win the pro-anchoring debate.
    2016 over whelming defeat for pro-anchoring advocates required a change in tactics for boaters right
    to anchor. MTOA closely reviewed the situation and with board consensus agreed a professional
    Lobbyists was required to prevent 2016 outcome for the 2107 legislative season.
    We have now finalized the engagement and compliance registrations for our lobbyist in the Capitol
    (Jerry Paul of Capitol Access). As you may know, Jerry is a member of MTOA, SSCA, AGLCA and DeFever
    Cruisers. He is an active cruiser, a former marine engineer, merchant mariner, attorney and former
    elected member of the Florida Legislature. He lead our successful efforts in Tallahassee 2 years ago
    under the lead of SSCA.
    This year MTOA is the lead client and coordinator working closely with Jerry. Special thanks to SSCA
    and AGLCA for joining the team and for providing additional funding support for the effort. Thank you
    also for the contributions by members of our organizations and others such as the DeFever Cruisers.
    We are up and running. Jerry is in communication with key legislators who will be involved in this
    process throughout Florida’s Annual 60-day Legislative Session which begins on March 7. There are 3
    remaining “Committee Weeks” that will occur prior to March 7 during which legislators will be filing
    bills and even holding hearings in preparation for the regular session.
    Through the counsel of our lobbyist, we will apply the approach that worked well when we were last
    organized a couple of sessions ago. For example, he will keep us updated regularly as he collects
    information. Through him we will coordinate effective messaging (some wholesale and some retail)
    that leverages our vast number of cruisers and the merits of our position. But, it is important that we
    maintain control of the message. It needs to be tailored to the specific issues that are critical to the
    moment as legislation makes its way through multiple committees comprised of different elected
    members (and staff), each with unique perspectives. Our messaging must be respectful and
    professional. Finally, it must be timed precisely and targeted surgically in varying ways (email, phone,
    and even personal appearances in Committees). This is a running process so timing is important. Mike
    Bodin, MTOA, Public Advocate will be coordinating these activities.
    So far, it appears as though there will be a bill filed that implements some of the recommendations of
    the Report by the FWC (Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission) which was prepared to summarize the
    results of the Anchoring and Mooring Pilot Project that expires this year. This is the report that was
    recently heard by the Senate Environment Committee (the committee that originated the language a
    couple years ago, that including certain anchoring bans). A draft of the bill is not yet available. We are
    in communication with the key likely sponsors and we’re already messaging our opposition to such
    bans. So far, it appears we have some key members who associate with our view. We are hopeful that
    the initial draft(s) will not include the adverse provisions. If it does, we will work to get it removed. If it
    does not, we must be vigilant until the end of the Session to ensure that the adverse language does not
    get amended into it.
    We will report on these developments and follow up with effective calls-to-action by our members and
    all who share our desire to preserve Florida’s rich maritime history of freedom to safely anchor
    throughout the public’s coastal waters of the State
    2016 REVIEW
    Yeas, represent the Anti- Anchoring votes by the committees and legislature:
    1/26/16 House Committee Vote yeas 12 Nays 0
    2/25/16 House Committee Vote yeas 15 Nays 1 Note: Extreme spread
    3/04/16 House Vote yeas 105 Nays 12
    3/0716 Senate Vote yeas 36 Nays 2
    3/09/16 Signed by officers and presented to Governor HJ 980
    3/24/16 Approved and signed by Florida’s Governor Rick Scott (chapter 2016-96)
    7/01/16 Effective Date for state law banning anchoring by county designation. The state law banned
    overnight anchoring within areas of Broward and Miami-Dade counties.
    Once it was seen there was no opposition from pro- anchoring groups, anti-anchoring legislation
    emerged and gathered enough momentum to easily pass. Do not underestimate the extent to which
    that momentum is perceived to still exist in Tallahassee. It was quite evident at the Senate
    Environment Committee (the Committee that originated the bill we defeated 2 years ago). Notice that
    this Committee chose to place the topic on its agenda early in the process. The cruising/anchoring
    interests have been unrepresented for a while and that has been noticed.
    Note: The boating community was complacent. No Lobbyists, No boating community involvement.
    Capitol Access was not retained.
    2015 REVIEW
    No set back or anchoring restrictions—Capitol Access, Active Lobbyists, Active boating community
    2014-2012 REVIEW
    No set back or anchoring restrictions—Capitol Access, Active Lobbyists, Active boating community
    It can plainly be observed if boaters are again complacent in 2017, the 2016 results can be expected.
    We salute such groups as American Great Loop Cruising Association, Seven Seas Cruising Association,
    Marine Trawler Owners Association, and DeFever Cruisers for their active and financial support. These
    great organizations have started the process. Now your financial support is needed to continue.
    Donation site highlight tab

    Mike Bodin
    MTOA Public Advocate

  • Seven Seas Cruising Association Asks Your Support to Defeat Florida’s Anti-Anchoring Legislation

    The Concerned Cruisers’ Committee (CCC) of Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) has, for many years, supported the rights of cruisers to navigate, anchor and enjoy the “Seven Seas” both in the U.S. and abroad. We have had recent success in Annapolis and in Georgia, and we are engaged in South Carolina, Washington and California.

    CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOTE: Ignore the “Log In to Donate” and go directly to name/address form.

    1/23 A good news update from MTOA Public Advocate, Mike Bodin:

    But as of now (1/23/2017), SSCA, AGLCA and MTOA have raised over half of the funds from their membership for the Lobbyists. Capital Assets has agreed to represent the boating community and their office is in Tallahassee.Read More!

    And this from Mike Bodin:

    As you know Florida’s legislative session has started. The Environmental Preservation and Conservation committee heard the first presentation by The Fish and Wildlife Conversation commission (FWC) on the Anchoring and Mooring Pilot Program. [See] Anti-anchoring representatives were present and offered presentations.

    The window is closing for us to be effective with ongoing legislation. Capitol Access team did a great job representing our anchoring concerns in 2014,and 15. Without professional representation I fear legislation will be made and passed into law prohibiting anchoring by county designation with state approval. This Florida law can be the basis of others to follow along the ICW corridor. Like cancer, a small start than it spreads and very difficult to stop.

    Time is against us to raise monies for a professions lobbyist. MTOA donation survey results are very promising, AGLCA is now surveying their members and results will be available shortly.

    SSCA CCC has lead the boating community in the past. Anti-Anchoring is a pain in every boater’s thoughts. Future state laws to prevent anchoring along the ICW surely can be compared to the spread of cancer. We must unite and knock it out before it gains traction.

    Enclosed is a boaters rights donation form to your GoFunfMe site. Due to the tremendous time limitation now in place we request SSCA blast email the form to your membership. Within a couple of days, we will have a good idea if a lobbyist can be added to our anti-anchoring efforts.

    Thank you for consideration and hopefully participation.

    Mike Bodin
    MTOA Public Advocate


    And from America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association:

    Boater’s Rights Interest Survey
    Florida’s 1,000-mile intracoastal waterway has often been called the boaters’ highway. Wealthy waterside residents in conjunction with several counties want to enact anti-anchoring laws. Last year Florida’s governor signed into law temporary nighttime anti-anchoring restrictions in several counties. Boaters must unite to stop the spread of anti-anchoring legislation.


    CLICK HERE for more information on Seven Seas Cruising Association


  • LNM: Dredging to Begin in St. Johns Entrance Channel, east of AICW/St Johns Intersection

    The St. Johns River Bar Cuts form the inlet and channel entrance into Mayport and the St. Johns River.

    Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting Company, LLC will begin dredging operations on or about February 2, 2017, in Jacksonville Harbor, Duval County, Florida. Dredging operations will be conducted within the Federal Navigation Channel encompassing the St. Johns River from Bar Cut-3 to Bar Cut-9. The project will involve the Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge “ATCHAFALAYA” removing shoaled material from the Federal Channel and then transiting to a mooring barge adjacent to the Buck Island Dredged Material Management Area. The mooring barge will be positioned along the south side of St. Johns River, outside of the Federal channel and secured with spuds and have proper lighting for nighttime operations. Approximately 300 linear feet of floating pipeline will be placed in line with the mooring barge to the shoreline. The floating pipeline will be marked with lighted buoys, for local traffic. The dredge will be supported by the survey vessel “SURVEY 2” and various other support vessels. All vessels will monitor VHF channels 16, 13, 12, and use 74 as the working channel. Mariners are urged to transit at their slowest safe speed to minimize wake and proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made. The dredge will operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
    The work is scheduled to be completed on or about April 8, 2017. Chart 11491 LNM 04/17 [/expand]

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of St. Johns River Entrance

  • AGLCA Fights for Boaters’ Rights Update

    America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association has joined other boating organizations is requesting donations toward lobbying for boaters’ rights in Florida. See for more information.

    As a result of the recent survey on anti-boating legislation, AGLCA is beginning to accept donations along with other boating organizations to hire a lobbyist to represent our interests at the Florida Legislature. Read More!

    This link can be used to make your contribution to the Boaters’ Rights Lobbyist Fund. When making your contribution, consider how much money you save in slip fees by having the ability to anchor. If you would like more information on this issue, you can view my recent forum posting.

    Thank you for joining AGLCA in this lobbying effort. I will keep you posted as we move forward with this issue.
    Kimberly Russo
    America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association 


    The three associations leading this charge (AGLCA, MTOA, and SSCA) are doing well in the fund raising effort. To date, 161 AGLCA members have contributed. We’re so thankful for all of those contributions, but there are about 100 more of you who answered our survey last week expressing your intention to contribute. If you have not yet done so, please make your contribution by clicking here as soon as possible.

    Although we are not yet at the $35,000 goal, we believe that number is attainable. In addition to contributing substantial time, effort, and administrative expenses, AGLCA and MTOA have agreed to help bridge the gap, if one exists after all contributions are in, to reach the needed amount. Since the amount needed is within reach, we have retained a lobbying firm (Capitol Access) in Tallahassee to represent our interests this legislative session. The goals have been defined as follows:

    Prevent the passage of Florida legislation that would ban or curtail overnight anchoring on public waters in locations defined by proximity to upland private dwelling units including but not limited to other provisions that unduly restrict anchoring on public waters.
    Monitor and track all legislation that could adversely affect our members’ interests.
    Increase our presence among officials in Florida government to build an enduring image of strong influence for the boating and cruising community on matters related to the lifestyle of boaters and cruisers on Florida’s waterways.
    Our lobbyist/consultant has agreed to:

    Monitor, track and report to the AGLCA all legislation and amendments filed or otherwise considered in Florida that could affect the interests of our members.
    Meet with key officials within Florida government to introduce AGLCA as a leader for the interests of cruisers and other boaters that it is now represented in Florida’s Capitol.
    Provide proactive lobbying and advocacy to actively support the legislative positions of AGLCA including but not limited to opposing Florida legislation that would ban or curtail overnight anchoring on public waters in locations defined by proximity to upland private dwelling units. This will include the organization of messaging and public appearances in the Capitol by members of the cruising community who support AGLCA’s positions.
    Report to AGLCA at least monthly the meetings and activities conducted on behalf of AGLCA.
    Jerry Paul, President of Capitol Access, is a trawler owner, lifelong cruiser, marine engineer, attorney, former elected member of the Florida Legislature and former Presidential-Appointed, U.S. Senate-Confirmed Official within the U.S. Department of Energy. He has extensive experience in the transportation field, maritime industry, boating, cruising, energy, government affairs and communications including a balance of experience in operations, regulatory, legislative, finance and restructuring work. Jerry is a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and has held U.S.C.G. licenses as an engineer and captain. Jerry has also extended our coalition of boating associations a very generous discount for his services. Thank you, Jerry!
    Kim Russo
    America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association

  • LNM: Change to Lake George South Range Light, St. Johns River, FL

    Part of this popular Waterway side trip, Lake George has adequate depths through the long straight channel across the lake, but this range light is a big help as you enter the south exit where depths decrease drastically.

    FLORIDA – ST JOHNS RIVER – LAKE GEORGE: Changes to the Aids to Navigation System
    Lake George South End Range Front Light (LLNR 8775) has been changed to a lateral aid named Lake George Light 14 displaying Fl R 2.5s characteristics, 5NM range, TR on pile. Chart 11495 LNM 04/17

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Range Front Light

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