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Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht ClubFernandina Harbor MarinaWestland Marina is located on the Intracoastal Waterway in Titusville, Florida. Near Cape Canaveral, Port Canaveral, Merritt Island and Cocoa BeachHammock Beach Resort & Marina Welcome to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, your own paradise in the middle of the beautiful Exumas. Fort Pierce City Marina 1 Avenue A, Ft. Pierce, FL 34950 Toll Free (800) 619-1780 (772) 464-1245 Facsimile (772) 464-2589Guest Coupon Available On Our Web Site

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  • Great, Breakfast Spot In St. Marys Village

    We just love to break off from the AICW, immediately north of the Georgia – Florida state line, and track our way up St. Marys River to the like named village. This little community is a delight, unless the winds happen to be blowing from one of the nearby paper mills (and that doesn’t happen too often).
    St. Marys has always had an embarrassment of riches when it comes to good places to satisfy a healthy appetite, but over the last several years, breakfast has been sort of left out. No More! Read Captain Wilson’s message below, and you’ll know where to chase away the night-time hunger goonies

    Just 2 1/2 blocks from the waterfront in St. Mary’s, GA on Osborne St. Is the Cedar Block Cafe that serves breakfast starting at 7:00 am. It’s the only game in town during this time of year and at this hour. They just opened December 1st of 2009. Very warm welcome and specialty coffees to boot.
    John Wilson

  • Faber Cove Anchorage (Fort Pierce, FL, near Statute Mile 966.5)

    We have a real problem in that some local and county authorities in Florida are NOT recognizing nor abiding by the new Florida state anchoring law. Stay tuned to an SSECN editorial about this problem soon!

    We anchored in Faber Cove due to the East wind protection. About an hour after anchoring the Coast Guard came by and said that we were reported “in distress” we told them no that we had just anchored and were fine. They saw no problem with our position, wished us a good day and left. About an hour after that the Fort Pierce Police boat arrived and said that we could not stay there because we were too close to the channel and if we caused any accidents we would be financially responsible and that if we dinghied in our dinghy would be stolen and we’d be financially responsible for that too. It was four guns to none, so we moved out further in the bay and anchored in 12′ and no further problem. Florida has passed legislation in 2006 that you can anchor anywhere if you are not a live aboard boat, so what’s up? By the way, Harbour Isle (just off Faber Cove) is running a special dockage at $1.00 per foot with $5.00 per day for electricals. Nice place, floating docks, easy walk to restaurants and stores.
    John Howe

    “Anywhere” doesn’t mean in a channel.
    John C.

  • Cape Marina (Canaveral Barge Canal, near St. M. 894)

    Cape Marina is located on the seaward side of the Canaveral Barge Canal. You must either come in through the inlet, or pass through the canal lock to reach the docks.

    I would like to thank Clairborne for establishing such a great website……….living proof that you can make money AND still provide valuable service.
    ON TO CAPE MARINA COMMENT: “The Prudent Skipper Should ALWAYS Have a Second Plan”
    We made an overnight passage from St Augustine to Cape Canaveral. Arriving around noon we had plenty of time to transit the triple bridge, pass through the lock, and anchor in the Banana River or Cocoa.
    However, we were lured in by Cape Marina’s advertising: e.g. $67 FOR 45′. We prudently tied up at the fuel dock to plan for docking. Indeed they had a slip for the advertised price: It was a fixed dock with a small finger pier in a fairly narrow fairway. Probably not your first choice on a gusty and breezy day.
    At this point another option came on the table: “You could stay at the floating dock for a small additional charge”. Somewhat exhausted AND without a backup plan, we took the bait. Fairly close to the old “bait and switch” eh?
    So here we are for $2.30/ft tied up behind some shrimp boats along the Barge Canal. There are a few restaurants within 1/2 or 3/4 mile but not much of anything else. If you prefer to always tie up at a marina, this may work for you. Personally I like to get more value for my money.
    Skipper Jim
    “Feelin Lucky”

  • Rickenbacker Marina (Key Biscayne, near Miami, near Statute Mile 1091.5)

    I am sorry to hear that things are not going well at Rickenbacker Marina. This faciltiy is owned by the city of Miami, and its fortuntes rise and fall with the city’s current state of affairs.

    We were long term customers here, both mooring and slip.
    The moorings are in the middle of allot of power boat and jet ski activity, in and around the marina, and also exposed to northerly winds which tend to be the stronger winds we get in the winter, what I did and would recommend, pay for the mooring to have access to the marina facilities but anchor in the marine stadium that has excellent holding and is very well protected, gets just a chop even in high winds. You’ll sleep well there. Bear in mind that I have heard over and over that anchoring will be prohibited there but last I heard boats were still anchoring there. On the plus side the moorings are well maintained, screw type and our boat at the time an Oday 39 survived hurricane Wilma on the mooring.
    The dingy dock at the marina is just a mud bank under some mangroves so your shoes get muddy and your dingy will quickly foul from the wet decaying leaves inside your boat. That was always a headache. If you are there for just a few days you can put up with it. The bathrooms are in poor condition so you may prefer to shower on your boat.
    The marina facilities are in urgent need of a renovation and last I heard the City of Miami had a complete renovation plan for Virginia Key that included the marina putting up some millions for a major refit. Don’t know if the renovations have begun yet or if they will ever materialize.
    As for the slips, they have no finger piers which was a major headache with our now double ender, not so bad with other type boats but not ideal at all, and just two pilings outboard, not ideal for tying up either, and with no central pilings it’s very easy to end up banging into the boat alongside on a windy day. With all the power boat action outside the marina and mega yachts passing by on the inter coastal, strong wakes come in and really thrash the boats especially on weekends but sometimes even in the middle of the night I thought I was going to fall out of my bunk. Double up the lines and get a slip as far in as your draft will allow and if you have a choice don’t get a slip beyond 3/4 out on the piers. On the plus side security is extremely tight, cameras everywhere. Nothing get’s lifted at these docs without it being filmed.
    An excellent, very friendly and helpful staff, unfortunately at a marina needing a breakwater and major renovations / redesign. Hopefully it will get done.
    Jules Robinson

  • Bel Marra Anchorage (Statute Mile 1042)

    The Bel Marra Anchorage, described by Captain Thomason below, consists of a lake like body of water, just a short hop off the AICW, north of Fort Lauderdale. There is some shelter from foul weather, but, as Jean notes below. wakes from vessels passing on the Waterway can be a bit of annoyance.

    This is one or our favorite anchorages along this stretch. We are usually the only boat anchored here. Once there was another boat which turned out to be people we knew! At close to high tide the center of the basin is over 13 feet. The only drawback is that boats passing on the ICW send in wakes. This isn’t a problem at night and not much on a weekday. A weekend might be another story. While the shore of the lake is all privately owned, there should be places out on the waterway to land a dinghy and dog.
    Jean Thomason

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For The Bel Marra Anchorage

  • North Palm Beach Waterway Anchorage (Statute Mile 1013)

    To reach this anchorage, you must leave the AICW northwest of the North Palm Beach/Parker Bridge, and then track your way upstream on a local canal, until you reach a squared-off cove. Be SURE to follow the link below to the “Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory” lisiting for this overnight haven, and check out the chartlet. You might also click on the chartlet to bring up a “Chart View” page centered on this haven.
    Some have reported poor holiding ground here, but Captain Jean does not seem to have had this problem during her two visits (see below).

    This is the second time we’ve anchored here and haven’t had a problem with holding but the wind isn’t very strong either, It’s a nice anchorage – over 13 feet at low tide in the center of the first basin and plenty of swing room.
    Jean Thomason

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory Listing For The North Palm Beach Anchorage

  • Peck Lake Anchorage (Statute Mile 992)

    I have always loved the Peck Lake Anchorage, not the least reason for which is that it’s wonderful to dinghy ashore and explore the more and less deserted beach which lies between this anchorage and the briny blue.
    Sometimes, we have found depths between the AICW and the anchorage to be on the thin side, but looks like Captian Jean did not have this difficulty (see below).

    We anchored at Peck Lake last night with 15-20 k wind from the NW. It was a little noisy with waves hitting the hull but not enough to keep us awake. This is the third or fourth time we have stayed here and only once was the weather such that we felt like walking the beach which is a beautiful undeveloped stretch. There is room for a number of boats (there were six last night). We had 7.4 ft at low tide at N27 06 85. W080 08 58. There was over thirteen feet a little farther to the north. There are wakes from the ICW during the day.
    Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE)

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory Listing For Peck Lake Anchorage

  • Fernandina Harbor Marina (Statute Mile 716.5)

    Below are a couple of in-depth reports and some great pics centered on Fernandina Harbor Marina, some by way of our fearless Waterway reporter, Captain Jane Tigar. To be somewhat succinct, Fernandina Harbor Marina is a great place to stay, and now that they have new showers and a Laundromat, it’s even better. The adjacent downtown business district is packed with great places to eat and shop. Give this facility your most serious consideration!

    It was an exhilarating and rough day on the waterway. A vessel in Jekyll Sound reported 39 knots; it felt like at least that and it was wind against current. We are calling it our literal shake down cruise. Having done Jekyll creek, the gale on Jekyll Sound and Cumberland Dividing, we decided we earned a treat. What a great treat it was.

    Whole fresh flounder at Marina Restaurant in Fernandina. They are running an unbelievable special of two dinners for the price of one if you buy two beverages. $20.95 for two whole flounders cooked to perfection with two sides. Salad was real and fresh. Pepper and salt grinders on the table. Honest good food, truly the best flounder we have ever had. Plus the people are so friendly; couldn’t ask for cheerier hostess and servers. The hosteas and servers seemed to know many of the customers by name and their ‘usual’. The place was packed by 6:30 PM. No mystery there.

    I forgot to mention, I think, we found over 20 feet at an hour and a half or so before high tide at inside face dock. 12-13 feet at entrance channel. Also, supreme kudos to marina staff who expertly spun us off our stern to leave in conditions of gusty wind and a strong current. Truly professional.

    Here is a view of the larger basin at Fernandina Harbor Marina.

    Most of the vessels you see on the inside of the face dock are refugees from today’s galenon Jekyll Sound. It was blowing here, too, and dock hands were throughly professional getting us all in safely.

    The low modern looking building, to the left of Atlantic Seafood, houses the boaters lounge and facilities. The building with the peaked roof to its left is the tourist office.

    Cruisers’ Lounge – Fernandina Harbor Marina.

    By the way, free wifi at the marina. Transient rates $2 a foot with electric.

    It’s been several years since we have stayed here. Big improvements! Clean and modern showers, heads and laundry and a boaters lounge with free wifi. The lounge is open early morning to sunset. Showers, heads and laundry 24/7.
    S/V Lady Jane

    After spending a few days on the hook, we decided to treat ourselves as well and head into the Fernandia Harbor Marina. The weather didn’t improve much so we took advantage of the new great Captain’s lounge. This room offers hot coffee, huge flat screen tv, comfy seating or for cruiser’s that work aboard a table and wi’fi reception. It’s a marvellous clean room and very airy, we met several cruisers waiting out the weather and it was a treat. We also ventured to the Italian restaurant Pompeo’s and had a marvellous meal!! Excellent stop!
    Dick and Elle Lssman

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  • Great Battery Source in Fort Pierce and Stuart

    Subject: Battery Provider, Ft. Pierce/Stuart
    Cruising News: A huge attaboy to Brad at Performance Golf Car & Battery for getting us four Trojan T-105′s in otherwise difficult circumstances. Long story short, we realized our four Deka GC15 6V batteries were on their way out the door after five years’ service. A friend spotted Brad delivering batteries where we’re moored, at Sunset Bay in Stuart. This time of year, the demand for 6V batteries goes through the roof as snowbirds return to FL and want batteries for their golf cars and boats. We’d already called local battery dealers who didn’t have the batteries we need (our battery box space is very limited – only certain battery cases fit) and we were beginning to think we were in deep trouble until Brad showed up. We bought his last two T-105′s. Even with lots of hunting around, Brad couldn’t turn up the other two we needed. Two days later, he had them on hand and we had them installed in the boat. This battery hunt involved a lot of phone time on Brad\’s part, driving to deliver two separate sets of batteries to the marina as we don’t have a car. We paid $90 a battery plus a $1.50 recycling charge, a very good price for Trojan T-105\’s. There was no charge for delivery to the marina.
    It’s my understanding they service at least the area from Ft. Pierce to Stuart. For details, call Performance Golf Car & Battery at 772-873-8222 (office), 772-359-9175 (cell) or
    DISCLAIMER: I have no connection with Performance Golf Car save as a satisfied customer.
    Rick Emerson

  • Don’t Miss a Cruise on the St. Johns River

    I could not agree more with the crew of Kismet. A cruise of the St. Johns River is simply not to be missed. In addition to the two attractons outline below, there are dozens of off-the-beaten-path anchorage which just beg to have a night spent on their tranquil waters.

    Hi from Kismet:
    Most . . . will pass Jacksonville, Florida on the way north in the spring and we would encourage those [cruisers] to take in the St Johns River. Yes it’s 140 miles from the ICW all the way south to Sanford but the trip is well worth it, take the time especially if you’ll only be by this area one time.
    Two highlights during our trip up river were:
    (1) Silver Glen Springs on the west side of Lake George at about mile 110 off the St Johns. This spring goes up 3/4 mile off of the Lake, the water is crystal clear, 72 degrees year-round and therefore great for swimming and inspecting or cleaning the bottom of your boat, we stayed 3 days. Before heading in we called the local Tow-BoatUS to check on water depths and local knowledge. Based on this we came to the spring’s channel from the south. We were advised to find the SLOW SPEED sign supported by a single post with 2 blue reflectors attached to it with two white stripes on the wood pole. We kept the sign to our starboard and headed diagonally towards the channel in 6 feet of water. Once at the mouth of the channel we found the deepest water to the north side of the channel. When you’re about two-thirds of the way in two sets of buoys split the channel, stay to the south here as there is a sand bar in the middle. Just past this split bow into sand bar (water 2 to 3 feet at bow) set anchor and put out a stern anchor. Well protected, scenic and best to visit during the week as the weekends can be very busy especially in the summer. We were there off-season and there was hardly anyone there.
    (2) Blue Springs State Park at mile 141.8 on the St Johns. Proceed past the Park to G75 and pull into Snake Creek to your starboard. Where you find 7 feet of water drop and set your hook and secure a stern anchor. Dinghy back to the State Park and beach your dinghy. Then you can walk the park’s boardwalk back about 1 mile to the spring. Along the walk there are platforms to view the crystal clear Blue Springs where 101 million gallons of fresh water flows from the spring daily. Because the water her is a continual 72 degrees, year-round, it’s a manatee migration destination. We saw eight to ten while we were there along with fish and large turtles. In the spring, summer and early fall you can also swim in the spring area.
    Go to our blog: to see a visual presentation of our trip on the St. Johns River (2009).
    Jim & Lisa Favors – Kismet
    Fathom 40 Fast Trawler

  • Palm Harbor Marina (West Palm Beach, Statute Mile 1021.5)

    When I saw the entry below on the T&T (Trawlers and Trawlering) Mail List, I wondered if there was a new marina about to open in West Palm Beach, which I was unaware of.

    Does anyone know the status of the West Palm Beach Marina?  It was closed for remodel.Is it open?

    So, I queried the T&T list for more information, and discovered this facility is the really Palm Harbor Marina:

    It is called the Palm Harbor Marina. I hope this clears it up
    It was in bad shape before the renovation. Now it seems to be a first class installation when completed
    I presume this is the marina the questioner referred to. It is right downtown W Palm Beach. they have a street fair on Friday at intervals, believe which we hit a few years ago by chance.
    Greg and Susan Han
    Key Biscayne, FL
    Allegria — Krogen Whaleback #16

    Palm Harbor Marina has actually been around for a long time, but it has indeed been closed for some time to accomodate a full scale renovation. And, as of 1/14/10, the new incarnation of Palm Harbor Marina is reported below to be open, ready for busines, and a first class operation to boot!

    The Marina is in fact opened! It is a top notch facility and great amenities!

    Subject: Palm Harbor Marina
    Cruising News: The marina has reopened with new concrete floating docks, power, water, phone & cable, and pump out at each slip. We visited Palm Harbor with several other boats. Charges were $2.25/ft plus $25 for a 50 amp cord. Very attractive facility, friendly and competent staff. Easy walk to restaurants and shops.

  • Faber Cove Anchorage (Fort Pierce, FL, near Statute Mile 966.5)

    Faber Cove Anchorage is accessed off a marked channel, making off from the eastern flanks of the AICW, just a short hop south of the Fort Pierce high-rise bridge. It’s a bit of a trek to get to the cove, but once there, the shelter is quite good.

    We anchored at Faber Cove a few years ago and it was so crowded that we’ve never tried it again – anchored south of Causeway Island instead. However, tonight there is a strong east wind so we decided to give the cove a try again. We were pleasantly surprised to find only two boats anchored when we arrived and only two have comes since. Great, well protected spot good depth: 9 ft plus on the east side of the cove.
    Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE)

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  • Titusville Dining Recommendations (near St. M. 879)

    Captain Emerson’s message below is actually in response to an earlier posting here on the Cruisers’ Net, but I wanted to give this info “front and center” status. Everyone can be SURE that I will be giving Cafe Chocolat my most serious attention whenever we next visit Titusville!

    Too bad the above reporter missed “Cafe Chocolat” and two other restaurants (closed, when we were there, for the Thanksgiving weekend). We ate lunch at Cafe Chocolat and recommend it highly for quality, service, and value for money. There’s also a good used bookstore just down the street from Cafe Chocolat (and across the street from one of the two closed night spots). Granted the Save-a-Lot is not the greatest grocery around, although we found some things we wanted and which fit our needs. There is bus service to additional shopping. Ask at the marina office about where the bus stops, etc.
    Rick Emerson

    Oops, forgot to mention Sunrise Whole Grain Bakery and Coffee Shop – good bread and free WiFi! – They’re on the S. Hopkins Ave. side of the same block as Cafe Chocolat, which fronts on S. Washington Ave. (This makes more sense when you Google on these places, trust me…)
    Rick Emerson

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Titusville Municipal Marina

  • Dragon Point/Banana River Anchorage Question (Eastern Florida AICW, St. M. 914)

    Below are a copy of a question and answer which appear on the Net’s “Ask Your Neighbor” page ( Not only did Captain Emerson answer his own question, but he has provided some valuable information about Dragon Point anchorage. By the way, this anchor down spot lies at the extreme southern foot of the Banana River, and is easily accessible from the Indian River/AICW.

    Subject: Dragon Point Anchorage
    Cruising News: Has anyone anchored off Dragon Point or used the anchorage at the mouth of the Banana River recently? It appears the local community has a ban on anchoring and the marinas won’t allow a dinghy to tie up. If so, why bother stopping there? Or are we missing something?
    Rick Emerson

    As expected, the anchoring ban has been overruled by the change in the new anchoring law. However, the area marinas are still adamant about not allowing dinghies from anchored boats to tie up. Friends stayed in the area because they had to go ashore for business reasons. Their only choice was to take a slip at, in their case, Telemar Bay Marina.
    Rick Emerson

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory Listing For Dragon Point/Banana River Anchorage

  • New Smyrna Beach City Marina (Statute Mile 846)

    New Smyrna Beach Marina, 201 N. Riverside Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168, 386-409-2042We love docking at New Smyrna Beach City Marina. There has always been a laid back, but very helpful attitude here, which is part of parcel of real cruising. The downtown shopping district lies within easy walking distance, and there are plenty of good place to dine ashore. And, oh yes, let’s not forget these good people are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    We ducked in here on the tail end of a storm, and I’m very glad we did. Great staff with very good facilities. Everyone went out of their way to make us feel at home. Location is terrific with many good resturants within close walking distance. We WILL return to this facility.
    M/V “Threadbare”

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Easterb Florida Marina Directory Listing For New Smyrna Bech City Marina

  • Addison Point Bridge Anchorages (Statute Mile 885)

    There are at least four anchor down spots to consider near the Addison Point Bridge, crossing the AICW/Inidan River, south of Titusville. However, just as Captain Jean notes below, you must pick and choose carefully based on wind direction. Check out the link to the Addison Point Anchorages listing in our “Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory” below for more information.

    We have stayed at Addison Point many times and in all but the south east quadrant. Tonight we are northwest of the bridge trying to duck out of a southwest wind. It’s a little bouncy and there is always noise from the NASA Causeway, especially at rush hour but it’s a convenient place to anchor. The traffic dies down at night.
    Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE)

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory Listing For The Addison Point Bridge Anchorages

  • Titusville Municipal Marina (Statute Mile 879)

    I have always thought that the Titusville Municipal Marina was one of the best smaller, city operated facilities in Florida. Looks like Captain agress below. Now, if we could ONLY convince them to become a Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net sponsor!!!

    We have only stayed at Titusville Marina once (in 2004). The facility had been improved greatly since then. We have, however tied up at the marina for a short stay during the day to go the the grocery (Save-a-Lot – not much variety and bring your own bags) and this time to fill our propane tank. The marina staff are helpful and we ave never been charged for these short stays. We usually then go on through the bridge before 3:15 PM and anchor at Addison Point.
    Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE)

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Titusville Municipal Marina

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory Listing For Addison Point Bridge Anchorages

  • St. Augustine City Marina And Other Good Area Recommendations (St. M. 778)

    Below you will find a bevy of really useful cruising information and recommendations from Captain Jean Thomason, concerning the St. Augustine, Florida area. Notice her news about the new Bridge of Lions. Everyone in the cruising community will rejoice when this construction is finally completed. It seems to have already gone on forever!

    We always enjoy our stay at St. Augustine City Marina. Hopefully the bridge work will be done soon- word is that traffic will start to use the redone Bridge of Lions next month. Of course, they will then be removing the temporary bridge. We had a leaking raw water pump and turned to First Mate Yacht Service to install a replacement pump. They came promptly Monday morning, dealt with the problem and we were on our way before noon. Give them a try if you need help. Sometimes I trek across the bridge and go to the little grocery store on the right a few blocks up. They don’t have everything but do have the essentials, especially meat and vegetables and fruits. Didn’t get to shop this time however.
    Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE)

  • Unhappy News Concerning the New Dinner Key Mooring Field (Miami, FL)

    Hmmmmm, sounds like the new mooring field at Coconut Gove (Miami) has some real administrative problems.

    We came into the new dinner key mooring field on Dec 1, and they asked us to take a mooring on the outskirts of the field that was a fair dingy ride in and is subject to wakes from boats in the channels before they begin to slow down — we are a 40′ Jeanneau ds40 with a 5′ draft -
    As we dinghied in we noted several 40′+ boats with deeper draft closer in so we asked if we could move closer in as most of the field is currently empty —
    we suggested a mooring number and told to go ahead and move which we did. Now we are told that the mooring we moved to is a 30′ mooring and the original mooring we were on was a 40′ mooring – in fact i would estimate that over 2/3 of the mooring field is designed for boats less than 40′ and we were told that they can not accomadate any boat greater than 42′ – when i told them a 47′ boat just left for the islands they agreed and told us that the boat was told they could no longer use the field because they were too big -
    There is also a very very tiny dingy dock
    Trying not to be to prejudical, it appears if this is a test field for the florida anchoring problem they designed it for failure – in fact you may just want to anchor on the other side of the mooring field and not have to pay which is right next to the 40-42′ moorings
    just my thoughts
    chuck patty and svsoulmates
    miami fl

    As for the engineering of the field I guess what is done is done for now. Short of building a break water all around the field, I don’t know. It’s an unprotected area, so it will be rolly polly from wind, waves and wakes. I suppose the center of the field and closer to land may be the best spot to be in if you have a choice and a lesser draft.
    But in regards to the dingy dock I was told that the larger floating dingy dock by the boat ramp will eventually be available to the mooring customers, once the mooring customer showers, baths and offices are installed. However for security purposes my preference would be where they have it now, well inside the marina and close to the harbormasters office, better a small safe dingy dock than one exposed to the street and to the unsavory characters that hang around the boat ramp at night.
    Hope things improve.
    S/V Nemesis
    Dinner Key Marina

    I keep my boat (70 feet) in Florida most of the winter and in Nantucket Harbor during the summer. In Nantucket we’re on a mooring, there is a Town-owned and operated pump-out boat running 7 days a week, launch service, two good-sized dingy docks and even delivery service. The Harbormaster’s building, at the foot of the Town Dock where the dingy docks are has nice bathrooms with clean showers. The water in the Harbor is clean, so clean that the Harbor is used for commercial scalloping in the fall and winter, and it is certainly clean enough for swimming. The health of the scallop population is dependent on clean water and healthy beds of sea grass. If boats were anchored instead of on moorings the sea grass beds would be destroyed in a season or two.
    Contast this with Florida where mooring fields are few and far between, pump-out facilities (let alone pump-out boats) are scarse and out-of service much of the time, and amenities of any kind are limited to say the least. I don’t get it. Florida’s waters are just as precious as New England’s waters. I’ve been reading for years about the damage done to coral by yachts anchoring on top of or too close to the reefs. If there was a mooring field close by (but not too close) and an anchoring ban enforced it strikes me that the problem would be at least partially solved.
    Just my opinion.

  • One And Only Anchorage (near Jacksonville Beach, Statute Mile 744)

    I call the overnight haven discussed below the, “One And Only Anchorage,” because it’s the only anchor down spot anywhere near the AICW between the Wateway’s crossing of St. Johns River and the Tolomato River. It is found along the AICW’s eastern flanks, north of the high-rise Pablo Creek bridge, BUT you MUST enter from its northern mouth.

    Dear Claiborne,
    We are back on board and moving south from Jacksonville. Tonight anchored off Pablo Creek on what you call “the one and only anchorage”. We couldn’t find those 10-15 foot depths you mention behind the three islands on the northern part of the creek. 20-35 ft was more like it close to low tide. We anchored in the northern mouth of the creek in 19 feet. There are a couple of old resident sailboats and a couple of moorings farther in behind the islands. Maybe we should have gone nearer to shore?
    Jean Thomason

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