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Archive For: EASTERN FLORIDA – All Cruising News

  • Praise and Suggestions for New St. Augustine Mooring Fields, AICW Statute Mile 778

    The new St. Augustine mooring fields are located just off the path of the AICW, north and south of the Bridge of Lions in the heart of St. Augustine.These twin fields have been warmly welcomed by those who cruise those waters.

    Dear Taylor Engineering and St. Augustine Marina,
    First of all, thank you for the new mooring fields!…and for including BIG boats in your plan. Unfortunately, there is a significant design mistake: the painters are too short for larger powerboats…and they end in an eye slice, which, even if the painter were long enough, cannot be dropped over a cleat. In my case, a 58 ft motoryacht, we could not even reach the eye slice from the bow, which is 9 ft off the water. Remember, Auggie almost always has current and wind, so the mooring ball is seldom immediately under the bow (at least this captain is not that good).
    Other well conceived mooring fields (i.e. Newport, Nantucket, even Little Harbour in the Abacos) have long painters which can be snagged with a boat hook and simply pulled aboard and dropped on a cleat. The extra length allows you to snag the painter even if you are not directly over the mooring ball…or, more likely, allows you drift room as you attempt to pull the loop aboard. I suggested to the St. Augustine marina office that a loop extension was needed for the larger boat moorings, but I fear it fell on deaf ears.
    Meanwhile, if you have a tall bow, you must moor from the stern and transfer to the bow after you splash the dinghy, as I did. However, due to the significant Auggie current, the slack created in the transfer needed the power of the windlass to pull aboard.
    A ten-foot loop through the eye slice would solve the issue, which, if brought aboard and dropped on a cleat, would not effect the swing radius of the design. We love moorings…please consider making these more usable. Thanks,
    Captain Robert Calhoun Smith Jr, aboard M/V MARY KATHRYN

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  • Port of Call Yacht Club Marina, St. Johns River, Astor, FL.

    The old Astor Bridge Marina at the south end of Lake George is now Port of Call Yacht Club Marina. Phone: 386-749-4407. There is a short channel from the river that leads back to a basin.

    There is a small marina with a restaurant at Astor Bridge Marina, just South of the Astor Bridge. We’ve eaten here several times and the food is always good.
    Captain Mike

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  • Report of Low Water in Kingsley Creek, AICW Statute Mile 720

    The area Captain Casper references is in Kingsley Creek stretch of the AICW, just out of Amelia River and approximately 3 miles south of Fernandina Beach. Tidal range in this area can exceed 5 feet, so caution most be used as you approach the Twin Highway Amelia Island RR Bridge at Mile 721.

    Cruising News:
    While Northbound At 11:AM Nov/10 2010, we encountered 7 ft depth North of the Green 13. We were near high tide at that time.
    Captain Clarence Casper

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  • New Coffee Shop in Daytona Beach near Halifax Harbor Marina, AICW Statute Mile 831

    Good coffee, free WIFI and great desserts – what more could one ask? Halifax Harbor Marina is on the western shores of the ICW/Halifax River, south of unlighted daybeacon #39A.

    Cruising News:
    There is a new coffee shop in Daytona Beach on Beach St. called Sweet Marlays’. It is walking distance from the Halifax Marina. The hours are from 7am – 10 pm Mon-Sat and 1pm – 10 pm on Sunday. They have free WIFI for their customers and the coffee and desserts are great!
    Captain Ed Kozinski

    Cruising News:
    Stopped and anchored out near the Halifax Marina. Took my dingy to the north public dock and found a great coffee shop on Beach Street in Dayton Beach called Sweet Marlays. Coffee was excellent, great atmosphere and the food was good also. I had the panini. They also have free WIFI. Make sure you check it out. The owner is also a boater.
    Captain Elwyn Hart

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  • Advice to Fellow Snowbirds re MSD Laws in Florida

    Ron’s advice warns and reminds us of the tangled web that Florida weaves in dealing with marine sanitation devices.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea if Southbound sailors advised their fellow sailors of the laws concerning securing head discharge valves. They should be advised to at least employ nylon wire ties to fix the valves in the position serving the holding tank. You could also advise them that some jurisdictions prefer that the owner use locks to secure these valves where feasible or the owner could modify the handles to possibly accept a lock. Removal of the valve’s handle is also an option under the law. You might share the war stories about areas of strict enforcement and the behavior looked for by law enforcement authorities. Certainly, I would share the idea that one should get one’s act together prior to reach the Florida border. I would assume that all authorities will act courteously until they prove otherwise. Everybody needs to know that all these authorities (rightly or wrongly) have the legal authority to board any vessel with or without the owner’s permission. Personally, I’d offer them a coffee or other beverage.
    Captain Ron Rogers

    I have been sailing from Charlotte Harbor and Miami to Key West and back and forth for the past ten years and my vessel has never been approached by any law enforcement agency for any reason. That’s just my experience.
    Captain Jules Robinson

    We travelled from St Augustine to Daytona Beach and were boarded between the drawbridges before Daytona Municipal Marina. There were 3 officers. One went below with me, 1 stayed in the cockpit with my husband, and 1 remained on their vessel. We were asked how many heads, if they were secured, and our destination. We had both heads tied with plastic zip ties. The officers were polite and quick. The next day we saw them again further south checking vessels travelling south. I would advise everyone to have their heads secured at all times in Florida and you should have no problems.
    Jane Bugg

  • ALERT! Be Aware of Pedestrians on AICW Fixed Bridges

    This warning refers to the Seabreeze Bridge which crosses the AICW at Statute Mile 829, but a similar situation could occur at any fixed bridge!

    Wednesday evening, November 10, 2010, we accompanied another boat southbound into Daytona Beach, FL. North of the city is a 65′, twin span, high rise bridge called “Seabreeze.” Two (apparently teenage) males were on the bridge throwing “lemon sized” rocks at boats passing through. The boat I was traveling with was hit twice. His boat has a fiberglass pilothouse roof, and there was no apparent damage. No one was hurt. Sanctuary has a canvass top, so we stopped short of the bridge. It was getting late, and chilly, and after a few minutes, the “youngsters” lost interest and left. Police were called on both VHF radio and 911, but did not respond in the 15 minutes we were on scene.
    So, just a heads up to those who might be in the area. And, I guess, more generally when traveling. Scan bridge spans with binoculars, and be wary if people appear to be waiting for you to pass through.
    Captains Peg and Jim Healy aboard Sanctuary

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  • Good Words for Metropolitan Park Marina Jacksonville. FL, off the AICW in Downtown Jacksonville, FL.

    City of Jacksonville Metropolitan Park is 13 miles off the AICW and northwest of St. Johns River flashing red marker #82.

    This has gotta be the best kept secret in NE FL! As many times as we’ve been through Jax, we’ve never stopped here. The concrete floating docks are new, excellently constructed, and sporting healthy-size cleats. There is great wind protection inside the breakwater. For a mere $8/day, slips are available with water and 50 amp power. The only caveat is a limitation of 72 hour visit. Adjacent to the ramps leading to the docks is a lovely park with playground equipment, picnic tables and grills. Nice restrooms are conveniently placed. Showers nor laundry facilities are available on site. We’re walking distance to Winn-Dixie, Jacksonville Landing (which seems to be resurrecting), the Florida Theater, an icon and venue for live performances, and The Times Union Center for the Performing Arts. The Museum of Science and History is just across the Main Street Bridge at Jax Landing. We’re here to begin the St. John’s River Cruise today with the Palm Coast MTOA-ers and are certainly anticipating that, but discovering
    this marina is definitely a serendipity!!!
    Captain Laura Lane Bender aboard Kindred Spirit III

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  • High Praise for St. Augustine Mooring Field, AICW Statute Mile 778

    The new St. Augustine mooring fields are located just off the path of the AICW, north and south of the Bridge of Lions in the heart of St. Augustine.These twin fields have been warmly welcomed by those who cruise those waters. Captain Shreve describes them well below.

    Cruising News:
    Two nights ago (11/9) we spent the night at the new mooring field at St. Augustine and we could not have been happier. Like others we have anchored there in the past and the current is daunting to say the least. The moorings are easy to pick up and the spacing of boats is excellent. Gone are the derelicts that used to clutter the sea scape there. Also, for the $20 nightly fee (plus tax of course) not only do you get use of the dinghy dock (that cost $12 last year alone) but also free pump out at your mooring. We’ve paid $20 just for pump out at some marinas, so in my eyes the $20 is a bargain. The only thing that they haven’t worked out yet is paying the fee over the phone, but if your dinghy is on the deck or your outboard is out of commission they will come by your boat and pick you up in the pump out boat and ferry you to the office. The guys there are working their butts off to make everyone feel taken care of (I wish the bridge tender at Bridge of Lions was as concerned about customer service: last year we were told to hurry up and get through the bridge or we might lose out mast!)
    Captain Barry Shreve

    In my reply to Barry, I commented how nice it is to see a Florida city doing things to make transient boaters welcome, to which he responded:

    It is indeed refreshing. Compared to our visit last spring with all the derelict boats bunched together the mooring field was a breath of fresh air.

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  • Praise for Two Free Dockage Facilities in Downtown Jacksonville, FL, off the AICW

    Metropolitan Park Marina and Jacksonville Landing are two free landings located 13 miles off the AICW on the St. Johns River, northwest of Flashing Red Marker # 82. On and off over the years, overnight dockage has not been allowed at Jax Landing, then at other times it was OK. Looks like, at least for the moment, overnight dockage here is OK.

    Yes this {Metropolitan Park Marina} is a great spot to stay, but just 500 yds. farther, you can stay free. The caveat is that there is no electricity. The Landing is right down town. That’s RIGHT, right down town. There is some noise associated with the activities, but a nice spot all the same. We try to tie up as far west as possible nearer the CSX building, but for a cheap date there are few better.
    Captain Bruce
    aboard S/V Buon Giorno

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  • Good Times at Marina at Ortega Landing (Jacksonville, FL, off the St. Johns River)

    The Marina at Ortega Landing is the first facility you will encounter upon entering Ortega River. This stream will be found off the St. Johns River, just upstream of downtown Jacksonville.
    Ortega Landing Marina is associated with a large condo project, and a shopping center is found just behind the complex.

    We are sitting at the Jacksonville Airport as I write this while awaiting a flight back to Colorado and we have our boat at the Ortega Landing Marina and we were very happy with the service and the marina after we arrived earlier this week from Charleston, SC.
    The location is great close to a large mall and West Marine. Enterprise even picked us up at the marina and they are located within a 5 minute drive.
    The dockage was $9.00 per foot per month but the marina was getting full, the pool is still heated and the hot tub and the free new and washer dryer facilities were great. They even have loaner bikes with pannier bags as well to hold groceries or other items such as from shopping.
    We met another couple who are leaving their boat there until February who have 1/2 looped and had a great meal out with them.
    If looking for a short or long term stay don’t pass by this great facility its safe and well protected just follow the markers in as there are shallow areas outside of the channel as there is everywhere.
    Just give Amy a call she is very helpful.
    Gerald and Cheri Wallace
    m/v Takes Two

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  • Important – Boarding Incident in Volusia County (between New Smyrna Beach and Mosquito Lagoon)

    Last night (11/3/10), my telephone rang about 9:15 pm. It was a fellow cruiser, who has since asked not to be identified, and whose name I will protect as a “confidential source.” He verbally described a surprising incident which had occurred on his craft a few hours before, during which his vessel was boarded by Volusia County sheriff deputies, “with weapons drawn.” I urged the skipper in question to forward an account of the incident via e-mail in the morning (today, 11/4/10), and the note below is the result.
    Let me pause here for a moment to note how gratified all of us are at the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net, that the skipper involved in this incident chose to contact us as his first line of inquiry into this less than calming incident. We are proud the Cruisers’ Net can serve as spokesperson for the cruising community in matters of this ilk.
    I had a second telephone conversation with the captain this morning, to determine further details, and to make sure the boarding took place in Volusia county. All my questions were answered, and it was indeed determined that the boarding took place in Volusia county waters. It seems logical, therefore, to conclude that the law enforcement officers involved were deputies of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department.
    I further called an area government employee, whose name I will also protect as a confidential source, and was told among other things, that there is a member of the county sheriff’s department who can be “heavy handed.”
    So much for the facts, as I have discovered them. I will now take the liberty of wandering into some editorial comments.
    First, let me make it crystal clear that I am NOT a lawyer, so the opinions expressed here are in my role as a Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net editor. Furthermore, it is always possible that I am not in possession of all the facts, but can only comment on what I know thus far.
    It seems to me that the incident described below can be divided into two areas of concern. First, there is the issue of the $250.00 citation for failure to secure an overboard discharge valve. Clearly, this is a legal question upon which I, and most other cruisers, are not qualified to comment.
    The real cause of my concern is the manner in which the boarding took place, and the MSD inspection was conducted. No asking of permission to board, and approaching the vessel’s captain with loaded weapon drawn, seems beyond the proverbial pale to this writer. Is this how Volusia county wants to treat its waterborne visitors? I think not!
    And, let’s be very careful NOT to tar all government officials and agencies in Volusia county with the same brush. I, myself, for many years have received one of the warmest welcomes on the Waterway at New Smyrna Beach City Marina, and have always found this community to be a shining example of Florida charm!
    The Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net eagerly asks the cruising community to PLEASE pass along full accounts of any MSD inspection of your vessel in Volusia County waters (or anywhere else in Florida for that matter). And, may we be so bold as to advise that everyone proceed along this section of the Waterway with the greatest of caution.

    Dear Claiborne,
    I am the owner of Gulfstar 50 cruising sailboat . . . . I have been bringing the boat from Newport RI to southern Florida and points south for the last 14 years.Today,wed Nov. 3,2010, I was transiting the AICW from New Smyrna, Florida, southbound. I had come in from offshore last night, shutting my sanitation valves and diverting them to holding tanks as is my practice when onshore. They are remotely located and accessible only to me. My crew has no knowledge of their location.
    At 1000 while I was below cooking bacon, my crew who was driving, yelled to me “we are being boarded by police”. We gave no provocation for this incident. I prepared to shut off and secure the stove, hot liquid bacon grease,propane,flame etc. Next thing I see is an officer right next to me in the corridor of the galley with a .45 caliber automatic weapon drawn and pointed at my chest. “Get on deck” he ordered.
    These officers never asked permission to board. We were cruising at 7 knots. 2 of the 3 officers had jumped on board . The remaining officer fell back in my wake in his boat, while the other officer (the one who had drawn his weapon on me), put dye in my heads and flushed. The boat behind said he saw no dye. So my tanks were retaining the discharge. The other officer on board proceeded to issue me a $250. citation for one “unsecured valve”
    In conclusion, I think this type of unprovoked assault on an innocent cruising boat is inappropriate to say the least . It is uncalled for and an overreach of power. We had done absolutely nothing wrong. and we were not discharging anything overboard. my crew did not know where the. valves were. I was the operator of the vessel and was in total control of the sanitation system, yet I was given a citation (under gunpoint) referencing 327.53 which says I must do what I had already done.
    Name Withheld by Request

    I issued a Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net Alert on the above posting at approximately 2:45 pm on 11/4/10. As I suspected, this Alert created a firestorm of comment and protest (see below). Very significantly, several fellow cruisers who are citizens of Volusia County e-mailed the Volusia County Sheriff’s office, and copied them on my alert and link to the above article. Speaking through their information officer, the Sheriff’s office has responded with the note below.

    Thanks to all who’ve written to inquire about this incident. Unfortunately, the events as depicted on the web site posting don’t convey all of the relevant facts surrounding the incident in question.
    First off, the author is in fact correct that no provocation with law enforcement had occurred prior to the boarding. However, it should be clearly understood that no provocation is required, or even permission needed, for law enforcement to board a craft for the purposes of conducting a lawful inspection. The reality is that transient crafts moving through the waterways within our jurisdiction have been known to dump sewage into our waterways on many occasions. Along with ensuring boating safety and compliance with the rules of the water, the prevention of sewage dumping is another responsibility taken very seriously by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and its Marine Unit. I feel certain that everyone with an interest in preventing the pollution of our waterways appreciates our efforts in this regard.
    With that in mind, some key facts were omitted from the description of the encounter on November 3, 2010. Most notably, when our deputies boarded the craft, they ordered the two occupants on the top deck to stay where they were. In direct defiance of the deputies’ order, one of the passengers ran to the cabin area, where noises could then be heard that sounded as if compartments or drawers were being opened. Not knowing the intent of the passenger or the reason for his failure to comply with their orders, and fearing that he may have been reaching for a weapon, a deputy did in fact draw his duty weapon for officer safety purposes.
    This in no way was inappropriate, an over-reaction or an unprovoked assault, as alleged by the writer. Given the sequence of events, this was an entirely appropriate and necessary act on the part of the deputy until they could secure the occupants and gain control of the scene. To those on this web site who are questioning the actions of our deputies, I ask you to think for just a moment what you would have done in the same circumstance. Given the dangers that law enforcement officers face every day on the job, I also ask you to stop and consider what might have occurred if the passenger was, in fact, reaching for a weapon and the deputy had not drawn his weapon for protection. Our deputies are trained to exercise restraint. But they also are trained to draw their weapons if they perceive the potential for harm. Waiting for the danger to be upon them is tragically too late to react.
    Lastly, it should be noted that the inspection of the craft did result in the discovery of a discharge valve that was not properly secured, as required. As unsettling as these events may have been for the occupants of the craft, the events would have transpired much differently had all of the occupants simply complied with the lawful commands of law enforcement.
    Gary Davidson
    Public Information Officer
    Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

    During the evening of 11/5/10, I once again spoke with the Captain whose vessel was boarded. He/She said that he/she was overwhelmed with the response generated by the Cruisers’ Net. Furthermore, he stated that “I’ve made my case, and the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office has made theirs. I’d like to leave it at that.”
    And, we shall certainly honor his/her wishes.

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  • Dragon Point Anchorage (southern Banana River, near St. M. 914)

    The message below concerning anchorages behind Dragon Point, at the extreme southern foot of Banana River.

    I am currently off Dragon Point and like it much. Watch out you don’t go inward of unmarked pilings. It gets shallow quick.
    Tie dink in abandoned lot behind gas station, Publix and shopping [center].
    Was speaking to Sargent of local police when he realized after 15 min we were standing by a “NO TRESPASSSING” sign. Like everywhere I guess enforcement depends by your attitude and how well you clean up after yourself.
    Nancy Ojard

    Yes, but you can go ashore on the SR 518 causeway and its just a short walk to the C (convenience) store!
    Captain Jim

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  • Report on Palm Cove Marina, AICW Statute Mile 747

    FULL MARINE SERVICE ON SITE TRANSIENT DOCKAGE WELCOMEPalm Cove Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISER’S NET SPONSOR!, is in Jacksonville Beach, FL on the western side of the Waterway, south of unlighted daybeacon #31.

    Stayed at Palm Cove last night (28 OCT 10). Entered an hour after high tide with a 5’3 draft – the channel was no problem – and was docked on their “S Dock” (just past their fuel dock). Great staff and facilities – HOWEVER… from mid-to-low tide Retriever was sitting on the bottom. At low tide so much so that she actually listed slightly. Luckily today’s run was a short trip to St Augustine so I didn’t have to leave at first light (as usual) and I had to wait until 11am (low tide being at 0800) to even get off the dock. Just FYI…

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  • Good Words for Rivers Edge Marina, St. Augustine, AICW Statute Mile 779

    Rivers Edge Marina is located upstream from the AICW/San Sebastian River intersection, on the western side of the Waterway.

    We were just there earlier this month(October). Found everything close. Bathrooms, laundry room- clean and working. Loved the people here. Capt Eric and Annie were are neighbors and what a help they were. Hurricane Patti’s is right there and offer drink specials to the boats at the marina. This is a DEF for stopping again. Easy to get in and out and you were away from the wind.

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Rivers Edge Marina

  • Praise for Daytona, FL and Halifax Harbor Marina, AICW Statute Mile 831

    Halifax Harbor Marina is on the western shores of the ICW/Halifax River, south of unlighted daybeacon #39A.

    All… good morning… Just a note to remind all that Daytona, Fl is a good transient (or winter) stop. The municipal marina is Halifax Harbor with full services, good power and in a month or so WiFi. It’s less than two blocks to downtown, within a 10 min walk of multiple restaurants providing a good choice, West Marine located in the marina, etc. A great farmers’ market on Sat morning. Of course there are other marinas available and there’s also an anchorage across the river by the bridge – if you know how to get into it.
    Don & Rebecca, aboard m/v Andante, moored Daytona Beach, Fl

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  • More Observations on St. Augustine Mooring Fields, AICW Statute Mile 778

    The new moorings fields in St. Augustine are immediately north and south of the Bridge of Lions in the heart of town. The south field, the larger of the two, is just south of the City Marina and closest to the dinghy dock and amenities. For rates and reservations, contact the City Marina at (904) 825-1026.

    Drove in a car through St. Augustine and across Bridge of Lions today returning home from Savannah along A1A (a beautiful drive from Amelia Island, BTW). We had to stop as the draw raised to allow a sailboat to pass, so we had a chance to glance at the new mooring fields. The southern mooring field had a high occupancy rate – in fact we couldn’t see any available mooring balls but it was quite some distance away. I was surprised to see that there was also a mooring field north of the bridge with at least five mooring balls (three with boats); there were quite a few other smaller white balls on the north side in several lines which were much smaller than those with the boats – not sure what they were – might have been markers for future mooring balls. There were several boats anchored further to the north in the bend as the river turns toward the inlet.
    Bob McLeran and Judy Young

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  • Good Experience at Palm Coast Marina (Statute Mile 802)

    We continue to hear laudatory reports about the good management at Palm Coast Marina. This facility is found on a small canal which indents the AICW’s western banks south of St. Augustine, and north of Daytona Beach.

    Great Place! Very friendly and helpful staff, they truly make you feel like they want you there. Shower and bathroom faculties adequate. Beautiful bike and walking path along ICW. We definitely would recommend and will return!
    Nancy Ojard

    When I was there on 10/28/10, they had a special deal, $20, but no water, no electric, and slips are little shallow for some (~4.5 at MLW).
    Captain Tom

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  • Praise for Palm Harbor Marina, AICW Statute Mile 1021.5

    Palm Harbor Marina is located on the west side of the Intracoastal just south of the Flagler Memorial Bridge in West Palm Beach, FL.

    We spent a week here each time we passed through in both directions. It is the best marina we have ever seen. The facilities are top notch and the service is outstanding. The location is great as there is a free trolley that runs through downtown and passes a Publix as well as the City Place. Their captains’ lounge is fantastic: pool table, at least 6 big screen TV’s and a free washer and dryer. Their summer rate was $1.25 per foot. Best deal on the ICW.
    Captain Ted Williams

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  • Huckins Yacht Corp Recommendation (Jacksonville, Fl. on the Ortega River)

    Hukins is one of several repair firms located on the Ortega River, just upstream on the St. Johns River from downtown Jacksonville, Another is Lambs Yacht Center, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    I am sitting here off the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, at Huckin’s Yacht Corp. Easy In, Easy out, three chairs, no waiting.
    You can stay aboard, do your own waxing. If you need provisions, all is close by, a shuttle van is available.
    Call Paul Rogers, the service mgr to schedule your boat, Tell Capt Joe sent you. Call 1 904 389-1125.
    Captain Joe

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    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Ortega River

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