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Port of Call, St. Augustine The Town of Marineland has opened its ports with a brand new marina facility creating a destination for boaters on the Intracoastal Waterway between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine, FL.Amelia Island Yacht Basin - Marina and Boat Yard - Amelia Island FloridaNew Smyrna Beach Marina, 201 N. Riverside Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168, 386-409-2042Welcome to Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor! Located in America’s oldest city- St. Augustine, Florida- Camachee Cove is a fully protected marina adjacent to the ICW, and less than a mile from the St. AugusFULL MARINE SERVICE ON SITE TRANSIENT DOCKAGE WELCOMEVero Beach Marina
Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club Fort Pierce City Marina 1 Avenue A, Ft. Pierce, FL 34950 Toll Free (800) 619-1780 (772) 464-1245 Facsimile (772) 464-2589Guest Coupon Available On Our Web Site Hammock Beach Resort & MarinaWestland Marina is located on the Intracoastal Waterway in Titusville, Florida. Near Cape Canaveral, Port Canaveral, Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach Welcome to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, your own paradise in the middle of the beautiful Exumas.Fernandina Harbor Marina

Archive For: EASTERN FLORIDA – All Cruising News

  • Cruising the St. Johns River, and the Shands Bridge (Green Cove Springs)

    Please note – the discussion below about the St. Johns River was copied from the MTOA List-Serv
    As for the infamous Shands Bridge at Green Cove Springs, I myself would never try to take a sailcraft with a 46.5 mast under this span. That is truly flirting with disaster!
    I’m glad to hear (see below) that a new 65-foot high rise bridge is currently under constructions to take the place of the current 45-foot (official clearance) Shands Bridge. This span has long been a barrier for sailors who want to enjoy this magnificent body of water.
    Conversely, cruising the St. Johns River may just be the best cruising offered by the eastern shoreline of the Sunshine State, at least north of Miami. The river is not only beautiful, but if you enjoy anchoring off, you may think you have died and gone to cruising heaven.
    Diesel fuel is a bit scarce along the course of the St. Johns, so fill up at every opportunity. Otherwise, ENJOY!

    My wife and I are planning a trip in the winter of 2010 to St. John’s River. Another couple with a sailboat plan to join us, but have a problem with the Shands Bridge’s 45 foot clearance. Their mast height is 46.5 feet. Is it likely that wind induced variations in water levels will make it possible for them to pass, if we wait for such variations? It appears that the normal tide range at Green Cove Springs is only about 0.7 feet.
    Thanks for any information.
    Norman Mason
    Monk 36, “Peggy Sue”

    We went about half way up the St. Johns River in March, 2009. I don’t know about getting under the Shands Bridge.? Do you have a cruising guide? We used mostly Doziers Southern 2008 Waterway Guide.  We stayed a few days at Ortega Yacht Club Marina (we had family near there and it was convenient for us and them).? At that time it was 125. per foot. We also used [Claborne Young's] guide and if I can find it I will email you that one. How can you not find things on a boat!?!?!?> He has MUCH more information on where to anchor and great little out of the way restaurants up little creeks, etc. I don’t know if your sailboat friends can go up these small rivers. You may have to anchor the sailboat out and take your trawler…we had no trouble with Two Cats Too.
    Good Luck! The St. Johns is BEAUTIFUL…someday I want to go all the way to Palatka!

    Ref the info you asked about for your friends mast passing under Shands Bridge. We live in Green Cove Spgs and pass through Shands on regular basis. 45 ft max height is stated and you can get more clearence with heavy tidal flows but you should not count on it. Heavy rains can keep water higher than normal. Also, Shands like other bridges has a stated 2′ “higher” center clearence. We pass under Shands this morning at low tide and noted that clearence markers gave “46″ ft of clearence. Other option; lower mast and cruise all of the river up to Sanford Fl, 150+ miles, many are narrow creeks with deep water, great cruising, but NOT for blowboats!!!
    Enjoy the river, you will love it.

    They are building a new 65 foot bridge there.  Check to check on progress.  The St. John’s has no “tide” variation with or without wind!!  We boated on the river for over 20 years.  Beautiful!

    We have to pass under the Shands Bridge later this week with a 47′ mast (Hunter 30). Gary–if you’re out there–can you give us the latest reading on the clearance markers?
    I bought a laser measuring device at Lowe’s & plan to point that up at the underside of the bridge. I’ll be prepared to follow the methods of the “mast tipper” & heel the boat if necessary. Any other suggestions are most welcome.
    Ted Johnson

  • Fernandina Beach Mooring Field (Statute Mile 716.5)

    Fernandina Harbor Marina, as a self-sustaining business of the Marina Department for the City of Fernandina Beach, is dedicated to exceptional service to the community and our customers. As AmbassadorThe discussion below is copied partically from the Net’s “Ask Your Neighbor” page (, and partly from other nautical lists.
    The long popular Fernandina Beach anchorage was converted several years ago to a mooring field. Dinghy dockage as well as many other services are available at the adjacent Fernandina Harbor Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Anyone used the moorings at Fernandina? How hard is it to get one this time of year? Are they good moorings? I’m looking to hold up for Ida’s pass on Tues
    Doug Gould

    Some moorings are held for reservations and some are “first come, first served”, although a call the day of an expected arrival should work, if a mooring’s available (checkout is 11:30). The western-most row of moorings is close to shallow water (~4′ at load tide) and held only for shallow draft vessels. We opted to anchor in Bell River; current is typical for the area and holding seems to be good. The town is attractive, although the view from the water, with paper mills one either side, makes the area seem like a place to skip. Instead, it’s worth the stop.
    Rick Emerson

    We are a 41′ trawler and used them in May 09 and loved it….just call them and they pass you a mooring number and you have full use of all the facilities. Nice town too…..we will go back. Plus it is a great place to get fuel…..
    Knot Tide Down
    Heading to Knoxville on the TN Rvr

    We just used them when we went by last week. Joe guesses when you call, they assign you a mooring ball for your vessel size. We saw some 47-45 footers on them. They are in the open. They have an area inside the marina that is $1 a foot that’s a little tight to get into so they mostly put boats on the seawall’s inside and outside ($1.75 a foot). Get there before too much wind, and if we got into an inside slip I know you can.
    Mik and Joe,
    Asian Lady

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  • Transient Moorings Available at Coconut Grove Sailing Club (Maimi – Dinner Key, St. M. 1094.5)

    Coconut Grove Sailing Club is the southernmost of the facility’s set along the Miami – Dinner Key – Coconut Grover waterfront. They feature a well sheltered harbor, and, if my own experience is any judge, some of the friendliest folks you will ever find!

    Subject: Transient Moorings at Coconut Grove Sailing Club
    Cruising News: CGSC has transient moorings available for sailboats up to 40FT. $35/night, includes 24 hr. Launch, Bath/Showers, dinghy dock, BAR and Restaurant available to guests… Safe Protected moorings convenient to Coconut Grove. Website:
    Marc Buller

  • Beach Marine (Jacksonville Beach, St. M. 748)

    Cruising News: We found this marina to be less than advertised. We tied up for the night (early Nov 09) on a t-dock at the end of a pier where there were covered slip — but NO LIGHTS –NONE WHATSOEVER!!! Some friends were assigned to the same place a few nights after us and they said that they didn’t even feel safe because of the type of people around the marina restaurants.
    Stephanie DiBelardino

    We stayed there last week on our journey South, and were assigned a slip were we could fill up with Diesel, and get our tanks pumped out. Very convenient. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We found the facility had many lights all down the dock at the dockmasters building, even Christmas Lights up the walkway. We took advantage of their 3 front load washers and dryers, and were even given access to the upgraded showers. They have a basic shower bath area at the end of the dock, but we were told we could use the showers close to the laundry room. They must have added the lights since the previous post in November. This is our second stop at this marina.
    Sun & Splendour
    Catalina 375 Sailboat

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  • Harbortown Marina, Fort Pierce, FL (Statute Mile 965)

    You have to be careful when mentioning “Harbortown Marina” as there are several facilities in the Southeastern USA that go by this name, or a very similar moniker. This “Harborown” is located in Fort Pierce, Florida, north of our good friends at Fort Pierce City Marina!

    Cruising News: This is a very convenient marina because you can walk to Publix, West Marine, a chinese take-out and a small Italian restaurant/pizzeria — both restaurants are reasonably priced. The marina is not in the best of condition so be very careful when you tie-up. Make sure the cleats are not wiggly and that they are attached to the dock properly.
    Stephanie DiBelardino

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  • Bells River Anchorage (just off Fernandina Beach, Statute Mile 716.5)

    Fernandina Harbor Marina, as a self-sustaining business of the Marina Department for the City of Fernandina Beach, is dedicated to exceptional service to the community and our customers. As AmbassadorWhile not as convenient to Fernandina Harbour Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR) as the new city mooring field, anchoring in Bells River is more private, and, in good weather, it’s still an easy dinghy trip into the charming community of Fernancina Beach.

    We stayed in the “downstream” anchorage and it was fine with a good anchor and plenty of rode. A bit spalshy ride to town but that is what the dink is for. Great lunch intown. Another ruiser said the marina facilites (available to us on anchor, too) were really nice.
    Joanne S. Woodward

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  • Palm Coast Marina (Statute Mile 802)

    Palm Coast Marina is a good facility, well situated between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. At the management’s request, we have just recently returned this facility to our Eastern Florida fuel price listings.

    [Palm Coast Marina] Has become one of my regular stops – always good place to walk over to European village to MezaLunna for pizza. found out they’re not open on Mondays – otherwise pretty much as described above [in SSECN Marina Directory listing]. If you’re getting fuel, I learned this year that there can be a current in that canal, my plan to dock was quickly thwarted by a surprising strong current running east, so turned around and got it figured out.
    Capt Bill,
    s/v Kittiwake

    I’m not sure if anyone has responded to this yet. We are currently staying here at Palm Coast. The local boaters tell us that there used to be a pool but that with development of the area, the property that had the pool was bought and redeveloped, so no pool. The marina facility however is really nice. It is off the waterway with no current. I was unprepared with my lines for the pilings at the slips but we quickly readjusted. The showers and rest rooms are a bit dated but clean and work well and the bicycles are also a bit old. The owners (or managers?) and the liveaboards have been very friendly and helpful and we feel secure leaving our boat here to make a run home to the Northeast. There is a fresh pot of coffee in the morning, lots of outside patio seating for socializing (and there is lots of that) and they are going to look after my basil plant whie we are away.
    J.S. Woodward

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Palm Coast Marina

  • Good Times at Palm Cove Marina (Statute Mile 747)

    FULL MARINE SERVICE ON SITE TRANSIENT DOCKAGE WELCOMEThe entrance to Palm Cove Marina lies along the AICW’s western banks, a short hop north of the B. B. McCormick Bridge. This is a well sheltered facillity, and we highly recommend a stop here. And, why not, as these good folks are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Stopped for fuel at Palm Cove Marina just north of the bridge. We entered at low tide with a solid six foot draft. Eased over a few mud spots but really no problem. Fuel price was as promised and dock assitance was cordial and effective.
    Ed Grygent

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Palm Cove Marina

  • Fair Winds Boat Repairs, St. Augustine, FL Recommended

    It’s always a very good thing to find a reliable boat repair yard. Fair Winds sounds like a really good choice!

    Subject: Inflatable Boat Repairs St Augustine
    Cruising News: We had cause to use the services of Fair Winds Boat Repairs LLC while in St Augustine this week. The owner, Arnis Zvirbulis, was very accomodating and professional. The repair, a 5 inch cut in the bow of our 11′ rib, was repaired professionally. Arnis came to the marina we were staying at, Oyster Creek, pulled the dink on his trailer. He took it to his shop and repaired it and returned it in less than 24 hours. The price was very fair. His office/cell numbers are 904-825-4692/904-669-6045. His shop is at 134 Riberia Street #7, St Augustine.
    Ed Grygent

    We had Arnis do a major rebuild on our inflatable and were very pleased. He is highly recommended.

  • Great Dining at Fernandina Harbor Marina (St. M. 716.5)

    Fernandina Harbor Marina, as a self-sustaining business of the Marina Department for the City of Fernandina Beach, is dedicated to exceptional service to the community and our customers. As AmbassadorYummmm! And, let’s not forget that Fernandina Harbor Marina is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Tied to the dinghy dock for some essential shopping, and buying fresh shrimp, (Atlantic Seafood) right by the dinghy dock. Shrimp was superb, but so was dinner at the on site restaurant in the marina. It renewed my faith in “eating out” after our disaster meal at Fishy Fishy in Southport, Friends went there for lunch and said it was top notch also. Highly recommend.
    Beverly Feiges

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Fernandina Harbor Marina

  • Acosta Creek Harbor (St. Johns River, south of Palatka)

    Wow, talk about a ringing endorsement!

    10/09 update. We came to Acosta Creek to look at a boat for sale & were so impressed we immediately moved our RV here & now are buying a boat in the marina. The marina is small & remote but peaceful and charming. The owners, kathy & Jay, are delightful. Transient slips are available as well as the services mentioned above.
    Ted Johnson/BJ Hawk

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Acosta Creek Harbor

  • Pirates Cove Marina (Manatee Pocket, off St. Lucie River)

    Pirates Cove Marina is one of several fine facilities on the the Manatee Pocket. This sheltered body of water cuts off from the easternmost reaches of the St. Lucie River and the Okeechobee Waterway, just a stone’s throw from the St. Lucie/AICW intersection. Watch out for shifting markers and channels here, as the intersection of the Waterway and the St. Lucie River (and inlet) is infamous for shoaling.

    What a great little gem of a marina in Manatee Pocket. Pirate’s Cove is just off the Okachobee Waterway. Best shower facilities we found since we left NJ on the ICW to FL. Great restaurant also! We’ll be back!
    Wendy Childers

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Pirates Cove Marina

  • Cocoa Village Marina (Statute Mile 897)

    Wow, what a glowing recommendation. Don’t miss this facility!

    We have spent many days at this marina on our annual trips to and from the Keys. This is one of those facilities that you have to look very hard to find something wrong with it. To date, we haven’t . The staff is great and the facilities are clean and modern. The marine is well protected from the elements. Security is good. The location is across the street from downtown Cocoa Village which offers great food and entertainment. Travis Hardware store is worth the trip to Cocoa alone. This is a “time warp” experience with an inventory of every known hardware item ever made!! I would (and do) strongly recommend this marina as a great stop for anyone.
    Marsh and Bob
    M/V ‘Threadbare”

    Cocoa is good place to stop and spend some money having fun. Ryans Pizza really hit the spot after not getting in further north. For decent protection from the north, the west basin is much better than the east. Good showers, unfortunately the sauna is only for property owners!
    Capt Bill, s/v Kittiwake

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Easern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Cocoa Village Marina

  • L. B. Know/Bulow/High Bridge (Statute Mile 816)

    Looks like the bridge tenders here might give Captain Gray the benefit of the doubt.

    I live in Florida and travel through this area several times a year. The bridge tender(s) always tell me I can get under their [L.B. Knox/Bulow/High] bridge and I always inform them that I can’t. This past month (Sept) they actually had an employ come down and measure (by sight) what my boat height was. Guess what, I can’t clear the bridge! I was told that they would keep a record so we would not have to ‘discuss’ this the next time. With virtually no one on the water in this area this summer, I heard no other boats calling this bridge.
    Richard Gray

  • More Praise For Sunset Bay Marina (Stuart, FL, St. Lucie River)

    This is at least the second laudatory report we’ve had here on the Cruisers’ Net about Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart. This facility is the newly rebuilt Southpointe Harbor, once Stuart’s city marina. It is now privately leased, and the new mangers seem to be doing a splendid job.
    Sunset Bay Marina is located on the South Fork of the St. Lucie River/Okeechobee Waterway, just upstream of the old Roosevelt Twin bridges.

    I was one of the first long term dockers at Sunset Bay. I could go on and on about how pristine the faciity is and how professionally run it is but the the biggest asset of the marina is the staff. I have stayed at many marinas but have never had the pleasure of having such a friendly and capable staff as Buz, Sam and Ruth. From day one, they made me feel like I had been there for years. The icing on the cake is the magnificant restaurant, Sailor’s Return. The restaurant is owned and operated buy Bob Davis. Bob has a very colorful cullinary background and will soon have Sailor’s Return known as the best restaurant in Stuart.
    Clay Thomasson

    This is a great place to stay. It’s a marina where you will stay longer than you intended because you will not want to leave. The facilities are new and very well maintained. The staff is professional and cannot do enough for you. The permanent residents are particularly friendly. Every one makes you feel like family. Coincidentally, the marina is very convenient to the town. We are eager to return when the restaurant has opened.
    Walt & Ellen Solomons
    Vessel Rachel

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Sunset Bay Marina

  • “Best Small Engine Diesel Mechanic In Florida” (Fort Lauderdale)

    The glowing recommendation below comes from Captain Milt Baker, founder and former owner of Bluewater Books and Charts in Fort Lauderdale, and, I might add, good friend of yours truly and mariner extraordinnaire! Thanks Milt!

    Contact Bruce Melius, in my experience the best small engine diesel mechanic in Florida. He’s based in Fort Lauderdale and he’s been my mechanic for about 25 years and four different yachts. He is thorough, methodical, professional, and extremely reliable. He has his own shop and all the tools one would ever need. Only problem is he’s a one-man shop and sometimes has trouble fitting you into his schedule. Still, Bruce is well worth waiting for and he knows Lehmans, Cats, Cummins, and Luggers like the back of his hand.
    Call him at (mobile) 954-646-0283 or (office) 954-565-9143.
    Milt Baker

  • Dinghy Dockage at Fort Caroline (St. Johns River, Between Mayport and Jacksonville)

    Boy, this one is news to me. Fort Caroline overlooks the southern shores of the St. Johns River from a high earthen cliff, upstream of Mayport. I don’t remember any sort of dockage here, but clearly that has changed since I last researched these waters. From Captain Thomason’s description below, sounds like this would be a great stop, assuming you can drop the hook nearby, within dinghying distance.

    We don’t have an up-to-date East Coast Florida guide either but the 2000 edition says one cannot dock at Ft. Caroline (and this was the case about 4 years ago when we stopped by). So maybe you already know this but the dock is now open to the public. There are two 28 ft slips on the land side of the dock. The depths are 8 ft or so but the distance from the slips to the rip rap shoreline is not great. A small run-about could dock there but nothing bigger. We anchored just north of the dock in 20 feet of water (just opposite the fort fence) and took the dinghy in to the dock. Like Kingsley Plantation there is a 59 minute docking limit but this is obviously not enforced, especially for a dinghy. There are nice exhibits in the visitor’s center and there is a Park Service constructed fort to give one an idea of what the fort looked like. It is not on the site of the original fort (which is unknown). The memorial column is not walking distance away, according to a ranger. This makes a nice stop coming up the St. John River.
    Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE)

  • Praise For Marina at Ortega Landing (off the St. Johns River, in Jacksonville, FL)

    The praise keeps rolling in for this fine facility, located on the Ortega River, just upstream from downtown Jacksonville.

    If you are considering staying a night or a few months in the JAX area this winter, I strongly suggest you consider Ortega Landings. Great staff, super friendly and helpful. Friendly live aboards. Very aafe and secure. Great boater’s lounge. Dockside pump out. Floating concrete docks. Pool. Free washers/dryers. Very clean and bright restrooms/shower facilities. Nice mall within 2 residential blocks of the marina with Publix, CVS, two marine stores, department stores, several fast food/coffee shop/casual dining places, two banks. Nice park near by for evening walks. I think this place would make a great ‘destination’ marina for snow birds who are looking for some place more laid back than the south Florida scene.
    Rick Parish

    Ortega Landing is a great marina anyway you want to judge it. The staff is very helpful and very professional. The facilities are new and beautifully organized. The pricing is very competitive. Walking distance to good resturants, grocery stores, UPS Store and a West Marine. We are extending our stay and plan to make this an annual stop. I would recommend this facility to anyone.
    Marsha and Bob
    M/V “Threadbare”

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For the Marina at Ortega Landing

  • Marina/Repair Facility On Dania Cut-off Canal Recommended (St. M. 1068.5)

    Picked up this little tid-bit below from the T&T (Trawlers and Trawlering) Mail List. I thought the crusing community should know about a facility that receives this sort of recommendation!

    If you are doing any work on boat etc. There’s a marina on the Dania Cut-off canal called Cozy Cove Marina that has concrete covered dockage. It’s just one mile to beach, intracoastal, and Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Price is around $20/Foot. Nice people – Family run for 60 years.

  • Good Words About North Palm Beach/Lake Worth Anchorage (St. M. 1014)

    Below, the crew from CuteSea gives us some good words about the anchorage on northern Lake Worth. Now, if only the city of North Palm Beach will learn that the new Florida state anchoring law makes it illegal for them to interfere in anchoring ANYWHERE on Lake Worth, we will be getting somewhere!

    We live nearby and use this anchorage as a “getaway” from the RatRace of beachbumming. Easy access to: Publix, CVS, West Marine about a mile walk, Bank of America ~3/4 mile, restaurants, etc. Some sailors spend the whole winter. Anchor in the “right” spot and no cost / hassles from N. Palm Beach officials. Can’t tell you where the “right spot” is … the lines I draw on the water keep floating away. Politics!

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory Listing For North Palm Beach/Lake Worth Anchorage

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