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FULL MARINE SERVICE ON SITE TRANSIENT DOCKAGE WELCOMEWelcome to Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor! Located in America’s oldest city- St. Augustine, Florida- Camachee Cove is a fully protected marina adjacent to the ICW, and less than a mile from the St. Augus The Town of Marineland has opened its ports with a brand new marina facility creating a destination for boaters on the Intracoastal Waterway between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine, FL.New Smyrna Beach Marina, 201 N. Riverside Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168, 386-409-2042Port of Call, St. AugustineVero Beach MarinaAmelia Island Yacht Basin - Marina and Boat Yard - Amelia Island Florida
 Fort Pierce City Marina 1 Avenue A, Ft. Pierce, FL 34950 Toll Free (800) 619-1780 (772) 464-1245 Facsimile (772) 464-2589 Welcome to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, your own paradise in the middle of the beautiful Exumas.Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht ClubGuest Coupon Available On Our Web Site Westland Marina is located on the Intracoastal Waterway in Titusville, Florida. Near Cape Canaveral, Port Canaveral, Merritt Island and Cocoa BeachHammock Beach Resort & MarinaFernandina Harbor Marina

Archive For: EASTERN FLORIDA – All Cruising News

  • Dragon Point/Banana River Anchorage Question (Eastern Florida AICW, St. M. 914)

    Below are a copy of a question and answer which appear on the Net’s “Ask Your Neighbor” page ( Not only did Captain Emerson answer his own question, but he has provided some valuable information about Dragon Point anchorage. By the way, this anchor down spot lies at the extreme southern foot of the Banana River, and is easily accessible from the Indian River/AICW.

    Subject: Dragon Point Anchorage
    Cruising News: Has anyone anchored off Dragon Point or used the anchorage at the mouth of the Banana River recently? It appears the local community has a ban on anchoring and the marinas won’t allow a dinghy to tie up. If so, why bother stopping there? Or are we missing something?
    Rick Emerson

    As expected, the anchoring ban has been overruled by the change in the new anchoring law. However, the area marinas are still adamant about not allowing dinghies from anchored boats to tie up. Friends stayed in the area because they had to go ashore for business reasons. Their only choice was to take a slip at, in their case, Telemar Bay Marina.
    Rick Emerson

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  • New Smyrna Beach City Marina (Statute Mile 846)

    New Smyrna Beach Marina, 201 N. Riverside Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168, 386-409-2042We love docking at New Smyrna Beach City Marina. There has always been a laid back, but very helpful attitude here, which is part of parcel of real cruising. The downtown shopping district lies within easy walking distance, and there are plenty of good place to dine ashore. And, oh yes, let’s not forget these good people are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    We ducked in here on the tail end of a storm, and I’m very glad we did. Great staff with very good facilities. Everyone went out of their way to make us feel at home. Location is terrific with many good resturants within close walking distance. We WILL return to this facility.
    M/V “Threadbare”

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  • Addison Point Bridge Anchorages (Statute Mile 885)

    There are at least four anchor down spots to consider near the Addison Point Bridge, crossing the AICW/Inidan River, south of Titusville. However, just as Captain Jean notes below, you must pick and choose carefully based on wind direction. Check out the link to the Addison Point Anchorages listing in our “Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory” below for more information.

    We have stayed at Addison Point many times and in all but the south east quadrant. Tonight we are northwest of the bridge trying to duck out of a southwest wind. It’s a little bouncy and there is always noise from the NASA Causeway, especially at rush hour but it’s a convenient place to anchor. The traffic dies down at night.
    Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE)

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  • Titusville Municipal Marina (Statute Mile 879)

    I have always thought that the Titusville Municipal Marina was one of the best smaller, city operated facilities in Florida. Looks like Captain agress below. Now, if we could ONLY convince them to become a Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net sponsor!!!

    We have only stayed at Titusville Marina once (in 2004). The facility had been improved greatly since then. We have, however tied up at the marina for a short stay during the day to go the the grocery (Save-a-Lot – not much variety and bring your own bags) and this time to fill our propane tank. The marina staff are helpful and we ave never been charged for these short stays. We usually then go on through the bridge before 3:15 PM and anchor at Addison Point.
    Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE)

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  • St. Augustine City Marina And Other Good Area Recommendations (St. M. 778)

    Below you will find a bevy of really useful cruising information and recommendations from Captain Jean Thomason, concerning the St. Augustine, Florida area. Notice her news about the new Bridge of Lions. Everyone in the cruising community will rejoice when this construction is finally completed. It seems to have already gone on forever!

    We always enjoy our stay at St. Augustine City Marina. Hopefully the bridge work will be done soon- word is that traffic will start to use the redone Bridge of Lions next month. Of course, they will then be removing the temporary bridge. We had a leaking raw water pump and turned to First Mate Yacht Service to install a replacement pump. They came promptly Monday morning, dealt with the problem and we were on our way before noon. Give them a try if you need help. Sometimes I trek across the bridge and go to the little grocery store on the right a few blocks up. They don’t have everything but do have the essentials, especially meat and vegetables and fruits. Didn’t get to shop this time however.
    Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE)

  • Unhappy News Concerning the New Dinner Key Mooring Field (Miami, FL)

    Hmmmmm, sounds like the new mooring field at Coconut Gove (Miami) has some real administrative problems.

    We came into the new dinner key mooring field on Dec 1, and they asked us to take a mooring on the outskirts of the field that was a fair dingy ride in and is subject to wakes from boats in the channels before they begin to slow down — we are a 40′ Jeanneau ds40 with a 5′ draft -
    As we dinghied in we noted several 40′+ boats with deeper draft closer in so we asked if we could move closer in as most of the field is currently empty —
    we suggested a mooring number and told to go ahead and move which we did. Now we are told that the mooring we moved to is a 30′ mooring and the original mooring we were on was a 40′ mooring – in fact i would estimate that over 2/3 of the mooring field is designed for boats less than 40′ and we were told that they can not accomadate any boat greater than 42′ – when i told them a 47′ boat just left for the islands they agreed and told us that the boat was told they could no longer use the field because they were too big -
    There is also a very very tiny dingy dock
    Trying not to be to prejudical, it appears if this is a test field for the florida anchoring problem they designed it for failure – in fact you may just want to anchor on the other side of the mooring field and not have to pay which is right next to the 40-42′ moorings
    just my thoughts
    chuck patty and svsoulmates
    miami fl

    As for the engineering of the field I guess what is done is done for now. Short of building a break water all around the field, I don’t know. It’s an unprotected area, so it will be rolly polly from wind, waves and wakes. I suppose the center of the field and closer to land may be the best spot to be in if you have a choice and a lesser draft.
    But in regards to the dingy dock I was told that the larger floating dingy dock by the boat ramp will eventually be available to the mooring customers, once the mooring customer showers, baths and offices are installed. However for security purposes my preference would be where they have it now, well inside the marina and close to the harbormasters office, better a small safe dingy dock than one exposed to the street and to the unsavory characters that hang around the boat ramp at night.
    Hope things improve.
    S/V Nemesis
    Dinner Key Marina

    I keep my boat (70 feet) in Florida most of the winter and in Nantucket Harbor during the summer. In Nantucket we’re on a mooring, there is a Town-owned and operated pump-out boat running 7 days a week, launch service, two good-sized dingy docks and even delivery service. The Harbormaster’s building, at the foot of the Town Dock where the dingy docks are has nice bathrooms with clean showers. The water in the Harbor is clean, so clean that the Harbor is used for commercial scalloping in the fall and winter, and it is certainly clean enough for swimming. The health of the scallop population is dependent on clean water and healthy beds of sea grass. If boats were anchored instead of on moorings the sea grass beds would be destroyed in a season or two.
    Contast this with Florida where mooring fields are few and far between, pump-out facilities (let alone pump-out boats) are scarse and out-of service much of the time, and amenities of any kind are limited to say the least. I don’t get it. Florida’s waters are just as precious as New England’s waters. I’ve been reading for years about the damage done to coral by yachts anchoring on top of or too close to the reefs. If there was a mooring field close by (but not too close) and an anchoring ban enforced it strikes me that the problem would be at least partially solved.
    Just my opinion.

  • One And Only Anchorage (near Jacksonville Beach, Statute Mile 744)

    I call the overnight haven discussed below the, “One And Only Anchorage,” because it’s the only anchor down spot anywhere near the AICW between the Wateway’s crossing of St. Johns River and the Tolomato River. It is found along the AICW’s eastern flanks, north of the high-rise Pablo Creek bridge, BUT you MUST enter from its northern mouth.

    Dear Claiborne,
    We are back on board and moving south from Jacksonville. Tonight anchored off Pablo Creek on what you call “the one and only anchorage”. We couldn’t find those 10-15 foot depths you mention behind the three islands on the northern part of the creek. 20-35 ft was more like it close to low tide. We anchored in the northern mouth of the creek in 19 feet. There are a couple of old resident sailboats and a couple of moorings farther in behind the islands. Maybe we should have gone nearer to shore?
    Jean Thomason

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  • Sunset Bay Marina (Stuart, FL on the St. Lucie River, South Fork and Okeechobee Waterway)

    The accolades here on the Cruisers’ Net keep piling up for Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart, Florida. If any of you do not recognize this marina’s name, it is the new, much improved incarnation of the South Pointe Anchorage facility. It is found on the eastern banks of the St. Lucie River, South Fork, just upstream of the old Roosevelt twin bridges.
    We have visited this facility ourselves on two occasions since its remodeling. I can attest to the accuracy of the good things Captain Emerson has to say below.

    Repeating comments I posted elsewhere on this site, in reply to a “where to stay” request:
    “We’re currently moored at Sunset Bay Marina, on the south fork of the St. Lucie River, in Stuart. Moorings are $10 / day or $240 / month. There are slips but they’re booked for the winter. The location is about 7-8 miles off the ICW. Boats drawing 7′ or more may be challenged at the river entrance and in the river itself (we draw 6′ and found some “skinny bits” at the entrance, while following the marked channel). That being said, the marina is a great place to be, with excellent facilities, helpful staff, and easy walking access to Stuart’s shops as well as a Publix, etc. about a half mile along US1.
    We stopped here to ride out some weather, with the plan of moving on to a marina in North Palm Beach for a Christmas break. Instead we’ll leave the boat here for the break, and are glad we found Sunset Bay Marina.”
    Rick Emerson

    I don’t think I can add to the nice things that have already been posted except to say they were nice enough to let us hang at the fuel dock to walk to Publix and to do laundry (laundry room has 5 washers and 6 dryers!) before we went to our mooring. I certainly would return to Sunset Bay in the future! The mooring field is nicely laid out. A first class operation!
    Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE)

    We are at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart. It is also very friendly, has a pumpout boat that visits with a phone call, and not rafting up on mooring balls! Get togethers three nites a week if you want and sparkling new, clean facilities. Lots of stuff available within walking distance.
    Great prices too. As of today it is almost full to capacity which is wonderful considering (from what we have heard) some fought adding docks and updating the buildings because its a bit off the ICW and they thought it would not attract enough cruisers. They were wrong!! This place is full and operating just fine at capacity.
    The only downside at this point is that this area should be a no wake zone! We got here late and are on one of the outside moorings and get quite a bit of wake from passing boats. Im not sure why it is not a no wake zone since its between two bridges and nears a marina with hundreds of boats. Would suggest picking up a ball closer in if you can.
    Sami and Barry Shreve

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  • Florida’s Definition of “Minimum Wake” and “No Wake”

    The note below is actually in response to a question on the Net’s “Ask Your Neighbor” page ( However, I though the contents important enough to post on all the Net’s Floridian pages.

    The Florida Wildlife website lists the following under boat speed limits:
    Any vessel operating in a speed zone posted as “Idle Speed – No Wake” must operate at the minimum speed that will maintain steerageway.
    Any vessel operating in a speed zone posted as “Slow Down – Minimum Wake” must operate fully off plane and completely settled in water. The vessel’s wake must not be excessive nor create a hazard to other vessels.
    However, the determination is up to the officer and there are many officers with differing opinions.
    Doug Kendrick

  • Praise for Lambs Yacht Center (Jacksonville – Ortega River, St. Johns River)

     Serving the North Florida area for over 50 years, we welcome you.  We are in the process of updating this site. If you need help with your question or additional information, feel free to email us atLambs Yacht Center is the most upstream of the facilities on the Ortega River. This stream makes into the St. Johns River a short hop upstream of downtown Jacksonville. Lambs is a long-time SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, and we can not recommend this yard and marina too highly.

    We had very good service at a reasonable price at Lamb’s in Jacksonville, FL. After the work was done on our 44 footer, they even let us stay a few days at no cost.
    John aboard “Semper Fi”

    We, too, have had work done at Lamb’s in 2007 and returned again this year for more work, recently completed to our satisfaction. This is very secure and pleasant marina and yard, within walking distance of one of the biggest used book stores we’ve ever seen, and also within walking distance of a pretty good shopping mall.
    We heartily recommend them.
    Peter and Jeanne aboard Watermelon

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  • Rockhouse Creek Anchorage (Statute Mile 842)

    Captain message below details an anchorage that I have never before research, and, thus, it is not included in the Net’s Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory ( If anyone could provide additional details for this haven, particularly a Lat/Lon postion and MLW depths recorded, that would be MOST helpful!

    Subject: Rockhouse Creek anchorage apprx st mile 842
    Cruising News: Lovely spot second time we\’ve spent a night there. Good holding and more than enough swing room for a 55\’ cruiser. There is a charted shoal at the south side of the mouth.

  • Cocoa Village Marina (Statute Mile 897)

    The accolades keep rolling in for Cocoa Village Marina. Clearly, this is a GOOD place for cruisers to coil their lines!

    Very nice marina with the swankiest Captain’s Lounge yet. We hit Cafe Margaux for lunch which was outstanding. It’s a pretty fancy spot and not inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. Guys…suggest you send the first mate to the “cutesy shops” while you spend an hour wandering through Travis Hardware. You gotta see this place.
    s/v MicMac

    On Board Take Five, 11/30/09. Just dropped by to inquire about rates. There are two areas: one is exposed to northerly winds, the other has a concrete bulkhead. The protected slips have recently been sold at auction. The marina staff will not be able to commit to any renting of slips until Dec 7, when the owners will announce their intentions to rent their slips or keep their own boats in them. Costs for rental of protected slips are based on length of slip, not boat, with 50 foot minimum. Costs of rental at exposed slips based on length of vessel. First impression of this marina is that it is excellent.
    HB Koerner

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Cocoa Village Marina

  • Old Port Cove Marina (North Palm Beach, St. M. 1014)

    Like Captain Stephanie (see below), I have always been impressed with Old Port Cove Marina. And, her comment about the good security for the whole complex is spot on, according to my own experience.

    Nov, 2009: Transient rate was $ 1.75/ft less 25% for Boat U.S. 50 amp electric was $ 20/day. Very nice, well-maintained marina with new floating docks — finger piers are long and wide, unlike some marinas where they are short and narrow. Inside a gated community and more difficult to pass through the gate than at the White House! VERY safe place to leave your boat and a very enjoyable place to stay. Monthly rate is pricey.
    Stephanie DiBelardino
    Nordhavn 47

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Easterb Florida Marina Directory Listing For Old Port Cove Marina

  • Harbortown Marina (Fort Pierce, Statute Mile 965)

    Nov, 2009: Convenient to Publix, West Marine and small restaurants. Marina definitely has maintenance problems, and it makes me wonder if the lack of maintenance isn’t part of a larger financial problem. Our boat was damaged because an improperly installed cleat gave way — and for 5 days we were back and forth with the management as to negotiations on payment for the repairs, the car rental expense to bring the damaged boarding door to be repaired, and the slip from the time of damage until the repaired door was returned. Not a pleasant stay and will NEVER return.
    Stephanie DiBelardino

  • Latest on Haulover Canal Speed Limit Enforcement (Statute Mile 869 to 870)

    In the spring of 2009, there was a HUGE discussion here on the Cruisers’ Net about a disrespectful law enforcement officer who kept a watch on the No-Wake provisions in Haulover Canal (about which there was MUCH earlier discussion here on the Net’s “Eastern Florida” section), He was giving out tickets, and abusively so, for vessels that were cruising as slowly as they possibley could. Not, below we hear from Captain Aquilla that something similar may be going on again!!

    It happened to me….squeezed under the Haulover Bridge and was repeatedly yelled at by bridge tender that I was going to fast in a “No Wake Zone” and could kill a Manatee. Facts: 700rpm, and 6.5kts; THIS IS NOT An “IDLE SPEED NO WAKE ZONE” BUT INSTEAD A “SLOW SPEED MINIMUM WAKE ZONE” That is the law. Even at the not required idle I do 4,5kts. These people are nuts! Give a small person a little authority and…!
    J B Aquilla

  • Oyster Creek Marina (now Rivers Edge Marina) – St. Augustine (St. M. 779)

    Well, Captain Paul’s note below is news to me. I always thought Oyster Creek was a strictly live-aboard marina, but apparently that has changed.
    This facility is located well upstream from the AICW/San Sebastian River intersection, on the mainland shores. Give them a try, and let us know what you find!

    Subject: Oyster Creek Marina, St. Augustine, FL
    Cruising News: Just West of downtown St. Augustine at Green marker 29 on the San Sebastian River is a nice little marina with floating docks, restaurant, clean showers and Boat US discount ($1.50/ft). West Marine, Sailor’s Exchange and Winn Dixie groceries all w/in 10-15 min. walk. Great live-aboard scene with weekly pot-luck/BBQ’s, much better spot than the marina’s directly on the ICW.

    We had the pleasure of staying at Oyster Creek Marina the evening of Oct 29, 2009. We entered at just about dead low and had no problem at all getting to the marina up the San Sebastian River. The location is as billed. Close to West Marine, Wynn Dixie and the Sailors’ Exchange. Also, its a reasonable walk to downtown St Augustine. The floating docks are in good condition and the shower room/heads/laundry facility is clean and brite! We’d stay here again.
    Ed Grygent

    We stayed in Oyster Creek Marina for the summer and had a great time. Paul the dockmaster was always helpful and ready to lend a hand and we feel he has become a friend. As we feel that way about many people we have met there. Pat who kept the washroom and laundry area spotless is a great gal. We found the location perfect for all suppling, just down the street from Winn Dixie about another 5 min walk is also Target and a little farther maybe 10 mins Home Depot. You can take a bus to Walmart as well. To walk downtown is an easy and enjoyable walk, lots to see in St Augustine. On the first Fri of the month they have an art walk on King St (wine for a smail tip) this will lead you downtown and St Geroge St is a must do. Don’t forget to check out San Sebastian Winey as well they have great music on the roof at nights and weekends. All in all we can’t say enough about St Augustine except don’t miss it. Say HI to Paul and the gang there for us if you stop there.
    Linda and Dave

    We are docked at Oyster Creek now. They did not answer on channel 16, so we called on the cell and they agreed to answer vhf 71. Go figure. The marina is VERY convenient. Winn Dixie, West Marina, Sailor’s Exchange, and propane refill a short walk. Downtown and historic district an easy one-mile walk on sidewalks. Avis in same shopping center with Winn Dixie and West. The slip we were assigned was to narrow for our Bristol 35.5, so they reassigned us just before we were committed to a too narrow fairway. They re-assigned us to a slip in another fairway, did not know which side the tie-up was on, and it only had about six inches of spare clearance for us between the out piling and the floating dock. Docking was an adventure as it took two tries and a turnaround in wind and current to hit the gap. All the T-dock ends were vacant when we arrived and remain so at this time 4 days later. That said, I would return. The facilities are clean and well maintained. Wi-fi requires a booster antenna from the docks, but is available at the office and the on-site restaurant. The Waterway Guide claims they have fuel, but that is an error.

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Oyster Creek Marina

  • Vero Beach Municipal Marina (Statute Mile 952)

    Vero Beach MarinaWell, no wonder Captain Howard had such a great experience at Vero Beach Municipal Marina. After all, they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    I visited Vero Beach a year ago and consider it a must stop. They have very inexpensive moorings and expect you to raft other boats. The city busses are free and you can get anywhere. Easy shopping. Excellant thrift stores near West Marine. The showers and laundry are excellant. A great stop to prepare for the Bahamas.
    Howard M.

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Vero Beach Municipal Marina

  • San Pablo/Atlantic Boulevard Bridge (Statute Mile 744.5)

    The span reported on below sits in the heart of the AICW’s passage through Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

    Try to hit this bridge at slack tide. Otherwise you will be facing a swift current (4+ kts) which will test your nerves and
    helmsmanship passing under the bridge.
    s/v MicMac

    First off, it’s the ebb current that’s the faster current, with speeds up to 4 kts. The flood is about a knot slower. Moreover, this issue exists only in the immediate vicinity of the Atlantic Boulevard bridge. Looking at the chart, the opening between the bits of land to the north of the bridge taper down, but open quickly to the south. We recently passed through the area with a 3 kt flood current and had little trouble under the bridge and only moderate turbulence south of the bridge. The St. Johns River crossing, by comparison, was harder, with strong cross current and turbulence.
    Rick Emerson

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Bridge Directory Listing For The San Pablo/Atlantic Boulevard Bridge

  • Florida “Potty Patrol” Out in Force In And South of Daytona Beach

    Make sure those thru-hulls are locked down, and be ready for the “potty patrol” as you cruise south from Daytona Beach. It is obvious from the many reports below that the Florida “Potty Patrol” is out in force!!!! Make sure those thru-hulls are locked down!!!!
    By the way, some of the messges below were contributed directly to the Cruisers’ Net, while others were copied from the T&T (Trawlers and Trawlering) mail list.

    We were greeted by the Volusia County Sheriff’s boat on our way south today (11/24/09). I told the officer in the boat’s bow that we have a Type I MSD, he said “A LectraSan?”, I said “yes, a Raritan LectraSan”, and that was it. The officer in the bow said “He’s got a LectraSan” to another officer in the boat, they hit the throttle, and were off after the boat in front of us. End of story.
    P.S. as I write this, anchored near G “39A” south of the Memorial bascule bridge, a “potty patrol” boat is in the anchorage near R “44″.
    Rick Emerson

    Yes, the “Potty Police” are out in force, but just doing the right thing. We were boarded today by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Dept. just South of Rockhouse Creek (a wonderful anchorage, by the way). Very polite. After we told them our macerator thru-hull was in our stern locker (and secured!) plus that I was a Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Examiner, they were satisfied. We asked them what % of the boats they boarded were in violation they said about 40% and most were sailboats. To our fellow sailors, please secure your Y valves or macerator thru-hulls and DON’T pump waste overboard. Dilution is not the solution to pollution!!!
    s/v MicMac

    Subject: potty police
    Cruising News: The potty patrol are up and running at the coranado lift bridge on either side. They got me last year and I was stopped again on the 10th/nov. I guess the message worked,because my heads were wired shut this time.

    I got stopped this morning on the Mosquito Lagoon by Florida Wildlife for inspection of my head. I have a LectraSan system and they were happy with that. All was polite and non-threatening etc, but, of course, being boarded, itself, is upsetting
    Tom Murphy
    s/v Monday Morning.

    Subject: Potty Police
    Cruising News: We were boarded by Florida DNR yesterday after just passing through the L.B. Knox bridge. They wanted to ensure that our Y-valve was locked to the holding tank position. We had put a small cable with a padlock around it when we entered Florida waters. They approved and proceeded to board all of the sailboats in front of us. They want the valve to be locked…and not just with a wire tie!
    S/V Moondance

    Looks like things are going to get even more strict. See

    Just a note …. most boaters are aware that their “Y” valve, if installed, must be wire tied or locked in the holding tank position. If you have a pump out (e.g.: macerator) the thru hull for this system must ALSO be wire tied or locked in the closed position. Being boarded with any valve allowing overboard discharge in the ICW or Atlantic waters inside a 3-7 mile limit (counties vary) will stand the chance of a ticket and a heavy fine. Most of us would not pump out or discharge overboard in these waters, but the county governments are short on cash and will issue summonses where ever they can.

    Saturday, working on the boat, in my slip at Halifax River Yacht Club, up walked two Fl Fish & Wildlife officers, in uniform, guns and all. (previous conversation at lunch, I had heard that they were patrolling the docks at Halifax Harbor, and had given out at least two $250 fines because the boat did not have a tie wrap to secure their valves)
    Asked if I had heads on board: Answer, “yes, two”
    Asked if I had lectrasan: Answer: “No”
    Asked if the valves were locked: Answer: “yes”
    Asked if they could come on board and look, Answer: “yes” (I don’t think “no” would have been accepted).
    One of the officers followed me to the aft cabin, I asked if he had a flashlight or should I get one, he answered that he had a light. I opened a locker, and showed him a Y valve with a padlock on it, he was satisfied. We went to the engine room, again, I showed him a second Y valve with a padlock, he was satisfied.
    He then asked to see FL registration, checked it and they left.
    After they left, I got to thinking about the “inspection”.
    They did not check to see in what position the Y valve was locked. They did not check to see what the Y valve was connected to (or if it wasconnected to anything, other than some pieces of hose).
    They did not check to see what thru hull was attached to the output of the Y valve and if that thru hull valve was open, closed, or locked. They did not check the output thru hull valve on the overboard discharge pump. Apparently, seeing two valves with a lock was good enough for them.

  • St. Augustine Anchorage, Dinghy Dockage And St. Augustine City Marina (Statute Mile 778.5)

    Welcome to Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor! Located in America’s oldest city- St. Augustine, Florida- Camachee Cove is a fully protected marina adjacent to the ICW, and less than a mile from the St. AugusWow, I had no idea that dinghy dockage at St. Augustine City Marina came so dear. This is a fine municipal facility, however. I’ve always been impressed with its amenities and management, and the entire historic district is within easy walking distance. However, the city marina can not boast of anything like the shelter from foul weather offered by Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor, just to the north (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR).
    Pay attention to Captain Jennifer’s maxim about setting two anchors, whether you drop the hook north or south of the Bridge of Lions. The currents here can be wicked!

    Overall, we much prefer the southern anchorage to the northern for room, some relief from swells from the inlet, and better access to the city marina. Note, however, that a shoal exists along a line from the R “12″ to the R “10A” and on to the R “10″, west of this line there is good depth for most boats (we draw 6′). Photos from the air show this bar clearly. We’ve seen two boats (one was a cat) try to run between the “10″ and “10A” at high tide and still take the bottom. The only way in or out is to pass north of R “10″.
    Scenery is in the eye of the beholder – we have no problem with the surroundings. As to derelict boats, they are an unhappy fact of life here. We count about 6 in a very large, and busy, anchorage. Could be worse…
    Rick Emerson

    Can’t get much closer to Old St. Augustine than this and we spent 3 nights here to take it all in. Had a minor engine repair which was quickly taken care of by First Mate Yacht Services who showed up on time with the right Yanmar parts. Great lunch at Bistro de Leon which happened to also be the release day for the 2009 Beaujolais Nouveau – tasty. If you need meat/produce/basic groceries, walk about 3/4 mile across the Bridge of Lions to Stewart’s (on the South side of highway). Recommend this marina on location, facilities, and staff.
    Pete & Mary Ann
    s/v MicMac

    We thoroughly enjoyed our time in St. Augustine. I think we’ll be going back. Dingy dock rates at the municipal marina up to $10/day. Rather expensive facility but very well run and clean. If we were going to spend a serious period of time there, I don’t think we could afford to use the dingy dock daily but it was worth it for a week. Used their facilities, laundry, lounge, etc. quite a bit.
    One thing we learned, you should always set N and S anchors in St Augustine. Soft silty bottom that my 22lb Delta sliced right through. My Danforth held well there. I initially set only one anchor and our anchor rode fouled on our keel during the tidal changes. VERY strong tidal currents there. Ended up with the rode getting cut through and would have lost our ground tackle if not for some liveaboards who dove on our anchor and retrieved it for us. Visited Sailor’s Exchange (used boat equipment store) for new rode. They are awesome! Once we set 2 anchors, we were fine for the rest of the time there.
    Jennifer Clendinen

    Subject: St. Augustine anchoring.
    Cruising News: The setting of two acnchors in St. Augustine is not only to improve on the holding it is also to reduce the amount of swing at tide change in this crowded achorage.
    Bahamian Anchoring allows the boat to pivot at the terminus of the two rodes thus reducing the swing from, let\\\’s say, 400 feet to less than 100 feet for a forty footer.
    Make sense?
    Dennis Nichols

    Subject: Grocery shopping
    We found a small grocery near the Lightner Museum – The Market at Granda, 6 Granada St – 904-823-9704. This is an easy walk from the marina area, near the St. George street area. Two thumbs up!
    Rick Emerson

    We’re currently lying, in the south anchorage, to a single 35 lb. CQR with 3/8″ 3B chain. Our boat, a Baba 35, draws 6′ and has a modified full keel. So far we’ve had little difficulty with our ground tackle after several tide and wind changes. We do ride somewhat oddly with wind against current, but this is no different than other anchorages, in SC, GA, and FL, where the same situation has occurred. While dinghying through the anchorage, most boats are riding to a single anchor, with few exceptions.
    Granted $10/day for a dinghy sticker is a little spendy, the facilities ashore are a plus, to say nothing of the city itself. Given there are no real alternatives to speak of, so it goes.
    Rick Emerson

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