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Archive For: EASTERN FLORIDA – All Cruising News

  • Good Words for Rivers Edge Marina, St. Augustine, AICW Statute Mile 779

    Rivers Edge Marina is located upstream from the AICW/San Sebastian River intersection, on the western side of the Waterway.

    We were just there earlier this month(October). Found everything close. Bathrooms, laundry room- clean and working. Loved the people here. Capt Eric and Annie were are neighbors and what a help they were. Hurricane Patti’s is right there and offer drink specials to the boats at the marina. This is a DEF for stopping again. Easy to get in and out and you were away from the wind.

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  • Praise for Daytona, FL and Halifax Harbor Marina, AICW Statute Mile 831

    Halifax Harbor Marina is on the western shores of the ICW/Halifax River, south of unlighted daybeacon #39A.

    All… good morning… Just a note to remind all that Daytona, Fl is a good transient (or winter) stop. The municipal marina is Halifax Harbor with full services, good power and in a month or so WiFi. It’s less than two blocks to downtown, within a 10 min walk of multiple restaurants providing a good choice, West Marine located in the marina, etc. A great farmers’ market on Sat morning. Of course there are other marinas available and there’s also an anchorage across the river by the bridge – if you know how to get into it.
    Don & Rebecca, aboard m/v Andante, moored Daytona Beach, Fl

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  • More Observations on St. Augustine Mooring Fields, AICW Statute Mile 778

    The new moorings fields in St. Augustine are immediately north and south of the Bridge of Lions in the heart of town. The south field, the larger of the two, is just south of the City Marina and closest to the dinghy dock and amenities. For rates and reservations, contact the City Marina at (904) 825-1026.

    Drove in a car through St. Augustine and across Bridge of Lions today returning home from Savannah along A1A (a beautiful drive from Amelia Island, BTW). We had to stop as the draw raised to allow a sailboat to pass, so we had a chance to glance at the new mooring fields. The southern mooring field had a high occupancy rate – in fact we couldn’t see any available mooring balls but it was quite some distance away. I was surprised to see that there was also a mooring field north of the bridge with at least five mooring balls (three with boats); there were quite a few other smaller white balls on the north side in several lines which were much smaller than those with the boats – not sure what they were – might have been markers for future mooring balls. There were several boats anchored further to the north in the bend as the river turns toward the inlet.
    Bob McLeran and Judy Young

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  • Good Experience at Palm Coast Marina (Statute Mile 802)

    We continue to hear laudatory reports about the good management at Palm Coast Marina. This facility is found on a small canal which indents the AICW’s western banks south of St. Augustine, and north of Daytona Beach.

    Great Place! Very friendly and helpful staff, they truly make you feel like they want you there. Shower and bathroom faculties adequate. Beautiful bike and walking path along ICW. We definitely would recommend and will return!
    Nancy Ojard

    When I was there on 10/28/10, they had a special deal, $20, but no water, no electric, and slips are little shallow for some (~4.5 at MLW).
    Captain Tom

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  • Praise for Palm Harbor Marina, AICW Statute Mile 1021.5

    Palm Harbor Marina is located on the west side of the Intracoastal just south of the Flagler Memorial Bridge in West Palm Beach, FL.

    We spent a week here each time we passed through in both directions. It is the best marina we have ever seen. The facilities are top notch and the service is outstanding. The location is great as there is a free trolley that runs through downtown and passes a Publix as well as the City Place. Their captains’ lounge is fantastic: pool table, at least 6 big screen TV’s and a free washer and dryer. Their summer rate was $1.25 per foot. Best deal on the ICW.
    Captain Ted Williams

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  • Huckins Yacht Corp Recommendation (Jacksonville, Fl. on the Ortega River)

    Hukins is one of several repair firms located on the Ortega River, just upstream on the St. Johns River from downtown Jacksonville, Another is Lambs Yacht Center, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    I am sitting here off the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, at Huckin’s Yacht Corp. Easy In, Easy out, three chairs, no waiting.
    You can stay aboard, do your own waxing. If you need provisions, all is close by, a shuttle van is available.
    Call Paul Rogers, the service mgr to schedule your boat, Tell Capt Joe sent you. Call 1 904 389-1125.
    Captain Joe

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  • Praise for the St. Johns River, Fl

    The St. Johns River departs the AICW in Jacksonville in northern Florida and deep water navigation ends with Lake Monroe in Sanford in central Florida. Its beautiful dark waters have long been a favorite waterway. Be sure to peruse Cruisers’ Net for the many recent postings regarding marinas and anchorages in the St. Johns.

    A lot of cruisers bypass the St. Johns River, but it is one of my favorite spots. The northern half to Palatka has springs , cheap dockage in downtown Jacksonville – free docks are the stadium Docks. Then Southern , from Palatka, has the wooden boat museum in Welaka, Silver Glen Springs for swimming and snorkeling and anchoring, and again many inexpensive marinas and fantastic anchorages. You defintely need to do some dinghy side trips up the creeks. It’s old undeveloped Florida at its best. There is so much more than I posted here. Don’t miss it.
    Capt. Sterling

  • Updates on North and South Anchorages in St. Augustine, Fl, AICW Statute Mile 778

    Captain Bliss is a member of the Port Authority and is requesting your input regarding anchoring north and south of the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine.

    City moorings now cover most of the S anchorage. $20/night. Anchoring can take place further S of the mooring, but that’s pretty far from the city dock…. I’d like to know cruisers’ experiences here in St Augustine. I’m on the Port authority board (NOT part of City moorings) and we’d like to be informed, thank you.

    City has a mooring installation contract here in the N anchorage, operating slowly along the seawall and just off the Castillo San Marco. Call City Marina 904 825 1026 for updates or mooring availability. You’ll see boats anchored outside the perimeters, which should be fine. Email me with grins or grimaces, thanks.

    Salt Run is in the process of having City moorings installed. Limitied anchoring might be available around the boat ramp at the base of the Lighthouse. Dredging is being conducted in the channel until early December. Best to call Cdr Fox, SAPD, 904 825 1073 if you want to disembark. City Marina is 904-825 1026. Email me with your gins or grimaces.
    Capt Jay Bliss

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  • Praise for Rivers Edge Marina, formerly Oyster Creek Marina (St. Augustine, Statute Mile 779)

    Rivers Edge Marina is located on the San Sebastian River. This stream leaves the northwestern banks of the AICW, southwest of marker #12.

    We are docked here at the Rivers Edge Marina for the 2010 hurricane season and we really love it here,, great boaters and staff.. super clean marina and the city is the best!!! by far!!! This is our third time staying here now,, (even back when it was called Oyster Creek Marina), and we will be back in the spring of 2011. Check out their new web site
    Cheers, Annie & Capt. Eric

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  • Photo of New St. Augustine Mooring Field (Statute Mile 778)

    On 9/16/10, we posted a combined notice from Captain Pete Peterson aboard s/y “Brilliant” and Captain Sterling informing the cruising community that a new, 30-ball mooring field, managed by the nearby City Marina, had just begun operation in St. Augustine, south of the Bridge of Lions. (see Now, Captain Sterling has sent along a very nice photo the the new mooring field (see below).

    Hey Claiborne!
    Delivering my boat to it’s new owners in Jacksonville Beach. New to me boat is under contract in Punta Gorda.
    I am attaching a picture of the mooring field ad ST. Augustine. It is open for biz and the southern sections is completed.
    See you on the Waterways!
    Capt. Sterling

    I think this mooring field is an excellent addition to the city. I would caution, however, be very careful loading and unloading, as the currents are strong here. Slip overboard and you’re gone!
    Captain Sterling

    Any information on the length of a boat at the mooring in St. Augustine. Thanks for the photo and latest info.
    Captain Maryann

    It would seem that the U.S. Supreme Court would disagree with St. Augustine’s opinion.
    In U.S. Supreme Court, Lewis Blue Point Oyster Cultivation Co. v. Briggs, 229 US 82 the court states: “If the public right of navigation is the dominant right, and if, as must be the case, the title of the owner of the bed of navigable waters hold subject absolutely to the public right of navigation, this dominant right must include the right to the use of the bed of water for every purpose which is in aid of navigation.”
    Federal District Court in Anderson v. Reames 161 S.W.2d 957, 961 states: “….’rights of navigation’ include the right to anchorage, which may be exercised for either business purposes or pleasure.”
    It is well established that the public right of navigation is the dominant right on the waters of the U.S.
    Robert Driscoll

    While I am not a fan of forced mooring nor the banning of anchoring, let’s face it – derelict boats and selfish boaters have been pushing municipalities to their limits for decades. Most laws banning extended anchoring have been shot down in court but it takes years and lots of money to fight them so cities have gotten away with these laws sufficient to break even against those who would drop an anchor or two and just stay in one place forever. Perhaps that right exists, but I’ve seen many boats that became the responsibility of the local taxpayers, sunk, or refused to obey sanitary laws. Personally, I’ll probably skip St. Augustine in the future at the rates they are charging for these moorings, but I can’t entirely blame them for their actions.
    Peter TenHaagen

    All cruisers, however, are not as enthusiastic about the new mooring field.

    The city is now telling people that once the mooring field is in, they will be banning all anchoring between the Vilano and 312 Bridges. They say they can do this because they own the land under the water on a grant from the King of Spain. This continues the cities movement to get rid of boaters. They have precluded anyone who resides on their boat from getting the reduced rates for the mooring field. Residency requires a utility bill even if they have lived here for more than 10 years and own a business.

    I anchored there several years ago and found the current daunting. I can’t see how they can require one to take a mooring. It is an open body of water. How is it enforced?
    Jim Owens

    While I would personally agree that derelict boats and extremely long term anchorage might be a problem I am certainly against the entire boating public paying the price for the misconduct of a few. The city could just as well set and enforce responsible time limits (even though that too is probably illegal), but the whole class should not be punished for the misconduct of the few!
    Robert Driscoll

    A grant from the King of Spain? Which King? How preposterous. They have to make this claim of course because they have no other legal basis for the anchoring ban. And of course whichever King they are citing has been dead a few hundred years. So getting his views will be tough. St Augustine marinas are generally overpriced. No surprise then the mooring balls are following suit. And while I am at it… I don’t buy the argument that these communities have to do this in “self defense.”. Self defense from what? Drive the hoods of St Augustine or any other coastal city. You will see run down homes, unkempt lawns, non running cars in driveways blah blah blah. Even in the multi million dollars spots there are homes that look like crap. There are of course ordinances that can address some if this. But if people want to live like slobs it is (still) a Fred country. These communities pick on the boating community because we are an easy target.
    Eric Vahlbusch

    We have anchored about a dozen times in St. Augustine. The tides and current (and bottom) there can be treacherous, and we are pleased to see the installation of a mooring field. The nightly fee of $20 is a little bit stiff, but since they have charged $10 for a dinghy landing for a number of years, it doesn’t seem too bad. If they keep the field clean and open, it is welcome to us.
    One Eyed Parrots

    Has anyone addressed a size limit in the new mooring field?
    Ed Potter

    re: anchoring in St augustine… see which summarizes the fl laws… i’d think any spanish grant was passed to the state when fl became state. therefore, all fl laws re waterways apply.
    Captain Guy
    Deliveries & Instruction-Power & Sail
    New Smyrna Beach FL USA

    Wasn’t the king of Spain granted his rights by GOD!!
    Capt. Tom aboard M/V Pleiades

  • Accolades for Fort Pierce City Marina (Statute Mile 966.5)

     Fort Pierce City Marina 1 Avenue A, Ft. Pierce, FL 34950 Toll Free (800) 619-1780 (772) 464-1245 Facsimile (772) 464-2589You will seldom (if ever) find a better run municipal watercraft facility than Fort Pierce City Marina. Dockmaster Dean and his staff do everything that can be done to make cruisers welcome, and encourage them to linger for awhile. And, of course, they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Ft. Pierce City Marina – Ft. Pierce, FL, ICW 966. This is our southern destination. We stay here for at least 2 months each winter. It is just off of the Indian River, very accessible, and has an excellent inlet to the Atlantic Ocean. The “old town” city center of activity is at the marina! There is a weekly farmer’s market, parades, monthly old car rallies, motorcycle rallies, great restaurants, shopping, and all other necessary services. This marina is really well managed, with an excellent staff, and is a terrific stop for ocean/ICW travelers.
    Sabra Morgan

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  • Melbourne Harbor Marina (Statute Mile 919)

    Melbourne Harbor Marina guards the Waterway’s western flank, abeam of marker #6, south of the Melbourne twin, high-rise bridges.

    Melbourne Harbor Marina – Melbourne, FL, ICW mm 919. We love this stop every year, and we usually end up spending a week! The marina is very nice, set off the Indian River and the ICW in a protected natural creek/harbor, within walking distance of downtown, and with a couple of really great restaurants on location. Most special of all for us is the wildlife – it is a super highway for manatee families who are coming and going in their search for food. We enjoy sitting in the morning with our coffee watching them head out toward the Indian River. And, in the evening, we sit on deck with our wine and watch them come back into the harbor and head home for the night. This is very special, and the bird movements are equally exceptional. The marina services are good, the staff is excellent, and the location is very, very pleasant!
    Sabra Morgan

    Ducked in to Melbourne Harbor Marina for 2 days to wait out some nasty weather this week. It was extremely well-protected from the N and NE winds. It was a very nice marina. Dockmaster very helpful. Ichabods Dockside Grille was a great dinner spot; dinner was great, but the key lime pie was exceptional!! Made on site. Service was terrific too.
    (Thanks Kim). Fun to be here for Halloween.
    Eve-Marie and Crew of S/V Flash

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  • Don’t Miss New Smyrna City Marina (Statute Mile 846)

    New Smyrna Beach Marina, 201 N. Riverside Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168, 386-409-2042

    Like Captain Morgan, we have always liked New Smyrna City Marina. There is a pleasant backwater, time has somehow forgotten this place, atmosphere about the entire operation. This is the kind of place to kick back from your Waterway travels for awhile, and watch the world flow by. And, let’s not forget, this facility is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    New Smyrna Beach City Marina – New Smyrna Beach, FL, ICW mm 846. This marina is a perfect distance from St. Augustine City Marina for a “next stop”, and we have stopped there for several years, and really like it. They have a very nice attitude towards transients, and the downtown area is within walking distance. There are adequate restaurants and shopping, and the marina personnel are very helpful.
    Sabra Morgan

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  • Praise for St. Augustine City Marina (Statute Mile 778)

    St. Augustine City Marina is a fine municipal facility, and it is located within easy walking distance of the city historic and business district.

    St. Augustine, FL, ICW mm 778. This is a MUST STOP for us on our way south!!! The staff is very skilled, the marina offers excellent services, and the proximity to downtown is unmatched! We love this marina and the town, and highly recommend it to all who are heading south. They have an inlet that provides superb access to the Atlantic Ocean, or you can stay on the ICW on your southbound journey. Either way, this stop is well worth the effort!
    Sabra Morgan

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  • Good Words About Fernandina Harbor Marina (Statute Mile 716.5)

    Yes indeed, the current incarnation of Fernandina Harbor Marina is a fine facility, and the adjacent downtown business district is charming, with a wealth of good restaurants!

    Fernandina Harbor Marina – Fernandina Beach, FL, ICW mm 717. This is a must stop for us each year. The city has so much history, with restaurants and shopping right at your fingertips. There is an exceptional wine store (Intercoastal Wine) with a wine tasting bar, on 2nd street. They are always glad to see mariners and often have specials that you will surely like. The marina is full service, with a very knowledgeable staff. They will work with you to meet your needs for a stay of one night or several days.
    Sabra Morgan

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  • More Good Words for Boathouse Marina (St. Johns River, Palatka, Fl.)

    Boathouse Marina is conveniently located on the edge of the South Palatka Historic District [St. Johns River] and within walking distance of numerous restaurants.

    We stayed there this year for the Wolfson Children’s Bass Tournament. What great people and facilities were very nice!
    Max and Jimmie M/V “My Harley”

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  • More on Ft. Lauderdale’s Sun Trolley

    The days of operation and fares of the Fort Lauderdale Sun Trolley do appear to vary with each route and some routes are free. It can understandably be a bit confusing, but for more details (or more confusion!?!), go to their website

    Sun Trolley is 50 cents on both the A1A and Las Olas routes every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Passengers are a mix of residents and visitors to Fort Lauderdale Beach. The agency plans to expand the A1A route from Harbor Shops to the Galleria Mall on Sunrise Blvd. by October 1, 2010. Sun Trolley is the community bus service for the City of Fort Lauderdale and is managed by the Downtown Fort Lauderdale TMA, a nonprofit agency incorporated in 1992.

    Click Here To An Earlier Article on the Sun Trolley

  • Adventure Yacht Harbor (south of Daytona Beach, Statute Mile 837)

    Adventure Yacht Harbor features a well protected dockage basin, and adjacent shoreside dining. This facility is certainly worth a look!

    I am currently at the “Adventure Yacht Harbor”, Port Orange FL. It is just south of the Dunlawton bridge. Small marina, but clean, helpful and friendly. Boondocks resturant is also located here. The harbormaster is Jim Boren. His number 386-756-2180. Rate for my 40′, and less than 6 months, is $10. Power for 30 amp $45, 50 amp $80. Also it is off the ICW in a nice little protected harbor. Johnny, Mojito Bandito.

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Adventure Yacht Harbor

  • A Positive Perspective of the Ortega Yacht Club Marina in Jacksonville, Fl off the AICW

    Located on the Ortega River just above the Roosevelt Blvd. Bridge and just below the intersection of the Ortega and St. Johns Rivers, Ortega Yacht Club Marina is especially convenient to the Riverside section of Jacksonville.

    We have always had a good experience here. This is a private yacht club and they have recently offered transient slips.
    Rules do include how clubhouse and pool area can be used depending on the package you chose when you check in.
    Facilities are first class, docks are great and a very nice shower area is available. Stores, restaurant are close by.
    I understand members wanting the clubhouse and pool area for friends and family on holiday weekends. These members pay big bucks to have this privilege! Really sorry to hear anyone had a bad experience here because we have recommended it often to fellow boaters on the ICW.
    Rex & Jimmie aboard M/V “My Harley”

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  • More on Anchoring in No Name Harbor (Key Biscayne, St. M. 1096)

    Located at the southern end of Key Biscayne, No Name Harbor is considered by some to be an excellent hurricane hole.

    As of July 29, 2010 there is a fee to anchor in No Name Harbor. Two dollars for a day use and $20.00 per night. This is on the honor system.
    Captain Cheryl Martin aboard Fair Winds

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