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Update on Lake Sylvia, AICW Statute Mile 1064.5, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 05-12-2013

Lake Sylvia - Click for Chartview

While the charted depths in the body of Lake Sylvia look adequate, the depths at the northern entrance from the Waterway are questionable. If you know these waters, let Brian hear from you.
Lake Sylvia lies to the south, southeast of marker #13, itself just south of huge Bahia Mar Marina.

We draw 5’6″ how deep is Lake Sylvia?

To enter here for the first time, come from the marina direction paralleling their face dock. Enter Lake Sylvia’s channel staying well to the East ~10 feet off the pilings.
Where the curving bulkhead to the west straightens, there is an underwater obstruction that crosses the entire channel and offers 5ft+/- at low tide. We believe this may be construction debris, and we go very slowly here if we are at less than half tide.
Once inside it deepens, but it is deeper to the east. The bottom is good. However, currents move through here in strange ways. All the canals connect to to the river and ocean. Ebbs and floods do not come from consistent directions. The higher the tide range the more the currents come from the southern canals. As a consequence boats do not swing sequentially on a tide change. Boat with nylon rodes seem to be more affected than those with all chain.
Chris & Janet

Lake Sylvia in Ft Lauderdale no longer posts anchorage limits – show an anchor light and they are friendly. Closest safe place to stick your dinghy is Las Olas Marina but they charge $22 a day (9-5 only) and their moorings which include dinghy access are $35. Only 9 moorings though, so in season don’t count on an empty ball. You can also go
about 20 minutes (all slow speed strictly enforced) to the Southport Raw Bar where they do charge $10 a day for the dinghy, but you can use that $$ the same day for food and drink purchases so that’s pretty fair.
Peter TenHaagen, Transition

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Jacksonville Municipal Marina, St. Johns River

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 05-10-2013

When we last visited with the Jacksonville Municipal Marina in 2012, we found this facility virtually locked down behind multiple gates and fences, and the wet slips were all but empty. There was nothing except the football stadium anywhere close by, and it would be a healthy taxi ride back into town, as this facility is located well downstream of the principal Jacksonville waterfront.
The question and answer below are copied from the Great Loop mailing list.

Has anyone stayed at the Jacksonville municipal recently ? How does it compare to others ? We will be in a 56 Motor yacht.
Olivia and Bob

We stayed at the Municipal Marina last April on Palm Sunday. There was power and water but you are a long way from anything except the stadium. We prefer the Jacksonville Landing right on the waterfront downtown, however there is no power there but so much more to do.
Marty and Jerry
onboard M/V Monarch

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Shoaling in St. Lucie River, Okeechobee Waterway, Statute Mile 1, Stuart, FL

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 05-08-2013

St. Lucie Shoaling - Click for Chartview

This shoaling is in a section known as Hell Gate just west of Sewall Point at the mouth of the St. Lucie River and near the easternmost section of the Okeechobee Waterway. The coordinates given in the Notice put the temporary buoy 17A in the middle of Sewall Point, but we have to assume it is near the charted green marker #17. Since the shoaling (charted) is encroaching from the west, favoring the green side of the channel is your best bet.

The Coast Guard has established St Lucie River Temp Buoy 17A in position 27-11-02.516N/080-11 49.228W. The Buoy marks a shoal that is encroaching the St Lucie River from the west. Mariners are urged to use caution while transiting the area.
Chart 11428

That shoal has been encroaching VERY slowly for many years. It is high time NOAA revised the double dashed channel line; they should have ten years ago!
W.E. “Ted” Guy, Jr.

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Fuel Delivery Ban in Manatee County, Bradenton, FL

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 05-06-2013

This posting was prompted by a recent recommendation for a fuel delivery service in the Fort Myers area:  http://cruisersnet.net/?p=113209. Manatee County is the Bradenton area south of Tampa. Cruisers’ Net would like to hear the opinions of our readers on the issue of truck-to-boat fuel delivery.
Please use the “Comment” function below, or follow the “Click Here to Submit Cruising News” link found on the upper right of this, and all (except Chart View) SSECN pages.

Cruising News:
Our Homeowners Association in Manatee County has banned the delivery of fuel to vessels in our community. I am trying to find out if this ban is legal. I am aware of three locations where such bans were overturned or rescinded. Dania, North Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. The delivery service we were using is fully insured and has been in business for many years.
Les Martin

Inlet Marina (Statute Mile 775.5)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-27-2013

On 4/26/13, in a supplementary question to our Wish List of 4/22/13, we posed the following question:

Statute Mile 775.5 – Who has taken on fuel at Inlet Marina, flanking the AICW’s eastern banks, just south of the Vilano Beach Bridge? Did you try out the new restaurant which has opened here? How was the food? Did anybody provision while docked here, by walking to the newly opened, nearby Publix supermarket?

Responses follow:

Jay is absolutely the nicest guy we have met in a long time. We stopped there on the way south and got inexpensive fuel. Also, received our complimentary six pack. Stopped again on the way up north. Very good fuel prices. It was a rainy, cold, windy night and we finished fueling around 3:30. I asked jay if we might stay on the gas dock instead of moving to an anchorage nearby. He agreed and we stayed.
Have not tried the restaurant. Susan borrowed Jay’s truck and shopped at Publix. I walked down there later. It’s close by and a fully stocked market. The beach is another block or so.
I would recommend checking with Jay on fuel prices and stopping at Inlet Marine.
Tom Law

Visited this marina while northbound in April, 2012. Tied up at face dock/fuel dock and took on diesel for our S/V Carolina. Did not pump very much, but the operator was happy to accommodate us anyway. While taking on the fuel, my wife walked the short walk to the Publix grocery for bread, milk, some salmon and ground turkey, and some salad fixings. She was very enthusiastic about the trip and what the village is doing to encourage visitors.
While able to take our 38 footer alongside, if we had made an overnight stay we would have seriously cut into the fuel sales, as we could not have gone inside the face dock to a “transient” slip due to draft and length.
Steve Kamp
S/V Carolina

We took on 200 gallons of diesel on April 13, on the north to the MTOA Rendezvous in Fernandina Beach. We’d never been at Inlet before, but their price looked good. Their 20 cent discount for mentioning Cruisernet or MTOA and another nickel for 200 gallons or more made it even better. Easy in, easy out, plenty of water at the fuel dock, and they have us a 6 pack of beer as a thank you. We didn’t stop at the restaurant, but on a Saturday afternoon, it was filled with people. We’ll be back.
Barbara Kipnis

We just stopped at Inlet Marina this morning (5/9/2013). They do not open until 7:30 AM. This was only a minor problem because we had left St. Augustine on the early Bridge of Lions 7:00 AM opening to work the tidal flow heading North.
The owner was very nice and very helpful. He even loaned his pickup to my wife to run up to the Publix which certainly got us on our way quicker (no grocery store within walking distance to the St. Augustine mooring field). Very nice gesture! So, we’ve definitely recommend this place. Easy in and out.
The restaurant is not open for breakfast, so no report on that.
Glen Vetter
s/v Freestyle

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Inlet Marina has the cheapest fuel prices in St. Augustine Florida

Another Report of Shoaling South of Fernandina Beach, AICW Statute Miles 717 – 720

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 04-26-2013

Amelia River - Click for Chartview

The stretch of the Amelia River area north of Kingsley Creek and Kingsley Creek Railway Bridge, aka Shave Bridge, which crosses the Waterway at Statute Mile 721, has had numerous reports of shoaling in the past. Cruisers’ Net has had a Navigation Alert here for some time. See link below.
Keep to green side of ICW north of Shave Bridge all the way up to the curve that takes you to the Rayonier Paper mill, just south of Fernandina. Shoaling to the west.
Joe Blanchard

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Cement Plant Anchorage (Statute Mile 809.5)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-26-2013

On 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

Statute Mile 809.5 – Has anyone tried anchoring in the so-called, “Concrete Plant Anchorage,” on the westward running stream, north of marker #13? For awhile, the concrete plant was closed, and this was a good anchorage. Then, there was word the plant was operating again, and barge traffic precluded dropping the hook here. Anyone have recent, personal experience with anchoring here?

Responses follow:

Yes, we anchored there back in January 2013. All was well. Boat plant was active. No barges that we saw, just an old sail boat. Was still a nice anchorage!!!
Raymond W. Smith
“Fire Dog”

I anchored at the old cement plant in February and the only activity I saw was at the Sea Ray plant – and I had read somewhere that facility had folded. It hadn’t as of early February. There is room for a few boats at the end of the
canal just at and past Sea Ray. Total protection, but no land access save a possible place to walk a dog, cat or parrot on the north side of the anchorage.

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Marina at Hammock Beach (Statute Mile 802)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-25-2013

Hammock Beach Resort & MarinaOn 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

Statute Mile 802 – anyone spend a night or two at the Marina at Hammock Beach, on the Waterway’s eastern shore, opposite Palm Coast? What did you experience here? Is this a really first-class facility?

Responses follow:

Yes, it is a first class facility, from the marina to the hotel and amenities. The marina, however, isn’t in walking distance to the hotel and its many amenities. When we were there two years ago, we had to rely on hotel transportation to and from the marina. They had no fuel on site, but were close to other facilities with fuel.
Mike and Judi Wisniewski

If you want luxury this is it. The marina guests have full access to all the luxury resort facilities, which are located on the beach about 1.5 miles away. We just finished our 4 day stay and enjoyed the whole facility – yes they took us to the main area in a Lincoln Towncar ( at no cost).
Showers are natural stone and granite abounds. Don’t bring a towel, there are piles of towels there, as well as shampoo, soap and all the fixings,(it’s a luxury hotel).
There is a pool at the Marina, and many others at the main resort which also has a water slide (Don’t need towels there either as they have them). The lounge is a common owners lobby and is as good as any luxury hotel I have seen.
No it is not near shops and there is no gas (it’s nearby) but if you want to get a massage at a 5 star resort spa at a low cost and have a boat, this place is for you. It is relaxed and just fine for a few days R&R, so enjoy.
William Lawrenson

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Fort George River Anchorage (Statute Mile 735)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-25-2013

On 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

Statute Mile 735 – Anyone anchor on Fort George River north of marker #73 this spring? What depths did you discover when entering? Did you anchor in sight of Kingsley Plantation? Did you dinghy ashore and take the tour? If so, what were your impressions?

Responses follow:

Stayed here 4 16 13, easy in and out, good depths, not great wind protection , but we held fine.
Greg and Donna
on Lady in Red

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San Sebastian River Marinas (St. Augustine) – near St. M. 780

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-24-2013

On 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

Statute Mile 780 – Has anyone visited the marinas on St. Augustine’s San Sebastian River, particularly River’s Edge Marina and/or Hidden Harbor? If so, please give us your impressions and observations.

Responses follow:

Stayed there [River's Edge Marina] and it was neat, albiet not a modern place. Eat at Paddys is neat. If you ask, you may get a nice discount. Sailors Exchange is an easy walk, and downtown is not that far either. We prefer it here to downtown. River has some current and turning around in a large boat may be a little difficult (65′+). Not many wakes here, especially versus downtown marina.
John Winter

We much prefer going to Rivers Edge Marina on the San Sabastian River. It’s better protected and less costly than the city marina. It’s closer to the really good restaurants in St. Augustine. We really like The Back 40 Urban Cafe a couple of blocks from the marina. The other good restaurant is Kings Street Bistro. The chef there was chef on Air Force 1 for two presidents. We have not been there because it’s only open Fri., Sat. and Sunday.
Martin Basch
Molly Blossom

We stayed here [River's Edge Marina] last month. What drew us initially was the opportunity to guy diesel from the truck that the Dockmaster would order for you if you give them prior notice. The fuel price was significantly less than any other marina we had encountered on the east coast of Florida. The truck showed up on time and by us docking at the marina’s fuel dock, it was easy to fuel up. We then moved to a T-head for the night. The docks have seen better days, but are fine. The marina has loaner bikes with large baskets so we could ride to the nearby
grocery store, and the propane tank refill store. All that was very convenient.
Finally the on site restaurant was filled with locals. The seafood was good and very reasonably priced. They give Happy Hour prices to boaters from Rivers Edge at any time that you eat at their restaurant. We like fancy marinas just as much as most boaters, but this is “Old Florida” and we enjoyed the atmosphere. We were very satisfied with our stay.
Marc and Shelley Colby
M/V Rock Chalk
Endeavour 44 Trawlercat

I stayed at Rivers Edge Marina on April 15, 2013. The marina is older with floating docks and a number of liveaboards. There is a great little bar called Hurricane Patty’s with daily specials for marina guests. They have complimentary
bikes and west marine is only a short bike ride as well as grocery store. But the best reason to stop here is the fuel prices. The local diesel distributor will bring a truck to the dock and sell you clean, fresh diesel. I paid $3.75
per gallon including all taxes.
Randy Hondros
Atlantic Beach, NC
32 Grand Banks #855

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Sisters Creek/AICW Shoaling (Statute Mile 735)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-24-2013

On 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

Statute Mile 735 – Shallow depths have been reported on the Sisters Creek portion of the AICW, north of the Waterway’s intersection with the St. Johns River, and hard by marker #73. Anyone note shoal waer along this stretch?

Responses follow:

We saw no significant shoaling when we came thru recently
John Winter

I draw 4.5 feet. No problems that I noticed early 2013.
Raymond W. Smith
“Fire Dog”

WE just came thru Sisters Creek at mid tide and had no problems with water depths. Not certain what the depths were but they had to be better then 8 feet or we would have noted a MLW depth.
John Holmes

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Reported Shoaling on Sisters Creek Near Marker #73

Amelia Island Yacht Basin (Statute Mile 720.5)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-24-2013

Amelia Island Yacht Basin - Marina and Boat Yard - Amelia Island FloridaOn 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

Statute Mile 720.5 – Anyone spend a night or two at Amelia Island Yacht Basin, just north of the Kingsley Creek Bridges? What entrance depths did you discover? What were your overall impressions of this marina?

Responses follow:

It is shallow going in and if you draw over 5′, then check it out. We loved the place, first time we stayed there ever. Owner is on top of things. If you go to fuel dock in a larger boat (say 45′+) and there is another boat tied up to the face dock as you enter, and the wind is blowing, be aware that turning around can be difficult. Fortunately there is no current. Price is a little high, but this place is first class.
John Winter

We visited the Amelia Island Yacht Basin in the spring of 2010. The entrance depths were 3.5 to 4.0 ft at MLW. The marina was nothing to write home about, but adequate with nice people. Amelia Island was fun exploring via auto.
Terry Bieker

Stayed there in November. First class! Jeff and his crew were professional and helpful and the marina was clean and neat. Good restaurant on site, clean laundry and fuel. I had five feet at low tide in the entry channel.
Jeff Moore

Amelia Island Yacht Basin, there is a sill at the entrance that at low tide is less than two feet. The entrance channel is no deeper than 5.5 at mean high water. The marina has a ship’s store that is stocked by West Marine and their diesel fuel has an anti foaming agent that facilitates fueling. Management is friendly but water depth is the main problem. There is a small grill on the property but anything more is at least ½ mile away.
Joe Blanchard

Spent 1 night 2 years ago – friendly, helpful staff. Nice docks. Walking distance to great crab place. Entrance channel was very shallow, but we were there at an exceptionally low tide.
John Wild

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Good Words for Adventure Yacht Harbor, AICW Statute Mile 837

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 04-24-2013

Adventure Yacht Harbor - Click for Chartview

Adventure Yacht Harbor is accessed to the east from the Waterway through a narrow channel marked with private markers beginning midway between ICW markers #58 and #60 south of Port Orange.


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Palm Cove Marina (Statute Mile 747)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-24-2013

On 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

Statute Mile 747 – anyone spent a night or two at Palm Cove Marina, west of the AICW and north of marker #32? What were your impressions of and experiences at this facility?

Responses follow:

The entry channel into Palm Cove Marina is well marked but narrow and shallow — less than 5′ at low tide. The facilities are top-notch, however, and docking is a breeze. Do not miss eating at Marker 32 — expensive and worth every penny.
Captain Mary

In response to your request for NE Fl/GA wish list here is Palm Cove Marina:
We took a slip at Palm Cove on March 21 on our way north from Marathon on our 37′ sailing vessel. The entry from the waterway is well marked, we saw depths of 7′ or more at mid-tide and we had help for an easy tie on a face dock along with one other cruiser just back from the Bahamas. This is a large marina with many empty slips when were there. It was a pleasant evening, but I would expect it to be well protected back here in a blow. We did not use the shower or onshore head, so no comment. Within easy walking distance of the marina is a large Publix, several banks and drug stores and a Starbucks.
We had dinner at the Marker 32 restaurant which was only 50 yards from our boat. This is a moderately upscale place with many good seafood choices which we favor, but other good choices as well. Overall we rated the service and food as very good. The place was quite busy on a week night with many locals.
Harry Burns
S/V Two for the Roads

It has every thing you need in a Marina plus an excellent food shopping area. The only problem is their entrance channel. Best to enter & exit at mid to high tide. I have a 4.5 foot draft.
Raymond W. Smith
“Fire Dog”

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St. Augustine Mooring Fields (Statute Mile 778)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-23-2013

On 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

Statute Mile 778 – Has anyone made use of the St. Augustine mooring field this spring, either north or south of the Bridge of Lions? Did you have a good/bad experience in this field? Where did you dinghy ashore, and in what condition did you find the dinghy dock?

Responses follow:

In regards Statute Mile 778 – this mooring field is managed by the St Augustine Municipal Marina
and although large, can get booked up during heavy times of cruisers heading north/south. It’s good to book early if possible. Very clean facilities, including showers, laundry, lounge. The dinghy dock is floating concrete and in excellent shape. Their facilities are right down town, great location. My only caution is that bikes that have been locked to their bike rack tend to disappear in the dark of the night. I believe they are working to address this issue with better lighting and cameras.
Best regards,
Michelle Bennett
s/v A La Mer

We are moored at St. Augustine right now, South of the bridge. The staff seems very nice. There is construction going on with the addition of considerably more floating concrete docks. This construction has not been an issue, just a bunch of construction guy working away. There are a couple close-in slips reserved for dinghies, which is great. One slip is labeled “hard dinghies”, but a couple hard dinghies dock in the other slip with no enforcement (didn’t see a “soft dinghies” sign, so ???). Keep in mind you need to be on a mooring ($20/day) to use these docks. Very nice on-shore facilities, even propane exchange.
Our only complaint: why didn’t someone in the Florida bureaucracy realize the stretch of river adjacent and through the mooring fields should be NO WAKE!
Glen Vetter

This was a very satisfying experience.
We anchored north of the bridge for an early AM departure. The price is very reasonable and they offered launch service on a two hour schedule so it was not necessary to put the dingy down. We did not take advantage of this service so the cost, if any, is unknown.
This is the third time we have used the field and will be back.
Jim & Marge Fuller
Summer Skis

Yes, we were told to pick up a mooring in the Salt Run #5, I think. Anyway, we told them we were a 6 ft draft and there was no way we could get even close to it. Probably no more than a few feet there We realized it just before we would have gone a ground. The moorings by the marina are very nice, $20 a night with all rights to the marina. You are right down town with all the activities and restaurants. The next time we went we anchored by the fort. it was great, no problem and saved the money.
Harry & Melinda Schell
S/V Sea Schell

In answer to your question, I stayed at the mooring field north of the bridge this past February. We arrived in the cold and the rain to pick up a mooring ball. The marina staff was great. We were tired and really did not want to launch the dinghy and they came to my boat to collect the very reasonable over night fee.
St Augustine is one of my favorite places.
Bill D

The moorings are well maintained, and the fee ($15 or $20) includes full shower facilities, dinghy dockage (plenty of good space, water spigots, trash/recycling disposal). Totally safe.
Peter TenHaagen

We spent a week on a ball on the south side mooring field. It was very windy and the field was quite choppy. We had to use the marina launch instead of our dink when blowing and the launch has very limited hours. The floating dink dock seemed fine. Publix & west marine are over a mile away. Downtown st augustine is excellent, lots to see and do.
Capt Ed

We stayed for two nights in the North field the end of March. Very nice and easy to find moorings. They keep the lines up and out of the water so they are clean and free of growth. The marina will send their boat out to you to collect the fee and/or take you to/from their docks. We did not drop the dinghy so I can’t give a review on the dinghy dock. A pump-up boat is also available on demand and is included in the fee. All in all a really positive experience, well done.
mv Fortuitous

Mooring Field South of the Bridge of Lions: left there Friday, April 19 after two days. A Nor’easter was moving in, but the river was not as choppy as expected; rather calm. The dinghy dock is inside the Marina, protected, and close to the ramp leading to showers and Town. Plenty of room to tie up.
Bruce Franz
“Hemisphere Dancer”
Dickerson #19
The Journey is the Destination

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Fernandina Harbor Marina and Fernandina Beach Dining (Statute Mile 716.5)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-23-2013

On 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

18. Statute Mile 716.5 – Those of you who docked overnight, or longer, at Fernandina Harbor Marina, please give us your impressions of this marina. Is it still the case that adequate depths are only found along the outermost pier? Did you dine ashore? If so, please give us some dining recommendations for downtown Fernandina Beach.

Responses follow:

I spent a month at the city marina 2 years ago and really liked it. I Was on an inside slip with 5′ foot draft and no problems. The town of Fernandina has good restaurants, pubs a plenty, shops, and fresh shrimp off the boats.The only problem is the air get foul from the cardboard plants during inversions. Its very convienent to a class A inlet to the Ocean.
Bill Owens
S/v snow goose

They removed the inner docks [while they] were dredging when we were there last month. Should be finished by now. You may want to give them a call and get the details. Cheap fuel is still availabel next door at Consolidated. Just remember they close on weekends.
John Winter

We Spent two weeks at FHM for the MTOA Rendevous. We were at an inside dock (#34) and found 5ft at low tide. I believe that they did some dredging earlier this year to alleviate the depth problems. We ate at Le Clos, a French restaurant which was excellent. Also at Lulu’s at the Thompson House, also excellent. Had lunch at the 4th Street Deli & Dessert. Their sandwiches are simply great. Lots of excellent places to dine in this very friendly boaters town.
Werner Steuernagel;
“It’s About Time”
35ft PT Trawler

We stayed at Fernandina Harbor marina for one night in December 2012. Our experience this time wasn’t as good as last time because they asked us to dock on the inside of the face dock. We had a difficult time backing out of there since the current is very strong and we were pinned between 2 boats. I had asked if it was easy to get in and out of there and they said ‘sure’. NOT!!
The face dock had plenty of room and the weather wasn’t bad. I don’t know why they made us go inside but I made a big note to specifically ask for the outside if we ever go back.
We had dinner at Pablo’s. It wasn’t as good as the last time we were there (at their old location.) We would try someplace else next
time. The seafood place (Atlantic Seafood) right next to the marina is a great place to get fresh shrimp right off the boats!
Harriet Hardy
sv Moondance

We were at Fernandina Harbor Marina starting on March 22, 2013 for a 5 night stay as we work our way from Marathon back to our VA base on our 37′ sailboat. This town is a good base to shuttle crew back and forth to Jacksonville airport. For this visit we took an inside slip rather than the inside of the face dock as we have done in the past. They have a reduced rate for the inside slips. I was not sure if we would be able to get an inside slip since dredging of the inside area was underway when I initially called and it was delayed due to high winds. They had finished the dredging just before we arrived. Our slip showed a depth of 6′ at low during our visit which is fine since we draw only 4.5′. As usual the dock help here was excellent, at the slip before we arrived and skilled in handling the lines. FYI – you do not want to be on the outside of the long face dock in unsettled weather with West wind, they generally save this space for the larger (>50′) vessels and on the inside you will sleep much better.
Fernandina is a great stop on the waterway, such a relieve from some of the congestion of FL. We once again visited our favorite upscale restaurant in town, Espana, with wonderful Spanish food. It is very popular with locals, so call or use Open Table for a reservation. We discovered a new Italian restaurant in town, Arte Pizza on 109 N 3rd St a few blocks off the main drag, where we had a great pie and wonderful salad. While there we met three generations of the Italian family who have moved here from New York to open this place. It is
currently on the small side and very busy, but nevertheless everyone was hustling and the good food kept coming out. They have an addition under construction.
We love to cook local seafood on board so this is the perfect place to stock up. There is a fresh fish market right at the marina where locals pull up and unload some of their catch to the owner. We left this time with snapper and shrimp, while on past visits have left with soft shell crabs and blue crab meat to make our own crab cakes. Another favorite spot is the book store a few blocks up the
main drag on the righthand side run by a very knowledgeable woman with respect to local lore, including historical fiction, fiction, and history of the area. We have read much now on Cumberland Island, Jekyll Island, American Beach on Amelia and more all from this store. Just up the block from the bookstore is a locally made fudge shop with ice cream as well. It was awarded 5 Stars by our 6 year old grandson.
Also of interest for readers of this site, we did stop here on our way south in 2012 to acquire our FL Sojourner’s permit at the courthouse. Only one woman on the staff was familiar with doing this. We had printed the form out in advance based on info found on this site. We have a US Coast Guard documented vessel without a state registration since VA does not require one. We had a copy of the
CG paperwork with us. She asked about the lack of state registration, but when we explained VA does not require it – “no problem” and issued us a sticker for $82.75 Reg. Tax and $2.75 County Fee.
Harry Burns
S/V Two for the Roads

Stayed dockside 25-26 March. Windy so staff placed us inside at the second dock back from the facing dock. We draw 4.5′ and had no difficulty. Marina staff very helpful. Arrived after 5PM and with foul weather we dined onboard. Shower and laundry facilites were very good and only a short walk away.
Tom Callan
o/b Great Escape
53 DeFever POC

Fernandina Beach Harbor Marina. WiFi weak but plans are underway for a significant improvement. Salty Pelican in located on the waterfront just north of Center St (main street) great place for sailors. Keep to green side of ICW north of Shave Bridge all the way up to the curve that takes you to the Rayonier Paper mill, just south of Fernandina. Shoaling to the west.
Joe Blanchard

Just spent a week there, great marina and the staff does an excellent job of making you feel welcome. We were on D dock back almost to the dinghy dock area and had depths of 4+ ft even at low tide.
A couple of great dinning recommendations:
1. The Happy Tomato, located just down the side street by the ice cream/fudge shop. They smoke their own ribs right on site and rank right up there with the best I’ve had anywhere.
2. Peppers Mexican just a little further up Center St has a wide variety of selections, all reasonably priced, on their menu. Good food and quick service.
There is also a fabulous bicycle shop there. At the top of Center St on the right behind a burger place. Bikes take a beating from the salt traveling the ICW and ours were no exception. We took advantage of his advertised “tune up special” and were very pleased. Full check up, lube the crank bearings, new pedals on one and new ft bearings on the other all for less than 70 bucks.
Fernandina Harbor Marina is always a happy stop for us when cruising.
David Doyle

Favorite! Best staff. Has been dredged – plenty of water inside face dock. Bretts Waterway, plenty downtown.
John Wild

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St. Augustine, FL Dining Recommendations (Statute Mile 778)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-23-2013

On 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posted the following question:

Statute Mile 778 – Anyone got any good dining recommendations in downtown St. Augustine, within walking distance of the City Marina?

Responses follow:

Dining recommendations for St Augustine;
JP Henleys across from the marina has great selection of craft beers and yummy sandwiches. (112 ft from dock)
Bistro De Leon is a little french place in the plaza and one of my personal favorites. Great early bird dinner special as well. Closed on Weds. (0.1 mile from dock)
The Floridian is a short walk and one of the local’s favorites. Also small dog friendly patio in front. (0.4 mile from dock)
Meehan’s Irish Pub is a great place if you like oysters, try the Oyster Meehan. They also have an outdoor section called their Backyard which is dog friendly. (0.2 mile from dock)
Gas Full Service Restaurant is just across the bridge on Anastasia Island and serve up the best burgers. Closed Suns and Mons. (0.5 mile from dock)
I hope this info is helpful.
Best regards,
Michelle Bennett
s/v A La Mer

Don’t miss Columbia [Restaurant]. Great food, service and ambiance.
s/v Skye

OC Whites right across from City Marina. The marina is under major renovations, but still open (will then be better than ever). Especially on warm evenings outside.
Toni Vander Veer

Just a few steps away from the City Marina is O. C. Whites which has a great menu and reasonably priced menu with inside and outside dining serving the best clam chowder anywhere.
It overlooks the marina and the Bridge of Lions.
Happy dining.
Captain Dick Burkhard

Just up the street from the City Marina at 95 Cordova Street, is an exceptional, old world cuisine, fine dining experience. We never go through St. Augustine without stopping there for a special treat.
The Cordova Restaurant (904-810-6810) in the Casa Monica Hotel
Terry Bieker

We recently had a delightful dinner at the:
Raintree Restaurant
102 San Marco Ave
St. Augustine, FL 32084
(904) 824-7211
It is about 3/4 of a mile north of the city marina on San Marco. Old Florida decor with good food at reasonable prices.
Tom Olson

I have lived here since 1972 and can tell you the top restaurants within easy walking distance of the city marina are: OC WHITES, A1A ALE WORKS, HARRY’S, O’STEEN’S, SEA FAIR, if you want to really stretch your legs then add: BARNACLE BILLS, GYPSY CAB, COLLAGE, 95 CORDOVA. Whatever you do DO NOT EAT at the SANTA MARIA RESTAURANT (they advertise you can feed the fish and the reason is the food is sooooooo terrible.
Perry McDonald

St. Augustine is one of our two favorite Florida cities (Key West is the other) and we go there by both car and trawler.
Two great restaurants we highly recommend:
Habana Village Cafe. Located in the rear (south side) of the building just across the street from the city marina and at the city side of the Bridge of Lions. The food is Cuban and great! Dancing to live music most nights. Don’t miss this special treat.
Columbia Restaurant. Claims to be the oldest restaurant in Florida (their Tampa restaurant). Basically the cuisine is Andalusian Spanish
with Cuban favorites in the mix! We lived in Andalusia for three years (courtesy of the US Navy) and love the Columbia’s version of some of our favorite Andalusian tapas and main course dishes.
Bob McLeran and Judy Young
MV Sanderling

Easy walk from City Marina to Cordova Street is a really good and reasonably priced restaurant, The Floridian, that specializes in locally sourced ingredients, and great food made from scratch. Open for about 2 years, no reservations, lunch and dinner only, the restaurant has a few outdoor tables and a charming self serve bar at the back because the restaurant itself is within 300 ft of a church. Buy your beverage at the bar and carry it to your table and you are legal under the ordinance! The food is so good during a week in St
Augustine we ate at this restaurant every day for either lunch or dinner!
Jack and Jackie
S/V Serenity

The restaurant “95 Cordova” in the Casa Monica hotel is one of the finest along our route from South Florida each year. Excellent quality, service and ambiance. About 3/4 blocks from Marina. Hotel is a national landmark.
Bob Scalia
MV Dall’Azzuro

There is a Greek oriented restaurant about 3/4 mile west of the downtown area on the main street after you leave the city marina. I can’t recall it’s name but it is on the left just before US 1. It had some of the best fried shrimp I’ve ever tasted. I’m sorry I can’t give more accurate details but I haven’t been there for 2 years.
Philip W. Mullins (Phil)

Bistro De Leon, right on the north side of the historic square opposite the Bridge of Lions. Pricey but elegant. We were there New Years Eve on the recommendation of a friend. Be prepared to pay $100 per person or more, but it was well worth it.

Many great places for dinner, but here’s one for lunch that we really like and it’s right across the street from the marina. J.P. Henley’s has great food and many different choices of beer and wine.
Don mv Fortuitous

The best place to eat in town is the A1A Ale House…right across street from city marina.
Mike Dickens

Bistro de Leon is one of my absolute favorites. One doesn’t have to spend a lot of money — you can go there for lunch. Wonderfully fresh French bread! We, too, went there one New Year’s Eve and became a fan.
Connie Sage aboard Epilogue

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Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor (Statute Mile 775.5)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-23-2013

 Welcome to Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor! Located in America?s oldest city- St. Augustine, Florida- Camachee Cove is a fully protected marina adjacent to the ICW, and less than a mile from the St. AugusOn 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

Statute Mile 775.5 – Who has spent a night or two (or more) at Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor, just north of St. Augustine Inlet. Did you find it to be as first class as we remember it to be?

Responses follow:

We stayed at Commanchee Cove in very early January (Southbound) and again in early April (Northbound). It is still a very well managed facility with two courtesy cars available for use for 1 hour at a time, a very good bar/restaurant with traditional seafood plus very good sushi, and excellent repair services on site provided by both Commanchee Yacht Yard for haul and First Mate Yacht Services for in water repairs/service. Dock and office personnel are friendly, courteous and professional. The physical facilities are still very good but not
as pristine as they were several years ago.
Howard Rockness

Camachee Cove has the best weather protection and also a very good marina. There is a new Publix grocery store just over the bridge in Vilano, making provisioning a snap if you’re staying here. Also, check out Fish Tales for good burgers, salads and sandwiches. They’re located in the same cove.
Best regards,
Michelle Bennett
s/v A La Mer

Camachee Cove Marina is definitely a first class marina. Friendly staff, very attentive, great mechanic service on site ,use of a courtesy vehicle and a great restaurant on site.
Paul Hutchinson

Spent 4/8/13 to 4/12/13 there. Have made it a regular stop. Nice docks, great people, good facilities, courtesy cars. Use First Mate to take care of any boat problems I can’t solve. Will be spending more time there in the future.

We stayed 3 nights at Cammachee Cove marina in December 2012 and found it to be just as first class as our previous stays. They are always very responsive on the radio with docking instructions and their dock hands are very helpful. They have 2 courtesy cars and are flexible with their use if you need to use a car longer than a few hours and no one else requested it.
Harriet Hardy
sv Moondance

Great Marina, excellent facilities, just too far from town.
Tracy Hellman

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AICW/Mantanzas Inlet Intersection Depth Report as of Mid-April, 2013 (Statute Mile 793)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-23-2013

On 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

Statute Mile 793 – In 2010 to 2011, the AICW passage, as it ran behind Mantanzas Inlet, was the worst section of the entire Eastern Florida section of the Waterway. Dredging relieved this situation in the fall of 2011. Has anyone detected any new shoaling, or a new marker configuration, at this critical intersection?

Responses Follow:

We passed through this area in early April. We followed a large local yacht through the section on a rising tide. He stayed on the red side all the way through (as did we). We never saw less than nine+ feet at approximately mid-tide.
Howard Rockness

Came thru here recently with no problems. Just pay attention. We had heard that it was shallow, but with our 4′ draft we were fine, even though it was not the required 12′ deep (maybe 7?).
John Winter

Traveled this area in late January and again heading north this morning (April 24, 2013). Each occasion was uneventful. I passed through this area today at high tide and saw no less than 13 ft.
Traveling north, I honored the green markers, staying 40-50 ft. off the markers, or essentially driving down the center of the channel, and encountered no problems.
This area has a tidal fall of about 4′-0″. The waters today were somewhat higher than normal due to the ‘noreaster’ that blew through over the weekend, but I would still expect to see no less than 8′ at mean low water.
Watch the markers and you should be fine.
As always, exercise caution and proceed at your own discretion.
Gregory Yount

Passed through there in January 2013, no problems and well marked.
Raymond W. Smith
“Fire Dog”

All is AOK there. No recurrence of shoaling. The green marks are still way west of center.
Gregory Han

Plenty of green markers marking the way. Pay attention to them not your magenta line
Wanderers Rest

We passed through this area on the 15th about 2 hours past low tide and never saw less than 10′.If one depends on his/her chart plotter as the sole source of information then they will have a problem. Trust the marks, your eyes, and your fathometer and you will have NO problems.
Jim & Marge Fuller
Enroute to Newport, RI
on board Summer Skis

I cruised through there last week….plenty of water….
Mike Dickens at Paradise Yachts

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Marineland Marina, Statute Mile 796

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 04-23-2013

 The Town of Marineland has opened its ports with a brand new marina facility creating a destination for boaters on the Intracoastal Waterway between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine, FL.On 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia wish list, we posed the following question:

3. Statute Mile 796- I know that many of you have visited with, and had a good experience at Marineland Marina, north of maker #89. Please let us hear what you found so special about this facility.

Responses follow:

Our boat is presently at Marineland. We were there a few days before having to come home for a month and enjoyed it so much will stay another 4 days or so before we head north. If you love walks on the beach or on trails, kayaking and nature you will love Marineland. The staff are wonderful!
Tom and Jan Hines on Laughter

We love Marineland Marina. Everyone there is most helpful and makes sure you have everything you need. They will lend you a car to provision at Publix and get supplies at the hardware store. The bathrooms are kept clean and tidy, laundry is free, and you even get discounts on Marineland tours and kayaking ecotours with Ripple Effect. You can walk in the maritime forest, cross the street to a beautiful deserted beach, and hear the ocean from your boat. Dolphins come and feed each evening in the marina basin. We were treated like family and plan to make a trip to Marineland part of our journey each year. Bravo to Chris Kelley for providing cruisers with a wonderful haven.
Dick and Sue Schneider

The staff is professional and though they do not have all the frills (fuel, captains lounge) they do have free pump-out and the beach is across the street. If you’re looking for a restful stop-over, this is the place to be and the price is right.
Robert & Carolyn Wilson
MY Sea Island Girl

We spent a week at this facility on our way south and are spending a month here on our way north. Chris, the dockmaster, and his staff are friendly, helpful and go out of their way to make cruisers feel welcome. It’s the kind of place where cruisers may stop intending to stay for a day or two and end up staying much longer. There are beautiful beaches, walking trails and mangroves to explore by dinghy. This is a marina for nature-lovers — there are no restaurants within walking distance and nothing to “do” other than enjoy the natural surroundings. Dockage rates are a steal — $1.00/foot per night and tempting rates for weekly or monthly stays. If you draw more than five feet, however, getting into and out of the marina would be difficult.
Captain Mary
S/V Intermezzo

We were one of the first boats to stay there when they reopened. The two staff guys are amazingly great. We have been there several times now and at $1/ft, given the location, it is tone of the best deals going. Just across the street is the beach, Marineland itself where you can see dolphins and a snack bar. Provisions are difficult to obtain but sometimes Eric’s car is available, even though it is not the marina’s courtesy car (it is his personal car) he often is seen loaning it out. If you borrow it,please fill it up for him. Also, dink across the waterway to see one of the largest protected lands in all of the USA where you can see all kind of critters. Also, at Marineland, they have a group that will take you over on kayaks. This is an example of if marinas do not overcharge, they will always have business. As we have traveled FLA these past two years (from our home port in NC), we see many empty marinas that are charging $2 or more and have few boats in them.
John Winter

Stayed here 4 20 13 Well received and clean, easy to get in and out. Would stay here again.
Greg and Donna on
Lady in Red

The dockmaster and assistants are excellent, very friendly and there is nothing that they would not do for you. At $1/ft with free laundry and excellent, clean restrooms you simply cannot go wrong. Stay three nights and the dockmaster will lend you his personal car to go grocery shopping.
Werner & Kathie Steuernagel

We spent some time in Marineland Marina recently and found them to be exceptional people. If they didn’t know your name by the time your dock lines were secured, you probably stayed inside for that docking. This is a small marina but lots of helpful people. It is well protected in winds and storms. When we experienced a medical emergency, the staff did everything possible to make a bad situation as good as anyone could expect. We feel they are now part of our boating family and we won’t miss an opportunity to stop to say hello whether by land or sea.
Tom Conrad
m/v True North

We are here now…stopped in to wait out the winds..rates are great…power and water. Chris and all the marina crew are terrific..great help coming in, free pumpout, nice laundry and showers..like new..marina is very clean and dolphins play in the harbor.
Visited the Matanzas fort, had a great lunch at the Matanzas inlet restaurant, spent earth day at Washington Oaks Park, beautiful beach across the street you can walk with your dog, Marineland Dolphin Center and took a sunset eco kayak tour with Brandon..like a mini holiday..bikes help but you can use a loaner car to get to Publix or further out
Slomocean..Karen and Gary Holtze

We stayed two nights at this little marina after leaving St. Augustine in January. Although w have had lots of helpful folks at many marinas, these guys win the prize for the most helpful. As rookies we needed all the help we could get, especially getting into tight places. It is a pretty spot to walk around, and they took folks into town once a day to get groceries. We got a free pass to the marineland center as well. The marina and the surrounding environment was very clean, and they sponsored kayak nature excursions. The beautiful beach was right across the road from the marina.
Tim and Lisa Keith-Lucas
Santa Catalina de Guale

Bad weather forced us in to Daytona and up ICW as we were heading north after wintering in the Keys. Stayed at Marineland as we are familiar with it. Eric and other staff are super, from tying up to helping us visit Publix which is about 5 miles away. We had to stay 3 nights due to storm but there is no better deal on the ICW. The secret seems to be out about how good everything here is as it was packed. The price and “laidback atmosphere” are hard to beat.
Bill Charleston,
S/V Frolic

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