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Archive For: East FL – 5 – San Sebastian River to Daytona Beach

  • Seven Seas Marina (Statute Mile 835)

    The entrance to Seven Seas Marina is located hard by the Port Orange Bridge.

    We stayed at Seven Seas Marina on January 19, 2010. A very fine marina, with fixed wooden piers. only a seven minute walk to the ocean beach. The restrooms are fine, though not what you might find at a more expensive marina. There is a well stocked ship’s store. Pat’s Riverfront Cafe, onsite, is delightful. It is open for breakfast and lunch.
    Seven Seas Marina, at $.90 per foot is helping keep the cost of cruising down. I highly recommend it.
    Norman Mason

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  • Oyster Creek Marina (now Rivers Edge Marina) – St. Augustine (St. M. 779)

    Well, Captain Paul’s note below is news to me. I always thought Oyster Creek was a strictly live-aboard marina, but apparently that has changed.
    This facility is located well upstream from the AICW/San Sebastian River intersection, on the mainland shores. Give them a try, and let us know what you find!

    Subject: Oyster Creek Marina, St. Augustine, FL
    Cruising News: Just West of downtown St. Augustine at Green marker 29 on the San Sebastian River is a nice little marina with floating docks, restaurant, clean showers and Boat US discount ($1.50/ft). West Marine, Sailor’s Exchange and Winn Dixie groceries all w/in 10-15 min. walk. Great live-aboard scene with weekly pot-luck/BBQ’s, much better spot than the marina’s directly on the ICW.

    We had the pleasure of staying at Oyster Creek Marina the evening of Oct 29, 2009. We entered at just about dead low and had no problem at all getting to the marina up the San Sebastian River. The location is as billed. Close to West Marine, Wynn Dixie and the Sailors’ Exchange. Also, its a reasonable walk to downtown St Augustine. The floating docks are in good condition and the shower room/heads/laundry facility is clean and brite! We’d stay here again.
    Ed Grygent

    We stayed in Oyster Creek Marina for the summer and had a great time. Paul the dockmaster was always helpful and ready to lend a hand and we feel he has become a friend. As we feel that way about many people we have met there. Pat who kept the washroom and laundry area spotless is a great gal. We found the location perfect for all suppling, just down the street from Winn Dixie about another 5 min walk is also Target and a little farther maybe 10 mins Home Depot. You can take a bus to Walmart as well. To walk downtown is an easy and enjoyable walk, lots to see in St Augustine. On the first Fri of the month they have an art walk on King St (wine for a smail tip) this will lead you downtown and St Geroge St is a must do. Don’t forget to check out San Sebastian Winey as well they have great music on the roof at nights and weekends. All in all we can’t say enough about St Augustine except don’t miss it. Say HI to Paul and the gang there for us if you stop there.
    Linda and Dave

    We are docked at Oyster Creek now. They did not answer on channel 16, so we called on the cell and they agreed to answer vhf 71. Go figure. The marina is VERY convenient. Winn Dixie, West Marina, Sailor’s Exchange, and propane refill a short walk. Downtown and historic district an easy one-mile walk on sidewalks. Avis in same shopping center with Winn Dixie and West. The slip we were assigned was to narrow for our Bristol 35.5, so they reassigned us just before we were committed to a too narrow fairway. They re-assigned us to a slip in another fairway, did not know which side the tie-up was on, and it only had about six inches of spare clearance for us between the out piling and the floating dock. Docking was an adventure as it took two tries and a turnaround in wind and current to hit the gap. All the T-dock ends were vacant when we arrived and remain so at this time 4 days later. That said, I would return. The facilities are clean and well maintained. Wi-fi requires a booster antenna from the docks, but is available at the office and the on-site restaurant. The Waterway Guide claims they have fuel, but that is an error.

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  • Florida “Potty Patrol” Out in Force In And South of Daytona Beach

    Make sure those thru-hulls are locked down, and be ready for the “potty patrol” as you cruise south from Daytona Beach. It is obvious from the many reports below that the Florida “Potty Patrol” is out in force!!!! Make sure those thru-hulls are locked down!!!!
    By the way, some of the messges below were contributed directly to the Cruisers’ Net, while others were copied from the T&T (Trawlers and Trawlering) mail list.

    We were greeted by the Volusia County Sheriff’s boat on our way south today (11/24/09). I told the officer in the boat’s bow that we have a Type I MSD, he said “A LectraSan?”, I said “yes, a Raritan LectraSan”, and that was it. The officer in the bow said “He’s got a LectraSan” to another officer in the boat, they hit the throttle, and were off after the boat in front of us. End of story.
    P.S. as I write this, anchored near G “39A” south of the Memorial bascule bridge, a “potty patrol” boat is in the anchorage near R “44″.
    Rick Emerson

    Yes, the “Potty Police” are out in force, but just doing the right thing. We were boarded today by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Dept. just South of Rockhouse Creek (a wonderful anchorage, by the way). Very polite. After we told them our macerator thru-hull was in our stern locker (and secured!) plus that I was a Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Examiner, they were satisfied. We asked them what % of the boats they boarded were in violation they said about 40% and most were sailboats. To our fellow sailors, please secure your Y valves or macerator thru-hulls and DON’T pump waste overboard. Dilution is not the solution to pollution!!!
    s/v MicMac

    Subject: potty police
    Cruising News: The potty patrol are up and running at the coranado lift bridge on either side. They got me last year and I was stopped again on the 10th/nov. I guess the message worked,because my heads were wired shut this time.

    I got stopped this morning on the Mosquito Lagoon by Florida Wildlife for inspection of my head. I have a LectraSan system and they were happy with that. All was polite and non-threatening etc, but, of course, being boarded, itself, is upsetting
    Tom Murphy
    s/v Monday Morning.

    Subject: Potty Police
    Cruising News: We were boarded by Florida DNR yesterday after just passing through the L.B. Knox bridge. They wanted to ensure that our Y-valve was locked to the holding tank position. We had put a small cable with a padlock around it when we entered Florida waters. They approved and proceeded to board all of the sailboats in front of us. They want the valve to be locked…and not just with a wire tie!
    S/V Moondance

    Looks like things are going to get even more strict. See

    Just a note …. most boaters are aware that their “Y” valve, if installed, must be wire tied or locked in the holding tank position. If you have a pump out (e.g.: macerator) the thru hull for this system must ALSO be wire tied or locked in the closed position. Being boarded with any valve allowing overboard discharge in the ICW or Atlantic waters inside a 3-7 mile limit (counties vary) will stand the chance of a ticket and a heavy fine. Most of us would not pump out or discharge overboard in these waters, but the county governments are short on cash and will issue summonses where ever they can.

    Saturday, working on the boat, in my slip at Halifax River Yacht Club, up walked two Fl Fish & Wildlife officers, in uniform, guns and all. (previous conversation at lunch, I had heard that they were patrolling the docks at Halifax Harbor, and had given out at least two $250 fines because the boat did not have a tie wrap to secure their valves)
    Asked if I had heads on board: Answer, “yes, two”
    Asked if I had lectrasan: Answer: “No”
    Asked if the valves were locked: Answer: “yes”
    Asked if they could come on board and look, Answer: “yes” (I don’t think “no” would have been accepted).
    One of the officers followed me to the aft cabin, I asked if he had a flashlight or should I get one, he answered that he had a light. I opened a locker, and showed him a Y valve with a padlock on it, he was satisfied. We went to the engine room, again, I showed him a second Y valve with a padlock, he was satisfied.
    He then asked to see FL registration, checked it and they left.
    After they left, I got to thinking about the “inspection”.
    They did not check to see in what position the Y valve was locked. They did not check to see what the Y valve was connected to (or if it wasconnected to anything, other than some pieces of hose).
    They did not check to see what thru hull was attached to the output of the Y valve and if that thru hull valve was open, closed, or locked. They did not check the output thru hull valve on the overboard discharge pump. Apparently, seeing two valves with a lock was good enough for them.

  • Palm Coast Marina (Statute Mile 802)

    Palm Coast Marina is a good facility, well situated between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. At the management’s request, we have just recently returned this facility to our Eastern Florida fuel price listings.

    [Palm Coast Marina] Has become one of my regular stops – always good place to walk over to European village to MezaLunna for pizza. found out they’re not open on Mondays – otherwise pretty much as described above [in SSECN Marina Directory listing]. If you’re getting fuel, I learned this year that there can be a current in that canal, my plan to dock was quickly thwarted by a surprising strong current running east, so turned around and got it figured out.
    Capt Bill,
    s/v Kittiwake

    I’m not sure if anyone has responded to this yet. We are currently staying here at Palm Coast. The local boaters tell us that there used to be a pool but that with development of the area, the property that had the pool was bought and redeveloped, so no pool. The marina facility however is really nice. It is off the waterway with no current. I was unprepared with my lines for the pilings at the slips but we quickly readjusted. The showers and rest rooms are a bit dated but clean and work well and the bicycles are also a bit old. The owners (or managers?) and the liveaboards have been very friendly and helpful and we feel secure leaving our boat here to make a run home to the Northeast. There is a fresh pot of coffee in the morning, lots of outside patio seating for socializing (and there is lots of that) and they are going to look after my basil plant whie we are away.
    J.S. Woodward

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  • L. B. Know/Bulow/High Bridge (Statute Mile 816)

    Looks like the bridge tenders here might give Captain Gray the benefit of the doubt.

    I live in Florida and travel through this area several times a year. The bridge tender(s) always tell me I can get under their [L.B. Knox/Bulow/High] bridge and I always inform them that I can’t. This past month (Sept) they actually had an employ come down and measure (by sight) what my boat height was. Guess what, I can’t clear the bridge! I was told that they would keep a record so we would not have to ‘discuss’ this the next time. With virtually no one on the water in this area this summer, I heard no other boats calling this bridge.
    Richard Gray

  • Palm Coast Marina (Statute Mile 802)

    Palm Coast Marina lies directly off the AICW, between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. The loss of the “amenities” described below by Captain Jennifer is probably due to the destruction of the once adjacentt motel.  Doe anyone know if another structure has taken this one’s place?????

    We stayed at Palm Coast Marina on the way up. Again, nice place but it doesn’t have near the amenities that your cruising guide says it once did. The pool and courtesy van that once took cruisers shopping are both gone. It is clean and well run but we were disappointed because the kids were really looking forward to swimming. Those things were the main reason that I chose to stay there. Oh well.
    Jennifer Clendinen

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  • Palm Coast Marina (St. M. 802) and Vero Beach Municipal Marina (St. M. 952)

    Vero Beach MarinaThe string below is copied from the Net’s “Ask Your Neighbor” page, and, in turn, from the AGLCA mailing list.
    There’s some good info in Captain Larry’s message, partciularly about the Vero Beach Municipal facility, And, these good people are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Mas Bueno has made the last crossing of Lake Okeechobee until Sept when the Moore Haven Lock reopens.  It turned into a bit of a rush.
    We are now at Indiantown getting ready to head north up the Fl East coast from Stuart and would like to stop at a marina along the way for a few days to a week that is close to the Beach for some slower time.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Hal and Cheryl Baker

    You might try Palm Coast Marina at  M – 208.  You can walk or bicycle to the beach from their facility.  Can bike or walk to stores, banks etc.  The staff  welcomes cruisers and they are super nice folks.
    We also stayed in the mooring field at Vero Beach.  They also have slips but I think you need to call ahead.  Again you can walk or bike to the beaches or all over the town.  They have plenty of dingy docks. Buss service is free and you can get to all major stores by buss.  The drivers were very helpful and again very welcoming to cruisers.
    Larry V
    M/V Lauren Grace

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    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Palm Coast Marina

  • Holding Tank Inspections – Daytona Beach

    Subject: holding tank inspections
    Cruising News: We were stopped by the Sherrif near Daytona Beach.  They checked our Y Valve and added die to our holding tanks.   They checked everyone coming up the Waterway.

  • Fort Mantanzas Anchorage (Statute Mile 792)

    Below is a nice discussion, copied from the Net's "Ask Your Nieghbor" page (, about an anchorage, hard by old Fort Mantanzas, south of St. Augustine, and near where the AICW splits off from Mantanzas River. Take care – bottom strata can shift here quickly due to the swiftly moving waters.

    Does anyone have local knowledge of the depts for the  anchorage at Fort Matanzas [south] of St. Augustine at mile 792.  We draw 5  feet.  Will we have a problem entering this anchorage?  Can you visit the fort from here?
    Jeff and Susie Parker
    M/V Idyll Time

    Fort Matanza is south of St Augustine. We stayed there last spring and had no problem our draft is 4. 6" The current is strong but not a problem.  You have to dingy over to the beach near the ranger dock and take the free ferry over to the fort they would not let us tie up the the dock. The fort was a very nice stop we stayed two days take a dingy ride out to the inlet if you have time.
    Larry & Margie Ross
    Wanderin L&M

    We went in  there last year.  We followed instructions in Skipper Bob.  There is a fair amount of current coming and going through the pass to the ocean.  Dingy into the visitors center, they will take you to the fort.  A great stop, and adds to the understanding of the early history of St. Augustine.
    Chuck Gorgen

    We have been in there and anchored with 4'8" draft and never had any trouble. be sure to set your anchor well as the current is very strong through there.. I have visited the fort waling the dog but never officially visited it. the tour boat that takes people there is on the opposite shore just east of the fort..
    Jay and Susan Wigginton

    Ft. Matanzas is south of St. Augustine, not north. It is a nice day anchorage but I wouldn't trust it at night since the currents can be swift. We are having a raft-up there tomorrow with 4 trawlers and 2 smaller boats. We draw 4'11". We'll get there about an hour after low tide and leave before the tide changes.
    Barry Kipnis

  • Good Times At Palm Cove Marina (Statute Mile 727)

    Glad to hear that Don and Stacy had such a good time at Palm Cove Marina. Then again, that’s only to be expected as these good people are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Good Afternoon Claiborne!
    As a new member of Cruiser’s Net, we want you to know we have docked by boat at Palm Cove Marina for a one month lay-over and the staff and facilities there are outstanding!!…
    Thank for your help to make our north-bound maiden journey safe and pleasurable!
    Don and Stacy
    “Heavenly Daze”
    Defever 53 POC

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Palm Cove Marina

  • “Potty Patrol” Near Daytona Beach

    Make sure those overboard thru-hulls are capped off, and (f you have one), your Lectra-San is operating properly!

    The Volusia County Sheriffs were running potti-patrol just north of Daytona Beach yesterday, stopping all cruising boats going by and giving them the dye-in-the-head treatment.  The officer was polite and proper, nothing to complain about at all.
    Mark Richter, m/v Winnie the Pooh

    Read with interest your comment that folks should have their thru-hulls locked (capped) and the lectra-san working, if you have one. We have one and it works well, but if a dye tablet is added to the toilet, even after the waste is purified by the lectra-san, the release will still be purple. Pure, but purple. Not something you want the potty patrol or anyone else to see. So if you get a dye tablet inserted, the only thing to do is make sure your boat is pumped out!
    Sue Dunham

  • Palm Coast Marina (Statute Mile 802)

    The canal serving Palm Coast Marina breaks off to the west between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. Sounds like a good place to spend some time.

    We just recently spent a month at Palm Coast Marina in northeast Florida.  What a delight!   The marina is very nice and the staff is superior.  They have reasonably priced fuel and the fuel dock is shaded—small point but how many times have you thought you’d die fueling in Florida’s hot sun!  It is within walking distance of European Village which has a lot of unique shops and great restaurants.  It’s also located by a lovely walk/bike path that parallels the ICW.  Publix and CVS is an easy bike ride away.
    Mike & Harriet

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Palm Coast Marina

  • Good Times at Palm Coast Marina (Statute Mile 802)

    Good Times at Palm Coast Marina (Statute Mile 802)

    Glad to hear that Captains Mike and Harriet are having such a good time at Palm Coast Marina. This facility has had to go through a lot of nearby construction, but apparently the marina is still a great place to dock!

    We've stumbled across quite a gem of a marina…….Palm Coast?Marina.? We're spending the rest of hurricane season here.??The Harbormaster and marina staff are excellent.??Rates are quite reasonable.? The marina has a nice ship's store, an exercise room, laundry and fuel.? Diesel, by the way, was only $4.89 (INCLUDING TAX) last week.??European Village with cute shops and? nice restaurants is nearby.? Publix is 2.2 miles away.? There is also?a ?marvelous walking/bike path that goes for miles?along the ICW.?
    Mike & Harriet
    Dual Dreams
    42 Present

    And more of the same good times!

    Subject: A pleasant stay at Palm Coast Marina
    Cruising News: ref. the August 6, 2008 letter on Palm Coast Marina. My wife and I stopped there while northbound in  the spring; the harbormaster and her staff were welcoming, thorougly professional and helpful. Just off the ICW, the marina was very accessible, neat, clean and well protected and we spent a pleasant evening at a nearby Italian restaurant at a "European Village." We highly recommend a stop at Palm Coast Marina.
    Jay & MaryAnn Brewer
    on Rhumb Line,
    IG 32

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