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Archive For: East FL – 4 – St. Augustine

  • “Best” Margarita in St. Augustine

    Hurricane Patty's Bloody Mary (Yummmmmm!)

    For everyone who is a fan of Margaritas, not to mention other “adult beverages,”there is a really good discussion about the “best” spots on the St. Augustine Cruisers Net Facebook page at:

    Sounds like I (and everyone else) needs to check out “Hurricane Patty’s”! Did a bit of research, and discovered this contact info:

    Hurricane Patty’s
    69 Lewis Blvd
    Saint Augustine FL 32084 US

    Once I looked at the map on Hurricane Patty’s web site, I realized this is the restaurant/bar/really fun dining attraction that’s located on the grounds of River’s Edge Marina (see This facility and restaurant are located on the western side of the San Sebastian River. That means that those docked at the city marina, or in the city sponsored mooring fields, will have to walk a good six or seven blocks to reach Hurricane Patty’s, but after reading the discussion on the St. Aug. Cruisers’ Net, the effort sounds more than justified!!!

  • Anchorage Inn and Marina Recommended, St. Augustine, FL, AICW Statute Mile 778

    Anchorage Inn and Marina - Click for Chartview

    Anchorage Inn and Marina is located just south of the eastern end of the Bridge of Lions. For information on transient rates and amenities, see

    Consider also The Anchorage Inn and Marina. Mark and I took a slip there last May to do major washing, waxing, etc. that is hard to do on anchor. The current is swift, but once you’re in and planning on working, no problem. The staff is great, and you can look west to the city and sunset.
    Gwyn Vernon

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  • Dining Secret in St. Augustine, FL, AICW Statute Mile 778

    St. Augustine City Marina - Click for Chartview

    The following restaurant review was posted by Captain Skip Gundlach in the St. Augustine Cruisers Net. The American Legion Post 37 is located at 1 Anderson Circle just north of the Bridge of Lions and within easy walking distance of the City Marina.

    The Admiral and I just returned from a well-kept (well, we didn’t learn about it until this weekend, and we’ve been here 5 weeks) secret:
    The American Legion Post 37, on the corner at the circle just north of the bridge, is open to the public, with delicious food and drink, all of which are dirt cheap. We tried the leftover prime rib, which had been cut up and put into potato soup. Big bowl, $3, a meal in itself. Pig that I am, however, it was so good I had two.
    3 bowls of soup, two beers and a coke ($1, keeps it filled, in an iced glass “glass”) came to $15 with tax. A $5 tip forced it to $20. Easily the best adult-beveraged dinner we’ve eaten here for value, and we loved it as well.
    Highly recommended.
    You ask, why were you eating out? The stove is on the saloon sole, and I’m having to CUT out 2 of the 3 burners we’re replacing. So far I’ve broken 6 bits for the Roto-Zip – gonna have to walk to Home Depot tomorrow…
    Still loving St. Augustine!

    You are ABSOLUTELY right about this being a best kept secret. I was a little leery of the article before reading it because I was afraid you were going to recommend the Santa Maria. The Santa Maria is responsible for more people getting sick on the food they serve than any other restaurant known in this area. There is a reason they advertise “You can feed the fish from your table.” Even the fish won’t eat their food.
    Capt. Perry

    We have enjoyed the legion on several occasions….and you meet some really neat people there, too.
    Mark and Gwyn aboard sailing cat ALA

    Hmmm…I’ll admit I don’t eat often at the Santa Maria in St. Augustine however, I’ve enjoyed the ravenous display by the fish eating the scraps dropped from our table. So I haven’t shared Captain Perry’s dining experience or illness from dining at the Santa Maria…
    I HAVE enjoyed the hospitality of the Legion Post and admit that I have shared the “secret” with our close friends but now that the word is out to the entire cruising community, everyone can enjoy this “under the radar” secret.
    David Burnham

    American Legion Post 37, St. Augustine, FL

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  • Praise for Inlet Marina, AICW Statute Mile 775.5, St. Augustine, FL

    Inlet Marina - Click for Chartview

     904-547-2219 Inlet Marina sits on the site of the old Sea Love Marina, along the AICW/Tolomato River’s eastern shores, north of St. Augustine Inlet, and hard by the Vilano Beach Bridge, will be a full fledged marina. Inlet Marina just opened with new fuel tanks installed for unleaded 89 octane gas with no ethanol and of course diesel. They currently are just a fuel stop but they are supposed to have their new restaurant opened on May 15th, called Beaches. This marina used to be the old Sea Love marina which was closed last year sometime then bought and is now permitted for 60 slips (not yet built), but they do have two floating docks, one concrete and one wood and a fuel dock. There is also a boat rental operation already there. They have a nice beach area near the dock office also. There is a lot of area behind the marina office which is planned for development with a Publix grocery planned as part of the complex and they are supposed to have a grocery delivery operation for the marina if folks want to get provisions while fueling..that is to come. The new owners are taking it slow but are committed to the new operations success. The Marina is very close to the St. Augustine inlet and on the AICW. So it is very convenient for cruisers to stop in for fuel.Inlet Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! borders the eastern banks of the AICW, immediately south of the Vilano Beach high-rise bridge.

    Most friendly Marina & Fuel Dock I have ever stopped at. Keep up the good work. Will see you next year – south bound & north bound. Hope all is well!!!
    Ray & Bernie Smith – “Fire Dog IV”

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  • St. Augustine City Marina (Statute Mile 778)

    Paradise Yacht SalesThe marina review below is excerpted from Captains Mike and Mary Dicken’s, owners of SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Paradise Yachts, web blog. These various accounts are recorded when this well-oiled nautical team helps new boat owners deliver their recently purchased craft to home port, or undertake yacht deliveries themselves for the same purpose. Wow, talk about service AFTER the sale – it doesn’t get any better than this. You will be seeing LOTS of excerpts from Captains Mike and Mary’s web blogs here on the SSECN. This is superb info, and we are glad to have it available to our readers.
    The particular collection of blog entries from which the article below is excerpted is an account of a cruise from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Fernandina Beach, FL, assisting the buyers of a 42′ Novatec used trawler.
    St. Augustine City Marina has the advantage, and the disadvantage, of being located in the heart of downtown St. Augustine. There are MANY dining and historical sites within easy walking distance, but, as Captain Mary notes below, there are also hordes of landlubber tourists.
    If you seek something a bit quieter, we would suggest you also consider SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor, found off the AICW, just north of the Waterway’s intersection with St. Augustine Inlet, and a hop, skip and jump north of the Vilano Beach Bridge.

    We docked at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina. The current here is swift, 3-5 knots, and one must be very aware of this in order to get your boat into the slip. The facility is very nice with 8-10 foot water depths along side floating docks. Many dining facilities are very close. I give this marina a solid A.
    We arrived in St. Augustine around 2 p.m. and Captain Alan did a great job getting Panacea into her slip. We all had a celebratory beer (tradition) and then we went exploring. St. Augustine is full of history but unfortunately it’s all gotten a little too commercial. There were people everywhere.
    We went to dinner at A1A Ale House, a favorite of Mike’s and mine. We all enjoyed a delicious dinner and a few drinks. Back to the boat for a night cap and off to bed we west.
    Captains Mary and Mike Dickens

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  • Praise for St. Augustine City Marina, AICW Statute Mile 778

    St. Augustine City Marina - Click for Chartview

    St. Augustine City Marina overlooks the western shoreline of the Waterway, just south of the Bridge of Lions.

    We just love City Marina and St. Augustine. We berthed opposite the new dock area in mid May – and the new break water and wide access made in and out easy.
    We live on Hilton Head, so strong tides are just a fact of life with us. Sorry if they worry some, but they are what they are, so go with the flow.
    The marina has a great location, close to the Fort and Historic Downtown. It is a shuttle stop for the trolley tour and public transportation, and has access to a myriad of restaurants. Cabs are cheap and a trip to Super Walmart (about 6 miles est.) was about $10 each way.
    The marina is clean, the rest rooms are updated, the internet worked, as do the washers and dryers, and the staff was hard working, kind and pleasant.
    We stayed three nights. This is our sixth visit to City Marina, including one when we left the boat for two weeks. We have never had an issue and just love the place. The new Bridge of Lions is complete, so there is no bridge construction any more, and the view is wonderful without the cranes and barges. It is well run and is a truly down-town marina. I am sure they will see us again the next time we head south.
    William Lawrenson

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  • Inlet Marina (Statute Mile 775.5)

    Inlet Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, flanks the eastern shores of the AICW, a short hop north of St. Augustine Inlet, and hard by the southern side of the high-rise Vilano Beach Bridge. There is newly opened restaurant on-site, and a new Publix supermarket within walking distance. You can easily provision while filling up those hungry fuel tanks!

    As promised, we stopped at Inlet Marina in St. Augustine Thursday. We checked out the prices on fuel at Comachee Cove, Conch House and the Municipal Marina. Inlet’s price with the usual discounts was .10 – .20/gal less than the others. They do have the best price of any St. Augustine marina on the ICW. Still, it was .15 higher than the price in Jacksonville.
    The fuel dock is located on the east side of the ICW between the Villano bridge and the fishing pier, which makes entering look somewhat intimidating. However, there is deep water all the way in and out to both bridges, so maneuvering with our 54′ boat was relatively easy. Dockmaster Jay and his staff are on hand to assist. I would not hesitate to take anything up to 80′ into the dock, although I would be sure to have adequate help on hand if the tide is running or there is a strong wind with a westerly component.
    The Publix supermarket is within walking distance, as is the Villano beach on the ocean. There is a good restaurant with Tiki bar on site, and the entire place is dog friendly, which was very important to us. Although the marina does not have transient slip Jay will allow boats to tie up at the fuel dock overnight for $25. There is no electric. There is water, but it does have a strong sulphur odor. The town of Villano provides a free 100′ floating dock located just south of the fishing pier next to Inlet Marina. There are no services, but boats are allowed to tie up all day to visit the town and the beach. Overnights are not technically allowed, but Jay says it is not enforced.
    In my opinion, Inlet Marina and the town of Villano Beach are a good place to stop for a day to take on some fuel, re-provision and relax on the beach or at the restaurant.
    Bill Root

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Inlet Marina

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  • Inlet Marina (Statute Mile 775.5)

    On 4/26/13, in a supplementary question to our Wish List of 4/22/13, we posed the following question:

    Statute Mile 775.5 – Who has taken on fuel at Inlet Marina, flanking the AICW’s eastern banks, just south of the Vilano Beach Bridge? Did you try out the new restaurant which has opened here? How was the food? Did anybody provision while docked here, by walking to the newly opened, nearby Publix supermarket?

    Responses follow:

    Jay is absolutely the nicest guy we have met in a long time. We stopped there on the way south and got inexpensive fuel. Also, received our complimentary six pack. Stopped again on the way up north. Very good fuel prices. It was a rainy, cold, windy night and we finished fueling around 3:30. I asked jay if we might stay on the gas dock instead of moving to an anchorage nearby. He agreed and we stayed.
    Have not tried the restaurant. Susan borrowed Jay’s truck and shopped at Publix. I walked down there later. It’s close by and a fully stocked market. The beach is another block or so.
    I would recommend checking with Jay on fuel prices and stopping at Inlet Marine.
    Tom Law

    Visited this marina while northbound in April, 2012. Tied up at face dock/fuel dock and took on diesel for our S/V Carolina. Did not pump very much, but the operator was happy to accommodate us anyway. While taking on the fuel, my wife walked the short walk to the Publix grocery for bread, milk, some salmon and ground turkey, and some salad fixings. She was very enthusiastic about the trip and what the village is doing to encourage visitors.
    While able to take our 38 footer alongside, if we had made an overnight stay we would have seriously cut into the fuel sales, as we could not have gone inside the face dock to a “transient” slip due to draft and length.
    Steve Kamp
    S/V Carolina

    We took on 200 gallons of diesel on April 13, on the north to the MTOA Rendezvous in Fernandina Beach. We’d never been at Inlet before, but their price looked good. Their 20 cent discount for mentioning Cruisernet or MTOA and another nickel for 200 gallons or more made it even better. Easy in, easy out, plenty of water at the fuel dock, and they have us a 6 pack of beer as a thank you. We didn’t stop at the restaurant, but on a Saturday afternoon, it was filled with people. We’ll be back.
    Barbara Kipnis

    We just stopped at Inlet Marina this morning (5/9/2013). They do not open until 7:30 AM. This was only a minor problem because we had left St. Augustine on the early Bridge of Lions 7:00 AM opening to work the tidal flow heading North.
    The owner was very nice and very helpful. He even loaned his pickup to my wife to run up to the Publix which certainly got us on our way quicker (no grocery store within walking distance to the St. Augustine mooring field). Very nice gesture! So, we’ve definitely recommend this place. Easy in and out.
    The restaurant is not open for breakfast, so no report on that.
    Glen Vetter
    s/v Freestyle

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    Inlet Marina has the cheapest fuel prices in St. Augustine Florida
  • San Sebastian River Marinas (St. Augustine) – near St. M. 780

    On 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

    Statute Mile 780 – Has anyone visited the marinas on St. Augustine’s San Sebastian River, particularly River’s Edge Marina and/or Hidden Harbor? If so, please give us your impressions and observations.

    Responses follow:

    Stayed there [River’s Edge Marina] and it was neat, albiet not a modern place. Eat at Paddys is neat. If you ask, you may get a nice discount. Sailors Exchange is an easy walk, and downtown is not that far either. We prefer it here to downtown. River has some current and turning around in a large boat may be a little difficult (65’+). Not many wakes here, especially versus downtown marina.
    John Winter

    We much prefer going to Rivers Edge Marina on the San Sabastian River. It’s better protected and less costly than the city marina. It’s closer to the really good restaurants in St. Augustine. We really like The Back 40 Urban Cafe a couple of blocks from the marina. The other good restaurant is Kings Street Bistro. The chef there was chef on Air Force 1 for two presidents. We have not been there because it’s only open Fri., Sat. and Sunday.
    Martin Basch
    Molly Blossom

    We stayed here [River’s Edge Marina] last month. What drew us initially was the opportunity to guy diesel from the truck that the Dockmaster would order for you if you give them prior notice. The fuel price was significantly less than any other marina we had encountered on the east coast of Florida. The truck showed up on time and by us docking at the marina’s fuel dock, it was easy to fuel up. We then moved to a T-head for the night. The docks have seen better days, but are fine. The marina has loaner bikes with large baskets so we could ride to the nearby
    grocery store, and the propane tank refill store. All that was very convenient.
    Finally the on site restaurant was filled with locals. The seafood was good and very reasonably priced. They give Happy Hour prices to boaters from Rivers Edge at any time that you eat at their restaurant. We like fancy marinas just as much as most boaters, but this is “Old Florida” and we enjoyed the atmosphere. We were very satisfied with our stay.
    Marc and Shelley Colby
    M/V Rock Chalk
    Endeavour 44 Trawlercat

    I stayed at Rivers Edge Marina on April 15, 2013. The marina is older with floating docks and a number of liveaboards. There is a great little bar called Hurricane Patty’s with daily specials for marina guests. They have complimentary
    bikes and west marine is only a short bike ride as well as grocery store. But the best reason to stop here is the fuel prices. The local diesel distributor will bring a truck to the dock and sell you clean, fresh diesel. I paid $3.75
    per gallon including all taxes.
    Randy Hondros
    Atlantic Beach, NC
    32 Grand Banks #855

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  • St. Augustine Mooring Fields, AICW Statute Mile 778

    On 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

    Statute Mile 778 – Has anyone made use of the St. Augustine mooring field this spring, either north or south of the Bridge of Lions? Did you have a good/bad experience in this field? Where did you dinghy ashore, and in what condition did you find the dinghy dock?

    Responses follow:

    In regards Statute Mile 778 – this mooring field is managed by the St Augustine Municipal Marina
    and although large, can get booked up during heavy times of cruisers heading north/south. It’s good to book early if possible. Very clean facilities, including showers, laundry, lounge. The dinghy dock is floating concrete and in excellent shape. Their facilities are right down town, great location. My only caution is that bikes that have been locked to their bike rack tend to disappear in the dark of the night. I believe they are working to address this issue with better lighting and cameras.
    Best regards,
    Michelle Bennett
    s/v A La Mer

    We are moored at St. Augustine right now, South of the bridge. The staff seems very nice. There is construction going on with the addition of considerably more floating concrete docks. This construction has not been an issue, just a bunch of construction guy working away. There are a couple close-in slips reserved for dinghies, which is great. One slip is labeled “hard dinghies”, but a couple hard dinghies dock in the other slip with no enforcement (didn’t see a “soft dinghies” sign, so ???). Keep in mind you need to be on a mooring ($20/day) to use these docks. Very nice on-shore facilities, even propane exchange.
    Our only complaint: why didn’t someone in the Florida bureaucracy realize the stretch of river adjacent and through the mooring fields should be NO WAKE!
    Glen Vetter

    This was a very satisfying experience.
    We anchored north of the bridge for an early AM departure. The price is very reasonable and they offered launch service on a two hour schedule so it was not necessary to put the dingy down. We did not take advantage of this service so the cost, if any, is unknown.
    This is the third time we have used the field and will be back.
    Jim & Marge Fuller
    Summer Skis

    Yes, we were told to pick up a mooring in the Salt Run #5, I think. Anyway, we told them we were a 6 ft draft and there was no way we could get even close to it. Probably no more than a few feet there We realized it just before we would have gone a ground. The moorings by the marina are very nice, $20 a night with all rights to the marina. You are right down town with all the activities and restaurants. The next time we went we anchored by the fort. it was great, no problem and saved the money.
    Harry & Melinda Schell
    S/V Sea Schell

    In answer to your question, I stayed at the mooring field north of the bridge this past February. We arrived in the cold and the rain to pick up a mooring ball. The marina staff was great. We were tired and really did not want to launch the dinghy and they came to my boat to collect the very reasonable over night fee.
    St Augustine is one of my favorite places.
    Bill D

    The moorings are well maintained, and the fee ($15 or $20) includes full shower facilities, dinghy dockage (plenty of good space, water spigots, trash/recycling disposal). Totally safe.
    Peter TenHaagen

    We spent a week on a ball on the south side mooring field. It was very windy and the field was quite choppy. We had to use the marina launch instead of our dink when blowing and the launch has very limited hours. The floating dink dock seemed fine. Publix & west marine are over a mile away. Downtown st augustine is excellent, lots to see and do.
    Capt Ed

    We stayed for two nights in the North field the end of March. Very nice and easy to find moorings. They keep the lines up and out of the water so they are clean and free of growth. The marina will send their boat out to you to collect the fee and/or take you to/from their docks. We did not drop the dinghy so I can’t give a review on the dinghy dock. A pump-up boat is also available on demand and is included in the fee. All in all a really positive experience, well done.
    mv Fortuitous

    Mooring Field South of the Bridge of Lions: left there Friday, April 19 after two days. A Nor’easter was moving in, but the river was not as choppy as expected; rather calm. The dinghy dock is inside the Marina, protected, and close to the ramp leading to showers and Town. Plenty of room to tie up.
    Bruce Franz
    “Hemisphere Dancer”
    Dickerson #19
    The Journey is the Destination

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  • St. Augustine, FL Dining Recommendations (Statute Mile 778)

    On 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posted the following question:

    Statute Mile 778 – Anyone got any good dining recommendations in downtown St. Augustine, within walking distance of the City Marina?

    Responses follow:

    Dining recommendations for St Augustine;
    JP Henleys across from the marina has great selection of craft beers and yummy sandwiches. (112 ft from dock)
    Bistro De Leon is a little french place in the plaza and one of my personal favorites. Great early bird dinner special as well. Closed on Weds. (0.1 mile from dock)
    The Floridian is a short walk and one of the local’s favorites. Also small dog friendly patio in front. (0.4 mile from dock)
    Meehan’s Irish Pub is a great place if you like oysters, try the Oyster Meehan. They also have an outdoor section called their Backyard which is dog friendly. (0.2 mile from dock)
    Gas Full Service Restaurant is just across the bridge on Anastasia Island and serve up the best burgers. Closed Suns and Mons. (0.5 mile from dock)
    I hope this info is helpful.
    Best regards,
    Michelle Bennett
    s/v A La Mer

    Don’t miss Columbia [Restaurant]. Great food, service and ambiance.
    s/v Skye

    OC Whites right across from City Marina. The marina is under major renovations, but still open (will then be better than ever). Especially on warm evenings outside.
    Toni Vander Veer

    Just a few steps away from the City Marina is O. C. Whites which has a great menu and reasonably priced menu with inside and outside dining serving the best clam chowder anywhere.
    It overlooks the marina and the Bridge of Lions.
    Happy dining.
    Captain Dick Burkhard

    Just up the street from the City Marina at 95 Cordova Street, is an exceptional, old world cuisine, fine dining experience. We never go through St. Augustine without stopping there for a special treat.
    The Cordova Restaurant (904-810-6810) in the Casa Monica Hotel
    Terry Bieker

    We recently had a delightful dinner at the:
    Raintree Restaurant
    102 San Marco Ave
    St. Augustine, FL 32084
    (904) 824-7211
    It is about 3/4 of a mile north of the city marina on San Marco. Old Florida decor with good food at reasonable prices.
    Tom Olson

    I have lived here since 1972 and can tell you the top restaurants within easy walking distance of the city marina are: OC WHITES, A1A ALE WORKS, HARRY’S, O’STEEN’S, SEA FAIR, if you want to really stretch your legs then add: BARNACLE BILLS, GYPSY CAB, COLLAGE, 95 CORDOVA. Whatever you do DO NOT EAT at the SANTA MARIA RESTAURANT (they advertise you can feed the fish and the reason is the food is sooooooo terrible.
    Perry McDonald

    St. Augustine is one of our two favorite Florida cities (Key West is the other) and we go there by both car and trawler.
    Two great restaurants we highly recommend:
    Habana Village Cafe. Located in the rear (south side) of the building just across the street from the city marina and at the city side of the Bridge of Lions. The food is Cuban and great! Dancing to live music most nights. Don’t miss this special treat.
    Columbia Restaurant. Claims to be the oldest restaurant in Florida (their Tampa restaurant). Basically the cuisine is Andalusian Spanish
    with Cuban favorites in the mix! We lived in Andalusia for three years (courtesy of the US Navy) and love the Columbia’s version of some of our favorite Andalusian tapas and main course dishes.
    Bob McLeran and Judy Young
    MV Sanderling

    Easy walk from City Marina to Cordova Street is a really good and reasonably priced restaurant, The Floridian, that specializes in locally sourced ingredients, and great food made from scratch. Open for about 2 years, no reservations, lunch and dinner only, the restaurant has a few outdoor tables and a charming self serve bar at the back because the restaurant itself is within 300 ft of a church. Buy your beverage at the bar and carry it to your table and you are legal under the ordinance! The food is so good during a week in St
    Augustine we ate at this restaurant every day for either lunch or dinner!
    Jack and Jackie
    S/V Serenity

    The restaurant “95 Cordova” in the Casa Monica hotel is one of the finest along our route from South Florida each year. Excellent quality, service and ambiance. About 3/4 blocks from Marina. Hotel is a national landmark.
    Bob Scalia
    MV Dall’Azzuro

    There is a Greek oriented restaurant about 3/4 mile west of the downtown area on the main street after you leave the city marina. I can’t recall it’s name but it is on the left just before US 1. It had some of the best fried shrimp I’ve ever tasted. I’m sorry I can’t give more accurate details but I haven’t been there for 2 years.
    Philip W. Mullins (Phil)

    Bistro De Leon, right on the north side of the historic square opposite the Bridge of Lions. Pricey but elegant. We were there New Years Eve on the recommendation of a friend. Be prepared to pay $100 per person or more, but it was well worth it.

    Many great places for dinner, but here’s one for lunch that we really like and it’s right across the street from the marina. J.P. Henley’s has great food and many different choices of beer and wine.
    Don mv Fortuitous

    The best place to eat in town is the A1A Ale House…right across street from city marina.
    Mike Dickens

    Bistro de Leon is one of my absolute favorites. One doesn’t have to spend a lot of money — you can go there for lunch. Wonderfully fresh French bread! We, too, went there one New Year’s Eve and became a fan.
    Connie Sage aboard Epilogue

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  • Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor (Statute Mile 775.5)

     Welcome to Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor! Located in America?s oldest city- St. Augustine, Florida- Camachee Cove is a fully protected marina adjacent to the ICW, and less than a mile from the St. AugusOn 4/22/13, as part of a NE Florida – Georgia Wish List, we posed the following question:

    Statute Mile 775.5 – Who has spent a night or two (or more) at Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor, just north of St. Augustine Inlet. Did you find it to be as first class as we remember it to be?

    Responses follow:

    We stayed at Commanchee Cove in very early January (Southbound) and again in early April (Northbound). It is still a very well managed facility with two courtesy cars available for use for 1 hour at a time, a very good bar/restaurant with traditional seafood plus very good sushi, and excellent repair services on site provided by both Commanchee Yacht Yard for haul and First Mate Yacht Services for in water repairs/service. Dock and office personnel are friendly, courteous and professional. The physical facilities are still very good but not
    as pristine as they were several years ago.
    Howard Rockness

    Camachee Cove has the best weather protection and also a very good marina. There is a new Publix grocery store just over the bridge in Vilano, making provisioning a snap if you’re staying here. Also, check out Fish Tales for good burgers, salads and sandwiches. They’re located in the same cove.
    Best regards,
    Michelle Bennett
    s/v A La Mer

    Camachee Cove Marina is definitely a first class marina. Friendly staff, very attentive, great mechanic service on site ,use of a courtesy vehicle and a great restaurant on site.
    Paul Hutchinson

    Spent 4/8/13 to 4/12/13 there. Have made it a regular stop. Nice docks, great people, good facilities, courtesy cars. Use First Mate to take care of any boat problems I can’t solve. Will be spending more time there in the future.

    We stayed 3 nights at Cammachee Cove marina in December 2012 and found it to be just as first class as our previous stays. They are always very responsive on the radio with docking instructions and their dock hands are very helpful. They have 2 courtesy cars and are flexible with their use if you need to use a car longer than a few hours and no one else requested it.
    Harriet Hardy
    sv Moondance

    Great Marina, excellent facilities, just too far from town.
    Tracy Hellman

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor

  • Latest Update on St. Augustine Inlet Aids to Navigation (Statute Mile 776)

    Back in 2011, successful navigation of St. Augustine Inlet had become problematical at best, due to some serious shoaling. A welcome dredging project in 2012 solved most of these problems, but our good friend, Captain Jay Bliss, member of the St. Augustine Port Commission, keeps us up to date from time to time on the very latest inlet navigational conditions.
    The account below is taken from a recent Port Commissioners meeting. Note particularly the red colored text. Here we learn about the refurbishment of inlet aids to navigation, and the removal of marker #5A.

    Greetings Port Observers,
    These notes are one person’s unofficial summary of the many interesting items brought before the StAugustine Port commission on April 16 2013. Our website is not yet up to date; will soon be fully operational.
    The SummerHaven River restoration still has a formidable adversary: the least tern. A few nests from that species are homesteaded on the filled-in river. Alternate sites nearby are being sought for the tern.
    Port is evaluating/pondering/tweaking the text of DEP’s Inlet Management Plan. Florida DEP, County, USArmy Corps of Engineers and FIND will be involved; the goals of restored beaches and a safe inlet are essential; the IMP will be the blueprint.
    City Management and Police, County Sheriff, and StJCo Fire &Marine Rescue departments, FWC, and USCG Jacksonville all provided updates. USCG LCdr Butts presented board with a chart of new buoy locations in the St. Augustine inlet. From the outermost safe water buoy, the “STA”, in to marker “8”, we have refurbished buoys and anchors. With the recent dredging, buoy “5A” became superfluous; it’s gone. There’s still a dog-leg out there. Residents of this area enjoy a proficient cadre of on-the-water experts who conscientiously keep our waters under safe surveillance.
    Commissioner Barry Benjamin was elected to Chair the Port, Herb Rippe will serve as Vicechair.
    CitizenAdvocate Ed Slavin presented us with the concept of a StAugustine Historical Park and Seashore.
    Meeting was adjourned at about 5:15; next meeting May 14, 2013
    Jay Bliss, Port Commissioner seat 5

    Came thru here late April dead low tide and heavy fog . no problem and markers are accurate.
    greg and donna on lady in red.

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of St. Augustine Inlet

  • Two Recommendation for A1A Ale House (St. Augustine, Fl, near St. M. 778)

     A1A Ale House is located directly across the street from the St. Augustine City Marina. I’ve not dined (or imbibed) here in several years, but after reading the reviews below, that has clearly been a gross oversight on my part. May you be wiser and more fortunate!

    Give the A1A ale house a try they have very good food and some fantastic home brews. It’s located directly across the street from the St Augustine marinia.

    A1A Ale House, St. Augustine, FL – Across the street from the Municipal Marina; excellent Brew Pub fare.
    Peg and Jim Healy aboard Sanctuary

    And the Strange Stout is yummy!

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For the St. Augustine City Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the St. Augustine City Marina

  • Breakwater Construction Underway at St. Augustine Municipal Marina, AICW Statute Mile 778

    St. Augustine City Marina - Click for Chartview

    The following is an excerpt from an article by Douglas Jordan published February 21st in the St. Augustine Record. For the full story see the link below.

    The breakwater project at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina just south of the Bridge of Lions is finally under way.
    A breakwater is a structure designed to mitigate waves. The St. Augustine Municipal Marina is getting one to shield its docks from big waves resulting from storms, said Harbormaster Sam Adukiewicz. The project will cost about $2.4 million.
    “The city has had a plan for a breakwater since long before I was hired, and the funds were finally allocated this year,” Adukiewicz said. “Almost every year, the marina has gotten a good amount of storm damage. So, we’re excited that we’re finally getting a little extra protection from the forces of nature.”
    Jim Piggott, director of general services for the City of St. Augustine, said the plan has been in the works for at least six years, and the money for the current project came from an allocation for the marina out of an $18 million city bond put into effect 18 months ago. Piggott said the breakwater will eventually pay for itself in the savings it provides by preventing major damage to the facility.
    By Douglas Jordan
    Special to The Record

    And, these informative photos just received 3/9/13 from Captains Glen and Jill Moore:

    Noted a post on SSECN about the breakwater construction in St. Augustine. Since we were downtown today, I wrangled a couple photos for you. Hope they help you and your readers “see” how the construction is progressing.
    The aerial photo was a bit tough to get for one traveling by boat.
    Glen and Jill Moore
    DeFever 40 Last Dance

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  • Survey Request from St. Augustine Cruisers Net, St. Augustine, FL

    An interesting survey that gives you an opportunity to express opinions about your cruising experiences in St. Augustine. After opening the link below, click Next to begin the survey.

    Cruising News:

    The St Augustine Cruisers Net would is looking to understand what brings people to St Augustine or not and why. Please complete our survey at:


    Thank you.

  • Good Words for River’s Edge Marina, off AICW Statute Mile 780

    River's Edge Marina - Click for Chartview

    River’s Edge Marina in St. Augustine, FL, is found well off the AICW, on the San Sebastian River, near this body of water’s upstream cruising limits.

    Friendly! They can arrange fuel at a reasonable delivered price(50 gal minimum). Reasonable prices and Hurricane Patty is on site.
    John Pholeric

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For River’s Edge Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of River’s Edge Marina

  • Weak Wifi Signal at St. Augustine Mooring Fields, AICW Statute Mile 778

    The new mooring fields in downtown St. Augustine have been both boon and bane for a number of pros and cons. Now the issue of weak to non-existant wifi signal at the moorings joins the chorus.

    Came through the bridge and went to the dock and signed in for a mooring ball. Good strong moorings. 4 days and strong 30 knot winds and very little swell.
    Clean showers and laundry facilities and right in the downtown.
    Terrible internet wifi. Can’t get it at the boat. Can pickup every other marina’s signal in the area but NOT St. Augustine City Marina’s. Only good if you physically go into the lounge. That sucks when you are 4 days stuck in the boat and can’t Skype, email,stream movies or work if you use your computer for work. If they ever fix this with a proper broadcast modem then this would be a great mooring field.

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For St. Augustine City Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of St. Augustine Mooring Fields

  • A Word of Caution about Adverse Currents at AICW/St. Augustine Inlet, Statute Mile 777.3

    Marker #60 - Click for Chartview

    Capt. Burnham offers compelling words of caution which should be taken seriously during falling tides at the intersection of the Waterway and St. Augustine Inlet at statue mile 777.3, especially at marker #60 where the channel makes a dogleg turn. And, no matter how often it happens, as any displacement hull vessel operator will relate, it is a strange sensation in the pit of your stomach when Mother Nature, in the guise of a crossing tide, unexpectedly wrests your boat from your control! While Capt. Burnham’s remarks pertain to St. Augustine Inlet, such adverse crossing tides can occur at a number of inlet/Waterway intersections.

    We were cruising north from the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine and planned a short daysail north up the AICW and back again. On a ebb flowing tide, two currents collide with the eastbound flow through the St. Augustine inlet. The southbound AICW ebb current and the northerly ebb current from Salt Run. A vessel traveling south on the ebb current of the AICW that desires to continue westward to the Bridge of Lions, will be swept past floating RED AICW marker “60″ into the path of a vessel heading eastward from the Bridge of Lions toward the inlet. This is not a narrow channel but the eddies created on an ebbing tide will cause a southbound vessel on the AICW to momentarily lose steerage at this right hand turn UNLESS the Captain APPLIES SUFFICIENT POWER to maintain forward momentum. Exercise CAUTION if you are leaving St. Augustine and you see vessel traffic coming from the north on the AICW. If that southbound vessel turns westward away from the inlet into the ebbing current it will lose the apparent speed of the southbound current as it turns right around the floating RED AICW marker “60″ and MAY be swept into the path of the eastbound vessel if caught in the eddies. This is especially true for displacement hulled vessels and vessels not at planing speeds. Give these southbound vessels ALOT of room to make their turn to the west.
    David Burnham

    Thank you Captain Burnham. We plan to be heading south through this area in mid-January.
    Brian Walter

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of St. Augustine Inlet/AICW Intersection

  • AICW Shoaling Reported North of St. Augustine, Statute Mile 774

    Shoaling at Marker #54 - Click for Chartview

    Back on 8/28/12, we posted a “Navigation Alert” message about shoaling north of St. Augustine, 1.5 nautical miles north of the Vilano Beach Bridge, and hard by marker #54 (see Now, in the message below, cherry picked from the latest Local Notice to Mariners, we have confirmation of this shallow water.
    ALL CRUISERS should be sure to take extra care as they pass marker #54, and LET US HEAR FROM YOU about your experiences along this stretch of the Waterway. Send us e-mail directly at, or click the “Contribute Cruising News” link/button, found at the top of this all (except) Chart View SSECN pages!

    The Coast Guard received a report of shoaling near Tolomato River Light 54 (LLNR 38830) north of St Augustine Inlet forming adjacent to the channel. Mariners are advised to exercise caution while transiting the area. Chart 11485

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at Lighted Marker #54

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