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Archive For: ICW – Trouble Spots – Intersection of ICW and Shallotte Inlet

  • Dredging Underway at AICW/Shallotte Inlet Intersection, Statute Mile 330

    AICW/Shallotte Inlet Intersection - Click for Chartview

    AICW/Shallotte Inlet Intersection – Click for Chartview

    The much needed dredging of this AICW Problem Stretch is certainly welcome news, especially with the completion date occurring before the heart of the Spring, 2014 transient season.

    The Dredge WILKO will be conducting dredging operations in the AICW at the Shallotte Inlet Crossing from 20 March until 13 April, 2014. The dredge and assisting vessels MISS LEANNE and PROUD MARY will monitor VHF-FM channels 13, 16 and 78. A Floating rubber and submerged polyethylene pipeline associated with dredging operation will traverse southwesterly and upland along west shoreline of Shallotte Inlet to the Ocean Isle Fill Placement Area near Shallotte Blvd. Pipeline, vessels and established crossings will be visibly lighted and marked with floating buoys
    in accordance with Coast Guard regulations. Mariners are urged to use extreme caution in the area, transit at their slowest safe speed to minimize wake, and proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made with dredge plant. Chart: 11534 LNM: 11/14

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Stretches” Listing For the AICW/Shalotte Inlet Intersection

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To This AICW Problem Stretch

  • Dredging To Begin in Shallotte Inlet, near AICW Problem Stretch, Statute Mile 330

    Please note that this dredging project is in the inlet proper, not the Waterway intersection. However, dredging of the Inlet/Waterway intersection is scheduled to begin soon, see

    The Dredge E. W. ELLEFSEN will be conducting dredging operations and beach nourishment at Shallotte Inlet from 14 February until 31 March, 2014. Dredged material will be transported to the beach via a submerged pipeline. The dredge and assisting vessels will monitor VHF-FM channels 13 and16. Mariners are cautioned to stay clear of dredge, booster, floating (pontoon) and submerged pipelines, barges, derricks and operating wires associated with dredging and marine construction operations. Operators of vessels of all types should be aware that dredges and floating pipelines are held in place by cables, attached to anchors some distance away from the equipment. Buoys are attached to the anchors so that the anchors may be moved as the dredge advances and the location of the submerged pipelines are marked by buoys on each side of the channel. Mariners are cautioned to strictly comply with the Inland Rules of the Road when approaching, passing and leaving the area of operations, and remain a safe distance away from the dredge, booster, buoys, cables, pipeline, barges, derricks, wires and related equipment. Owners and lessees of fishnets, crabpots and other structures that may be in the vicinity and that may hinder the free navigation of attending vessels and equipment must be remove these from the area where tugs, tenderboats and other attendant equipment will be navigating. Dredging projects are usually conducted twenty-four (24) hours a day seven (7) days a week, all fishnets, crabpots and structures in the general area must be removed prior to commencement of any work. A NO WAKE transit is requested of all vessels passing the dredge. Chart: 11520. LNM: 05/14

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Stretches” Listing For the AICW/Shalotte Inlet Intersection

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To This AICW Problem Stretch

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