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Archive For: –LNTM GA News

  • Announcement: Georgia Local Notice to Mariners Extracts

    Below you will discover extracts the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net has copied from the Local Notice to Mariners, that concern Georgia waters. The choice of what to extract is based on our appraisal of news that is of primary interest to the cruising community, and should not in any way be considered a comprehensive relisting of all the information that is available in the Local Notice to Mariners’ various editions.
    Also, please note that LNTM extracts are listed below in chronological order, based on publishing date.

  • Shoaling Reported in Sapelo River, west of AICW Statute Mile 636, 7/6/2016

    This area of shoaling is developing from the west and north side of the channel. This western portion of the Sapelo River departs the Waterway near Mile 636.

    Shoaling reported between Sapelo River DBN 6 (LLNR 5895) and Sapelo River DBN 10 (LLNR 5905). Depths are reported from 0-6 ft at Mean Low water. Aids to navigation are currently in 0 feet of water. Shoaling protrudes into the channel approximately 20 yards. Channel was found closest to the southern bank with a depth of 6-10 feet at Mean Low water. Chart 11510 LNM 27/16

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at Sapelo River

  • Shoaling Reported in St. Marys River, East of St. Marys, GA, May 13, 2014

    For cruisers wanting to make a side trip to visit historic St. Marys, GA, the  St. Marys River departs the Waterway at statute mile 712. This reported shoaling is in the dogleg just a mile east of St. Marys docks. The charted shoal between markers #6 and #8 would suggest that favoring the east side of the channel would be best. For more on the St. Marys River, go to

    There is excessive shoaling protruding approximately 15ft into the channel between St Marys DBN 6 (LLNR 6805) DBN 8 (LLNR 6810). The Coast Guard has re-established St Marys TEMP Buoy 6A in position 30-42-52-379N 081-32-00.613W. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area. Chart 11503 LNM 19/14

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at Shoaling Site

    Click Here To View the Georgia Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Langs Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Langs Marina

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Georgia Anchorage Directory Listing For the St. Marys Waterfront Anchorage

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To St. Marys GA

  • Offshore Towers a Hazard, South Carolina to Cape Canaveral

    This is a Local Notice to Mariners for our cruising brethren who choose to avoid shallow parts of the Ditch by going offshore. These unlighted towers are roughly 40 nautical miles off the coasts of South Carolina and Georgia, from St. Catherines Sound to Cumberland Island.

    There are eight (8) offshore U.S. Navy Aircraft Towers charted as lighted. The towers are not lighted, they are no longer used, not maintained and in very poor condition. The towers pose a hazard to navigation and are slated for removal in the future.
    The Positions of the (8) Towers:
    31 03 00.0N, 80 26 59.4W
    31 22 29.9N, 80 33 59.5W
    31 13 00.1N, 80 06 59.7W
    30 47 59.8N, 80 18 59.9W
    30 56 30.4N, 80 44 59.7W
    31 32 00.1N, 80 14 00.0W
    31 49 00.4N, 80 16 29.5W
    31 37 59.8N, 79 55 30.0W

    Chart 11480

  • Concrete Debris Along the Path of the AICW in Altamaha River (Statute Mile 657), 8/17/11

    The Waterway intersects the Altamaha River at mile 656 and runs in the Altamaha until entering Buttermilk Sound at mile 660. ALL cruisers traversing this section of the AICW need to be on maximum alert for the obstruction reported below! The Cruisers’ Net is declaring a Navigational Alert for these waters and a report has been filed with the USCG!

    Cruising News:
    On August 2, 2011 while traveling North there was a large piece of concrete with rebar partially exposed about mid tide on the Altamaha River between daymarks 204 and 206.
    Susan aboard s/v September Song

    Is this new or has it been there? Is it in the channel; if so red/center/green side? Or, out-of-channel? If so, which side? Has the Coast Guard been notified? This is good info, but what’s also needed is a better description of the location in case we’re there when the tide is in. (Not that that every happens to me, tho!)
    Thanks, Jim Healey

    It looked like it may have been a concrete pier, it was near the middle of the channel but closer to the red. No the coast guard was not notified.
    Susan aboard s/v September

    Thanks very much for following up, and for the CG notification. That must be fairly new, but it sounds like a really bad hazard for the unaware! We’ve been through there many times over the years, and I’ve never seen anything in that area before. But, the area is shoal, shallow, and does not lend itself to error; looks like, favor green” is the new rule.
    Actually, if the weather is right, we’ve taken to overnighting at the great Duplin River anchorage, then we go out at Doboy Sound and back in at SSI, or the St. Mary’s or St. John’s, to miss that whole Little Mud/Altamaha stretch. Too bad; we really love the salt marshes and the rural character of the area, but GA just does such a lousy job of keeping the waterway navigable! Maybe a hazard like this will get cleared before the fall migration.
    Thanks, again.
    Peg and Jim Healy aboard Sanctuary
    Currently at Rock Creek, Pasadena, MD
    Monk 36 Hull #132

    As noted by Captains Jim and Peg above, SSECN Eastern Seaboard Editor, Captain Larry Dorminy, notified the USCG about the obstruction in Altamaha Sound/AICW. They replied:

    Thank you for contacting the Navigation Center.
    Your report concerning a hazard to navigation in the Altamaha River is currently being investigated by a USCG Aids to Navigation team. Please refer to the District 7 Local Notice to Mariners for any information regarding their findings. If deemed necessary, a Broadcast Notice to Mariners will also be issued. We thank you for your report.
    We hope this addresses your inquiry. In our continuing efforts to provide high quality services to our customers, please let us know if you found the provided answer helpful.
    USCG Navigation Center
    Navigation Information Service
    NAVCEN MS 7310
    7323 Telegraph Road
    Alexandria, VA 20598 – 7310
    Tel: 703-313-5900

    The Coast Guard received a report of a large piece of concrete with rebar partially exposed about mid tide on the Altamaha River between Altamaha Sound Daybeacons 204 and 206. Mariners are advised to avoid this area. Chart 11508

    Just passed thru this area today with our 7ft draft Catalina 42. Tide was at about about +6ft. Ran directly down the center and did not hit anything or see anything. Found about 7ft MLW.
    It would have been good if September Song had indicated where they saw this obstruction. In the channel? To the side of the channel? Where was it?
    We have worred about this for many miles down the ICW but having faith with the heavy volumn of boats going thru hear we would have heard something by now.
    Dennis Lawrence
    S/V Thate Wata
    Catalina 42 Mk 2 Hull # 758

    I passed through here 2 days ago [March 23, 2014]. Between daymarker 208-206 there is an obstruction marked, on the west side of the channel. I was 15 minutes before low tide (+0.4). I did not see the obstruction that was marked there was significant chop due to high winds. i did not see anything between 206-204 except for a significant amount of mud bank. The depth in the channel was 7-13 ft.
    Steve Lancaster

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position On the AICW As It Passes Through the Altamaha River


    Do not know if this will affect any of you, but just in case…

    The U.S. Air Force will be conducting tests and training operations on nationally controlled frequencies between Hunter Army Airfield and Savannah International Airport during the period of June 6-10, 2011. Reduced reception may occur that could interfere with the range of 2900-3100MHz on some USCG radar systems.
    Mariners are urged to exercise caution and transit at their slowest safe speed if affected by any radar range reduction. If this reduction is noted, please contact the Coast Guard Sector Charleston on VHF radio channels 13 or 16 or by phone at (843)740-7050 immediately

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