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  • Eagles & Alligators in North and South Carolina

    My family can second these recommendations on observing wildlife in South and North Carolina, as posted on AGLCA’s Forum. These sections are some of the prettiest passages in the Waterway. You can find charts to each the ICW miles given by using the “STATUTE MILE/LAT-LON WIDGET” at the top of our Homepage.

    Going north on the ICW in South Carolina near mile 425 up through South Santee River keep your eyes peeled for several eagles who live in the area. Every single time we go through this area we see them. Next section is what I have deemed alligator alley is from North Santee River curve R16 through mile 416, one year in mid-May we spotted 18 on the banks and in the water. Also keep eyes open in the Waccamaw River from mile 385 to 377 we’ve spotted them in this section as well.
    Pam & Eric on Pier Pressure
    headed home to Beaufort, NC

  • Bonner Bridge Restricted to Shallow Draft Vessels, Pamilco Sound, Outer Banks, NC

    Shoaling in the Oregon Inlet has become so severe that it undermined the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge over Oregon Inlet resulting in the closure of the bridge to road traffic in 2013. See Oregon Inlet is definitely not a recommended passage.

    Mariners are advised that Coast Guard Sector North Carolina is enforcing a regulated navigation area IVO Herbert C. Bonner bridge in Oregon Inlet, NC in accordance with 33 CFR 165.520. Any vessel with a draft greater than 2 feet may not transit within 100 yards of the Bonner Bridge. The U.S. Coast Guard will continue to monitor the conditions of the waterway and update the Regulated Navigation Area as necessary. For any questions or concerns, please contact Sector North Carolina Command Center at (910) 343-3880. Chart 12204 LNM:13/15

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Oregon Inlet

  • Video of Manteo Entrance Channel, Alternate Route to Alligator River

    With the Alligator River Swing Bridge closed to navigation, several of our most experienced sailors have offered alternate routes to avoid the Alligator River portion of the Waterway. See and One of those stops along the alternate route is Manteo, home of Manteo Waterfront Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    This video  of Manteo’s entrance channel was sent to us by our friend and genuine “Old Salt” George Barr – you can trust his judgement! See George’s comments on this alternate route at

    Manteo Channel Entrance

    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Manteo Waterfront Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Manteo, NC

  • More on Alternates to Alligator River during the Swing Bridge Repairs


    With the disabled Alligator River Bridge closed to navigation, see, longtime contributors George Barr and Rick Brass offer alternatives to the Alligator River portion of the Waterway. Rick Brass even offers free dockage at Washington City Docks, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! Information on all the marinas mentioned below can be found on SSECN’s Homepage under CRUISING NEWS AND REFERENCE DIRECTORIES – North Carolina. See for more discussion of alternate routes.

    To any northbound cruisers in the interim. The alternate route starts at Oriental …down the Neuse River and into the Pamlico Sound heading north.
    Possible stops/marinas are Silver Lake in Ocracoke, Big Trout Marina in Englehard (45 miles from Oriental on the Western shore of the Pamlico), Manteo Waterfront Marina off Shallowbag Bay on Roanoke Island 45 miles from Big Trout…and then north through the Albemarle to Coinjock 35 miles away.
    The passage is open and deep and has only one fully 65′ bridge and is 17 miles shorter than the ICW. Of course, weather must be considered as it is less protected. Hope this helps in the interim.
    George Barr

    If northbound cruisers are on a schedule during the bridge repairs, and need an alternate route, I would suggest leaving the ICW at the crossing of the Pamlico River (at about SM 150) and swing east. You will go through Pamlico Sound, with potential stops in Engelhart on the west side of the sound and Manteo on Roanoke Island, and return to Albemarle Sound and the ICW on the north side of Roanoke Island. Manteo, BTW, is a nice cruising destination and well worth the trip.
    If you have time to wait for the bridge to be repaired and are looking for an hospitable spot to wait and explore, swing west about 25 miles on the Pamlico River and visit the Washington Waterfront Docks. Easy access with deep water slips. A number of good restaurants and places to explore. A good place to provision, with West Marine and a number of parts suppliers and repair opportunities. And if you need a free slip without power and water (but with nice heads and showers, and laundry facilities for boaters) you can mention this post and I will waive the 48 hour limit on free dockage.
    Rick Brass
    Washington Waterfront Docks

    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For the Washington City Docks

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Washington City Docks

  • More on Groundings at AICW/Browns Inlet intersection, Statute Mile 237

    With the reported groundings and marker confusion at this intersection (, it is definitely wise to follow the advice given below by Skipper Brass: “pay close attention to the charts and keep a watchful eye out for the markers – particularly the floating ones – instead of following the Magenta Line in this stretch of the ICW”  –  just as SSECN has advised by many months!

    From a January 19 Navigation Alert:

    On Saturday January 17, we experienced a hard grounding with bent shafts (2) and destroyed props (2) at this location. Knew about previous reports but marks were not where the deep water was. Strong current must have moved them. We are now on the hard waiting for shafts and props.
    Shame that this continuing problem is not addressed Our current bill is $26,000 to be removed back from the bar, and about $80,000 for shaft abd prop repairs! Navigation marks are not maintained!
    Douglas Jemal

    Just happens that I may have been the next boat to pass the location of this grounding. At 10:20 AM on 17 January, I was delivering a boat to Charleston and came up on a large powerboat stopped in the middle of the ICW at 34-35.847N, 077-14.568W. The stopped boat had passed us a few miles further North, headed southbound at around 20 knots.
    As I approached the spot, SeaTow came up and began setting up to unground the boat. It seemed to me that the boat had been on course directly from R60 to G63, which are the prominent daymarks before and after the inlet, and from the appearance of things the boat had been traveling pretty fast.
    This is a traditional problem area in the ICW, and both my Active Captain software and the Garmin plotter on the boat I was delivering sounded alarms for the hazard.
    Floating marks G61A and R62 were both in the location shown on my chart software, which is well over to the north side of the waterway (Starboard if you are heading south) and only about 75-100 feet from the shore. Made me quite nervous as we went by, but we saw 8 to 9 feet of depth in the channel at about an hour before local low tide.
    Object lesson is: pay close attention to the charts and keep a watchful eye out for the markers – particularly the floating ones – instead of following the Magenta Line in this stretch of the ICW.
    Rick Brass

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Stretches” Listing For the AICW/Browns Inlet Intersection

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To This AICW Problem Stretch

  • AIWA Winter Newsletter

    Because these are our home waters, SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’NET is especially proud to be a member of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association and of supporting their invaluable work. If you are a cruiser of “The Ditch” you will want to join in support of the AIWA.


  • Winter Helicopter Rescue off NC Coast by Elizabeth City Coast Guard

    Here is a not-so-typical story of the dangers faced by our Coast Guard as they answer the needs of boaters in distress. Elizabeth City and Mariner’s Wharf are located at the southern end of the Dismal Swamp Canal.

    Coast Guard crews battle snow, ice to transport injured boater


    U.S. Coast Guard photo by Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. An MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Air Station Elizabeth City prepares to land at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Friday. The crew medevaced and transported an injured crewman from a motor vessel off the North Carolina coast.

    The Daily Advance
    Friday, February 20, 2015
    PORTSMOUTH, Va. — Coast Guard crews from Air Station Elizabeth City transported an injured crewman today from a motor vessel about 170 miles east of Oregon Inlet.
    The Coast Guard 5th District Command Center in Portsmouth, Va., received a report from the 1,052-foot, German-flagged freight ship Dalian Express Thursday at about 4 p.m., stating a 62-year-old male crewmember suffered an eye injury while changing a valve in the engine room about 350 miles east of Oregon Inlet.
    To enable a medevac, the crew of Dalian Express, en route to Italy from Norfolk, changed course toward North Carolina to meet with a Coast Guard helicopter crew.
    A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew and C-130 Hercules aircraft crew launched Friday from Air Station Elizabeth City, at about 5:45 a.m. The crews flew through intermittent snow and icing conditions before arriving at the Dalian Express at about 6:45 a.m.
    The helicopter crew hoisted the injured man and transported him to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, arriving at about 9 a.m.
    The man, whose name was not released, was reported to be in stable condition.

    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For the Mariner’s Wharf Elizabeth City Docks

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Mariner’s Wharf Elizabeth City Docks

  • Southport Marina Named Marina of the Year, AICW Statute Mile 309.5

    No one deserves this honor more than Southport Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, located just west of the Cape Fear River along the northern banks of the Waterway hard by flashing daybeacon #2A. Congratulations Southport!

    ValvTect Names Marina of the Year
    North Carolina’s Southport Marina Honored

    Northbrook, Illinois – In 2006, Preston Development Company of Cary, North Carolina purchased an aging marina in Southport, North Carolina, on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW).

    What started as a simple remodeling project grew into a multi-million dollar, multi-year rebuild of the entire location. The result is one of the finest full-service marinas along the ICW. With 225 wet slips and 240 dry slips, Southport Marina can dock and service vessels from 20’ to 100’. By balancing Southern Hospitality-based customer service with first-class facilities and amenities, Southport Marina has become one of the most popular marinas for boaters cruising the ICW, local sport fishermen and local power and sail boaters.


    Left to right: Paul Craufurd, ValvTect Regional Manager, Robin Rose of Preston Development, Hank Whitley CMM, of Southport Marina, Thad Moore of Preston Development and Jerry Nessenson, founder of ValvTect Petroleum

    “To recognize Southport Marina’s accomplishments for customer service excellence, environmental stewardship, community involvement and marketing of ValvTect Marine Fuels, we are pleased to present the 2014 Certified ValvTect Marina of the Year award,” said ValvTect founder Jerry Nessenson. The award was presented at the ValvTect Marina of the Year award dinner held last month at the International Marina and Boatyard Conference (IMBC) in Tampa, Florida.

    Accepting the prestigious award were Robin Rose and Thad Moore of Preston Development Company (owner’s representatives) and Hank Whitley, CMM (Southport Marina Manager). All stressed their ongoing efforts to make Southport Marina a destination for transients and local boaters alike. “By striving to exceed our customer’s expectations we have been able to develop strong loyalty from both transient and local boaters,” said Hank Whitley. “Throughout the renovation process, our effort to build a top-notch facility was accompanied by a focus on environmental impact. Our efforts have earned us Certified Clean Marina status by North Carolina and the appreciation of our customers,” said Thad Moore. “We are proud to support the nation’s veterans and our community by hosting the Military Appreciation Day Fishing Event, sponsoring the North Carolina Maritime Museum and various other community activities,” added Robin Rose.

    In addition to the 2014 Certified ValvTect Marina of the Year, Southport Marina was recently named as one of the Top 25 Marinas in North America by Power and Motoryacht magazine. It also earned the 2013 Marina Dock Age Marina of the Year and received the Southport Chamber of Commerce “Golden Pineapple Award” for Excellent Customer Service.

    More about Southport Marina: Southport Marina is located on the ICW at mile marker 309 approximately 30 miles south of the Port City of Wilmington, NC. It is the first mainland marina upon entering the Cape Fear River Channel from the Atlantic Ocean, which is the passage all ships enter to come to Wilmington. Southport is a full service marina and boat yard that services boaters cruising the ICW as well as local fishermen, recreational power and sail boaters. There are 225 wet slips for boats from 30’ to 225’, 260 dry slips, 2 boat ramps, a 75 ton lift and ValvTect Marine Gasoline and ValvTect Marine Diesel. We also provide housing for NC Boat Rentals, MarineMax, Freedom Boat Club and North Sails and have been certified as a Clean Marina in North Carolina.

    More about ValvTect Petroleum: ValvTect Petroleum Products is the largest supplier of fuel additives to the nation’s fuel distributors that supply specially formulated fuels under its brands of ValvTect Marine Fuels, Diesel Guard Premium Diesel, ThermoGuard Heating Oil, AgriGuard Farm Fuel and BioGuard. It is also a major supplier to the nation’s largest fleets and engine manufacturers. In the marine industry, approximately 700 Certified ValvTect Marinas in 42 states supply ValvTect Marine Fuels, which are “specially formulated for marine engines”.
    Courtesy of  Boating Magazine:

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Southport Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Southport Marina

  • US Power and Sail Squadrons Honored by BoatUS

    Boat U.S.USPower and Sail Squadrons provide valuable local community services with their public boating safety inspections and boat handling courses, as recognized here by BoatUS, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    NEWS From BoatUS
    Boat Owners Association of The United States
    880 S. Pickett St., Alexandria, VA 22304

    power sqd

    (L to R) C/C Robert Baldridge; Cdr. Sterling Wyland, Ocean City; Lt/C. Bonnie Kanoy, North Strand; Cdr. JB Bagby, Ft. Macon; Cdr. Dick Todd, Lake Norman; Cdr. Jim Strothers, Sanibel-Captiva; D/C Mary Dodd, USPS District 8: Ted Sensenbrenner, BoatUS.

    Press Contact: D. Scott Croft, 703-461-2864,


    MD, NC, SC and FL United States Power Squadrons Bestowed With Honors

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla., February 5, 2015 — At the US Power Squadrons (USPS) Annual Meeting held recently in Jacksonville, Florida, five Squadrons from across the country and one District were honored with Distinguished Civic Service Awards. Sponsored by Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), the awards are given annually to the USPS District and Squadrons in recognition of exceptional service and public boating safety education and service to the boating community.

    “While America’s recreational boaters are enjoying the water with friends and family, Power Squadron members work hard giving up their own time to help make boating safer. They offer boat owners free vessel safety checks, provide boating safety instruction, and more. We greatly appreciate their commitment to ensuring everyone has a safe day on the water,” said BoatUS Foundation for Assistant Director of Boating Safety Ted Sensenbrenner.

    Top Squadron honors went to Sanibel-Captiva Sail and Power Squadron, Florida. Some of their activities included: participating in an on-water wreath laying ceremony honoring lost members of the armed forces, helping a local food pantry, and working to increase safety for paddlers. “They showed how difficult it can be to see kayakers at dusk and in times of limited visibility, and how simply adding white reflective tape to paddle blades can be a real lifesaver,” said Sensenbrenner.

    Second Place for Top Squadron went to Lake Norman Sail and Power Squadron, North Carolina, for their work with youth and bringing a new Sea Scout Ship to the area, as well as support of the “The Dolphin Project,” a local non-profit that performs surveys to monitor the health of dolphin populations.

    Third place went to North Strand Sail and Power Squadron, South Carolina, which hosted shoreline clean up events, collected donations for their local Helping Hands charity and Sea Haven, a residence for homeless teens offering crisis services.

    Runners up for Top Squadron included Ocean City Power Squadron, Maryland, for their community participation in parades, clean up events and their work with a respite care home to take families fishing and sightseeing. Another runner up was Fort Macon Sail and Power Squadron, North Carolina, for their work with the local visitors center to spread safety message as well as publishing boating safety stories and reaching out to boating families.

    Top USPS District Award, which recognizes the collective efforts of all of the squadrons within a region, went to USPS District 8, which includes South Florida and the Keys. The award is based on the amount of classroom hours logged, community outreach hours and number of vessel safety checks performed. These voluntary and free safety reviews are designed to educate boaters about recommended and required safety equipment aboard recreational vessels and to assess the condition of the safety equipment they have aboard.

    US Power Squadrons began with the efforts of Charles Chapman, who in 1914 realized that owners of recreational powerboats needed instruction on how to operate safely and with confidence. Today, the USPS has over 400 regional Squadrons for owners of both sail and powerboats.

    About United States Power Squadrons:

    Organized in 1914, United States Power Squadrons (USPS) is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable by teaching classes in seamanship, navigation and related subjects. Our members are boating families who contribute to their communities by promoting safe boating through education. We enjoy participating with our fellow members on the water and in the classroom. USPS has nearly 40,000 members organized into over 400 squadrons across the country and in some US territories. USPS is America’s largest non-profit boating organization and has been honored by three US presidents for its civic contributions. Each squadron’s activities involve the three primary objectives of USPS: community service, continuing education, and enjoying the friendship and camaraderie of our fellow members. For more, go to

    About BoatUS and BoatUS Foundation:

    Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) is the nation’s leading advocate for recreational boaters providing its over half-million members with government representation, services such as 24-hour dispatch, on water boat towing as well as roadside assistance for boat trailers and tow vehicles, feature-packed boat insurance programs, money-saving benefits and vital information that improves the boating, fishing and sailing lifestyle. Its 501(c)(3) nonprofit BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water is a national leader promoting safe, clean and responsible boating, and provides innovative educational outreach directly to boaters and anglers with the aim of reducing accidents and fatalities, increasing stewardship of America’s waterways and keeping boating safe. For more, go to or

  • Wilmington District ACOE NC Coastal Maintenance Budget for 2015-16

    This budget article by Jenny Callison, from, holds some promise of increased maintenance in the NC coastal waters.

    Draft FY ’16 Budget For Army Corps’ Wilmington District Favors Coastal Projects
    By Jenny Callison, posted 2/4/2015

    President Obama’s budget proposal for the 2016 fiscal year – presented to Congress on Monday – includes almost $30 million for operations and maintenance projects in coastal North Carolina, according to a news release from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wilmington District. The district’s total appropriation in the draft budget is $54 million for FY 2016, which runs from Oct. 1, 2015 to Sept. 30, 2016.

    The largest single expenditure on the draft budget is about $15 million for work in the Wilmington harbor, an increase of slightly more than $1 million from the current budget year’s level. A total of nearly $8.8 million is proposed for work in the Morehead City harbor, down slightly from the current fiscal year total of $8.9 million.

    Read more at:

  • Temporary Power Line Height Reduction, AICW Statute Mile 310.5

    These power lines are midway between Southport, NC and the Oak Island-Fort Caswell Bridge. The temporary reduction in height of the power lines will affect few if any cruisers, but our tall-masted friends are very conscious of overhead clearances, as they should be! No completion date is given.

    Mariners be advised that the power lines on the navigable waters of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway at latitude 33°55’11” N, longitude 078°03’24” W in Oak Island, North Carolina is not reflecting the charted vertical clearance of 96 feet. The current temporary vertical clearance is at 76 feet. Mariners should use caution when transiting the area. Chart 11537. LNM: 05/15

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Power Lines

  • Shoaling Reported at Sneads Ferry, AICW Statute Mile 247

    This reported shoaling is at the intersection of New River channel, New River Inlet and the Waterway at Sneads Ferry, NC. The markers noted are ICW markers, not Inlet or New River markers.

    Hazard to navigation – shoaling has been reported to a depth of 3 feet between the Bogue Sound-New River Buoy 72A (LLNR 39300) and Bogue Sound-New River Buoy 72B (LLNR 393003) and depth of 4 feet at Bogue Sound-New River Buoy 74 (LLNR 39305) on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. Mariners are advised to transit the area with caution.
    Chart 11542 LNM: 05/15

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at New River/Waterway Intersection

  • Warning about E15 Gasoline in North Carolina

    Boat U.S.All boaters with gasoline fueled engines need to be concerned about ethanol added fuels. The use of ethanol added fuel in marine engines has been a point of contention for everyone in the boating industry from users to repair services and manufacturers. BoatUS continues to be a strong advocate for boating safety including the risk of engine failure and fire due to ethanol damaged fuel lines. See

    January 23, 2015

    Dear BoatU.S. Member:

    If you fill your boat up at Sheetz gas stations in North Carolina beware of E15 or gasoline containing 15 percent corn-ethanol. There is not a single marine engine warrantied to run on this higher blended fuel and any damage it does to your car may not be covered by the manufacturer warranty, according to AAA.

    Sheetz Convenience Stores announced on January 21, 2015 that they will offer E15 fuel at 60 of their store locations in North Carolina beginning in early 2015. Because this fuel is often the cheapest at the pumps that offer multiple fuel choices, please take an extra moment to ensure you aren’t filling your boat with any fuel containing more than 10% ethanol. It is not only unsafe for you to use this fuel in your boat engine, but you are prohibited by law from using it in marine engines as well as other small engines such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, snowmobiles and line trimmers.

    BoatU.S. will continue to lobby Congress to reform the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) – a law which forces these higher blends and less compatible fuels into our markets. For more on the Renewable Fuel Standard go to

    Thanks for being a BoatU.S. member!

    Nicole Palya Wood
    BoatU.S. Government Affairs
    (703) 461-2878 x3201

    And more today from BoatUS News:

    Buyer Beware of Ethanol Fuel in North Carolina:

    60 Sheetz Stations to Offer E15 in 2015

    “This Isn’t Just About Boats”

    RALEIGH, NC, January 29, 2015 – The Altoona, Pennsylvania based convenience store chain Sheetz announced on January 21 that it would offer E15 fuel – gas containing up to 15% ethanol – at 60 of their North Carolina locations beginning in early 2015. Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) believes that could be a problem for recreational boaters, motorists and many other users of gasoline-powered equipment and vehicles.

    There are no marine engines warrantied to run on E15 and according to AAA, most automobile manufacturers say any damage due to the use of this higher ethanol blend fuel will void the warranty.

    In the US, nine out of every ten boaters own a trailerable boat that is most often filled up at a roadside gas station – not at a marina gas dock. While any gasoline with greater than 10% ethanol (E10) is prohibited for use with recreational boat engines, it’s a common practice among trailer boaters to fill the tow vehicle first, then simply pull the boat up to the pump and insert the same gas pump nozzle into to boat’s fuel fill. A small, inadequate warning label on the pump pointing to the prohibited uses of E15 may contribute to a situation ripe for misfueling.

    “This isn’t just about boats,” said BoatUS Government Affairs Program Manager Nicole Palya-Wood. “If you own an older car, truck, or any small engine such as a lawnmower or leaf blower that uses gas, you will need to be very aware — and take an extra moment to ensure — you’re not putting higher ethanol E15 in the tank. At stations that offer multiple fuel selections these corn-based ethanol fuels are often the lowest price, which is an attraction for frugal boaters. Ironically, owners of small, affordable boats could get hit the hardest when the expensive repair bill comes,” added Wood.

    BoatUS, which has nearly 20,000 members in North Carolina, will continue to lobby Congress to reform the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) – a law which forces these higher blends and less compatible fuels onto the public. For more on the Renewable Fuel Standard go to

    Sheetz operates 437 locations in six states, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina.

  • Haulout Facilities at Bennett Brothers Yachts/Cape Fear Marina, off the AICW on Cape Fear River, in Wilmington, NC

    This response to an AGLCA Forum request for dry storage on the Atlantic coast comes from SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Bennett Brothers Yachts in Wilmington, NC. Patricia Bennett was recently featured by Marina Life Magazine, see

    Bennett Brothers Yachts is a AGLCA sponsor and we can accommodate catamarans! Our 70 Ton lift pit has a width of 26 ft so a beam of 22 ft is not a problem. We are located on the Northeast Cape Fear River in historic
    Wilmington, NC. Height is not a restriction! Long term dry storage is available for monohulls as well as multihulls. Please call Tricia Bennett for details – 910.772.9277,
    Patricia Donovan Bennett
    Bennett Brothers Yachts, Inc.
    Cape Fear Marina
    1701 J.E.L. Wade Drive
    Wilmington, NC 28401

    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Bennett Brothers Yachts/Cape Fear Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Bennett Brothers Yachts/Cape Fear Marina

  • More Good Words for Deep Point Marina, Southport, NC, Cape Fear River, AICW Statute Mile 307

    The marked entry channel to Deep Point Marina – A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! – lies northwest of Cape Fear River/AICW marker #20.

    Just left Deep Point Marina and can’t say enough great things about the staff, facility and the other boaters I met there. Everyone was extremely hospitable and ready to help with whatever you needed. Historic Southport is a good two miles away from the marina so a ride is needed. Also, there are no grocery stores in historic Southport so you need to go a little farther to get to a Food Lion or Walmart. However, there are lots of great restaurants in Southport. Try Loco Joe’s for an incredible pork sandwich and Bernie’s for a deep fried croissant! Docking fee was extremely reasonable and since we arrived in December there was a special on top of that for staying three days. We will come back!

    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Deep Point Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Deep Point Marina

  • How Lockwoods Folly Got Its Name, AICW Statute Mile 321

    Our thanks to Skipper Boyd for this message and link in response to one of Claiborne’s “tales” – see And see “Young’s Yarns” on our Homepage for more of Claiborne’s sagas! Lockwoods Folly Inlet, just east of Holden Beach, is well known to Waterway cruisers, not for the Inlet proper, but because of the perennial shoaling at the intersection of the Inlet and the Waterway.

    There are a number of theories about how Lockwood Folly received its name. They can be read at:
    Pete Boyd

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Lockwoods Folly Inlet

  • Updated Phone Number for Camp Lejeune Firing Range

    The number provided by Skipper Walters has been confirmed as the number for all the firing ranges at Camp Lejeune. See  Thank you Skipper Walters!

    Kayaking from Maine to Guatemala. Tomorrow I will pass by Camp Lejeune on the ICW. Called the number listed in the above post. It was wrong, but they gave me the current correct number to call: 910 451 3064. Safe Passage for me for tomorrow!
    Deb Walters

  • New Bridge Construction on Cape Fear River, well north of Wilmington, NC

    Cape Fear River mile marker #1 is north of the Wilmington waterfront and this new bridge construction at mile 35.5 will affect few, if any, cruisers.

    Mariners are advised to take caution and proceed slowly when approaching the construction site of the new highway bridge on the Wilmington Bypass, over the Cape Fear River, mile 35.5, in Brunswick and New Hanover Counties, NC. When completed, the Cape Fear River Bridge will have a vertical clearance of 64 feet at mean high water (MHW) and a horizontal clearance of 160 feet. Work barges and structures will be located along the sides of the waterway through December 2016. The channel shall remain open to navigation. Mariners should continue to monitor the Local Notice to Mariners for potential impacts to navigation. Chart 11537. LNM: 49/14


  • Two New Restaurants in Wilmington, NC, off the AICW on Cape Fear River

    Cape Fear Marina and Bennett Brother Yachts, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, continues to provide excellent service as well as convenient access to the many attractions Wilmington has to offer, including two new restaurants: Catch, with award winning local Chef and Food TV celebrity, Keith Rhodes at 6623 Market Street, 910-799-3847 and Dock Street Oyster Bar, ranked #11 out of 409 picks for 2014 by Tripadvisor, 12 Dock Street, 910-762-2827.
    Along with the friendly folks at Cape Fear Marina, such haute cuisine makes the trip up the Cape Fear River very alluring!


    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Bennett Brothers Yachts/Cape Fear Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Bennett Brothers Yachts/Cape Fear Marina


  • Artificial Reef Marking, near Ocracoke, Pamlico Sound, NC

    Big Foot Slough Channel is the primary entrance from Pamlico Sound to Ocracoke and Silver Lake Harbor and is used by the vast majority of cruising craft and both Ocracoke car ferries.

    Mariners are advised that the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries will be remarking new positions for artificial reef 298 located approximately 1.5 mile east from the big foot slough channel entrance in 0cracoke, NC. The new boundary coordinates are: 35.18042N – 75.99352W; 35.17533N -75.99352W; 35.17533N -75.99953W; and 35.18042N -75.99953W. Mariners should use caution when transiting the area. NC Carolina Fisheries POC: Gregg Podnar at 252-808-7199 or 252-808-8053. LNM: 47/14

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Big Foot Slough

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