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Archive For: NORTH CAROLINA – All Cruising News

  • CAUTION! at AICW/Browns Inlet AICW Problem Stretch, Statute Mile 237, 1/19/2015

    The AICW stretch south of Swansboro, NC, where the Waterway runs behind ultra shallow Browns Inlet, is one of the single worst North Carolina sections of the AICW. We reported a grounding in this Problem Stretch back in August of 2014 ( and marker confusion could have been the cause. Skipper Jemal’s experience confirms the issue of marker placement. The intersection of the Waterway and Browns Inlet has been the site of shoaling for some time and requires the utmost caution!. See

    On Saturday January 17, we experienced a hard grounding with bent shafts (2) and destroyed props (2) at this location. Knew about previous reports but marks were not where the deep water was. Strong current must have moved them. We are now on the hard waiting for shafts and props.
    Shame that this continuing problem is not addressed Our current bill is $26,000 to be removed back from the bar, and about $80,000 for shaft abd prop repairs! Navigation marks are not maintained!
    Douglas Jemal

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Stretches” Listing For the AICW/Browns Inlet Intersection

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To This AICW Problem Stretch

  • Haulout Facilities at Bennett Brothers Yachts/Cape Fear Marina, off the AICW on Cape Fear River, in Wilmington, NC

    This response to an AGLCA Forum request for dry storage on the Atlantic coast comes from SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Bennett Brothers Yachts in Wilmington, NC. Patricia Bennett was recently featured by Marina Life Magazine, see

    Bennett Brothers Yachts is a AGLCA sponsor and we can accommodate catamarans! Our 70 Ton lift pit has a width of 26 ft so a beam of 22 ft is not a problem. We are located on the Northeast Cape Fear River in historic
    Wilmington, NC. Height is not a restriction! Long term dry storage is available for monohulls as well as multihulls. Please call Tricia Bennett for details – 910.772.9277,
    Patricia Donovan Bennett
    Bennett Brothers Yachts, Inc.
    Cape Fear Marina
    1701 J.E.L. Wade Drive
    Wilmington, NC 28401

    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Bennett Brothers Yachts/Cape Fear Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Bennett Brothers Yachts/Cape Fear Marina

  • More Good Words for Deep Point Marina, Southport, NC, Cape Fear River, AICW Statute Mile 307

    The marked entry channel to Deep Point Marina – A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! – lies northwest of Cape Fear River/AICW marker #20.

    Just left Deep Point Marina and can’t say enough great things about the staff, facility and the other boaters I met there. Everyone was extremely hospitable and ready to help with whatever you needed. Historic Southport is a good two miles away from the marina so a ride is needed. Also, there are no grocery stores in historic Southport so you need to go a little farther to get to a Food Lion or Walmart. However, there are lots of great restaurants in Southport. Try Loco Joe’s for an incredible pork sandwich and Bernie’s for a deep fried croissant! Docking fee was extremely reasonable and since we arrived in December there was a special on top of that for staying three days. We will come back!

    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Deep Point Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Deep Point Marina

  • How Lockwoods Folly Got Its Name, AICW Statute Mile 321

    Our thanks to Skipper Boyd for this message and link in response to one of Claiborne’s “tales” – see And see “Young’s Yarns” on our Homepage for more of Claiborne’s sagas! Lockwoods Folly Inlet, just east of Holden Beach, is well known to Waterway cruisers, not for the Inlet proper, but because of the perennial shoaling at the intersection of the Inlet and the Waterway.

    There are a number of theories about how Lockwood Folly received its name. They can be read at:
    Pete Boyd

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Lockwoods Folly Inlet

  • Updated Phone Number for Camp Lejeune Firing Range

    The number provided by Skipper Walters has been confirmed as the number for all the firing ranges at Camp Lejeune. See  Thank you Skipper Walters!

    Kayaking from Maine to Guatemala. Tomorrow I will pass by Camp Lejeune on the ICW. Called the number listed in the above post. It was wrong, but they gave me the current correct number to call: 910 451 3064. Safe Passage for me for tomorrow!
    Deb Walters

  • New Bridge Construction on Cape Fear River, well north of Wilmington, NC

    Cape Fear River mile marker #1 is north of the Wilmington waterfront and this new bridge construction at mile 35.5 will affect few, if any, cruisers.

    Mariners are advised to take caution and proceed slowly when approaching the construction site of the new highway bridge on the Wilmington Bypass, over the Cape Fear River, mile 35.5, in Brunswick and New Hanover Counties, NC. When completed, the Cape Fear River Bridge will have a vertical clearance of 64 feet at mean high water (MHW) and a horizontal clearance of 160 feet. Work barges and structures will be located along the sides of the waterway through December 2016. The channel shall remain open to navigation. Mariners should continue to monitor the Local Notice to Mariners for potential impacts to navigation. Chart 11537. LNM: 49/14


  • Two New Restaurants in Wilmington, NC, off the AICW on Cape Fear River

    Cape Fear Marina and Bennett Brother Yachts, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, continues to provide excellent service as well as convenient access to the many attractions Wilmington has to offer, including two new restaurants: Catch, with award winning local Chef and Food TV celebrity, Keith Rhodes at 6623 Market Street, 910-799-3847 and Dock Street Oyster Bar, ranked #11 out of 409 picks for 2014 by Tripadvisor, 12 Dock Street, 910-762-2827.
    Along with the friendly folks at Cape Fear Marina, such haute cuisine makes the trip up the Cape Fear River very alluring!


    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Bennett Brothers Yachts/Cape Fear Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Bennett Brothers Yachts/Cape Fear Marina


  • Missing Canoeist, Albemarle Sound, NC

    This notice was sent by Susan Hinkle via Mike Ahart of Waterway Guide. If you have any information as to the where abouts of this boater, please contact SSECN or Waterway Guide.

    Hi Mike,
    A Canoeist who was stopped in Elizabeth City NC on Nov 13-16, I believe he left on the 16th heading south, he is missing, his canoe was found overturned in Big Flatty Creek which feeds into the Albemarle Sound, in Pasquotank County. I was wondering if you could reach out to the boaters who get your email who may have been docked here over those dates, as I know he went over to speak to them after leaving my store on Saturday evening the 15th.
    Thanks so much – I hope he met new friends –
    Susan Hinkle, Owner, Page After Page Bookstore

  • Artificial Reef Marking, near Ocracoke, Pamlico Sound, NC

    Big Foot Slough Channel is the primary entrance from Pamlico Sound to Ocracoke and Silver Lake Harbor and is used by the vast majority of cruising craft and both Ocracoke car ferries.

    Mariners are advised that the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries will be remarking new positions for artificial reef 298 located approximately 1.5 mile east from the big foot slough channel entrance in 0cracoke, NC. The new boundary coordinates are: 35.18042N – 75.99352W; 35.17533N -75.99352W; 35.17533N -75.99953W; and 35.18042N -75.99953W. Mariners should use caution when transiting the area. NC Carolina Fisheries POC: Gregg Podnar at 252-808-7199 or 252-808-8053. LNM: 47/14

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Big Foot Slough

  • Deep Keel Vessel Needs Your Advice

    This question is unusual, not because of Skipper Aigeltinger’s concern for Waterway depths, but because of his vessel’s 7ft 3inch draft. Whether that draft is fin keel or full keel, that is a lot of draft with which to confront the shallow spots in North Carolina. He has access to our listing of NC Problem Stretches, but is asking for your input into his decision to attempt the ICW from Norfolk to Beaufort, NC, which, fortunately for him, is north of all the Inlet/ICW intersections further south.

    I am considering delivering a 44 ft sailboat from the Chesapeake to Florida. Draft is 7 ft 3 in. Would like to know if anyone knows if it’s possible to get that from Norfolk to Beaufort in the ICW ? Or if anyone could direct me to a source for that info.
    Thanks, Ed Aigeltinger

    Note this praise for Argus:

    The Argus soundings are really helpful. I followed ICW all the way from Norfolk to Beaufort, NC and it looks like the most questionable area is a few miles north of Beaufort. (That area just north of the Alligator River bridge where the channel takes a turn or two around some shoals has always been poorly marked. Have to be careful there but I think there’s plenty of water if you stay channel center.) The shallow area just north of Beaufort is at the south end of the Adams Creek Canal and as I recall that part is narrow and the markers are a little far apart making it a little difficult to stay in the channel. On the chart the Argus readings are shown to be out of the channel. So I wonder if the chart is wrong or if whoever did the Argus run missed the channel, hence the shallow readings there ?? Would appreciate any input from anyone re that. I plan to call Jarrett Bay Boatworks and Beaufort Docks and ask for some local knowledge. Would hate to run 199 miles from Norfolk and get 3-4 miles away only to not be able to get there. However, if the readings are right, the shallowest I see is just over 4 ft and the tidal range is about 3 ft so still might be able to skim through at high tide.
    Thanks again for your help-Ed

    Thanks to all for the info re the ICW depth from Norfolk to Beaufort, NC.

    I also spoke with the dockmaster at Beaufort Docks and he assured me there was plenty of depth at Core Creek if one is careful to stay in the channel. It’s narrow there and the markers are a little far apart. Apparently the Argus boat was a little out of channel hence the readings down to 4 ft. Dockmaster also said he has a friend who comes down each year with 9 ft. He said to be careful to stay as close to center as possible in the Alligator River-Pungo River canal as his friend has hit some pretty hard stuff a little off center.
    As you mention fixed bridge height is also a concern. Boat I may deliver is 62 ft to mast top and 65 ft to antenna top. (I brought a cat down once and rang almost every beam on the bridges with the antenna. A little nerve wracking.) So if anyone has or hears any local knowledge re bridge height problems I would certainly appreciate the info. I may try to do what I’ve done a few times in the past. Install a 4-5 ft long piece of 1×4 wood at the mast head going forward and then a vertical piece at the forward end that is about a foot higher than the highest solid part of the mast. One can then creep up to the first beam and if this ‘indicator’ goes under all is hopefully well. If not heavy reverse is in order.
    Thanks again for the info and please keep me in mind if you hear anything else of importance.
    Ed Aigeltinger

    November 30:
    Thanks again for your help with ICW depth issue. I had no idea about the ARGUS ‘program’. Obviously with that kind of data in the laptop one could cruise the ICW from data point to data point. Really amazing stuff !
    Thanks again,
    Ed Aigeltinger

  • High Praise for Alligator River Marina, AICW Statute Mile 84

    Well deserved praise for a fine owner-operated marina! Alligator River Marina lies on the western shore of the mouth of the Alligator River/AICW, just north of the swing bridge and southwest of flashing daybeacon #12. This facility provides the ONLY readily available dockage and fuel along the patch of the AICW between Coinjock, Elizabeth City and Dowry Creek/Belhaven!

    We stayed at the Alligator River Marina in early October and found both the staff and the facilities to be great. We used their ramp to launch our 22 ft sailboat and stayed for two nights at the marina while sailing on the Alligator River and touring the nearby Alligator Wildlife Refuge. (We saw a mother black bear and two cubs playing in the road while in the Refuge.) Upon our arrival at the marina one of the staff members even assisted me in lifting our outboard motor onto its mount. Although we came prepared to cook meals on our boat the food and service at the marina grill was so good that we quickly changed plans. As long as they had extra slips they spaced the boats out in the marina so that we all had plenty of privacy. As noted by one of the other reviewers there was a beautiful moon out over the Alligator River on our first night there. Mrs. Wanda and the staff went out of their way to make our stay a pleasant one.
    Philip & Genie Safriet – The Venture

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Alligator River Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Alligator River Marina

  • Reminder: Bridge Boards Indicate Least Vertical Clearance and Charts Indicate Maximum Clearance

    This reminder comes to us from Skipper Rohrkemper who relates a bridge incident in which the bridge tender incorrectly stated that the clearance boards were reading the vertical clearance at the center of the span. USCG Officer Rousseau’s response is quite clear: clearance boards give the least vertical clearance available, normally found at the outer edge of the span, and charts indicate the maximum vertical clearance above MHHW at the center of the span. With a closed vertical clearance of 20ft, the Wrightsville Beach Bascule Bridge crosses the AICW at Statute Mile 283, southwest of marker #125.

    Approaching the Wrightsville Beach/ S.R. 74 bridge southbound on 10/30/2014, at high tide at Masonboro Inlet, the clearance signboard read 14′. The bridge tender confirmed that the signboard was measuring clearance at the center of the span and not at the lower shoulders. A December, 2013 version of Chart 11541 lists the clearance as 20′ (at center). Was the bridge tender wrong? Tide was high but not 6′ above MHHW.
    Paul Rohrkemper

    I have looked into the Wrightsville Beach question. The clearance boards are most likely reading correctly. The gauges show the vertical clearance of the bridge at the lowest point across the channel 13.5 feet at MHW (outer edges of channel). The Chart shows the clearance of the bridge at the center of the spans. We normally do not mark this clearance on the chart. It is normally what the clearance is at the lowest part of the bridge across the channel 13.5 feet at MHW. Probably at some point in the past it was requested to mark the center and highest point (This point would only be in that exact spot of the bridge). Legally the bridge owner still needs to show the clearance gauges for the lowest clearance across the channel. NCDOT is going to check to make sure the boards are reading correctly. Hope this clears up this question.
    Jim Rousseau
    Bridge Program Manager
    United States Coast Guard District 5

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Bridge Directory Listing For SR 74 Bridge

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of SR 74 Bridge

  • Patricia Bennett Honored, Bennett Brothers Yachts,off the AICW on Cape Fear River, in Wilmington, NC

    Patricia Bennett, President of Bennett Brothers Yachts, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, has been honored in this article by Ellen Honey in Marina Life Magazine.

    Women in Boating

    Written by Ellen Honey
    Once a rarity in the marine industry, women now often play a central role, whether that’s at the wheelhouse, in the galley, or at the helm of the entire operation. Some arrived at their position via family, others through serendipity or determination, but they are all passionate about their boating careers.

    President, Bennett Brothers Yachts
    Patricia assumed full responsibility at Bennett Brothers Yachts and Cape Fear Marina in Wilmington, North Carolina, when her husband and partner, Paul Bennett, passed away in 2007.

    Tricia is used to preparing for hurricanes, but nothing could have prepared her for the recession that swept the industry in 2008. Conservative by nature, she was able to survive and grow, and is optimistic about the current uptick in the marine industry. Customers aren’t just doing necessary mechanical repairs but are now redoing their hulls. Recent projects include repainting a 72-foot Marlow Explorer and the Wilmington Fire Department fireboat.

    Tricia has no plans to slow down. She labels herself a “demanding leader” who expects 110 percent from employees because, “I give 110 percent every day.” Two of her four children are interested in helping her further develop and enhance the marina and boatyard, located in one of the fastest growing areas in the country. No doubt, this energetic woman will keep pace with the growth of her surroundings.

    For more on this story, go to:

    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Bennett Brothers Yachts/Cape Fear Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Bennett Brothers Yachts/Cape Fear Marina

  • Update on Sea Gate Marina, Adams Creek Canal, AICW Statute Mile 194

    Sea Gate Marina guards the Waterway’s western banks, just north of the Core Creek bridge. This facility has a well sheltered harbor, but we’ve noted some thin depths here in the past.

    Update: Not for big boats. Transient dock has only 30 amp @ 6.00 per night. The pedestals have 50 amp receptacles but are not wired. The water faucets are not plumbed, however a very long hose is available to reach most of the transient dock. The self-service pumpout has been down all summer but has now been repaired as of 11/2014. Wifi is available at the transient dock but is a residence system with limited bandwidth that is shared with the small campground. Clean showers. Pleasant TV lounge. Friendly adult staff at present. Marina store winter hours 8am – 5pm. Good selection of beers. Eight miles to shopping. My 4.5′ draft wasn’t a problem.
    Tom Geren

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Sea Gate Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Sea Gate Marina

  • Advice Requested on Wind and Tide in the Cape Fear River, Southport to Wilmington, NC

    Our recommendation to Skipper Harllee is to call Southport Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, located just west of the Cape Fear River along the northern banks of the Waterway hard by flashing daybeacon #2A. Their daily Weather and Navigation Briefings (see more than qualify them to provide needed advice and up-to-date information on the Cape Fear river. However, I’m sure Skipper Harllee would welcome your advice as well!

    My husband and I have cruised on the Cape Fear River several times from Southport, NC to the Wilmington area in our 27 foot Ranger Tug (single screw) with no problems. But yesterday (Thursday, October 30) we faced confused seas and had difficulty with the run from Snows Cut south to Southport. The wind was only around 12 to 13 knots, but it was from an unusual direction, from the northwest. We tried to time our run for slack current, but obviously we miss calculated and had a following wind and we were going into the current. Very uncomfortable, rough chop and we were glad we finally made it to Southport. Since we plan more trips on the Cape Fear River, does anyone have any advice regarding how to time our trip to match the current and the wind? How do we get accurate information on the Cape Fear current? Thanks so much!
    Jo Ann

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Southport Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Southport Marina

  • Update from River Forest Manor and Marina, Belhaven, NC, AICW Statute Mile 135.5

    One of the oldest and most beautifully located marinas in NC, River Forest Manor and Marina, under new ownership, will begin hotel and dock renovations in December after the Fall migration has ended. Until then, they do have fuel and transient slips. River Forest Marina is located on the northeastern shores of Pantego Creek, just northwest of the creek’s breakwater enclosed entrance.

    River Forest Marina has been sold and is now River Forest Manor and Marina, #252-943-0030. They do sell fuel but are renovating the marina and hotel. They will start construction on the docks after the traffic goes through about December 15th. Their email is
    River Forest Marina is still operating but only for boat services [including transient slips] and repairs.
    Kaye Adams

    And Dockmaster Henry Boyd provided more details:

    Dear Kaye,
    Thanks for your phone call and email. On 10/23/2014, the historic River Forest Manor and Marina was purchased by a 10 member LLC with the purpose of renovating the existing facilities. Our first priority is the Marina building and docks. Construction began on 10/27/2014. We are upgrading the Marina dock house with a new exterior, including new windows and doors, new decking, renovating the bathrooms /showers, marina office, and adding laundry equipment. The main dock is operational, but upgrades will be added in the next several weeks. Both diesel fuel and gas are available now together with Wi-Fi and city water. Our gas is non-ethanol 89 octane. 30/50/ and 100 amp electrical service are available. Pump out should be operational by next week. Our goal is to provide excellent service and value for our guests. The 10 LLC members have a connection to Belhaven either by living here or are from here.Thus our reputation is on the line. Our new telephone number is 252-943-0030 and my cell is 252-943-1937. Call ahead for fuel pricing, We want to be competitive. Current dockage is $1.50 a foot. Long term dockage will be available soon, once renovations are complete to our second dock.
    As a further note, Belhaven is the birthplace of the Intercoastal  waterway. (see your article: ). This past September was the 86th anniversary. Belhaven has had an annual celebration beginning last year with plans to commemorate annually.
    Henry Boyd

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For River Forest Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of River Forest Marina

  • Question about Frying Pan Shoals, Cape Fear, NC

    This reader is seeking advice about navigation Frying Pan Shoals from east to west at the large shoal off the tip of Cape Fear. If you have experience in those waters, let us hear from you!

    Hi! I have a quick question that I am hoping that you can answer. We currently dock a 20 foot boat in Wrightsville Beach. We are looking to move to an older 45-50 foot Viking by July of 2015. At that time we may move to Southport area as our hailing port. I am originally form up north and still learning the NC waters. Is it possible to navigate across the FP shoals at the 3 mile line or do you need to be closer to the FP Shoals Slue or the territorial line. Looking at a chart is appears that the 3 mile line depth is a bit variable.
    Thank you in advance for your time reviewing this note.
    Regards, Tom
    Thomas N. Denny

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Frying Pan Shoals

  • “Cruising Carolina” DVDs Available Online

    Claiborne S. Young’s classic dvd series, “Cruising Carolina”, is available for purchase at UNC-TV. Enter Cruising Carolina in their Search box, then select Cruising Carolina DVDs. At Click Here to Order,  an order form for the particular region will come up from Blue Water Media in Danbury, NC. Not all regions are available, but the ones remaining are $19.95 each.

    You might also try this link:

    Page to find:

  • More from the Lunsford Log: NC Waterway, Statute Miles 210-330

    We are very grateful to the Lunsfords for sharing their observations of the North Carolina Waterway. Remember that on our Homepage you can enter each statute mile mentioned into the ST.M./LAT-LON WIDGET and bring up a chart of the exact area discussed below. Several of the spots mentioned have been designated Problem Stretches on Cruisers’Net and their sites are listed below.

    Delighted to be able to help, after all the assistance we’ve gotten from you over the years. This is a little bit older, we posted it on Facebook on Oct 8, having transited North Carolina during the previous 2 weeks. We’re hanging out in Beaufort for a couple of weeks for insurance restrictions, after 1 November we’ll head to Florida. If weather permits we’ll go outside overnight, otherwise, we’ll update you on conditions in Georgia.
    Dan and Jaye Lunsford

    We’ve just done the ICW through North Carolina from Beaufort/Morehead City on down toward Myrtle Beach, SC. We have a few passage notes for those following. Mostly it was a very easy trip with plenty of water, most of the traditional trouble inlets have been recently dredged.
    Mile 210-ish, daymarks 9-11, stay to the red side of the channel if it gets shoal.
    Mile 227, Bogue Inlet – this traditional trouble spot was dredged Feb 2014, no issues.
    Mile 237, Brown’s Inlet – There are 3 marks here that look like they are in a straight line, Red 60, Green 61A and Green 63. The marks are NOT off-station, you will sweep a wide lazy “S” turn around them. Stay close to R60 (20 feet off) then stay to the red side, or no further than mid-channel, from G61A to G63.


    Mile 246, New River Inlet – Favor the red side between Red 72A and Red 72B. Get close to R72B before you turn (I call it “squaring the corner”) and you will find 9 feet MLLW.
    Mile 270, marker 99A – it’s way over to the side of the channel, favor the red side over near the boat dock.

    (New Topsail Inlet/AICW, see and

    Mile 293, Carolina Beach Inlet – this traditional trouble spot was recently dredged, no issues.
    Mile 321, Lockwood’s Folly Inlet – recently dredged Feb 2014, and well-marked with cans that may not be on your chart. Make sure to follow the ICW marks (with the gold squares or triangles) and not the inlet markers, there is plenty of water.
    Mile 330, Shallotte Inlet – this traditional trouble spot is recently dredged March 2014, no issues, we saw nothing less than 9.5 feet MLLW.

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Stretches” Listing For the AICW/Bogue Inlet Channel Intersection

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Stretches” Listing For the AICW/Browns Inlet Intersection

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Stretches” Listing For New River/New River Inlet

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Stretches” Listing For the AICW/Lockwoods Folly Inlet Intersection

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Stretches” Listing For the AICW/Shalotte Inlet Intersection

  • Report on Southport’s Free City Dock, AICW Statute Mile 309

    Although seldom mentioned, Southport, NC does have a free (48 hours) city dock as described below. Southport is also home to SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Southport Marina, located just west of the Cape Fear River along the northern banks of the Waterway hard by flashing daybeacon #2A. This reminder comes to us from Hank Pomeranz of Carolina Yacht Care.

    “The City of Southport, NC, always a transient friendly destination, now allows transient boaters to use the free city dock for 48 hours instead of 24 hours. Since most transients arrive late in the day and generally leave in the morning hours, the old 24 hour policy did not allow time for provisioning or visiting the city. Visitors should check in with the police station when they arrive. The phone number is: 910-457-7913.
    As you enter the Yacht Basin, the City Dock will be to port (opposite the restaurants). It is the T-Head on the outermost (closest to the ICW) dock.”
    Hank Pomeranz

    And we have this description of the free dock from our good friends, Chuck Baier and Susan Landry in a 2013 review of Southport:

    At the end of a long dock at the west end of the basin is the town dock where you can tie up for free for 48 hours. There is water on the dock and a 20-amp power outlet if you can make it work for the boat. Depths at the town dock can be 4 feet at low tide and with the tidal range, climbing onto the dock at low tide can be a challenge. Boaters do offer to allow others to raft up at the dock and it is much deeper even just a boat width off.

    For the full review, see

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Southport Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Southport Marina

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