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Archive For: NORTH CAROLINA – All Cruising News

  • Good Visit to Albemarle Plantation Marina, Albemarle Sound, NC

    Albemarle Plantation Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! is located off the AICW, on the northern shores of Albemarle Sound, on Yeopim River/Creek. Good reports from boaters like Skipper Evans and descriptions of this facility make a side trip up the Albemarle Sound very inviting!

    The Albemarle Plantation is part of the Albemarle Loop. This loop offers free two day dockage and sometimes free power at each stop. Ports also include Elizabeth City, Hertfort, Edenton, Plymouth and Columbia. The Albemarle Plantation is a very boating friendly community and welcomes loop visitors. This was our first stop after exiting off the ICW. We had a port engine issue coming in and the dockmaster recommended Daneker Marine. These guys came out to the marina ASAP and repaired our problem and got us back on the water. So, we cannot say enough about the marina and residents in this area. We highly suggest spending time exploring each port-of-call on this loop. Each marina offers a unique variety of things to see and do.
    Doyle Evans

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  • Another Report of Shoaling at AICW/Lockwoods Folly Intersection, Statute Mile 321

    Our thanks to the Skippers Powers for this report. The intersection of the ICW and Lockwoods Folly has been a Problem Stretch for years and requires almost annual dredging. Recent reports like this one confirm shoaling here, SSECN stills recommends Mid to high tide for passage through Lockwoods Folly.

    Just passed Lockwood’s Folly close to high tide. Lots of radio traffic from boats ahead of us. Buoy 47 is OUT OF POSITION. All boats except one motor yacht ignored 47 and used reds 46,46a, and 46b- keeping 30-40 ft away. We saw 7.1 between 46a & 46b, others reported 8-10 ft
    Mike & Cathy
    Second Flight

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Stretches” Listing For the AICW/Lockwoods Folly Inlet Intersection

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To This AICW Problem Stretch

  • “Free Dockage” Blog by James H Newsome

    James Newsome is a regular contributor to SSECN and other publications, both online and print. He has been compiling his list of free dockage along the Waterway for several years and it is a list worth perusing! Naturally, author Newsome mentions Elizabeth City, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, and one of the best known free docks on the Waterway.

    I don’t know if you remember me mentioning the “FREE DOCKAGE” list project back during the summer, but I’ve continued to work on this and believe I have everything listed from 0 MM at least down through Jacksonville, FL and 738 MM. I have a few more listings below Jax, but I have a lot more work to do in this area.

    I’ve started a Facebook page FREE DOCKAGE where I offer the complete list. I’ve had a very good reception from folks who find the list useful and I’m currently at 643 likes. This format is working well for now because it is a no cost option for me to get this information out to a lot of folks who realize, like me, that none of the other cruising guides offer a short concise list for FREE DOCKS.

    Elizabeth City, NC is a great example of a town that really tries to promote themselves as cruiser friendly with free dock offerings. They understand that most cruisers who come to their town are essentially tourists who happen to arrive by boats instead of cars, and these cruisers always spend money when they stop. Therefore, “Free Docks” is a win-win for boaters as well as communities.

    James H. Newsome
    Contributing Writer – Southwinds Magazine
    s/v CaiLeigh Anna – Coastal Cruising With Hugh & Suze
    98 Buena Vista Avenue
    Warrenton, GA 30828

    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For the Mariner’s Wharf Elizabeth City Docks

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Mariner’s Wharf Elizabeth City Docks

  • FOCUS ON Bennett Brothers Yachts, Cape Fear River, Wilmington, NC

    Bennett Brothers, Luxury Yachts for Sale by Bennett Brothers Yachts

    Bennett Brothers Yachts/Cape Fear Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, is located on the eastern banks of the northeast Cape Fear River, just north of the Isabel Holmes – Highway 133 bascule bridge, and only a few steps from the downtown Wilmington waterfront.



    Acting as your host to beautiful and historic Wilmington, NC, Bennett Brothers Yachts at the Cape Fear Marina features 3,000 feet of floating docks in a sheltered harbor. Bennett Brothers Yachts (BBY) has been a widelyimage024
    recognized repair yard since 1986 and every conceivable repair – mechanical, below waterline, electronic, and carpentry – is readily available. Most of all, BBY has the safe and sure reputation of getting it right the first time.

    Voted by USA image015Today for 2015 “America’s Best Riverfront City”, Wilmington, North Carolina is a “must see” as you travel through the Carolinas and a visit Bennett Brothers Yachts at the Cape Fear Marina could be your best stop on your passage or journey. With so many sites to see and so much fun to take part in, Wilmington is located in the northernmost subtropic region with pleasant weather year round. No frozen harbors in Wilmington!

    Beautiful antebellum architecture with great “gingerbread” can be

    Photo by Wedding Mapper

    Photo by Wedding Mapper

    seen as you stroll this pedestrian friendly city. Guided tours and horse drawn carriages are commonly enjoyed, but self guided visiting is encouraged and well worth it. The locals are approachable and happy to share a story or two and will direct you to whatever you seek. Restaurants are abundant in all genres of fair, and provisioning is easy with Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s , Harris Teeter Supermarkets and a local seasonal Farmers Market nearby.


    Photo by Brad Van Amberg

    The Downtown historic district has some new things brewing and brewing makes another great reason to sample the flavors of the area. Microbreweries and brew pubs have become increasingly popular for locals and visitors alike. Sample craft beers while enjoying the backdrop of a fun peninsula city borded by the Atlantic ocean and the Cape Fear River. The Cotton Exchange, The City Market and Chandlers Wharf are filled with unique one of a kind retailers where you can pick up the perfect gift or present .

    image016If your vessel needs any attention during your visit, BBY – awarded ABBRA “Excellence in Customer Care 2015” – can handle most any repair or service you require. Full mechanical, paint and glass departments supported with carpentry and electronics service are found here at BBY. Work can be completed via our mobile service in-water or, if needed, hauled-out by our certified 70 ton Marine Travel Lift image022with extra wide capacity to haul catamarans. It is one of the largest lifts in the region. Ask for a free, full guided tour of the BBY facility when you arrive, to see if there is something you would like to fix or upgrade to make your cruising more enjoyable.

    image018If you happen to schedule work on your vessel, or just stop for a visit, there will certainly be no shortage of things to see and do. For starters, The USS North Carolina is moored in her permanent home and has tours below her decks that will inform even the experts and entertain the whole family. Golf, fishing, SUP, kayaking, birding, triathlon training and competition, sailing, surfing and theater are just a small taste of what the “Port City ” has to offer. Wrightsville Beach is just minutes away and was acknowledged by National Geographic as a top ten surfing town!

    Located just 26 nautical miles north of Southport, North Carolina, BBY is easier to get to than you think. BBY and Cape Fear Marina are on the Northeast Cape Fear River, approximately 12 nautical miles from the Snow’s image019Cut passage on the AICW. As you travel north along the Cape Fear River, you will first pass the NC State Port Facility, then USS North Carolina and the scenic downtown Wilmington riverfront. You will then pass under two bridges, first the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge, with a closed vertical clearance of 65 feet and 138 feet maximum when raised, should be hailed on Channel 18. Next is the Isabel Holmes Bridge with a closed vertical clearance of 42 feet and should be hailed on Channel 13. The image013Isabel Holmes Bridge opens at 10 AM and 2 PM between the hours of 6 AM and 6 PM and on demand at all other times.

    Fly in and out of Wilmington through the International Airport ILM, located just 5 minutes from BBY. We will even pick you up at the airport! We hope you have a wonderful visit when you’re here and return with your friends to experience the many facets this ‘off the beaten path’ town has to offer.


    Patricia Donovan Bennett, President

    Editor’s note: Patricia Bennett was honored recently by Marina Life Magazine, see

    Bennett Brothers Yachts, Inc.
    Cape Fear Marina
    1701 J.E.L. Wade Drive
    Wilmington, NC 28401

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  • New UNC Release from Bland Simpson

    What a perfect gift for that special someone who loves the water!

    Little Rivers and Waterway Tales by Bland Simpson – NEW from UNC Press


    Greetings from the University of North Carolina Press:

    UNC Press is pleased to announce the publication of Little Rivers and Waterway Tales by Bland Simpson.

    The list price is $30.00 cloth. We offer discounts for bulk purchases. If your organization has a newsletter, you might want to include an announcement about the book or announce it on your website.

    Learn more about Little Rivers and Waterway Tales on our website:

    Please contact me if you have any questions about ordering this book.

    With best regards,
    Susan Garrett

    Susan Garrett
    Sales and Marketing
    University of North Carolina Press
    116 S. Boundary Street
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514
    phone: 919-843-7897
    fax: 919-966-3829

  • More Groundings at AICW/Browns Inlet Intersection, Statute Mile 237

    With the reported groundings and marker confusion at this intersection (, it is definitely wise to follow the advice given below by Skipper Bob and others. Do not follow the Magenta Line in this stretch of the ICW, as SSECN has advised by many months!

    There’s a spot on the last stretch of ICW just before Onslow Beach swing bridge you should be aware of. Between red Marker 60 & green 61A it has shoaled up so bad that it ran five or more aground (according to Seatow which has a boat standing by in the area) just yesterday. There’s a floating green buoy there close to the north shore. It looks out of place but you need to stay far to the inside of it, about 20-30 feet from shore. The chart seems to show the ATONS, but it doesn’t make any sense when you look at it on the water; check the buoys with binocs and you’ll see a red followed by a green almost in line along the starboard bank when southbound. They were there when we transited northbound in June, so they have been there awhile.
    Can’t believe that the Seatow boat hangs out in a nearby creek waiting to help rather than warning boats as they approach.

    October 30
    Multiple groundings occurred this week between buoys 60-63. One big reason- buoy 61A is not there! Tow Boat US advised us to pass 40-50 ft from W shore. We did so & saw 8.8 ft at high tide. Suspect we were a little too close to shore, trawler in front of us was more towards where 61A should of been and saw 12 ft.
    Mike & Cathy Powers
    S/V Second Flight

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Stretches” Listing For the AICW/Browns Inlet Intersection

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To This AICW Problem Stretch

  • Reminder re Southbound into Beaufort, NC, AICW Statute Mile 205

    With a closed vertical clearance of 13ft, the Gallants Channel – Grayden Paul Bridge is off the Waterway and is frequently used by southbound cruisers to visit the Beaufort waterfront. Town Creek , on the north side of the bridge, is home to one of SSECN’s newest SPONSORS: Home Smith’s Docks and Marina.

    Just a reminder for those southbound via Beaufort, NC.
    If you are taking the “back way” into Beaufort, via Gallants channel, the Beaufort City Bridge (US 70 – at Town Creek) does NOT open at 4:30pm, 5:00pm, 5:30pm or 6:00pm. if you miss the 4:00 opening, it’s best take the Morehead City route around Radio Island.
    It only adds 1/2 hr or so if you know in advance you’re going to miss the bridge opening.
    Geoff Cooke

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Gallants Channel

    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Homer Smith’s Docks and Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Homer Smith’s Docks and Marina

  • Log of the Ideath, Captain Randy Mims, October 10, 2015

    You only have to spend a short time talking with Randy Mims to know that he has the soul of a true sailor. Randy not only built his 27ft gaff-rigged cutter, Ideath, but each year he single-hands the cutter from North Carolina to the Northern Gulf Coast and back again. “Ideath” is pronounced Idea-th and loosely translates as “house of ideas”. Randy stops along the way to visit maritime museums and, indulging his passion for music, he volunteers to sing in church choirs along the way. He also takes time to share his travels with his friends and has agreed to allow SSECN to post his emails. For more photos and more on Randy, go to from in Oriental. Also see

    Dear Friends,
    I have been having some wonderful times and survived some not so wonderful times here on the North Carolina coast. After leaving Beaufort, I went up to New Bern to Duck Creek Marina. Duck Creek is one of my favorite places in NC. It is the boat yard that I haul the boat to keep it maintained on the way back from each voyage. I won’t be hauling the boat until the end of the month but I came here so my long time friend could come down and go sailing with me for a weekend. This enabled me to ride back with him to Greensboro to visit my 92 year old father and the rest of my family. My sister brought me back to the boat and we had an exhilarating sail out in the Neuse river with all the wind that plan sail could handle from exactly the best direction for flying down and back up the river. Unfortunately, the next day was blowing a gale so we spent the day dodging the rain and visited Tryon Palace and museum. Next Stop was Elizabeth City. I had the trip planned out to arrive the following Saturday to tie up to the town dock (48 hours free) so I could go to church on Sunday. Listening to the weather radio changed my plans by Wednesday. Insted of a leisurly pace of twenty some miles a day and lots of time playing music and reading, it turned into driving on into the night to be in Elizabeth City before the gale spawned by hurricane Joaquin arrived. I arrived on Thursday night and not wanting to use up my 48 hours before Sunday, I anchored in a very secure cove in the Pasquatank river. Saturday morning I moved the boat to the City dock. The predicted wind had arrived and getting to the dock slip had lots of opportunity for disaster. I made double sure all my lines were all ready and well coiled, took a pass and realized I needed to be more upwind. I aborted and came around for a second try. Coming into the slip I hit strong reverse to slow the boat down but the slower it goes the less steering you have and the more the wind will push it sideways. I braced myself and threw a line with a loop on the end to the outside windward piling. Wonder of wonders the loop settled around the top of the piling and the boat came to a stop exactly the proper distance from the dock for the guys on the dock to take the neatly coiled lines and secure the bow. It appeared so calm and planned when actually my heart was pounding because I knew that if I had missed with the first line, even hitting full reverse the boat would have been blown down onto the pilings and possibly would not have stopped in time and hit the wall or would have gone sideways and been pinned against the pilings and pounded by the waves. This was graphically illustrated about an hour later when the next boat arrived and it took the two people on the boat and four guys on the dock to get the boat fended off and straightened out without too much damage. For the next two days it blew so hard that even in the harbor the waves were so high that with the boat tied up (with virtually every line I had) down below it felt like the boat was at sea. I did get to go to Church and sang with the choir. It was fun to see all my friends from when I was here before. They are always glad to have another tenor.
    After the gale blew itself out, I took a very pleasurable trip up the Dismal Swamp Canal. The lock keeper at the other end has turned what is normally a place you go through and don’t look back into a famous “Cruising Destination”. People go through the lock and stay at the overnight dock and meet other cruisers. Everyone meets at the lock house the next morning for a Coffee and donut and yogurt breakfast before heading out. Stories are exchanged and people leave with a fondness for this historic canal and Robert the Lock Keeper. It is starting to really feel like fall here. Some of the trees are beginning to turn. Hope you all are enjoying the colors and being back into the fall routine. I am heading back to the boat yard to haul her and fix some places that need attention. I hope you enjoyed this update. I have posted some more videos on youtube and facebook. Please check them out if you can . Till next time
    Thank you all,

  • Herl Report: Southport Marina, Southport, NC, AICW Statute Mile 309.5

    Only spent one night, they had a fishing thing going on for this weekend and they were going to be full up.
    Would have liked to walked to Fishy Fishy (less than a mile) but at this time my foot is giving me fits.

    We hear that after we left they had a bad storm in the area and with the tides being high to begin with because of the circulation in the Atlantic, the water level came up enough to cause Fishy Fishy to move a lot of their stuff out. Not much else to report.
    Phil and Sandy Herl

    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Southport Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Southport Marina

  • Herl Report: Dockside Marina, Wrightsville Beach, NC, AICW Statute Mile 280

    Dockside Marina guards the AICW’s northwesterly banks, west of Motts Channel’s westerly entrance. Our thanks to Skipper Herl for his continued reporting as he and Sandy travel south.

    Wrightsville Beach
    Arrived about 6:15, had a good run today, the wind has calmed down and we are in the skinny protected area. We still had lots of rain but that is nothing as long as we don’t get a lot of wind. We stopped at Dockside Marina for the night, they have been great even though we came in in a downpour. Stopped in and had dinner after we got all set up and everything was good. The food, the service, and the dock help. Not a word of complaint, just did what we had to do to get tied up and electrified. I would stop here again any time.
    We did not take any time to explore the area, we are trying to stay ahead of the circulation out in the Atlantic.
    Phil and Sandy Herl

    Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Dockside Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Dockside Marina

  • Intracoastal Yacht Sales to be at Three Fall Boat Shows

    Our focus is to assist boaters with the purchase or sale of their powerboats. All our yacht owners are trained and educated on the handling and systems of their new vessel as part of our service. We want to make sure your experience with us is easy by being thorough with your needs. Through aggressive internet marketing, publication ads, and our long term networks we also have the resources to get your yacht sold! Our experience allows us the understanding of the market place.Intracoastal Yacht Sales, a long-time SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, offers full service brokerage representation from three locations, Wrightsville Beach, NC, Little River, SC and Charleston, SC.


    Come see us at these 3 Boat Shows
    Intracoastal Yacht Sales will be present with New Boats at the next 3 boat shows!

    Click Boat Shows Below for More Information.

    New Bern NC “Mumfest” Boat Show
    Oct 10-11th

    Annapolis MD Power Boat Show
    Oct 15-18th

    Ft. Lauderdale Power Boat Show
    Nov 5th-9th

    unnamed (31)

    2016 Marlow-Mainship 31 and Nordic Tugs 34 are Now Available and In Stock!

    unnamed (32)

    Click Here for a list of our Brokerage Inventory


    Check out Nordic Tugs All New Website!!! Click Logo Above!

    Our mailing address is:
    Intracoastal Yacht Sales
    10 Marina Street
    Suite A3
    Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480

  • Gonna be a Tight Squeeze! I-95, Smithfield, NC

    Our thanks to Dick Mills for this on-site report. It looks like the driver of the rig is going to need lots of North Carolina fatback grease to get this vessel any further north! Smithfield is home of the famous Carolina Pottery. Please, Skipper Mills, give us a followup!

    Happening right now on I95 in Smithfield, NC. The boat is not damaged, so the driver must have stopped. The bow pulpit is about 1 foot higher than the bridge. The driver was letting the air out of the tires as I watched.
    Dick Mills


  • Herl Report: Oriental Marina & Inn, Oriental Harbor Marina, Oriental, NC, AICW Statute Mile 181

    The Herl’s experience with these two marinas certainly speaks well for the attitude that Oriental has for transients. The marinas are competitors, but they put the needs of the traveler up front. Oriental Harbor Marina is on the northwestern shore of Oriental Harbor’s entrance off the Neuse River and Oriental Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, is on the eastern banks of Oriental’s inner harbor. Nautical Wheelers is also A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISER’ NET SPONSOR!

    Oriental Marina
    Originally called Oriental for a slip reservation, they said they were full and referred us to Oriental Harbor marina. Oriental transferred use and we received our slip reservation.
    We arrived at 3:15 and they were ready for us. Gave the directions to our slip and had a dock hand ready to help dock.
    Once we were docked and hooked up we walked to the office to check in. what a walk, It was at least a half a mile walk. For those how may be interested, there are restaurants and pubs on the way as well as a ships store with a few groceries. 3 restaurants, 3 pubs, and an ice cream shop plus the marina Tiki bar.
    Phil and Sandy Herl

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Oriental Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Oriental Marina

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Oriental Harbor Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Oriental Harbor Marina

  • More Shoaling Reported at Lockwoods Folly/AICW Intersection, Statute Mile 321

    Skipper Price’s experience confirms earlier reports,, we had in June. Advice at that time was to favor the red side. The intersection of the ICW and Lockwoods Folly has been a Problem Stretch for years and requires almost annual dredging. Mid to high tide is recommended for passage.

    Just an FYI in case the word has not gotten to you guys but Lockwoods Folly Inlet is very shoaled up already. I know of one fellow boater that ran aground there about 30 days ago and I have been thru there twice myself in a boat that draws 4.5’ at a little past mid tide and rising. My depth finder showed 2.5’ under my keel. I could not go thru there at low tide!
    Bob Price

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Stretches” Listing For the AICW/Lockwoods Folly Inlet Intersection

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To This AICW Problem Stretch

  • Grounding and Possible Shoaling at AICW Statute Mile 210, Bogue Sound

    Skipper Crenshaw’s grounding occurred in a long narrow channel through the wide waters of Bogue Sound, south of Morehead City. There are charted shoals showing outside the channel to the south opposite Marker #8 and these may have begun to encroach on the channel. If so, Skipper Crenshaw’s advice to favor the red side is certainly a good one. Thank you Bob for sharing your experience.

    I was on ICW headed south in Morehead city toward Wrightsville Beach Sunday September 20 about 10:45 am on rising tide. We have 42 foot trawler with 4 foot draft.
    We were at MM 210 running about 10 to 12 Knots and were at least 5+ feet inside markers between green marker 7 and marker 9 and went hard aground and boat stopped immediately , my depth indicator was showing2-3 feet. We were able to get off after about 15 minutes .
    Would recommend any boat favor the red side markers, where there appears to be plenty of water around this MM.
    Bob Crenshaw
    42 Trawler 4 foot draft.

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Statute Mile 210

  • Praise for the Food at Coinjock Marina, Coinjock, NC, AICW Statute Mile 49

    As Skipper Herl relates, Coinjock Marina, on the eastern bank of the Waterway, offers more than just good marina services, but delicious food as well! And sometimes that makes a big difference in where we tie up.

    Coinjock running south
    Aaaah Coinjock again, I’m not sure why, but I like Coinjock. It was a good run,we had no problems with the bridges or the lock and trafic both northbound and southbound was light.
    Oh, I know why I like Coinjock. It’s the food. I had a Reuben the first time and It was one of the best. This time we had their famous Prime Rib and it was outstanding, melt in your mouth and we could not eat it all. And we just had the Mate size not the Captains. It was great with all the fixins.
    Phil and Sandy Herl

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Coinjock Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Coinjock Marina

  • Welcome Homer Smith’s Docks and Marina, Beaufort, NC, AICW Statute Mile 205

    Shout out a big Welcome to SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET’s newest sponsor, Homer Smith’s Docks and Marina on Town Creek in beautiful Beaufort, NC.

    Ahoy Cruisers,
    Slip into waterfront luxury with Homer Smith Docks and Marina, where you’ll find friendly staff and the comfort of a home away from home. Dock your vessel here in our new, state-of-the-art facilities and unwind and discover the beauty of downtown Beaufort, NC and the rest of the Crystal Coast.
    Guests who dock with Homer Smith are just an easy walk or golf cart ride away from the history and action of the third oldest town in North Carolina, Beaufort. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, great dining and the quaint shopping on Front Street.
    The Staff at Homer Smith’s Docks and Marina

    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Homer Smith’s Docks and Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Homer Smith’s Docks and Marina

  • Row Boat in Dismal Swamp Canal, AICW Alternate Route

    Traveling south, the Dismal Swamp Canal route exits the Waterway westward immediately south of the I-64 fixed bridge at statute mile 7.1. The Dismal Swamp Canal Welcome Center, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, is located on the east shore of the Canal at Statute Mile 28. Our thanks to Director Stewart for sharing this experience.

    We had the pleasure of meeting Victor Mooney, a gentleman who has attempted for the past 10 years to travel across the ocean in a mission to raise Aids awareness. He is a gentle spirit who has had some serious challenges, including running out of food, underestimating the rations needed to cross the ocean while expending so many calories, sharks and pirates……and is making the final journey to meet his family in New York.

    Row Boat. Victor Mooney.1 2015

    He came to the Swamp yesterday and stayed with us overnight. He deeply respects the waterways and those who travel. He even did not fault the pirates or the shark who put a hole in his boat……he stated they were “hungry”. He believes God has guided his path through all of this journey, even when he had to be rescued and stopped for periods of time.

    Row Boat 2015 State Park 2

    I would like to ask the boating community to keep an eye out for Victor. Show him hospitality and slow down and calm the wake if you pass by. His vessels name is “Spirit of Malabo” named after the capital of Equatorial Guinea. To read more about him, follow these links.

    Donna Stewart, Director
    Dismal Swamp Welcome Center
    2356 US Hwy 17N
    South Mills, NC 27976
    Phone ~ 252-771-8333

    Bird, Bike, Hike….take in the sights!

    Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For the Dismal Swamp Canal Welcome Center

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Dismal Swamp Canal Welcome Center

  • FOCUS ON – Port City Marina, Cape Fear River, Wilmington, NC

    Port City Marina - Wilmington, NC

    Port City Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR and newly opened for business, is located along the eastern banks of the Cape Fear River, in the heart of downtown Wilmington, NC.



    Port City Marina

    Truly in the “middle of it all”, the brand-new Port City Marina is your gateway to Historic Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. We believe Wilmington is not just a stop on the way to your destination, Wilmington is THE destination. Don’t take our word for it, Wilmington was recently named the “Best American Riverfront in the Country” USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice.


    Our Marina

    Port City is a protected, deep-water Marina on the Northeast Cape Fear River, equipped with state-of-the-art floating concrete wet slips. We have over 6,000 feet of linear dock space covering 10 acres of water. Our amenities include a full-service fuel dock offering Gasoline & High-Speed Diesel, private & secure bathrooms / showers, metered electric (30, 50, & 100 amp / single & three phase), free wireless internet, pet walking areas, daily trash pick-up, complimentary pump-out services for guests, and a marina store. Have a large boat…no worries…Port City Marina can accommodate boats 250 feet +. We offer daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal & annual rates. We are in the process of installing a large amphitheater on our fixed pier where we will host a range of events from cookouts to live performances. Also coming soon are two new riverfront restaurants, opening in the spring of 2016.


    Our Location

    We can’t tell you about Port City Marina without bragging about our location. Our Marina is located in the heart of Downtown. Step off of your boat and onto the City’s Riverwalk which puts you within walking distance to all that Downtown Wilmington has to offer. You can eat at a variety of amazing restaurants, explore Wilmington’s scenic array of art and culture, peruse the locally owned shops and boutiques, enjoy some live music, or grab a drink at one of our rooftop bars– there is always plenty to do in Downtown Wilmington. Our marina is conveniently located just 3 miles from the ILM airport.




    No matter what you are into – Wilmington has something for you! Wilmington has a variety of area attractions including:
    Beaches – Relax at Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach or Kure Beachbeach
    History – Tour the USS North Carolina Battleship (visible from the marina), the Bellamy Mansion, and the Fort Fisher State Historic Sitecarriage-tours
    Family Friendly – Spend the day at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, visit the Cape Fear Serpentarium, or take a splash at the Jungle Rapids Waterpark.
    Parks – Enjoy one of the many parks in our area including Greenfield Lake, Carolina Beach State Park, Airlie Gardens, and the City’s new North Waterfront Park.
    Arts & Culture – Browse one of the many downtown art galleries, the Cameron Art Museum, or take a tour of Screen Gem Studios where over 400 projects in the area including “Iron Man 3”, “One Tree Hill” and “Sleepy Hollow” have been filmed.  And tons more.


    Plan your next stay at Port City Marina
    We realize your boat is a major investment and protecting your investment is just as important as maintaining it – that’s why you will find our friendly staff, well-secured marina, and ideal location makes Port City a great home away from home.
    Directions: Enter the Cape Fear River at Southport, North Carolina. We are located on the Northeast Cape Fear River, approximately 20 miles north of Southport. If you are coming from the North on the ICW, enter the River via Snow’s Cut. We are located approvimately 12 miles north of where Snow’s Cut meets the river. Follow the Cape Fear River north. Along the way you will pass the NC State Port Facility, the USS North Carolina and the scenic downtown Wilmington riverfront. You will pass under one bridge, the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. Hail the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge on Channel 18. The bridge has a clearance of 65 feet when down and 138 feet when raised.

    Planning your next trip? Think about Port City Marina. Call us at 910.251.6151 and we’ll save a spot for you!

    Port City Marina | 10 Harnett Street | Wilmington, North Carolina 28401
    Latitude/Longitude (34°14’39″N, 77°57’05″W)

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