910-269-2380 The new 82-slip Deep Point Marina is located on the Cape Fear River in Southport, NC, and offers fuel and transient dockage, as well as daily, monthly and annual slip rentals. The marina is adjacent to the new Bald Head Island Ferry Terminal, which houses a snack bar (open seasonally) that offers grab-and-go food options, soft drinks, beer, wine and coffee. In addition, the Deep Point Marina is convenient to Southport's shopping, restaurants and historic district, and offers easy ocean access. R. E. Mayo DocksCarolina Yacht CareEdenton, NC - the prettiest town in the South!Nautical Wheelers - New Bern NCRiver DunesMcCotters Marina, Washington, NCLocated on the Southern Outer Banks in beautiful Atlantic Beach, NC, Anchorage Marina boasts a protected, deepwater harbor, making it a perfect spot for deep sea fishing as well as sound fishing
Morehead City Yacht BasinManteo Waterfront Marina is now run by the Town of Manteo.  It boasts 53 slips that can accommodate boats up to 140 feet.  The marina is situated right next to  historic downtown Manteo on a boardwalkOur marina  is your boating access to Albemarle Sound, the largest freshwater sound in the country—55 miles long and 15 miles at its widest point. Placed strategically at the mouth of Yeopim Creek, the marina is just beyond the high insurance line saving boaters significantly on their insurance rates.Toucan Grill and Fresh Bar in Oriental, NCPort City Marina - Wilmington, NCSouthport MarinaDowry Creek MarinaBridge Pointe Marina, New Bern, NC

Comments and advice on Shoaling Near AICW/Calabash Creek Intersection (Statute Mile 342)

Posted by Larry Dorminy | Posted on 05-27-2010

We have to assume that an earlier mention of “rock” near the AICW/Calabash Creek intersection was that good old hard packed sand free of soft mud. However, that does not mean that Waterway shoaling along this stretch is still not a concern. Keep in mind that with a 4-5 tidal range, 9 feet at high tide can become 4 feet at low tide. Let Slow and Easy be your mantra as you pass through these problem areas.

Don’t know where the mystery rock is (not too many in SC…) but I came thru today, 5/26/10 with a 6 1/4 draft, just after high tide and found plenty of water on the ICW line. Lowest reading was 9′ MLW…the key is to stay on the ICW centerline and not stray off. Like everywhere else!
Captain Pascal

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Southport and Southport Marina (Statute Mile 309)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 03-25-2010

Well, you can’t go by me in any discussion of Southport, as I spent many a boyhood summer here, whiling away the hours along the old harbor waterfront, crabbing under the docks, and fishing the Frying Pan Shoals offshore. I love this place. And, let’s not forget, Southport Marina is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

We were there on 3/19/2010. Nice people and facilities. Spent a good bit of time walking around town and have never seen any town where every house was is supurb condition. They take a lot of pride in their town!
Also, check out their maritime museum.
Don’t think there is a real great restaurant around. We did eat at Loco Jo’s which is where it seems everyone gathers after work for a drink. Their fresh fish was well prepared, but the place is nothing fancy
SV Aquarius

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St. James Plantation Marina (Statute Mile 315)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 02-25-2010

Sounds like things are really looking up at this facility, located directly off the AICW, south of Southport. The last I heard, there was no restaurant here, and no provisioning either. Has anyone else had good luck at St. James Plantation?

I can’t believe I’ve never stopped here before. We heard about St. James from several friends and had to try it ourselves. All I can say is that this place is not to be missed by cruisers. At $1.05 per foot and a great restaurant, grocery store/deli, easy access fuel dock and very helpful staff …… it’s a steal !!!!! We will stay here for sure on our trip back north and hope to be able to enjoy the Tiki bar in warmer weather.
s/v twomorrows
Larry Morrow

St. James Plantation “IS” a very nice stop. Great walking all over the roads next to the marina and viewing the beautiful homes. Four 18 hole Golf Courses right on the property.
We stayed there in late Nov for a week then left for home for the month of Dec. Arrived back after New Years 2010 and headed for FL. Very secure place to leave a boat, and great monthly rates.
Bob Wilkins
Ocean Rose
KK 44

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Why You Should Choose Southport, NC As A Port of Call

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 10-14-2009

Of course I’m a little prejudiced as I spent a good part of my boyhood living aboard my parent’s boat in old Southport Harbor, but I still think this community is one of the most delightful ports of call from Maine to Key West. And, let’s not forget, Southport Marina is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

Subject: South Port, NC
Cruising News: This is definitely a town to not by-pass. We’ve been in a slip in the marina for a few days. The last time we were here was at least 7 years ago and it was definitely nothing to write home about. The transformations are amazing. A great amount of creativity and detail went into the planning of the entire layout! We continue to exclaim to each other about how beautiful and inviting it is.
Now for the restaurants! We live to eat, unfortunately—not eat to live! This morning we had breakfast at PJ’s, just across the street. The food and service were great. It’s a very popular place and there was a continual stream of patrons coming in for brunch. Last night we’d planned to go to the Provision Company but the wind died down and the mosquitos, the size of hummingbirds, were attacking in droves so we opted for inside seating at Fishy Fishy! Bill had Fish and Chips, I had the BEST Shrimp and Grits I’ve ever had, and we both had wine for under $30!!!
We’ve ridden our bikes all over this town (which doesn’t take long) and there are so many cute shops, antique stores, cafes and bars–and a Super WalMart is a mere 2 miles up the main drag.
Plan a stop in Southport. “You’ll be glad you did!!!”
Laura Lane Bender

There is also free (24hr) overnight dockage on the city dock….fyi w/15 amp
Bill & Ana Feller
Knot Tide Down

The marina was fine, but we also went to Fishy Fishy after reading the comment above, and if that was the only shrimp and grits I ever had in my life, I would never have them again. Shrimp was almost raw, sauce was so much not to my liking that I left half my dinner. It will be hard to convince either of us to eat out again for awhile.
Beverly Feiges

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Southport Marina (Statute Mile 309)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 08-18-2009

Hurry! Our FREE rent offer expires in May!I have such fond, fond memories of Southport, living aboard my parents boat here during summers for several years in the 1960′s. Those were good, broad days!
Southport Marina now pretty much has a corner on the market for transient dockage within easy walking distance of the downtown business district. Looks like Captain LuAnne also had a good experience with the staff. And, that’s only to be expected as Southport Marina is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!!!

8-14-09 stayed at Southport Marina on the fuel dock. Scott was the attending dockmaster. Very informative, courteous and capable with the lines. The boat rolled a bit from the busy ICW. Only stayed one night, but had a fabulous seared yellow fin tuna sandwich at the Provision Company.
LuAnne Woods

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Cooling Canal Anchorage (Statute Mile 311)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 07-27-2009

On 7/23/09, as part if a “North Carolina Wish List,” I posed the following question:

63. It is also possible to break off to the north near marker #8, and anchor on the “cooling canal” which is used by the nearby nuclear power plant. Over the years, I’ve had varying reports about depths entering this anchorage. Who has dropped their hook on the cooling canal? Did you note any shallower depths on the way upstream?

Responses follow:

I stayed in the “Canal” – got caught in a 60 mph TS which beached 4 boats and lightning punched 4 holes in a nearby catamaran hull which took a bit of fixing to get them to a boatyard for urgent repair. It was a wikd evening! The bottom is slippy and very hard to get a reliable mooring. On the other hand it is a nice spot adjacent to a park with toilets and a good dinghy landing. The Ace Harware not far away is special in that it carries many marine parts – I managed to get a water pump impeller for my Yanmar diesel there
Best wishes
Arnold Parkinson
The British Club Worldwide

St. James Plantation Marina (Statute Mile 315)

Posted by admin | Posted on 06-02-2009

St. James Plantation Marina is located directly off the AICW, south of Southport, NC. I’m glad that Captains John and Gail had a good experience here, but there is a much earlier posting here on the Net’s “North Carolina” section which relates a different experience.

We are just leaving St. James and want to pass on a good review, very nice stop, great biking, diesel $2.20 (including all taxes) dockage $1.05/ft with Boat US discount.
John & Gail Thomassen
Our Time

As you mention it is a really nice stop, very reasonable for the area but not much of a provisioning stop unless you get a rental car.
Theresa Valentine
m/v Lauren Grace
currently on Lake Barkley

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Less Wake at Southport Marina (Statute Mile 309)

Posted by admin | Posted on 05-24-2009

Hurry! Our FREE rent offer expires in May!Here’s some good news about Southport Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR). The “ferry” referred to below in Captain Chris’ message, is the vessel that takes visitors to Baldhead Island. Interestingly enough, the ferry used to depart from Cape Fear River, and then some years ago its berth was move to Indigo Plantation, just west of Southport. Now, it looks as if the ferry is returning to its original port.
Personally, I’ve never had problems with wake from the ferry while staying at Southport Marina, but the absence of these man-made waves certainly can’t hurt. As Captain Chris notes,  an already fine facility, will be made even better.

Subject: Southport Marina
Cruising News: Good News.  The Ferries passing this marina and turning the face dock into a (not so) thrill ride all night long are moving to a new terminal.  Within the next 30 days they will no longer operate from Indigo Plantation.  The new terminal is up the Cape Fear River.  This will make Southport Marina an even better place to stay.
Chris Waln

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Shallow Depths at Southport, NC City Dock

Posted by admin | Posted on 05-12-2009

Just goes to show how much I know. I had no idea that Southport had a "city dock." Well, wherever it might be, Captain Bob reports below that depths here are now quite shallow.

Just want to pass along the fact that the free city dock here has shoaled in. I'm hard aground at low tide with 3'11" draft.
Bob Kassal
Chateau de Mer
1981 Hatteras 48MY

I e-mailed Captain Bob and asked him to please specify the location of the Southport City Dock. He kindly replied:

Southport, NC basin opposite Provision Company

Southport Marina (Statute Mile 309)

Posted by admin | Posted on 03-30-2009

Southport Marina is “the” place to stay, as you make your turn to the south from Cape Fear River, and, these good folks are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

We stayed at Southport Marina. Very nice place with new docks and facilities and next to Cat dealer for service on engines and oil.  Wakes rock a bit in the marina.  $1.75/ft no discount
Patty Mitchell

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Joseph’s Bistro at South Harbor Village Marina (Statute Mile 311)

Posted by admin | Posted on 03-18-2009

Wow, sounds really good Captain Jane. After that linguini with white wine and garlic sauce, I guess you were safe from vampires for awhile!

We did . . .  eat out the next evening further north at Joseph’s Italian Bistro. It is at South Harbor Village Marina and has not failed to serve up excellent, real Italian food since the day we ate there shortly after Hurricane Isabel when it first opened. This is no chain; it’s a “real” restaurant owned by a guy who truly knows how to cook. 
I love their linguini with white wine and garlic sauce with clams or frutti di mare. For meatball lovers, Joseph’s mom makes a mean meatball.  It’s not only just like mama used to make– it’s a real Italian mama making it right now.  
Their desserts look great but the dinner portions are so generous, I don’t think we’ve ever partaken. 
S/V Lady Jane     

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South Harbour Village Marina (Staute Mie 311)

Posted by admin | Posted on 09-16-2008

I agree with Nita and Rick that the roads from South Harbour Village Marina into downtown Southport, and all its many good restaurants and neat shops, are NOT bike friendly. However, South Harbour Village does encourage transients, and there are two restaurants on site.

We came down topless in good weather from Morehead.  The canvas shop doing our repairs is near South Harbour Village Marina so here we are.  It is only 1.5 nm west of Southport by water but seven miles on unbikeable roads by land, with no courtesy car available.  Another boat condo.  A golf course and an airport are nearby, but there’s not much here for transients other than fuel, an Italian restaurant, and a bar/grill.  The Italian was OK last night, we’ll try the pub tonight.  Southport would have been more fun.
Regards, Nita and Rick George aboard MV Hale Kai

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