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Archive For: SC – 3 – Georgetown, Winyah Bay, Pee Dee River, Black River

  • Hazzard Marine And Georgetown, SC (near Statute Mile 403)

    Moving upstream from Winyah Bay, Hazzard Marine is the first facility cruisers will encounter on the downtown, Sampit River Georgetown waterfront. This facility was rebuilt several years ago, and now is a gar cry from the forgettable fishing craft dock that once it was.

    Very helpful people and nice location is you want close access to downtown. We had several meals at The River Room restaurant and were pleased with the quality of their food and reasonable prices.
    If you like 100+ year old houses, this is the place for you! The older districts of town begin just next to Hazzard Marina. Don’t miss the Rice Museum.
    SV Aquarius

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  • Boat Shed Marina (Georgetown, SC – Near St. M. 403)

    VHF 16 & 68   Located on the Sampit River, Harborwalk Marina is only a boardwalk away from Georgetown's Historic District, great food, shopping, etc. A safe harbor from bad weather and located in calmBoat Shed Marina is one of several very fine facilities along the downtown Georgetown/Sampit River waterfront. Please also consider Harborwalk Marina, a bit farther upstream. This facility is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Because of high winds and very cold temps we pulled in to Boat Shed instead of dropping the anchor. This is our second stay here and we find it a great place to tie up. They have changed the marina office to a larger building and now have a super stocked ship’s store. Cost of $1.40 per foot includes electric, WiFi, water, and cable TV hook-up. The fuel hoses can easily reach any boat on the dock. Several trash containers spaced along the pier. Friendly staff and close to town and all the restaurants.
    Larry Morrow

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  • Hazzard Marine (Georgetown, SC, near Statute Mile 403)

    Like Captain Andy, I can remember with Hazzard Marine was one of the most forgettable “facilities” in the SC Low Country. My how times have changed, this time for the better. Hazzard Marine is now an excellent facility, but so its Harborwalk Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR), just a bit farther upstream.

    Equus is on the hard in Georgetown at Hazard’s Marina & Boatyard with a shaft- cutless bearing- stuffing box problem that was about to sink us . Hazard’s is a first-class operation now. I remember it from years ago as only a rickety old pier with a bad fuel pumps. It is now small but five star for service and accomodations..
    Best of the season to you and yours,
    Andy Denmark

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  • Kudzu Bakery (Georgetown, SC)

    Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 1776, Georgetown, South Carolina 29442I can add to Captain Lea’s comments below Kudzu Bakery, by relating that their chocolate chip cookies are to die for, and, really, we’ve never had anything here that wasn’t good. Kudzu is within walking distance of all the downtown Georgetown marinas, and within a long walk or a quick taxi ride from Georgetown Landing Marina (on the Pee Dee River). Give Kudzu a try, you won’t be sorry!

    We have not eaten at the Kudzu Bakery but always stop there to buy their delicious foods, jams, pickles, etc. Not to be missed in Georgetown!
    James Lea
    S/V Estelle

  • Downtown Georgetown Marinas (Sampit River, Statute Mile 403)

    On 9/1/09, as part of a “South Carolina Wish List,” I posed the following question:

    13. Has anyone docked at either Hazzard Marine, Boat Shed Marina or Harborwalk Marina along the downtown Georgetown waterfront (Sampit River)? How did you find these facilities?

    Responses follow:

    Boat Shed Marina. New docks and great people. We were sailing north out of Charleston Harbor to Georgetown and got stuck when the wind shifted to the north and we had to tack several times. We got there two hours after they closed but two dock hands stayed to help us dock. Very good people and we will definitely go back there.
    Best Regards
    S/V Chez Nous

    Hazzard Marine in Georgetown- good directions into the marina and a very helpful dockhand. We needed to go into town to provision at the Piggly-Wiggly, so we called the Midnight Cab Co. $3 to anywhere in town!
    Joy and Shel Rabin, aboard m/v Evening Star

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  • Georgetown Landing Marina (Statute Mile 403)

    On 9/1/09, as part of a “South Carolina Wish List,” I posed the following question:

    12. Has anyone stayed at Georetown Landing Marina lately? What was your experience there?

    Responses follow:

    We have stayed at Georgetown Landing Marina for at least six years in our trek up and down the waterway. It is always an easy in and out for us. They answer the phone and radio promptly. Very long face dock, easy to get fuel. A young staff of dockhands but always skilled and knowledgeable. Free wi-fi does work. Excellent restaurant adjacent to the marina and is within walking distance of some food stores. The last time we were there was this past April. Only downside is no cable TV.
    Ken Stickrath

    Subject: SC wish list
    Cruising News: We visited both Charleston City Marina & Georgetown Landing within the last six months. I agree with the opinion expressed about
    Georgetown Landing on the web site. The marina is oriented towards sport fishing. The office is very friendly, the walk into town acceptable, Wifi not reliable, currents are strong & docking on the outside in heavy weather is not a good idea.
    Tim Carter

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  • Scarey Incident While Anchored On Winyah Bay (south of Georgetown, SC)

    I guess the incident described second-hand below by Captain Arnold could happen anywhere at anchor. Scarey to think about, but at least the cruiser in question was not harmed.
    There has been a HUGE debate about whether cruisers should have guns aboard raging on several of the other mailing lists. Incidents like this will certainly make one think!

    An experienced cruiser who goes every year to the Exumas from Chesapeake, moored as he always does in Winyah Bay just south of Georgetown in the charted mooring area just before you turn into the Estherville Canal (or after if you’re going north) .
    He was woken up at 4am by somebody trying to get on his boat. It was a fellow asking for a cigarette and without permission he clambered on board and approached the cabin hatch asking if he could look around. My friend had a .45 pistol. As the guy poked his head down through the hatch he hit his face hard with the gun then demanded the guy immediately back off and jump off the boat or he’d be shot. He did so – where another guy had a small boat a few yards away. Apparently he learned there had been a series of robberies on boats in the bay. This incident was in May this year.
    We have to consider the unpalatable fact of poor economic times. Amateur Piracy might well become a current risk on the ICW – especially to those who like mooring overnight in lonely coves. Owners should have a weapon of some kind on board – though maybe not a gun, since a flare pistol might be equally effective. And should NEVER come out of the hatch since by staying inside the boat, you hold the stronger position if temporarily.
    You might recall I had a similar experience of two guys being on my boat at night as I was docked at Deep Creek Lock. In that incident I think they were simply teenagers looking to steal something on deck – but who knows – they are certainly volatile situations which could easily go wrong.
    I’m holed up in Mill Creek, VA, – an absolutely pristine beautiful creek with deep water and high bluffs with only a few splendid homes hiding behind trees. Meeting a friend tomorrow across the river at Reedville. No signs of pirates here as yet. 🙂
    Best wishes

  • Harborwalk Marina Adds New Bath House, Laundry and Captain’s Lounge (Georgetown, SC, Statute Mile 403)

    VHF 16 & 68   Located on the Sampit River, Harborwalk Marina is only a boardwalk away from Georgetown's Historic District, great food, shopping, etc. A safe harbor from bad weather and located in calmHarborwalk Marina is the most upstream facility along the downtown Georgetown waterfront. They are also the closest to the business district’s many excellent restaurants (don’t dare miss the Rice Paddy and the River Room), and great shopping. Of course, I’m prejudiced, as these fine folks are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!
    Stop by and visit with Captain Chris! Tell him the Cruisers’ Net sent you!

    We wanted to reach out and let everyone know that after starting the process of dredging, tearing down and rebuilding floating docks some 2-3 years ago……. we have finally finished our new marina office, captain’s lounge, laundry and bath house.
    We can now say we have completed the dredging and 625 feet of linear floating docks, a 1,200 square foot marina office, captain’s lounge and bath house. We have two private shower and restroom facilities along with four washers and driers, all climate controlled. They are secured with a pass key and open 24 hours. The lounge is setup for reading, computer use and has a big screen TV. We have a friendly new staff and are ready to serve your overnight needs. We have the most competitive dock and fuel rates on the ICW. Being downtown, with in walking distance of everything, is pretty nice too.
    I like to tell everyone we may not be the biggest, but we are the best!
    Here is what all we offer now.
    Permanent & Transient dockage
    high speed – high capacity, diesel and gas pumps
    ice, oil and batteries
    30/50/100 amp service • showers & heads
    wireless internet • cable TV • laundry facilities
    city water • pump-out service • lounge with big screen TV
    fish cleaning station • dry storage • parking
    Chris Carroll
    Operations Manager
    Harborwalk Marina

    The marina now has a new laundry facility that also houses two bathrooms. I believe it is climate controlled. My boat was moored in the innermost dock and am in 10 feet of water. Nice floating docks. Chris, the dockmaster who assisted me, was very helpful. This is the closest marina to downtown Georgetown, a couple blocks closer than the Boat Shed and Hazard Marine. For some reason, there were no seats in the bathrooms when I showered. It was only after I left that I noticed two plastic seats on the porch that should have been in the bathrooms for changing.
    HB Koerner

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  • Georgetown Downtown Anchorage and Anchor Lights (Statute Mile 403)

    If memory serves, and sometimes, at least in my case, it does not, this is the second posting we have had here on the Cruisers’ Net concerning the local water cops in Georgetown handing out tickets for anchored vessels not showing an anchor light. So, if you drop the hook off the downtown Georgetown waterfront (on the Sampit River), be SURE you have an anchor light that functions till the next morning’s light (see below)!

    Subject: Georgetown, S.C. harbour update
    Cruising News: Know And Follow the rules!
    This past Friday I received a little “gift” from the DNR, in the form of a 110.00 ticket for “No anchor light between sunset and sunrise”. Now I did think I had an anchor light, I had installed a solar light on the Stearn rail that glowed brightly every night as I walked down the Harbourwalk. There were several problems with this that the DNR was only happy to point out! First was that solar lights are only as good as the batteries they contain AND how much direct sunlight they receive. The DNR patrol toured the harbour at 04:30, and apparently by then my light managed to run down. I’m not usually out and about at 4:30, so I was unaware.
    The second and probably more important point is that a light on the rail is NOT visible 360 degrees, and therefore does NOT satisfy RULE 30.
    It would seem that the only option would be the masthead anchor light, but no the DNR will accept two lights, one on the bow and one on the stearn to create a 360 degree arc of visibility. (Remember the rule ALSO states that the light must be visible for a minimum of two miles. My problem was that my exhisting anchor light will drain the batteries in no time, and me getting up the mast with ease just ain’t going to happen. What I came up with is a low amp light with a photo cell mounted on a ‘pig stick’ that I can put up when we are at anchor (which by the way is where the boat lives way too much of the time. I hope this might clear up some of the confusion re lights here. BTW, there should be more news soon regarding the proposed mooring field, I’ll post as soon as I hear anything.
    Fair winds

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  • Good Words About Visiting Georgetown, SC (Statute Mile 403)

    Captain Margaret has got it right! There are few places I would rather coil our lines than Georgetown, South Carolina. And, both the city of Georgetown and Harborwalk Marina are both SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSORS

    Subject: Georgetown
    Cruising News: I'd like to comment on docking in Georgetown.  I
    Georgetown is an amazing little Southern town.  It has some great restaurants, fun shops, history, tours — from history to pirates to wildlife or almost anything else that might interest you.  Yeah, the paper mill is there, but you really do get used to the smell.  Now, when I smell Geownetown, it feels more like coming home than something to race through.  For my money, both McClellanville and Georgetown are jewels in the rough, places definitely not to be missed.
    Margaret. B. Smith
    Messing About

  • Hazzard Marine and Rice Paddy Restaurant (Georgetown, SC, Statute Mile 403)

    I just love a cruising stop in Georgetown, and not just because this city is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! This place an embarrassment of riches when it comes to good marinas and GREAT places to eat! Read on!

    Subject: Hazzard Marine — Rice Paddy
    Cruising News: Huzzah’s for Hazzard Marine.  Since 8 Nov 2008 this has been our best marina experience.  It’s a small place with a big heart and excellent facilities and management.  The Rice Paddy can be described the same way — a big heart, excellent ambiance and management.  And the food and service staff puts it in our top three ICW dining experiences.  We strongly recommend both.
    Chris Waln

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  • Goat Island Grill – Georgetown, SC

    While I have had the pleasure to review any number of wonderful dining attractions in Georgetown, SC, (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSOR) I am not familiar with Goat Island Grill. I'll be sure to catch it my next time around, however!

    Kismet arrive in Georgetown @ MM 403 on the S.C. ICW on Sunday with a hankering for fried green tomatoes. We found our way to Goat Island Grill right in the middle of Front Street where we satisfied our desire. We found the Goat Island Grill to be clean, reasonably priced, a menu that included everything form sandwiches to prime rib. The staff was friendly and the service wonderful. On Wed 4/29 they¹re having ³Exploration of Asia Dinner² for those that might be in the area. We have no vested interest in this eatery and only pass this info on because it stood out in comparison to
    Jim & Lisa Favors – Kismet
    Fathom 40

  • Hazzards Marine (Georgetown)

    If you have not visited Hazzards Marine (on the downtown/Sampit River waterfront) for several years, you won’t believe the changes. This is now an excellent facility.

    Moving a move north we stopped at Hazzard’s Marina in Georgetown. Great facilities on long floating pier.  Laundry and showers clean, working and near pier.  They have Captain’s lounge and free wifi but you need good antenna to get it from out on pier.  Just a 4 block walk to town.  The dockmaster on a Sunday was there to help us tie up but was not knowledgeable about the town.  We enjoyed Hazzards.  Good stop. 
    Phil and Carey Bolin
    Apolonia, 43′ Vista

    We have stopped at Georgetown a number of times and always enjoyed it. We found Hazard Marina to be the best place for us of the 3 we tried. We probably wouldn’t stay there for a week but a night or two has always been a good stop.
    May you have fair skies and calm seas,
    Capt. Jackie and Capt. Lynn Millikin
    Nauti Dreams

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  • Georgetown Landing Marina (Georgetown)

    Georgetown Landing Marina is located on the Pee Dee River side of Georgetown. As noted below, this location puts you away from the downtown business/historic district, but it is walkable (if you are up to a hike).

    We are currently at Georgetown Landing ($4.50/ft/wk with BoatUS). They can’t do enough for you here. It’s furthur from town but still walkable. We’re on a nice floating dock, a large “t” straight out from the office. The current is strong and it appears exposed but we weathered one really bad blow very well. The charter captains have been great and we enjoyed the excitement of a really large tournament and subsequent partying last weekend. We saw lots of beautiful dorado and wahoo. There is a very nice butcher on Fraser (hwy 17) who went out of his way to get us what we were looking for. He also said to call and since they deliver to the Front st restaurants they could drop an order off at the marina. We have taken advantage of Enterprise’s weekend special for car rental and locals have given us lots of places to explore. We have enjoyed our stay here. The old houses and churches are nice. It’s a short car ride to good plantation tours south and Brookgreen gardens to the north. Charleston is an hour away by car and Murrell’s Inlet a half hour. We would come back to Georgetown again and stay at Georgetown Landing Marina.
    John & Ellie Wheeler

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  • Boat Shed Marina – Georgetown

    Boat Shed Marina is located on the dowtown/Sampit River Georgetown waterfront. It lies right next door to Hazzard Marina, and downstream of Harborwalk Marina (a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR).

    Ourselves and several other boaters had a great stay at Boat Shed Marina at Georgetown three weeks ago.  The staff was extremely knowledgeable, and helpful, and the rate was $1.40 all inclusive, no discounts.  Boat Shed is between Hazard and Harborwalk.  Nice floating dock and fine water and power, clean restrooms and showers, but no laundry.  It is an easy walk to a nice rice plantation museum, some fine restaurants, beautiful residential area, and an old small downtown area.  One of the boaters stated that the meal at the Rice Patty Restaurant was one of the best on the Loop.  I also understand that you can use the mooring balls, if one is available, and no one oversees them.  We had a very fine stay at Boat Shed.
    Robert & Kay Creech

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  • Georgetown Landing Marina (Statute Mile 403)

    Georgetown Landing Marina is located on the Pee Dee River side of Georgetown.

    Subject: Georgetown Landing update (Marina)
    Cruising News: Any weather from the South or south east causes rocky conditions in the marina but especially on the face dock.  Land’s End Restaurant is good food but marina wifi is finicky and no cable on face dock.  Exposed to wakes from passing small boats.
    Pat B

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  • Georgetown, SC (Statute Mile 403)

    Here’s a good report on Georgetown, one of my personal favorite ports of call, from Captain Jane Tigar, one of the Net’s finest reporters! Note Jane’s kind words about Harborwalk Marina. Of course, these good people are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Georgetown: Our favorite restaurant, Orange Blossom is closed.  We were sorry to hear that the owner had a bad car accident and has returned to Greece.  We highly recommend planning to be in Georgetown  on anything but a Sunday.  Most everything seems to be closed on  Sundays.  There is a nice looking store for provisioning – it looks like a wine shop, but there is fresh produce in the back.  It’s on the main road, maybe a block towards town from Harborwalk Marina.
    Harborwalk Marina has brand new docks; there is a big floating face dock and it is only a few steps from downtown.  Free wifi.  Courteous service.  There are no toilets or showers as they are in the process of building them.  We tried to hail Hazzard Marine, a place we have stayed at before but there was no answer on the phone and no answers to our VHF hails.
    Captain Jane Tigar

  • Georgetown, SC Considers Mooring Field On Town Waterfront/Sampit River

    The article below is reprinted, with permission, from the "Georgetown Times." We thank the newspaper most sincerely, for allowing us to reproduce this copyrighted story.
    Clearly, the consideration of a mooring field, possibly (or not), at the expense of the long popular Sampit River anchorage, is in the early stages of discussion. I think the real problem here, as it is in many coastal ports of call, is abandoned vessels. And, let's not kid ourselves, abandoned vessels ARE a REAL problem!
    To get up on my soap box for a moment, there are other laws and means to deal with abandoned vessels, or those illegally dumping untreated waste, WITHOUT regulating anchorage. Let's hope the city government in Georgetown goes this route!

    Published on 1/29/2009
    By Jason Lesley


    George Fogel anchors his boat in the Sampit River between the Harborwalk and Goat Island.
    He pays all the taxes, and he's one of the few owners who burn the proper anchorage lights at night.
    A plan to place 33 mooring buoys on the Sampit River could force Fogel out — to a commercial marina.
    That's just one of the thorny problems with regulating boats and boaters in Georgetown.
    Citizens filled City Council chambers Thursday night to discuss the future of the city's harbor and to learn about new laws that allow abandoned boats to be removed.
    Only one citizen expressed any sentiment for keeping abandoned boats in Georgetown Harbor. They provide a part of Georgetown's character, he said, and give artists and photographers inspiration.
    Most were in favor of seeing a city ordinance being more strictly enforced to clean up the harbor and force owners to pay for the removal of sinking or submerged craft.
    City Council member Paige Sawyer, who organized the citizens meeting, opened by showing pictures of boats that had broken from their moorings and crashed and of dinghies tied at the city's docks for so long they were filled with water. One even had a dead fish in it.
    S.C. Department of Natural Resources officers Robin Camlin and Ryan Williams explained a new state law that will address abandoned boats.
    "Being from Georgetown," Camlin said, "I am concerned about the harbor. We will survey at daylight and dark to determine if a boat is being legally tended to. Owners of abandoned boats will be ticketed and they will have 45 days to remove their boats."
    A larger issue for the people at Thursday's meeting was the possible ending of free anchorage — permanent or transit — in the Sampit.
    A plan approved by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control will locate 33 mooring buoys between Meeting and King streets. Each will have a radius of 160 feet, squeezing out any room for others to anchor for free.
    Restaurant owner Bucky Watkins said he was worried that boaters wouldn't come to Georgetown and shop and dine if the city began charging a fee to anchor.
    Jed Tiller, co-owner of Hazzard Marina, said he gets calls "all the time" about buoys. The fee is far lower than a dockage fee at a marina.
    "What we should do is encourage people to stop here without getting robbed," Watkins said.
    The question was raised about who will profit from the 33 buoys. Sawyer said the city would contract with a harbormaster who would patrol and collect the fees.
    Diane Fox said, "You are going to cut out a lot of people who want to run 'The Ditch'."
    Glennie Tarbox, who owns Independent Seafood, suggested both permanent and transient anchorage.
    Beaufort's mooring buoy plan would be a good model for Georgetown to follow, someone suggested. It has 53 buoys with 20 set aside as permanent anchorage.
    Watkins asked, "If we clean up the harbor, why do we have to have moorings?"
    Nobody answered.
    The depth of the Sampit could pose another potential problem for some sailboats. At low tide, one citizen pointed out, a sailboat drawing 5 or 6 feet of water couldn't get to the buoys.
    In the end, Sawyer said he wanted to see a task force appointed that would consider every angle from boat owners to property owners before the issue comes before City Council.

  • Good Time at Hazzard Marine – Georgetown

    The new incarnation of Hazzard Marine is certainly a superb facility along the downtown Georgetown waterfront (Sampit River). Don’t overlook Harborwalk Marina as well, now a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

     Hazzard Marina in Georgetown gets a big plus.  Their automatic fuel dispenser works fine with a VISA or MasterCard.  We got in at sundown (after closing) after 12 hours on the ICW, and filled up just fine.  The dockmaster had also authorized to take a face dock position for overnight and put the fee in the mailbox if we left before they open in the morning.  We liked the catch of the day at Captain’s Quarters. 
    Michael Tigar
    S/V Lady Jane
    Bound for St. Augustine

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