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Dataw Island Marina, 100 Marina Drive, Dataw Island, SC 29920 Mile Marker 521, 843 838 8410The Downtown Marina Of Beaufort, SC, 1006 Bay Street Beaufort, SC 29902 (843) 524-4422 or Marker #239 on ICWA Marina That's As Luxurious As It Is Convenient Close to Myrtle Beach with clear sailing to the Atlantic. The Harbourgate Marina Village is your  gateway in North Myrtle Beach to all the excitement aVHF 16 & 68   Located on the Sampit River, Harborwalk Marina is only a boardwalk away from Georgetown's Historic District, great food, shopping, etc. A safe harbor from bad weather and located in calmBoaters are our business and our only business. We are located directly on the ICW, and offer Exceptional Lowcountry facilities and hospitality. The Beaufort/Port Royal area is a beautiful and historiWelcome to The City Marina The City Marina Wins Jack Nichol Award for Design See our feature on The Visitors Network Located on mile marker 469.5 of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, the Charleston City Marina features 19,000 feet of linear dock space covering 40 acres of water.  The marina was named 2005 National Marina of the Year (Marina Dock Age Magazine), and offers state-of-the-art amenities and facilities to promise an enjoyable stay.  The City Marina's MegaDock extends 1,530 feet and is the longest free standing floating fuel dock in the Southeast.  These features, and Historic Downtown Charleston location, make The City Marina one of the east coast's most popular marinas.
Seaside Luxury at its best For those who own a boat and love the water, buying a SJYH wet slip is an easy decision when you consider the benefits. The opportunity to own waterfront access a mere 11 minutes from historic downto
Myrtle Beach Yacht Club is unmatched for its Lowcountry charm and gracious hospitality. Isle of Palms Marina is located on the east side of the Intracoastal Waterway, northeast of Charleston at Mile 456.5 and south of ICW Marker 116.  50 41st AvenueLadys Island Marina - Beaufort, SCAt Bucksport cruising visitors will discover all new docks, new power pedestals, a newly reopened on-site restaurant, clean – climate controlled showers and laundromat, as well as a warm welcome for the cruising communityTransients Welcome - Under new ownership - Located at mile marker 354 in Myrtle Beach South CarolinaOsprey MarinaWindmill Harbour Marina, Hilton Head SCHarbour Town at Hilton Head, with its familiar red-and-white-striped lighthouse, is a fine resort marina with an enormous number of amenities.

Archive For: SC – 2 – Waccamaw River to Winyah Bay

  • Good Times at Marina at Grand Dunes (Statute Mile 359)

    I guess the best just keep on getting better. There have been many accolades for the Marina at the Grand Dunes here on the Cruisers’ Net, and it’s not only because they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Great facility. Dock hands were the best I have seen. Very courtious and informative. When we docked, we did not have to do a thing, they tied us up and made all of our hookups. Even got a free bottle of wine!
    Sea Huddle

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s South Carolina Marina Directory Listing For the Marina at Grand Dunes

  • More Accolades for Osprey Marina (Statute Mile 373.5)

    Osprey Marina , owned by Carson Benton, is at mile marker 373 on the Intracoastal Waterway in Myrtle Beach. Osprey Marina offers a protected harbor 150 yards off the waterway accessible by a private dI can’t think of another facility that has received so many on-line accolades here on the Cruisers’ Net as Osprey Marina. Don’t miss this place! And, don’t forget, they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Stopped here for lunch on 1/16/09 great facilities, friendly people and a great hamburger. Will stop again!
    Sea Huddle

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s South Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Osprey Marina

  • Cruise the Upper Waccamaw River to Conway, SC (near St. M. 375)

    While I would be hesitant taking this cruise in a vessel larger than 45 feet, we love abandoning the AICW near St. M. 375, and cruising up the upper Waccamaw River to Conway, SC. This passage has a real backwater feeling to it.
    Sailors beware – there is one fixed span with an unpublished vertical clearance, but I’ve always estimated it to be only 30 to 35 feet or so.
    The crew of Sea Huddle does not mention it, but there are several good shoreside restaurants within walking distance of the Conway City Marina!

    Took the trip up and down the Waccamaw to Conway this past weekend. If coming south on ICW take shortcut and turn right just before Green 27 and then bear left, it will bring you out at Red 2, Depth entering was 9.8 and got deeper quickly. the shallowest I saw all the way up was 9.5 in a few spots. The deeper depths appear to favor the left going up and right coming down. Conway is a nice spot with a great park to walk your animals if needed, and close to town. The dockhands were not very helpful, two college guys, I guess it is because it is owned by the City Parks. Fuel, pump out, elec, showers, no water this time apparently the lines burst from the freezing weather. Due to no wake zones, it will take you aywhere from an 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get there.
    Sea Huddle

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s South Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Conway City Marina

  • Island Anchorage (AICW/Waccamaw River, Statute Mile 375.5)

    The overnight haven described below by Captain Andy is termed “Island Anchorage,” both in the Cruisers’ Net’s “South Carolina Anchorage Directory” and my “Cruising Guide to Coastal South Carolina and Georgia.” It consists of a small loop making off directly from the Waterway’s northwestern banks, and cutting behind a small island (hence, the name). This is a good anchorage, but to the south, Bull Creek and Thoroughfare Creek make for even better places to stop along the AICW/Waccamaw River.

    Subject: Waccamaw River marker #29 anchorage
    Cruising News: I’m pleased to report that the rustic anchorage at Waccamaw River #29 is still nice and unobstructed although there’s considerable development along the “green side” shoreline. EQUUS spent a pleasant night here on 12/12 in warm temperatures and drizzling rain with only one other boat. This is one of my favorite ICW anchorages and it looks like a place where a dinosaur might appear from the swamps at any moment! I always use a trip line here as there are snags on the bottom.
    Captain Andy Denmark
    s/v EQUUS

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Anchorage Directory Listing For The Island Anchorage

  • More Accolades for Osprey Marina (Statute Mile 373.5)

    And the hits just keep on coming when it comes to this fine facility (near the AICW’s northern entrance to Waccamaw River). Few marinas have garnered so much praise here on the Cruisers’ Net as Osprey Marina. But, of course, they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    I agree with all of these folks. Osprey Marina was terrific in every way! At the marina’s suggestion, we checked out Scatori’s Restaurant. The restaurant provided us transportation to and from, the food and wine tasted delicious and the presentation was exceptional, and after dinner we even picked up a few groceries at Lowe’s. Talk about great hospitality!
    Jan & Tracy Nelson

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s South Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Osprey Marina

  • Jericho Creek Anchroage (off the AICW/Waccamaw River, near Statute Mile 395)

    Jericho Creek does not offer the roomiest anchorage of the many great overnight havens off the AICW/Waccamaw River. However, the really adventurous among us can cruise the creek all the way to the Pee Dee River. That is a really interesting journey, but it’s not for everyone, and certainly not for larger cruising craft.

    We anchored here on the south side of the oxbow. The south side gave us better protection from northerly winds. As noted, not much swing room and two anchors might be advisable, but we passed the night on one. You need to watch the tide, shoaling and bar at the mouth. We had to bugout early AM to get across the bar safely. We noted 6.2′ as we crossed the bar.
    Dick Litchfield

    I passed through Jericho Creek between Pee Dee and Waccamaw Rivers about six months ago at low tide (three foot draft trawler). It was beautiful and adventurous, but I saw two large stumps just above the surface, center of the creek, in the winding part of the creek near Wacammaw River. I would not have seen these with one foot more water. I don’t know if they were transient or there all the time. Be careful in this area.
    Russ McAden

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Anchorage Directory Listing For Jericho Creek

  • Thoroughfare Creek Anchorages (Statute Mile 389)

    Out of all the MANY wonderful anchorages off the AICW section of the Waccamaw River, I think Thoroughfare Creek may be my very favorite. Looks like Captain Koerner found this spot equally delightful.

    Spent the day under power in a drizzling rain. This was my last chance to find an anchorage before nightfall. It was beautiful to me then, in the rain, and remains so in my memory. One sailing catamaran was there when I arrived, and a trawler arrived just after I set the hook. My Bruce anchor dragged, so I changed to a CQR. No problem. It was probably due to fluky conditions, though, as wind and current were at odds when I arrived. Didn’t get a good set to start with.
    HB Koerner

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Anchorage Directory Listing For Thoroughfare Creek

  • Bull Creek Anchorage (off AICW/Waccamaw River. St. M. 381)

    The Waccamaw River section of the South Carolina AICW has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to good anchorage along its side streams. However, Bull Creek is one of the very best of the lot. Whenever I talk to cruising groups in South Carolina, and mention Bull Creek, I can look out on my audience and see everyone’s eyes getting dreamy. Anchoring on a stream like Bull Creek is what cruising is all about!

    Bull Creek has excellent protection from northerly winds if you can get around the first large bend and behind a large stand of trees. Depths are varied from 30′+ to beginning to verge on shoal. Additionally, there is some small boat traffic on occasion plus a small RO-RO (Rip Rap II) passed, carrying a big SUV and horse van. Holding is good in the current we experienced (somewhat under a knot?) and in gusty winds to 20-25 kts.
    Rick Emerson

    We anchored in Bull Creek on November 17th just as another front was beginning to come through. We had rain and 15 sustained winds with gusts to 25kts. We held well and had great water around the first bend of almost 25+ feet. We anchored in the middle with 14-15 feet all around us. We swung in the wind and tidal changes without any issues.
    John Coyle

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s South Carolina Anchorage Directory Listing For Bull Creek

  • Fuel Bill at Wacca Wache Marina (Statute Mile 383.5)

    On 11/14, stopped for fuel at WW. When I callled the day before, I was told they now had a $.10 cent discount for Boat US. They do not, nor do they have any other discount. The price per gallon was not shown on the pump. The running total fuel cost shown by the pump was different than the amount shown on the charge slip. While we were indeed told the price of fuel was $2.69 per gallon today, and it worked out correctly at that price, it was most annoying to see that the price on the charge slip was different (by almost $100) than that shown on the pump. While sure that no hankie-pankie was invloved, we were very disconcerted by the experience. I would suggest that all of our boating friends be aware of this issue so as not to be surprised when comparing the at-pump cost to the bill.
    Dennis Krakow

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s South Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Wacca Wache Marina

  • Wacca Wache Marina (Statute Mile 383.5)

    Wacca Wache Marina is well situation on the AICW’s passage through Waccamaw River, between our good friends at Osprey Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR), and all the many fine marina facilities as Georgetown (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUSERS’ NET SPONSOR)

    Claiborne, stayed at Wacca Wache on 10/28. Service was excellent, both at the fuel dock and at our slip. Fuel price was the best of the 10 fuel ups we did from Long Island to Florida. Music from outdoor restaurant/bar was good…did not try the restaurant. The Waccamaw River is our favorite section of our trip, can imagine Indians 300 years ago coasting down it in canoes…beautiful run. …
    Bob Scalia
    MV Endless Summer

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s South Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Wacca Wache Marina

  • Praise for Osprey Marina (Statute Mile 373.5)

    I’ve lost count of the laudatory messages we have posted here on the Cruisers’ Net concerning the wonderful facility known as Osprey Marina. From super sheltered dockage to a staff as friendly as helpful as could be desired, this is a GREAT place to spend an evening, or more than one, as you wend your way along the AICW!
    And, of course, Osprey Marina is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    I have stopped at Osprey Marina at least 4 times over the last few years. Their fuel prices are always the lowest in the area and their dockage is downright reasonable. Left my boat there for over a month this Spring without any paranoia…nice, helpful, knowledgable folks…can’t praise ‘em enough for the way they run their business and they could not be more helpful…the grounds are well kept and the place is always clean and welcoming. Without a doubt, one of the NICEST Marinas between CT and FL on the ICW.
    Jock Ames

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Osprey Marina

  • Old River Anchorage (Statute Mile 377)

    The “Old River Anchorage” lies off the western banks of the AICW/Waccamaw River, a short hop north of Bucksport Plantation Marina. Based on the info below from Captain Rick, we are downgrading this anchorage due to reduced swinging room.

    Swing room is much reduced in this anchorage due to the presence of new docks.
    Rick Emerson

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s South Carolina Anchorage Directory Listing For

  • Bucksport Plantation Marina (Statute Mile 377)

    Bucksport Planation Marina overlooks the western banks of the AICW/Waccamaw River, not far for the river’s northern intersection with the Waterway. This is one of the most improved facilities in the Palmetto State, since new management took over some time back.

    We stopped September 20, 2009. We had been to Conway, met with old friends and they rode with us to Bucksport where their son picked them up and returned them home. We had lunch. Limited menu as noted, but it was very good.
    Friendly staff who seemed glad to see us, we all sat around and talked a while.
    We bought several pounds of the “famous” sausage to take home with us. It’s very good.
    Ron Widman

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Bucksport Plantation Marina

  • Cruise Up the Waccamaw River to Conway, SC Suggested

    I love leaving the AICW soon after it enters the northern reaches of the Waccamaw River, and cruising upstream to the delightful town of Conway, SC. As Captain Jim notes below, the city marina there does have some transient spaces and there are several restaurants within walking distance. Just be sure to observe all markers on the upper Waccamaw carefully. Depths outside of the channel are nil.

    Whenever one writes of the Waccamaw, I always take a moment to suggest leaving the ICW and following the Waccamaw 10 miles up river to the little town of Conway. Conway offers two floating docks just beynd the entrance to its marina, each for a 40 footer, plus restaurants, museums and groceries within walking distance.
    Plenty of water one Dixie Boat captain told me, “just follow the markers and avoid the lily pads.”

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Conway City Marina

  • Socastee Bridge (Statute Mile 371)

    We list the Socastee Bridge as “Opens on Demand” in the Cruisers’ Net’s South Carolina Bridge Directory. Thanks to Island Hopper, we know the “school bus transportation hours” delay, mentioned in Captain Cantrell’s message below, usually lasts only ten minutes.

    Subject: Socastee Highway Bridge
    Cruising News: According to the bridge tender, the bridge now opens on demand except during school bus transportation hours. Bridge opened for our south-bound passage at 1030 a.m. on Tuesday 20 October 2009
    Jamie Cantrell

    I just called the bridgetender. He said the birdge is on demand 24 hours a day. during school transportation times they may require a 10 minute wait before honoring the request to open.
    Island Hopper

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s South Carolina Bridge Directory Listing For

  • Good News from Osprey Marina (Statute Mile 373.5)

    There are few marina facilities anywhere that have received more praise here on the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net than Osprey Marina. And now, we hear from Captains George and Mary below that Osprey also has some of the best transient dockage rates around. Don’t miss the “Italian Restaurant” as well!
    And, let’s not forget that Osprey Marina is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Stop at Qsprey marine.$1.00 a foot. Go to the Italian restaurant.They will pick you up.
    George and Mary Kay

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Osprey Marina

  • Osprey Marina (Statute Mile 373.5)

    What else can I add except to agree that Osprey Marina is a superb facility that deserves the attention of every cruiser, and they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    This is one of the best marinas we have found in our 33 years of cruising. We stayed there the night of 9/29/09 on our way to Georgetown, SC and look forward to another night there on our way home to Morehead City.
    Brice Sumner

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s South Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Osprey Marina

  • Island Anchorage (AICW/Waccamaw River, Statute Mile 375.5)

    This anchorage will be discovered near where the AICW makes its northerly entrance into beautiful Waccamaw River, northeast of marker #29. Very well sheltered overnight haven, but, WOW, I hope I don’t run into the vessel (described below) with the automatic weapon!

    Stayed here two nights September 2009. Anchored closer to the river on the northern leg of the loop. Nice anchorage except for the local boat which anchored in the afternoon on the far side of the island and shot off what sounded like a semi-automatic weapon repeatedly. They went away and then came back after dark and anchored for the night. We tried to do things right and use a buoyed trip line but ended up with the line wound around the anchor chain as we switched back and forth with the current.
    Jean Thomason

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Anchorage Directory Listing For the Island Anchroage

  • Bull Creek Anchorage (Statute Mile 381)

    If every anchorage were as nice as those on the AICW/Waccamaw River’s Bull Creek, we might never visit a marina again. Seriously fellow cruisers, it doesn’t get much better than this overnight haven, and, as you will see below, Captain Parish endorses this sentiment!

    September 2009 – We anchored in Bull Creek just off the sand hill near the charted 14′ depth. This anchorage is similar in appearance and ambience to Throughfare Creek at it’s sand hill. One signficant difference: Bull Creek is widen and allows for more swing room/larger boats/more boats. Word of caution. We dropped the hook abeam of the sand hill and about 1/3 of the width of the creek from the sand hill. I noticed in setting and raising the anchor that I could feel some little tugs on the anchor and chain that were most likely caused by small soft rotten logs or tree trunks on the bottom. It took almost no effort to free the anchor and chain as I raised it, but the bottom is not debris free in that spot.
    Rick Parish

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s South Carolina Anchorage Directory Listing For Bull Creek

  • Thoroughfare Creek Anchorage (off AICW/Waccamaw River, Statute Mile 389)

    On 9/1/09, as part of a “South Carolina Wish List,” I posed the following question:

    11. Has anyone anchored on the pristine waters of Thoroughfare Creek recently (near Statute Mile 389)? Did you anchor near the high, sandy cliff? Did you dinghy ashore and hike up this cliff to the Sandy Island Historical site? Can you describe this historic site to the cruising community?

    Responses follow:

    Sandy Island has a primarily black history – one time slaves. With a friend we found the skeleton timbers of an old old sunken boat there and a badly rusted ball and chain which we were pretty sure once must have held a plantation slaves ankle to the boat. There is a dock there for dinghies. It’s worth an afternoon trip
    Best wishes

    Last November we anchored there, arriving about 4pm to find about six other cruisers anchored there. We didn’t land the cliff, but did take the dinghy into the maze of canals on the east side of the creek. We saw no place to land and a few homes or summer cottages. Not certain.
    James Lea
    S/V Estelle
    Bristol 41.1

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Anchorage Directory Listing For Thoroughfare Creek

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