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Archive For: Youngs Yarns Index

  • Announcement: Youngs Yarns

    Below you will discover an index of stories and articles authored by thirty year cruising guide writer, Claiborne S. Young. Some are whimsical, others thoughtful, some funny, and one or two may just be a bit scary. We invite all members of the cruising community to peruse these tales, and rediscover why we all have taken to the water!

  • The Ghost in the Attic

    Here’s a real life ghost story that spans better than a decade in the making. Those who have made the charming community of Georgetown, South Carolina, a port of call, will have undoubtedly stared in wonder at the many dreamlike homes in the community’s historic district, and wondered more than a little about the stories of those who once lived and worked there. This tale will satisfy that craving, at least for what may be the most beautiful homeplace in Georgetown. Read on, and discover how I almost met the ghost!

    Click Here To Read the “Ghost in the Attic”

  • What Lurks Beneath

    Here is a tale about what can only be accurately described as the UNEXPECTED perils of being a cruising guide author. This story is set on the Pearl River, which acts as the coastal dividing line between the states of Mississippi and Louisiana. Read on if you want to learn what strange things may “Lurk Beneath” in these waters!

    Click Here To Read “What Lurks Beneath”

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