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Cove/Scuppernong River Anchorage – Claiborne’s Review

Early explorers were so enchanted with the beauty of this river that they named it `Hearts Delight.’ This lovely body of water is narrower than its sister streams to the north and is lined by heavily wooded shores. Old, gnarled cypress trees with their trailing beards of gray moss majestically guard the banks. Here and there, a few picturesque homes break the landscape.
Tradition claims that the river is the birthplace of the Scuppernong grape. Early visitors are said to have carried clippings of the vine back to Roanoke Island, from which grew the `Mother Vineyard.’
The Scuppernong River offers visiting cruisers many overnight anchorages. This is the sort of water where captains can almost pick a spot at will. Moving upstream from the river’s entrance, mariners might consider the cove south of the gap between markers #3 and #4. Notice the charted tongue of 7-foot waters flowing to the southwest. You can follow this channel to within 200 yards of the southwesterly banks and maintain minimum 6-foot depths. Try anchoring near 35 55.647 North/076 18.579 West in the midst of 6½-foot soundings. There is superb shelter here from southern, southeastern, and southwestern winds, but there is little in the way of protection to the north and northeast. Swinging room should be more than ample for a 50-footer.

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