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Middleton Creek/Yeopim River Anchorage – Claiborne’s Review

Cruisers who thrive on exploring waters far removed from the beaten track will find a visit to Middleton Creek a fascinating experience. This stream is NOT recommended for craft larger than 36 feet or those drawing more than 4 feet, as there are some 5-foot depths along the way and a few unmarked shoals to avoid. If your boat fits these size and draft requirements, however, the risk just might be justified. The creek’s shores are covered by a virgin growth of tall cypress, hardwoods, and scattered pine. A night on Middleton Creek is an evening spent about as far from the trappings of civilization as one is liable to get in this day and time.
Probably the best spot to drop the hook is found on the waters just short of a T-like intersection, where branches of Middleton Creek swing off respectively to the southeast and northwest. We discovered 6 feet of water near 36 05.101 North/07629.435 West.
Protection is superb from all winds. In fact, this spot would make for a great foul weather hidey-hole. Except for one cleared lot, the shores are untouched and idyllic, at least so far.

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