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Middleton Creek/Yeopim River Anchorage – Navigational Detail

From a position abeam of marker #6, cut sharply west and point for the mid-width of the river’s upstream passage. Be sure to avoid the point of land separating Yeopim River and Yeopim Creek. A large shoal is building southeast from this promontory.
As you cruise upstream (generally west and northwest) on the Yeopim River, the attractive resort community of Snug Harbor will come abeam to the north. Depths seem to run around 6 to 7 feet along this portion of the river. Just past Snug Harbor, look to port and you will see a beautiful home painted gray with white trim, nestled on the river’s southern shore. As this house comes abeam, depths deteriorate to 5- and 6-foot readings. Farther upstream, you will spy a smallcraft marina along the northern shoreline. Approach depths of only 3 to 4 feet render this facility useless for most cruising-size vessels.
Just past the small marina, depths begin to fall off to 5 feet, possibly 4½ feet in a few spots. Cruisers bound upstream for Middleton Creek should continue scrupulously following the river’s centerline. Keep a sharp watch for snags and floating debris, particularly semisunken logs and tree branches.
Eventually, the Yeopim River dead-ends into a T-shaped intersection at the combined mouth of Bethel and Middleton Creeks. Don’t attempt to
enter Bethel Creek to the north, as depths of 3 feet or less are soon encountered. Middleton Creek to the southwest, on the other hand, offers minimum depths of 4½ to 5 feet, with most of the stream holding much more water.
Enter Middleton Creek by turning sharply to port and slightly favoring the port side point and shoreline as you enter the stream. After cruising upstream 50 to 75 yards, swing back to the creek’s mid-width. You will note some 5-foot readings for the first 30 yards or so, but depths soon increase significantly, typically to between 6 and 9 feet.
As Middleton Creek flows to the southwest, depths alternate between deeper soundings and 5-foot readings. Soon, the stream meets up with a T-shaped intersection. The principal branch of the creek takes a sharp jog to starboard and begins to narrow considerably. Be careful to come about while there is still room to maneuver. Meanwhile, the port side fork soon meanders into only 3 feet of water. Cruisers should stay clear of these waters.

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