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Raccoon Creek/Perquimans River Anchorage – Claiborne’s Review

Captains piloting cruising craft that draw 4 feet or (preferably) less might consider anchoring on the broad approach to narrow Raccoon Creek, just west and south of the 33-foot Highway 17 Bypass Bridge. Depths of 5 to 5½ feet will be discovered on the northern half of the waters between the river and the charted, lowlevel Raccoon Creek bridge. Closer to this span, depths are a mere 3 to 4 feet.
We have anchored near 36 11.308 North/076 27.638 West in about 5½ feet of water. Shelter is only adequate for fair weather, and this spot could be a real bear in a strong northerly blow. There is enough swinging room for a 40-footer, and, as a bonus, many of the beautiful homes on the Hertford waterfront are within sight.
On the other hand, it’s a fairly long dinghy ride to the Hertford public park and launching ramps, the best spot to tie up temporarily on this section of the Perquimans River. For my money, I prefer the upstream Hertford anchorages subsequently described in the SSECN “North Carolina Anchorage Directory,” but if the waters leading to Racoon Creek appeal to you, don’t hesitate to anchor here if the weather is good, and if your craft isn’t bothered by 5 feet of water.

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