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South River – Eastern Shore Anchorage – Navigational Detail

Use chart 11541 for entry into South River. Set course from a position about halfway between markers #6 and #7 to come abeam of marker #1, which denotes the South River’s entrance, by 25 yards to its southwestern side. Then set course to pass marker #2 fairly close on its northeastern side. Immediately after passing #2, bend your course to a more southern track and pass markers #WR3 and #5 fairly close to their western sides. Once past #5, simply stay within shouting distance of the river’s midsection. Minimum depths of 8 feet can be carried for several miles upstream.
Some 1.2 nautical miles past #5, you will encounter marker #6 near the river’s southwestern shore. This aid to navigation marks the entrance to Big Creek, home of a fish-processing house.
One of the best spots to anchor lies southeast of #6 where chart 11548 correctly notes 10-foot depths running to within 100 yards of the northeasterly banks. Ease into this cove, feeling your way with the sounder. Be on guard against the charted pool of 4-foot waters to the southeast.

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