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AICW/Currituck Sound Observations and Cautions (c. Statute Mile 40)

The AICW stretch through Currituck Sound is a long, boring straight stretch of “minding the markers” and, unless you like open, unadorned water, offers little to occupy the eye or your camera. More than one of you have commented about “getting through it”.

Being 20′ above the water in the fly bridge is helpful. Draft was at 6′ but a few years ago added a full keel that extends below the props and that makes us a bit braver than we should be. I still hate Currituck Sound for some reason and very glad to get past it. A boat ran aground right at the southern end of the Currituck Sound. It was a sailboat that drew 5′ and he looked to be on the green side of the channel and ran hard aground.
Captain Tedd Chappell

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