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Duplin River Anchorage

Duplin River Anchorage
Statute Mile: 649
Lat/Lon: 31 25.961 North/081 17.632 West
Location: Duplin River cuts north from the waters of Doboy Sound, northeast of the ICW’s flashing daybeacon #178
Minimum Depth: 12 feet, but a GPS chartplotter would be most useful is successfully bypassing several unmarked shoals flanking Duplin River’s southern mouth
Swing Room: sufficient room for vessels as large as 48 feet
Foul Weather Shelter: Good, except open to strong southern and northern winds


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Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (2)

  1. Claiborne -  October 2, 2009 - 10:44 pm

    I don’t have the benefit of having your new SC/GA Guide but if you haven’t included it already, you might share some information about visiting Sapelo Island. In order to visit, one must have a legitimate reason such as going on a tour, knowing someone on the island, being a guest of the Marine Institute etc. There are regularly scheduled tours through the Sapelo Island Visitors Center (tel: 912-437-3224) but they are only once or twice a week and one must take the ferry to get to the island ($10 for the ferry- don’t know if there’s a charge for the tour). However, the Visitor’s Center will provide names and numbers for some local guides who for fees ranging from $15 to $50 per person, will meet boaters at Marsh Landing and take them on a tour. Big boats can’t be brought to the dock, but it is OK to tie up a dinghy there and anchor the big boat in the Duplin River. We have arranged for a tour tomorrow for $25 per person (a reasonable fee for a three hour or so tour and it gives work to local residents) and will let you know how it goes. The ferry schedule can be found on line at . It leaves from Meridian near the visitor’s center.
    There is lots of other information on line about what to see; just google Sapelo Island, GA.
    We have anchored on the Duplin River before, usually next to the higher ground of Little Sapelo Island but this time we are just north of the ferry dock. There is little breeze and lots of no-see-ums!
    That’s it for today. Coming up is the Little Mud River so I’ll give you an update on that later (we won’t do that at low tide- been there, done that!
    Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE)

  2. Claiborne -  July 22, 2009 - 11:48 am

    Hi, Claiborne.
    We just anchored in Duplin Creek, GA, between a landing and power lines. There’s an old dilapidated gazebo looking thing but to its left is a house that looks like it came out of To Kill a Mockingbird…and we’re pretty much in front of it. Do you know anything about it—if it’s abandoned (looks like it oughta be)…or what. Looks pretty scary to me! Doors’ll be locked tonite. Just curious about it and knew if anyone knew, t’would be you!
    Laura Bender


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