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Fellow Cruiser Asks Your Advice re Peck Lake Anchorage, AICW Statute Mile 992

 Capt. Moran is an experienced cruiser who is wise enough to seek local knowledge, even in an area formerly visited. Let us hear from you if you have an answer for Capt. Moran.
Over the years, we have found that the best entry point from the AICW, into the anchorage seems to move. So, it would be invaluable if several of you who have visited here recently shared where you found the best water.
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I’ve been here several times, but it would be most helpful to know the exact entry point off the ICW to get into this anchorage. I’ve always depended on the kindness of those in this anchorage before me to guide me in due to the challenge of finding the ‘˜sweet spot’ to get over that bar’¦and passed it by on those occasions when some braver soul had not already ‘˜done the deed’ before me. Hints anyone?
Wally Moran

We are currently anchored in Peck Lake with winds up to 20 knots and good holding. The beach is really nice but cruiser’s with pets should know no dogs allowed. There are a lot of no seeums even with the wind at dusk and dawn.
Pam Neff

And, as usual, the cruising community has responded magnificently, with the generous advice below:

Leave ICW immediately south of G19. Head toward weather station on timber structure just off beach. As you get in to deeper water, head north again until water begins to shallow. Circle back to the south and anchor. There is lots of room, and holding is good. No problem with four foot draft.
Dogs ARE allowed on the ICW side of the park. They are not allowed east of the dune line. I contacted the park superintendent, and he confirmed this in an email to me. We were there with our dog on January 11, 2013
Norman Mason
Peggy Sue
Monk 36

Hi Claiborne,
I must tell you about our first visit to Peck Lake several years ago.
We had just purchased our first trawler, a second hand Mainship 390 in Fort Lauradale, it had come equipped with an Avon dingy and small outboard engine. So I dropped the hook for the first time at Peck Lake. I got the deflated dingy out of the engine compartment, inflated it and attached it to the swim platform, then I attached the outboard which was mounted up on the fly bridge, connected the fuel tank, with questionable fuel, primed it, but it wouldn’t go. After I had cleaned the fuel bowl and spark plug to no avail, Linda got the manual out. I might say by this time the dogs needed a potty break on the shore, they were all getting a little impatient with me. I promised we would stay in a marina the next day. I had always been familiar with Johnson and Evenrude engines, but this was one with the safety key neatly attached on a short chain to the engine and I had overlooked plugging it in. Naturally she pointed this out to me and the engine started immediately. We stayed at Peck Lake for three days and had a wonderful time playing with the dogs on the Atlantic side of the strip of land not approachable by land.
Great memories and probably the best anchorage on the ICW.
Graham Pugh
Kando 11
New Bern NC

From just south of marker 19 go directly toward the tide station ( platform). Anchorage is good on both sides of that line. Don’t go more than 150 yards to the south of that line. Depths run 6 to 8 feet.
Mike Koverman

We’ve anchored at Peck Lake with our two labradors, and they have enjoyed running on the beach on the Atlantic side. Never saw any signs saying `no dogs allowed’
Graham Pugh

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