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Key Lime Sailing Club Survives Tropical Storm Isaac and Looks Forward to a Great Fall – Winter 2012 Cruising Season

Key Lime Sailing Club in Key Largo, 305-451-3438, www.keylimesailingclub.comI am sometimes asked who was the very first to support the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net when our site first came on the scene back in early 2006. Well, the answer is Captain Paul and the Key Lime Sailing Club. I received a telephone call from Paul while he was traveling in the Philippines. His enthusiastic support of what we were trying to do really gladdened our hearts, and made everyone’s day.
And so, it is with much gratitude that we present the report below about this interesting facility having survived Tropical Storm Isaac with only very minor damage.

South Florida and the Florida Keys experienced heavy rains and strong winds brought by the Hurricane Isaac last Sunday. Thankfully Key Lime Sailing Club made thru the storm without any damage. The nearby restaurant Category 3 is one of the few places in Key Largo that kept their shop open during the storm and continued serving their delicious delicacies including their special stuffed hamburger. We are currently praying for the safety of places still on the path of Hurricane Isaac.
Key Lime Sailing Club and Cottages will be adding a new boat to the fleet. It is a 35′ Pontoon boat that can be used for bayside snorkeling and island tours. It will be ready this coming December for private charters and group charters. So book now for December or early next year and be one of the first guests to experience this new KLSC attraction!
Each cottage rental comes with designated 22′ sailboat that you can use for free for your entire stay! Use our kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, dinghies, snorkel gear, fishing gear, and bicycles all you want, also at no extra cost. Plus we give out a free Sunset Cruise to all our guests once or twice a week in Paul’s Catamaran around Florida Bay. Best vacation deal ever only at Key Lime Sailing Club!
Sailing lessons and sailboat charters are also available!
Check out our websites and for more info, you can also visit our Photos page and see uploaded photos of our dear guests and friends having a vacation to remember.

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