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Little Crawl Key Anchorage No More! (off Hawk Channel, west of Duck Key)

Wow, here’s some worthwhile news and no mistake. The so-called, Little Crawl Key Anchorage, has never been the easiest to enter, but based on Captain Dave’s report below, it’s now not even worth considering as an anchorage. I’m removing it from the Net’s “Florida Keys Anchorage Directory,” and everyone else should just cross it off their list as well.

Subject: Little Crawl Key Anchorage
Cruising News: Earlier this week, we were enroute from Key West to Miami via Hawk Channel and decided to anchor for the night in the ancorage at Little Crawl Key.
The first hint that things were not going to go well was that the markers that we saw out the windshield were not even close to the way they were shown on the chart plotter. We found the entrance markers and proceeded inbound, very slowly. Our boat draws 44 inches and in the middle of the channel, right between the number 1 and 2 markers we touched bottom. It was too narrow to quit so we continued down the winding channel.
As we approached the entrance to the lagoon we could see that it was shoaled almost completely across the entrance channel. To top things off there was a fellow standing in the middle of the channel in water up to his knees.
With great dificulty, we managed to turn around and get out of that place. I strongly recommend that no one in anything other than a kayack try and get into this place.
Dave Boxmeyer

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