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Looking For Info On Anchoring in Lake Yazoo (Pascagola, Mississippi, near Statute Mile 105)

Posted by Claiborne Young | Posted on 12-28-2010

The channel leading to Lake Yazoo breaks off from the eastern shores of the Pascagoula harbor approach channel. It’s probably been at least 8 years since I sounded these waters, so my info may well be dated. However, the last I knew, there was one shallow spot just as you entered the lake, which carried only some 5 feet of water, and there was an unmarked, adjacent shoal to worry with.
If ANYONE has more current data on these waters, please click the “Comment on This Posting/Marina/Anchorage/Bridge” link below, and share your information.

Hi Friends:
We are trying to get some local knowledge about Lake Yazoo that is up to date regarding the depts in the channel and in the lake as well as recommendations concerning where not to go. We are trying to break up the trip from Biloxi into Mobile Bay and I am not finding to many options. Your input would be most helpful.
Larry & Brenda
Roughwater 41
Presently in Point Cadet Harbor

Hopefully I’m not too late to help you, I’m a resident of Pascagoula and very familiar with Lake Yazoo or “The Inner Harbor” as it’s called locally. When you approach I like to favor the main channel marker, red #52 but you are safe to split the distance between it and the red into the harbor #2. As you pass red #4 you need to begin to seriously hug the north bank – I mean seriously as in a beams width. The north bank has a rip rap bulk head, but it is deep and safe. The south side has a shallow shoal that encroaches at least half way across the mouth. Shortly before you approach the launch ramps you can ease back to the middle, but the north side is always safer. Once you pass the ramps you will enter the harbor itself. Do not move to the north at all, it is very shallow and mostly oyster reef. Ahead of you you will see about a dozen moorings (private) and a few city docks at the head of the harbor. If you roughly connect where you are when you enter the harbor with the docks at the east end you will draw a line straight through the mooring field. About a 100 feet either side of this line will give you navigable depths of about 6′ or better on a normal low tide. You will notice a 52′ Silverton up in the harbor and I have known a 62 Hatteras to live in the harbor in prior years. Generally speaking, other than the north branch previously discussed the whole harbor is deep enough to navigate, shallow enough to make you very nervous, and soft mud bottom. I have taken many trips in and out in a power boat drawing 4.5′. The harbor is nice, secluded and very protected but there is virtually no access to shore and if there were almost no where to go without a car. Personally I think Lake Yazoo would be a nice place to stop mid ICW, but no one does. If you still head this way, respond and I’ll get you my email in case you have any questions.
Good Luck,
Reed Estabrook
M/V Cahoots


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