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Coinjock Marina


Basic Marina Information:

Phone: (252) 453-3271 ext. 1
Statute Mile: 50
Lat/Lon: Near 36 20.940 North / 75 56.924 West
Location: located on the AICW's eastern banks, well south-southwest of marker #123
Depths: 8 ft.
Address: 321 Waterlily Rd
Coinjock NC  27923

Service Details:

Transient dockage: Available
Transient dockage rate: $1.75 per foot,per night
Type of dockage: fixed wooden face docks
Live Aboards Allowed: no
Total number of slips/berths: 20 to 30
Dockside Power Connections: 30/50/100 amp power hookups available

$7.00/per night - 30 amp power hookup, $10.00/per night - 50 amp power hookup, $25.00/per night - 100 amp power hookup
Dock. Fresh Water Connections: Available
Showers: Available, Climate Controlled
Laundromat: Available
Restaurant: on-site
Restaurant Recommendations:

Coinjock Restaurant (on-site, 252-453-3271); highly recommended by the Cruisers' Net and other mariners

Provisioning Possibilities: well stocked variety/convenience store on-site
Wi-Fi Internet Access: Free Wifi Available
Waste pump-out: Available
Gasoline and diesel fuel: Gas & Diesel Available

Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

Reporting Date: May 22, 2018
Notes: discount for cash/ethanol free
Gasoline Price: $3.59
Diesel Fuel Price: $3.03
Any Quantity Discount: over 200 gallons 10 cent discount per gallon, over 600 gallons, 20 cent discount per gallon
ValvTect Dealer: Yes


Reviews from the Cruisers' Net Community (8)

  1. Joe Volpe -  July 17, 2015 - 4:04 pm

    Great Place! Attentive staff, good facilities, clean. Restaurant food and service were superb. I arrived needing major repairs and was fairly and well cared for by Louis and the local diesel mechanic who rebuilt my engine!

  2. Larry Freedman -  May 10, 2013 - 9:51 am

    Very helpful marina staff and a nice marine store. The restaurant here is just outstanding. It was packed with people, so the locals eat here as well as the boaters. Excellent food, desserts, drinks, and service. Also, because it is just a long face dock and there is no current, it is very easy to tie up as well as to head out early the next day.
    Larry Freedman

  3. Ray Kurlak -  April 30, 2013 - 10:00 am

    The North Carolina Cut connects Currituck Sound and the North Landing River to the North River which flows into the Albemarle Sound. Coinjock Marina is about at the midway point on this cut on the eastern side. This marina is a favorite stopover for boats going north or south, and has an excellent restaurant next to the dock. The marina consists of one long fixed face dock. There is strong current flow in both directions at various times through the cut, and the dockhands will direct you to tie up in the proper direction to keep your bow into the current while docking. Fuel is available all along the dock, and the dock store is reasonably well stocked with commonly needed items.
    Ray Kurlak

  4. Captain David Johnson -  August 9, 2010 - 3:53 pm

    Coinjock is awesome, the food is great and the people are friendly. I must say the homemade potato chips were the best thing we ate on the whole trip from NY to FL!! We will always make a stop in Coinjock when traveling on the ICW.

  5. Captain Matthews -  April 28, 2010 - 11:33 pm

    Friendly, laid back, and helpful. Came through on April 2010. Diesel $2.79. Free showers! Very pleasant place.
    Captain Matthews

  6. Pete -  July 30, 2009 - 3:50 pm

    I always stay at Coinjock Marina – it just seems to work out as a convenient spot whether running north or south. While I tend to not like marinas that are directly adjacent to the ICW (in this case, part of the channel), it seems everyone understands that this is a place to go very slow and respect the many boats that are docked along the sea wall. Coinjock Marina fuel prices have always been fair, the staff is always helpful, the head and showers are modern and clean (recently updated) and the marina store is well stocked with typical items you might need to care for or provision your boat. But the best part is the restaurant. Great food, well poured drinks and friendly service make this among my favorites. Last year, we arrived a little late into the marina, tired and dirty, so the idea of getting cleaned up to go inside was not what we really wanted to do. No problem, we were able to order from the same great menu and have our dinner delivered “room service” style to the boat. Nice touch!

  7. Sami and Barry Shreve -  July 24, 2009 - 10:10 am

    We stayed at Coinjock [Marina] and were very happy. The restaurant is very good. We stayed 4 nights and ate there four times, dinner twice and lunch twice. Everything was above average, with great if not casual service. Both the soups they offer were good but the crab bisque was absolutely outstanding. It was garnished with a huge dollop of crab meat and I wanted to lick the bowl. The crab chowder was very good too and chock full of corn and potatoes. But the bisque was so good……I suppose on our way back Ill have a cup of chowder for a starter and the big bowl of bisque for an entre! The also serve up prime rib in portions that are almost embarassing. Ours got us thru dinner that night, then with eggs the next day and my version of a Philly cheese steak sandwich for lunch. So 5 meals in all…….well worth the price.
    We enjoyed the outdoor patio on cooler evenings. The marina staff were polite, attentive and helpful. For such a small area, it is big on the things transients need. We have dogs aboard and they enjoyed long walks. All in all Coinjock is a friendly, family owned business in a rural setting run in a business-like way.
    Sami and Barry Shreve
    s/v Ever After

  8. Douglas Kendrick -  July 23, 2009 - 2:01 pm

    We stayed at Coinjock Marina on both trips mentioned above. Absolutely first class friendly professional people work there. Crab cakes are outstanding. The home made potato chips probably took 6 months off my life span (cholesterol), but they are worth it. When we head north again we will take the Virginia Cut route just so we can eat at the restaurant. Face docks are in excellent condition. Clean restrooms Washers and dryers a little on the high side of average ($2.00 each if we recall correctly). Deceptive current and not necessarily wind driven. Current is nothing like what you experience south of Beaufort but there is some.


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