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River Street Market Place Dock


Basic Marina Information:

Phone: (912) 495-0014
Lat/Lon: Near 32 04.843 North / 81 05.153 West
Location: flanks Savannah River’s southern shores in downtown Savannah
Depths: 10 ft.
Address: 502 E River St
Savannah GA  31401

Service Details:

Transient dockage: Available
Transient dockage rate: $2.75 per foot, per night
Type of dockage: floating concrete decked face docks
Live Aboards Allowed: no
Total number of slips/berths: 250 feet
Dockside Power Connections: 30/50/100 amp power hookups available

Dock. Fresh Water Connections: Available
Restaurant: Courtesy van available for trips to many good restaurants in nearby Savannah downtown district
Restaurant Recommendations:

Elizabeth On Thirty Seventh (912-2365547), Olde Pink House Restaurant (912-232-4286)

Provisioning Possibilities: Kroger Supermarket 1/2 mile away, marina will provide transport to Kroger, but you must return via a taxi ride
Wi-Fi Internet Access: Free Wifi Available
Gasoline and diesel fuel: Diesel Available


Reviews from the Cruisers' Net Community (5)

  1. Don -  January 14, 2014 - 11:51 am

    If you want to be downtown, the River Street waterfront is best. Just fender up, put away, lockup and enjoy. You will not lack for activity both on the water and in town.
    Don on “Moonstruck”

  2. Tom Wilson -  April 26, 2013 - 10:45 am

    My better half and I have stayed both at the Hyatt dock and at the Market Street dock. Both are accommodating but neither is what I would call a first class facility. Wifi and cable were “iffy” at best. And yes, to answer your question more specifically, the large boat traffic did keep us bouncing around some, and the clunk of tree limbs and other flotsam on its way to the ocean also created some anx. However, it is all worth it to visit and tour River Street and to take a horse and buggy ride through that beautiful city. Our favorite restaurants are “Vics on the River”, and just off the river, but within walking distance is the “Blue Safire” Restaurant. We would recommend the visit and these restaurants enthusiastically.
    Tom Wilson

  3. Ted Williams -  October 21, 2010 - 10:58 pm

    The River Street docks are the place to be and Chaz is ultra helpful. There is a lot of shipping traffic (it’s the second busiest port on the east coast) and we enjoyed watching the big ships go by. You can go to the website and see the ships moving up and down the Savannah River and get terrific information about each ship. You can also turn the radio to channels 16 and 13 and listen to the ships and tugs. Savannah is a great city to visit.
    Captain Ted Williams

  4. Ron -  October 18, 2010 - 5:40 pm

    I agree with Pascal. If you want to be in downtown Savannah, this is a good place to be. We walked by the city dock and the power pedestals were covered with trash bags. Somehow, you’re supposed to pay at the parking garage. Also, they don’t take reservations, The River Street Market Place Dock does. It should be noted that this is a “dock”, little more. There are no showers and the restrooms are shared with customers of the River Street Market Place and are locked at night. You do have power and water at no extra charge. No ice either although Chaz volunteered to go get us some. The wakes from ships are not bad, but an occasional private boat or the ferry may produce a wake bigger than you might like. If we return to Savannah, this is where we’ll stay.
    Captain Ron

  5. Pascal -  November 3, 2009 - 3:08 pm

    Fall09: stopped there once again… best location in town! Chaz the dockmaster is always helpful and friendly. being able to walk from the boat to the historical district is a big plus.


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