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Missing Range Markers in Esterville Minim Creek Channel, South Carolina AICW Statute Mile 418

The Esterville Minim Creek Channel connects the North Santee River with the Western Channel of Winyah Bay south of Gerogetown, SC. The missing range markers are charted between green marker #7 and red marker #16. Range markers are typically not as sturdy as daymarkers and a good high wind will often knock them down.

Three of the four range markers between the North Santee River and the Estherville – Minim Creek Canal (mm 416-418) are missing. There was at least 7 ft. at mean low through the cut when we went through so it should not be a problem, but if you are looking for them they are gone.
Mitch and Carole Brodkin

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Minim Creek Channel

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