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New On-site Restaurant Now Open at Dolphin Cove Marina, Ashley River, Charleston, SC

Dolphin Cove MarinaDolphin Cove Marina – A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! – overlooks the Ashley River’s eastern shores north of unlighted daybeacon #16, northwest of the charted “R TR”. To reach this facility from the AICW’s run through lower Ashley River, your vessel must pass through/under the Ashley River Memorial/US 17 twin bridges.
Dolphin Cove is sometimes overlooked by cruisers who opt for the Charleston City Marina or, on the Cooper River side of Charleston, the Charleston Martime Center or Charleston Harbor Marina.
And, there is certainly nothing wrong with that plan of action. After all, both Charleston Harbor Marina and Charleston City Marina are SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSORS!
However, if you seek a quieter, lower energy setting to coil your lines, consider Dolphin Cove, farther upstream on Cooper River. To access the principal Charleston historic and business districts, you will need a rental car, or a taxi ride, but now Dolphin Cove offers an on-site dining option, as you will discover below. PLEASE give the HydeOut a try, and tell everyone the SSECN sent you!!!

Subject: We have a bigger dock! Restaurant now open!
Cruising News:
The HydeOut (843-745-0426) at Dolphin Cove Marina is now open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week! See our website at for more information. We have 22 dedicated boatslips for your use to enjoy your dining experience.
Jennifer Carter

The shrimp sandwich is amazing! And you’ll love the fried green tomato sandwich if you like something lighter. Either way, the service is great, the food is fine and the setting is sublime. The whole family enjoyed it so much that we’ll be returning tonight (second time this week).

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