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Report On AICW/Matanzas Inlet Intersection Problem Stretch and A Mention of “Fort Matanzas Anchorage,” AICW Statute Mile 792.5

Regular visitors to the Salty Southeast Cruiser’ Net will remember that dredging occurred along this AICW Problem Stretch, as of September, 2011, alleviating what had become one of the two shallowest sections of the Waterway in Eastern Florida. It sounds like from Captain Miller’s description below of the three new markers, as if shoaling is just beginning to reappear here as of April, 2012. Be SURE to observe these three new aids to navigation, and, as always on perennial AICW Problem Stretches, be READY for new shoaling and even newer markers as you pass through this section.
The anchorage Capt. Miller describes below is not listed as a recommended anchorage in our Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory, as depths are just too inconsistent on these waters. but for further information, follow the first link below.

The ICW channel at the Matanzas River has been bouyed with three green floating markers, 81B, 81C, 81D providing good water for passage. We entered the Matanzas River anchorage by hugging the daymark 81A and keeping to the north upon entering. Lots of wind and current.
Max Miller

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Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (1)

  1. Justin -  September 29, 2015 - 6:24 pm

    I ran aground hard going north through this passage with current behind me. I kept to the east of the new green buoys because it seemed they were way to close to the western bit of land. I thought they shifted to be a “port” marker (red right returning) because of the meet up with the two channels..My navigation chart was a complete fail to show depth. This place is tricky. I believe i should have kept the green buoys to my starboard, going north. A red marker would’ve helped too.


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