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Report on Olde Fish House Marina, Matlacha Pass, Little Pine Island, off the GICW

Olde Fish House Marina sits on the northwest side of the Matlacha/Pine Island Bridge in the middle of Matlacha Pass, east of the GICW. This marina has not been listed in SSECN in the past, because they did not offer transient dockage. Now a few slips up to 40ft are open to transients on an available basis. They have non-ethanol gasoline and diesel is available via delivery truck.

Olde Fish House Marina in Matlacha welcomes cruisers.
Transient slips on a limited basis. $1 a foot per night! Safe protected dinghy dockage available for $5 a day (hot showers too!) See Pine Island Anchorage,
Ethanol free gas,bulk ice by the basket (it’s a working Fish House),Fresh seafood market (Really), quality restaurant on site and many more within walking distance. Art galleries, gift shops, Publix is about a mile and a half away,post office,public park, bars with nightly entertainment… Read More

Talk to Lisa about dockage 239-321-3281

As far as draft goes; I’ve been through the North channel on vessels with a 7′ keel on all but low tide.
The south channel from Matlacha bridge to the miserable mile can be done in my boat with a 4.6′ draft. The trouble spots are at markers 22 and 38. There’s a big hump @38 that can be avoided by staying West of the marker 100′ or so. Marker 22 should be given a wide berth as well, but only 30′ or so.
As far as the power lines are concerned ; I have a 44′ mast and I only get a mild shock during extremely high tides. (That was a joke). My chart reads 47′ over the channel. I hug the power pole on the west side and gain another 6-8′.

Slow down. Make sure you’re in the channel, and come explore a town that most cruisers bypass. I changed my homeport from Key West to Matlacha 20 years ago.

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Olde Fish House Marina

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Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Pine Island Anchorage

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