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Thoroughfare Creek Anchorage (off AICW/Waccamaw River) – Statute Mile 389 – Captains Mark and Diana Report

On the Water GuidebooksNow here’s a really useful article from our strategic partners, Captains Mark and Diana Doyle, founders and owners of On The Water ChartGuides. Sometimes we all, or at least I do, get so wrapped up with memories of an anchorage’s natural beauty, rich history and superb shelter, we forget there may be another side to the story.
And, indeed, that is just the case here. Along a river replete with wonderful spots to drop the hook overnight, Thoroughfare Creek vies with Bull Creek for the best of the best in this region. And yet, as you will see below, there may be certain times of the year when a disadvantage or two may show up in these waters. Read on!

The Waccamaw River in Summer: More PWCs than Mosquitoes
Thoroughfare Creek October 15 Versus June 15
We often revel in the changing seasons. Every transit is different depending on the weather, the seasonal cloud formations, the patterns of bird and mammal migration, and the colors of the wooded shores or saltmarsh expanses.
But here’s a seasonal change we weren’t expecting: the Waccamaw River in summer.
For most experienced ICW cruisers, the Waccamaw River is one of their favorite cruising grounds. Anchorage after peaceful anchorage, typically the only boat tucked into a surreal cypress setting draped with Spanish moss. Birds call from the dark swampy woods and ospreys whistle from their huge stick nests.
But that’s the Waccamaw River of early spring or fall. Come summer, especially on weekends, this waterway that is part of a national wildlife refuge becomes a playground for the jet skis, pontoon boats, and Baja cruisers from nearby overflowing Myrtle Beach.
Don’t believe us? We witnessed quiet Thoroughfare Creek anchorage (STM 388.8) become a speedway for party boats to access the sandy bluffs at charted Belin, known to locals as “Sandy Island.” It looked like Coney Island!
So we gave up on anchoring in Thoroughfare Creek, deciding to press on along the magenta line. We departed the Waccamaw with the company of a noisy jet skier, zig-zagging back and forth right off our stern using our wake to “catch some air.”
Sheesh …
Best and see you On the Water!
Captains Mark & Diana Doyle

I live in the area and often anchor in Thoroughfare Creek for the evening. It is a beautiful and very special spot. Fortunately for most cruisers, it is quiet and serene during the normal passage times. Just plan to forget it on the weekends from Memorial Day through Labor day’¦.Before and after that, it’s all yours!
Geoff Groat

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