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Unfortunate Experience at Key West Bight City Marina

Hmmm, sounds like Captain Winkler should not have been charged, but, hey, that’s just my opinion.

Cruising News:
I wish to make you aware of the unfortunate experience I had in March at Key West Bright Marina. I reserved a slip for my Acadia 25 boat for two nights beginning on a Tuesday and planned to be there for both nights. My friend and I left Burnt Store Marina Monday AM heading for Marco Is. then onto KW Bright on Tuesday. When we got into the gulf Monday we found that the 4 to 6 foot waves were more then we could handle safely for the trip and the NOAA forecast was the same through Wednesday. As soon as we changed plans in late morning I called both Marco Is. and KW Bright Monday to advise that the conditions did not allow safe passage and we needed to cancel our reservation. When I made that called, both of the dock-masters at Marco Is. and KW Bright thanked me for calling and agreed that the conditions there were not safe for a 25 ft boat and assured me that I would be credited for my deposit. KW Brights advance reservation agreement states that they require 48 hours cancellation, my call was 36+ hours ahead. 48 hours would have been Sunday while we were still at Burnt Store Marina.
Two weeks later, I noticed that my credit card still was showing the $88.69 reservation charge from KW Bright. I called them today to find out why the credit has not been issued. “YOUR CANCELLATION IS NOT WITHIN THE 48 HOUR TIME WINDOW THEREFORE WE CAN’T OFFER CREDIT TO YOUR CREDIT CARD”. The fact that the weather conditions were not safe does not matter “we’re not responsible”. They did try to offer a future credit should I wish to come in the next twelve months but being a snowbird and with other PGI cruise activities thats not a likely option.
I wish to caution that ALL boaters should be aware of KW Brights unreasonable policy regardless of boater safety. We didn’t just change our plans at the last
minute on a whim for another destination, if I had I would support the policy.
THINK TWICE ABOUT KEY WEST BRIGHT. I’m really saddened by this experience as we were looking forward to our visit at KW. In all my cruising of the Great Lakes
and here in SW FL this is the first bad experience I ever had when boater safety was the primary issue.
Ralph Winkler

Odd that you were charged a deposit at all at either marina. We’ve done a lot of cruising and we have never had put one down or even give a credit card #.
Guess we won’t be going to KWB marina, we’ll stick with A & B. Expensive but had no problems.
Elizabeth Strong

I’m sorry to hear that I stayed there for 3 days last year.
Too much money for what you get. We are sailing to the Abaco’s Bahamas this year much nicer trip Key West is not worth the hassle.
Captain Wolf

Can’t say I’d agree. The marina is a business and a reservation prevents someone else planning to come. You committed to go and then changed your mind. Sounds like you didn’t check the forecast until you were out in the Gulf. The airlines don’t give refunds or room expenses when things are delayed due to weather.
If you’ve got a beef with the marina, I’d focus on the fact that you talked to them and they said they would refund you yet they did not. That would be the issue in my craw.

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