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Upper Bear River and Associated Streams and Anchorages

Upper Bear River and Associated Streams and Anchorages
Statute Mile: 608.5
31 49.073 North/081 08.539 West (anchorage near forks of Cane Patch Creek and Buckhead Creek
31 48.992 North/081 08.160 West (downstream anchorage on Cane Patch Creek)
31 49.323 North/081 07.383 West (upstream anchorage on Cane Patch Creek)
31 48.455 North/081 08.429 West (anchorage on Buckhead Creek)
Location: many anchorages available on the waters of upper Bear River, Buckhead Creek and Cane Patch Creek, east of the ICW’s unlighted nun buoy #102
Minimum Depth: 11 feet
Swing Room: sufficient room for vessels from 34 to 50 feet depending on the particular anchorage chosen
Foul Weather Shelter: Very good


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Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (2)

  1. Claiborne -  October 2, 2009 - 2:58 pm

    Anchored on Cane Patch Creek April 10, 2009 just north of a small patch of higher ground which effectively gave protection from south wind 10-15 mph. Anchored in 20 ft at low tide – had 100 ft of road out. Lots of swing room.
    Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE)

  2. Claiborne -  July 22, 2009 - 11:32 am

    At the Cane Patch Creek off the Buckehead River at 1 hour before Low, we found the center line depths to be at least 4 feet less than charted (still 12 feet, though). Starting with the charted 35 foot
    spot at the first “jog” depths ran truer to the chart.
    We anchored 2 hours before being blasted by a blue-green squalll with 52 knot winds from the west with the average wind in the high 30s for about 20 mins. We didn’t budge. (All chain, 50# Delta, 11+ ton sailboat.). We’d call this a hurricane hole — at least for winds. It’s too close to the coast and would be a storm surge sluice.
    S/V Briliant Star


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