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Upper Dowry Creek Anchorage (Statute Mile 131.5)

The anchorage referred to below by Captain Anderson lies upstream of Dowry Creek Marina, a facility that many other cruisers have reported favorably upon.

While I agree that this anchorage is a very solid location to get out of strong winds, our experience at Dowry Creek Marina was an eye opening!
When I went in and spent money for fuel and ice I even asked if they wanted a fee for trash and water and was told no thanks. Later in the day, after we bought more fuel, (again by our dinghy) we were befriended by a fellow cruiser on the dock and were invited to the happy hour that night by him. When we showed up we were told by the marina that only docked boats could participate. Further they said they did not have dinghy facilities and that we would have to leave the premises! Next time the gentleman said, `take one or our docks!’.
Note that we sail a very low freeboard trimaran and the docks at the marina were not even considered by us. Too high to reach and facing the wrong way for the forecasted bag weather. Why would we want our boat pinned to rough pilings during the big wind when we can swing with the weather that was forecasted??
Right now we are at a dock (a beautiful floater) so we do spend money! I’ll anchor in Upper Dowry Creek perhaps again but will NEVER set foot at the marina. It has easily been the low point of our cruise south to date!!
Dick Anderson

Why would you expect to benefit and enjoy the amenities of the marina while anchored. It just makes sense to me that if you want to participate then pay the slip rate. I would resent you getting the same treatment as a paying customer.
Rick Bearden

Sorry You had a bad experience there, it has been one of our favorite stops, and always been friendly, of course we did pay for dockage, so I guess that’s why. I know the Lady lost her husband and is having a hard time keeping the place going. I am still a bit surprised that they treated You that way, and understand Your post. They seemed to be real sail friendly when we were there, did the marina change hands? Do You know?
Captain Clay

We’ve stayed at Dowry Creek marina at least four times, the most recently 11-3-11. They are the most friendly and accommodating people we’ve had the pleasure to meet. They have very nice facilities (restrooms, showers, pool, boaters lounge.) They go out of their way to assist anyone paying for a slip, with hands always ready to help with lines. I saw them out in driving rain and winds on 11-4-11 assisting boaters dock. Later that evening, well after dark they stayed after hours to assisted a small sailboat dock in nearly 30kts winds.
No they don’t have floating docks or a dingy dock for boaters that don’t want to pay for a slip. If you chose to anchor do so just don’t expect to use a nearby marina’s facilities.

I bought a boat from a man who owned a slip at Dowry Creek Marina a couple of years ago. I stayed on the boat for about 3 days getting it ready to move. She knew she would not be getting any slip fees from me. Mary was nice and accommodating. Not overly friendly, but it was a good experience over all. But, while I was there, I was buying ice, chips, candy, soda, a couple extra things from the store. I don’t know her or her business plan, and I can understand her frustration of people sailing by and anchoring within sight of the marina. But if she would have let him stay, he might have spent some more money. (I know I would have probably bought more!) I own a retail store, and ANY customer is a good customer.
Mark s/v Windbag

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