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Intersection of AICW and Matanzas Inlet

Intersection of AICW and Mantanzas Inlet
(Statute Mile 793, Eastern Florida AICW)

The Problem: Back in April, 2010, the Waterway was shoaling badly along its eastern flank, south of marker #80. Dredging of this AICW Problem Stretch was completed as of 9/20/11, and as August, 2012, no navigational problems other than the placement of a few new markers has been reported.

The Solution: For the moment, with the completion of dredging in the fall of 2011, traversing this intersection should have no more than usual problems for stretches where the AICW runs behind a tidal inlet. Eventually, shoaling will reappear here, but let’s hope that sad event lies well into the future.
Be SURE to observe and properly pass any new, uncharted markers you may encounter as you cruise through this problem stretch!

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Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (3)

  1. Charles Solomon -  December 19, 2016 - 10:03 am

    26′ Searay Sundancer thrown aground at marker 81C on Friday night 12-16-16 just before sunset. Operating at 6-8 knots. We were manuvering to West side of ICW after sighting green floating / temp marker 81C northbound and caught by a stiff current. This area is a dogleg channel deep to the west shoreline (per SeaTow). Boat rolled over almost 45 degrees on the starboard side . Backed off the engine and she righted but we were hard aground sideways to the current. Had to wait about 2 hours for the tide and powered off. Brand new engine overheated and we took a tow to St. Augustine.

  2. Frank Morris -  October 3, 2015 - 3:19 pm

    I’ve done that section a few times; you almost have to stay close enough to the west bank to touch it with an extended boathook (perhaps not “quite” that closely, but it sure seems like it).


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