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    • LNM: Northern Gulf, Naval Test Operations, South of Panama City, FL

      All vessels are to remain at least 2 NMs from testing areas.


      FL – GULF OF MEXICO – Naval Operations

      Commencing November 29, 2021 and continuing until March 31, 2022, the U.S. Navy will be conducting test operations in several areas south of Panama City, Florida, aboard primary vessel M/V STARFLEET PATRIOT, M/V SEWEE or from a suitable alternative platform. Primary test areas are in approximate positions:

      29-57-30.0N 086-53-30.0W (29°57.5000N / 086°53.5000W, 29.958333 / -86.891667), (100-foot operation area),

      29-47-01.2N 086-19-52.8W (29°47.0200N / 086°19.8800W, 29.783667 / -86.331333), (300-foot operation area) and

      29-35-30.0N 086-33-00.0W (29°35.5000N / 086°33.0000W, 29.591667 / -86.550000), (600-foot operation area).
      It is requested that all surface vessels remain at least 2 nautical miles from test vessels working in these areas, as they are likely to be under restricted maneuverability towing conditions, during these test events. There are also items in the water column and on the sea floor in these general areas. Any items moored close enough to be a “hazard to navigation” will be lighted, buoyed and/or guarded by U.S. Navy Support vessels, while deployed for short durations during the test period. Test events are scheduled approximately 3-days per week, during this period. All
      concerned traffic should contact the M/V STARFLEET PATRIOT and/or the U.S. Navy Support vessels on VHF-FM Channel 16, heed all instructions given and stay a minimum of 2 nautical miles from vessels on station in any of these operational areas. Additionally, it is requested that all trawleroperations, within 2 nautical miles of the operation area positions given, be avoided at all times as U.S. Navy equipment has been deployed in these areas and will remain in these areas through the duration of the test event.

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