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Report on Depth at AICW Passage Through Southern Ramshorn Creek, AICW Statute Mile 570, June 19, 2013

Ramshorn Creek - Click for Chartview

Last year’s shoaling near marker #40 at the southern foot of the Ramshorn Creek, north of Fields Cut, prompted a Navigation Alert and this area remains one requiring keeping a keen eye on your depth. The addition of another marker, as Captain Bell reports, should help.

Cruising News:
A red buoy has been added opposite G39. I found that the water depth between the two was less than six feet MLW. I was mid channel when I pass the two markers that are less than 100 feet a part.
Dave Bell

We just came thru here at near low tide and quite frankly, I think this spot is worse in some respects than many of the others that get more press (Hell’s gate, Mud River). The red buoy mentioned above is correct, however, at low tide, this buoy was setting on dry ground. As you approach from the south, yo can easily drift too much to the east at `G39’³ and be on bottom, meaning as you pass `G39’³ and think you need to turn to the right (starboard) as you enter the creek, then you are stuck on bottom. But, if you are at above low tide and see the red marker floating there and get too close to it, you are on ground and if a falling tide, then `oops’. This is especially tricky if the winds are blowing either easterly or westerly. We tried to help a boat get off, but it was too windy, but fortunately for him, it was a rising tide. We passed within 5′ of him (yes, five feet) and had 7.5 feet. only a few feet away is the red marker (nun).
John Winter

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at the AICW’s Route Through Southern Ramshorn Creek

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