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    • New Nav Aids in Sapelo River, west of AICW Statute Mile 636, 9/29/2016

      This Local Notice is addendum to a recent Nav Alert for shoaling in this area, /158430, and the new nav aids should help keep you off the bottom. This area of shoaling is developing from the west and north side of the channel. This western portion of the Sapelo River departs the Waterway near Mile 636.

      GEORGIA – SAPELO AND DOBOY SOUNDS – SAPELO RIVER: Severe Shoaling/ Disestablishment and Temporary Establishment of Aids to Navigation.
      3FT at MLW. Water depth between Sapelo River TRUB 5B and Sapelo River TRUB 6 was observed at 4ft MLW. The rest of the channel was observed with 8ft of MLW.
      The following aids have been temporarily disestablished:
      -Sapelo River Daybeacon 8 (LLNR 5900 [31°32.0270N / 081°20.8500W, 31.533783 / -81.347500])
      -Sapelo River Daybeacon 10 (LLNR 5905 [31°31.8490N / 081°21.3510W, 31.530817 / -81.355850])
      The following aids have been temporarily established:
      -Sapelo River TEMP Buoy 5A in position 31-32-43.672N/081-20-31.546W (31°32.7278N / 081°20.5258W, 31.545464 / -81.342096)
      -Sapelo River TEMP Buoy 5B in position 31-32-33.161N/081-20-41.0078W (31°32.5527N / 081°20.6834W, 31.542545 / -81.344724)
      -Sapelo River TEMP Buoy 8 in position 31-32-00.904N/081-21-47.190W (31°32.0150N / 081°21.7865W, 31.533584 / -81.363108)
      -Sapelo River TEMP Buoy 10 in position 31-31-49.809N/081-21-31.431W (31°31.8302N / 081°21.5239W, 31.530503 / -81.358731)

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at Sapelo River

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