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LNM: Offshore Testing, Southwest of Panama City, FL, Northern Gulf

These long term tests will occur 39 miles southwest of Panama City until the end of this year. Obviously, offshore cruisers will need to steer clear!


Commencing February 28, 2017 and continuing until approximately December 31, 2017, the U.S. Navy will be conducting inert underwater mine and Airborne Mine Neutralization System (AMNS) destructor testing in the Gulf of Mexico, in an area approximately 39 nautical miles southwest of the Panama City Pass. The inert mine destructors are silver and orange, 3 feet long, 6 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 2 pounds in water, while weighing 35 pounds in air. Inert mine bottom shapes and inert miner destructors will be deployed, operated and tested in the below
test areas during this period. AMNS testing will consist of surface ship operations to include the following: R/V SEWEE or R/V PATRIOT and Project Support Crafts (PSC) 02, 03, 05 or PSC 11; however, additional R/Vs may be added in the future. It is requested that all vessels maintain a one nautical mile CPA of all vessels while operations are in progress. All U.S. Navy / U.S. Navy contracted AMNS support vessels will monitor VHF-FM Channel 16. For up-to-date information, mariners can contact Mr. Robertson at (850) 230-7698. The corners of the test areas are as follows:
Test Area A:
29-56-25.20N 085-54-36.00W,
29-58-55.20N 085-54-36.00W,
29-58-55.20N 085-51-42.60W and
29-56-25.20N 085-51-42.60W.
Test Area B:
29-45-25.20N 086-21-49.80W,
29-47-01.20N 086-21-49.80W,
29-47-01.20N 086-19-52.80W and
29-45-25.20N 086-19-52.80W.

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