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LNM: Welcome Dredging Underway South of Fernandina Beach, AICW Statute Miles 717 – 720

This dredging is good news for boaters, because it realigns the Waterway channel south of Fernandina Beach from Daybeacon 14 south to below Daybeacon 2. The bend in the river in this area has long been a source of shoaling and channel shifting. See /154124 for past efforts to deal with the area. Our thanks to Darrell Stewart of Southwind Construction for supplying the aerial photos of the dredge area below and for managing this dredge project.

Dredging / Upland Placement Disposal

Southwind Construction will commence dredge operations approximately October 31, 2017 until approximately December 1, 2017 in the AICW Nassau County, Florida, Cuts B, C, N-FHP-1 and N-FHP-2 with fill placement to F.I.N.D. Upland Disposal Area DMMA NA-1. Dredging area is in the vicinity of Amelia River Daybeacon 14 (LLNR 7095/37975) to approximately Fernandina Beach Daybeacon 2 (LLNR 37987). Submerged and floating pipeline will be associated with the dredge operation. READ MORE!

Submerged pipeline will be positioned from the active dredging area traversing southerly along the east shoreline of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway to F.I.N.D. Upland Dredge Material Management Area NA-1. Mariners are urged to transit at the slowest safe speed to minimize wake, and proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made. Dredge WILKO, workboats: PROUD MARY and MISS LEANNE will monitor VFH-FM channels 13 & 16 working channel 78. Operations will be 24/7. POC’s for the project are David Lynn and Jim Barton at: (812) 867-7220. See enclosure section for aerial image showing the approximate dredging area (green line) and pipeline routing (yellow line) to the Upland Disposal Area.

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Dredging

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