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Archive For: East FL – 8 – Melbourne Beach to St. Lucie River and Stuart

  • Fort Pierce City Marina Has a FULL Service Fuel Dock (Statute Mile 966.5)

     Fort Pierce City Marina 1 Avenue A, Ft. Pierce, FL 34950 Toll Free (800) 619-1780 (772) 464-1245 Facsimile (772) 464-2589Well, these pictures speak for themselves, and we sincerely thank Captain Benton for passing them along to the Cruisers’ Net! And, let’s also note that Fort Pierce City Marina is a much valued SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!!!!

    Here’s proof that the Fort PIerce City Marina has a ” Full Service ” fuel dock
    Bill Benton
    aboard ” Courtship”



    Many of you have asked for more info on the “vehicle” pictured in the photos below. We queried Fort Pierce City Marina, and Catpan Bill Benton was kind enough to respond:

    Anne ( at the Fort Pierce City Marina) asked me to send you a synopsis of what occurred with the seaplane that landed out in front of the marina.
    As you probably recall, this is an older seaplane built in 1947 that left on June 15 from Nassau intending to land at the St. Lucie County Airport. He almost made it but due to a fuel leak, was forced to land on the water in front of the city marina.
    The plane engine was designed to run on regular gasoline as opposed to Avgas and was refueled by Craig Kilgore at the city marina fuel pumps. The plane was equipped with a variable pitch propeller which was stuck in reverse causing him all kinds of problems trying to taxi out of the marina. I towed him out into the area in front of the marina and, frankly, was scared to death when 30 yards or so out in the Indian River and still under tow he started the engine up and began to increase the RPMs. I didn’t realize it at the time but in order to shift the propeller from reverse into forward he needed the engine at increased RPMs and oil pressure. I had visions of my 14 foot Edgewater dinghy ` Jester’ being run over by an airplane and was more than a little bit nervous. The propeller shifted into forward and I quickly disconnected the tow line and began backing away as fast as I could. The tip of the Port wing actually passed over the bow of my dinghy. He tried several times to take off but was unable to for some reason. He finally shut the engine down and I towed him back into Moore’s creek, backed the plane into the launching ramp and a good Samaritan with a pickup truck tied a line to his Tailhook and pull him backwards up into the parking lot. The plane sat there until Sunday, June 19 while the owner/pilot dealt with all of the Government agencies involved. Customs and Border Protection, FAA, Coast Guard, County Sheriff, City Police, Parking Enforcement ( parked a plane in an area reserved for vehicles with trailers) and hundreds of admirers.
    The pilot and I were involved in a number of conversations over the days and he asked me to tow him out of Moore’s creek and into the area in front of the marina early Sunday morning. In the interim, he used borrowed 5 gallon gas cans to add additional gasoline to the plane’s tank and at about 7:30 Sunday morning I towed him out to the area in front of the marina. He taxied for a few minutes out in front of the marina during which time he apparently checked his gauges and instruments, finally taking off southbound where he got airborne quickly. He made a slow circle around the Marina area and on his second pass wiggled the wings to say goodbye. He called me about 10 minutes later and told me that he had landed safely at the St. Lucie County Airport, was topping off his fuel tank and was ready to head home. He called me again early in the afternoon to thank me for my help and advise me that he was safely at home in Bell, Florida, about 30 miles west of Gainesville. So ends the story.
    Bill Benton
    aboard ” Courtship”

    Being an old airplane driver, I believe this is a Republic Aviation `SeaBee’ Republic Aviation of P-47, F-84, F-105 fighter fame went into the civil aviation business after WW II. Good to see some are still around
    Reginald Holden

    Hey, that looks just like the one I carry around on my seaplane catapult on the fantail just aft of turret four.
    Rich Gano

    Gee!, Does the airplane have right-of-way over a sailboat when its taking off???

    Wow. I never cease to be amazed at the `wonders on the water’’¦’¦’¦ Is that a officer of the law or USCGstanding there looking at the `aero-aqua craft’???
    Winston Fowler

  • Nettles Island Marina, AICW Statute Mile 979.3

    Below is a note about Nettles Island Marina, an Eastern Florida facility that lies directly off the AICW, between Fort Pierce and Stuart.

    Nettles Island Marina SM 979.3
    Very nice stop. Minimum 8′ approach depth, 9′ at docks. Good restaurant on site and several others within walking distance. Marina has a well-stocked convenience store and small shopping plaza, Publix Market a short cab ride. 10% discount for Boat US. Does not answer VHF. Phone them at 772-229-2811.
    Bill Root

    We visited Nettles Island Marina on 5/19 and found it be a very nice place. It’s not a 5 star resort but is clean and the dockmaster is extremely friendly and helpful. There are quite a few transient slips and several large boats were there. The only `negative’ is they are fixed docks and several boards need replacement. Other than that, we were very glad to have stayed there.
    The Landings restaurant was open during our visit for dinner only & the food was fine. I was more impressed with the other services on site like the fully stocked market.
    If you are in the area and would like a clean, secure berthing for a day or more, you should definitely check this out!
    Jack & Temme Peterson

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  • Excellent Boatyard in Stuart, FL, AICW Statute Mile off the AICW at Statute Mile 987

    Port Salerno Marine is west of green marker #1 near the south end of Manatee Pocket, departing west and southwest from the intersection of the AICW and Okeechobee Waterway in Stuart, FL.
    For the many cruisers who pass through Stuart, Fl. every year, this will be of interest to you. I recently had my 1985 Albin 36 trawler hauled at Port Salerno Marine for renovations. Jack Sharp runs the yard (772-223-5022) and, unlike some yard managers I’ve encountered, is friendly, welcoming and very helpful. This is a do-it yourself yard and you can do whatever you wish to bite off yourself, but independent (not yard employees) skilled professionals of every discipline at very reasonable prices are readily available in this Manatee Pocket location. I had the entire boat painted, Awlgrip above the waterline and bottom paint. The boat looks like new. Danny Cabrera (772-521-2732) and his crew did a flawless and detailed paint job at a very reasonable price. I also had a new genset and air conditioner installed with 3 new thru hulls and associated electrical panels. My mechanic, Bob Downey (772-485-4292) did a first class installation and really gave a lot of thought to locations, access, maintenance and aesthetics. A real pro, in the process he also caught a few unrelated electrical and hull issues that certainly will help the wife feel more secure on the way to the Bahamas or crossing the Gulf. Bob maintains a long term relationship with his “clients” and treats the boat like his own. The yard is located next to Finz restaurant with Walmart and many boating support companies in the immediate vicinity.
    Skipper Jim Tracey aboard Albin 36 “O’Dea” MTOA # 3919

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  • Harbortown Marina (Fort Pierce, FL, near Statute Mile 965)

    Here’s a well thought our review of what sounds to be Captain home marina.

    We’d like to clarify the reports about the conditions of the docks here at Harbortown. Overall the conditions are acceptable. And certainly the staff is very courteous and helpful.
    My beef with Harbortown is the design of their docks. These are designed for big sport fishing boats that back into the dock with their twin screws. The pier, per se, only extends 15′ or so NOT the full length of the slip. So a sailboat or any boat for that matter, that pulls in bow first, has a high step off the bow to climb on to the dock.
    Moreover, the pilings at the stern of the dock (if you are bow in) are excessively high if you are sitting in a cockpit a few feet off the water. I’d speculate they are 12′-15′ high and make for a very hard piling to lasso from the cockpit, so you get blown to the windward side.
    While painfully functional, the design is old and tired compared with modern, floating docks.
    Jeff Graham

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  • The Good and the Less Than Good at Sunset Bay Marina (Stuart, Fl – Okeechobee Waterway St. M. 7)

    The recently rebuilt and enlarged facility has garnered a host of favorable comments here on the Cruisers’ Net. Below, Captain takes a look at both side of the proverbial coin.

    Lots of good comments regarding this marina and staff here. I moved over here in January from another local marina with intent on making this my permanent home port but am leaving after 4 months. Some good points to be aware of ‘¦ some not so good.
    Sunsets are to die for here. Locals and tourists line up on the seawall by the restaurant to watch and photograph them.
    Pricing was considerably more expensive here for a lift slip than where we came from. But given the resort-like feel, the proximity to my house, nice ship’s store for sundries, cleanliness and the comments here about staff we felt this was a good move and that the $250 more per month we would pay would be worth the cost increase.
    The lifts are brand new and there are 10 or 12 of them at the marina. I had to adjust the bunks to my specifications after the staff told me that the bunks could not be tilted (they can be). They are a bit slow and have no automatic raise/lower feature enabled, but there is a good 8 feet of water under them. The current happens to run in-line with the lifts so getting on and off even in a cross-wind is easy.
    For transients, this is definitely one of the better marinas in Stuart in terms of facilities, boat access and nearby amenities. Note the comments above with other posters really reflect and center around the transient and live-aboard populations.
    Fuel pricing is competitive with the other local marinas. The problem of boats running the Okeechobee waterway at speed parallel to the fuel dock has been resolved with a `Slow, Minimum Wake Zone’.
    For locals, parking is incredibly limited and gets way worse during weekends when the Sailors Return restaurant gets wound up. The marina started using a valet parking service in an attempt to deal with what they even admit is a very poor parking lot design with small spaces and too few spaces.
    At first the valets were best described as rude and confrontational with the paying marina partrons and restaurant customers but that seems to have been ironed out. A parking permit sticker is made available to marina patrons and we get priority handling without the attitude from the valets.
    My experience with the staff was mixed. Some were among the most customer-oriented and customer-friendly people I have conducted business with. Others not so much ‘¦ with some pretty surprising authoritarian and uncaring attitudes toward the paying customer from a few. Once in a while is just a bad day but there are a couple of guys there that just do not get it and it is recurring enough to be noticed.
    One example of staff not meeting my expectations: We had one recurring issue with dock people driving their three wheel electric scooters at high speed on the narrow docks. Even after repeatedly asking the offending staff guys to slow down, the behavior continued. The Harbormaster did tell me after complaint to him that he would slow them down, but it did not happen.
    After nearly being hit on the narrow dock while getting some supplies from my dock box once too often, we decided to move on. You cannot hear these scooters coming so be aware of this safety issue especially of you end up on the `A’ dock that has the fuel dock at the end. Be told `coming through!’ as the dock boy flies by is just not acceptable.
    Another example of staff not meeting expectations: Last weekend while I was not there, my son was reportedly told by one of the staff that he was not allowed to wash our boat due to South Florida Water Management District regulations forbidding water use. I was not there to see who actually said this but that was incorrect.
    When I talked to the Harbormaster about this and to point out that SFWMD does not have a rule forbidding boat or car washing, he agreed and stated that he did not ask people to not wash boats. He did state that the marina has high water bills and that they are asking people to conserve water. I suspect something got lost in interpretation with one of the staff when this issue was discussed with them.
    So’¦ *some* staff is great and `gets’ it. Others I am not so sure I would say do.
    Ultimately, we just did not feel we were getting the value and service expected for the *premium* price charged us. Granted there are a good 300 slips here and our experience needs to be taken in light of how many seem happy. We were disappointed to have to leave but decided it was for the best for us.
    I hold no ill will with Sunset Bay Marina and wish them luck. They just have a few things to work on as I suspect they have back-slid a bit since opening.
    Bill Barrett

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  • Liveaboards Permitted at Harbortown Marina, N. Ft. Pierce, AICW Statute Mile 965

    This note is response to a request for a liveaboard marina on the east coast of Florida.

    Harbortown Marina in North Fort Pierce; Perhaps the only fresh water marina just off the ICW (has a fresh water creek that flows through the marina); great restaurant / bar on premises; laundry on premises; walking distance to many stores – food, liquor, barber, etc. and West Marine. Full service repair yard next door with travel lift and full repair capabilities, including a canvas shop. We kept our boat there over a winter when we were on the Loop.
    John and Judy Gill

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  • Ft. Pierce City Marina Allows Liveaboards, AICW Statute Mile 966.5

     Fort Pierce City Marina 1 Avenue A, Ft. Pierce, FL 34950 Toll Free (800) 619-1780 (772) 464-1245 Facsimile (772) 464-2589This note is response to a request for a liveaboard marina on the east coast of Florida. Note that liveaboards are not permitted at the City Marina’s north section, Fisherman’s Wharf, above the Ft. Pierce high-rise bridge.

    Fort Pierce City Marina [south section]. Good location; Farmer’s market on Saturday mornings; good restaurants in the area; ship’s store; laundry facilities, etc. Friends spent two winters there.
    John and Judy Gill

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  • Jones Fuel Dock, Now a Thing of the Past (Statute Mile 945.5)

    Waterway veterans will remember fondly stopping at Jones Fruit dock, north of Vero Beach. Once upon a day, you could tie up here, go ashore and purchase very fresh citrus fruit from Orange Groves literally next door.
    Unfortunately, for most of us those days ended some years ago. The “dock” has been is such poor shape of late that I have not recommended stopping here since the mid 2000’s. I am very sorry to hear of the final passing of Captain Richard Jones. He will be missed up and down the AICW!

    On a sad note, we arrived at Jones Fruit Dock in the Indian River and found everything locked up and the dock empty. We learned from a neighbor that the owner passed away last Saturday, March 26. We had never had the chance to visit the dock before, but had heard from other loopers that it was a stop we should make. We pressed on, but 2 or 3 other looper boats behind us did tie up for the night. The neighbor had no idea what would become of the place.
    Larry & Jane Pfeifer
    on Bavarian Cream

    Here is the Obituary. “>

    Ted Stehle, Editor
    WaterwayGuide/Skipper Bob Publications

    Thats a real shame
    Jim Lowry

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  • Vero Beach Municipal Marina (Statute Mile 952)

    Vero Beach MarinaHere’s a brief but very encouraging remark about SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Vero Beach Municipal Marina!

    Vero Beach:Nice marina. Big cruising commuity. Call early if you are going peak season. They have a free bus that goes to shopping areas.
    Mike and Tammy

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  • Loggerhead Club and Marina of Stuart (formerly Harbourage Yacht Club & Marina, Stuart, FL on the Okeechobee Waterway/St. Lucie River)

    This facility lies along the northern shores of the St. Lucie River, hard by the new, high-rise US 1 Bridge. Formerly known as the Harbourage Yacht Club and Marina, this is a quality facility in every sense of the word. Several restaurants and multiple shopping possibilities are within easy walking distance.

    Cruising News:
    We have spent 2 months here and love the facilities, access to Stuart and the excellent day staff.
    However there is no night security and excessive noise both from inconsiderate boaters and the adjoining Wahoo’s Restaurant is a real issue on weekends. If you can, avoid slips on A and B docks
    Ian Rasmussen

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  • Positive Review of Vero Beach Mooring Field (Statute Mile 952)

    Vero Beach MarinaThe Vero Beach Mooring Field is managed by the adjacent Vero Beach Municipal Marina, which is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR. The combined marina and mooring field are a well run operation, and cruisers can coil their lines here with confidence. There is also very inexpensive bus service to nearby shopping and dining, plus a healthy but do-able walk will take you to the beach, where visitors will discover another set of restaurants and fine shops.

    We have been in Vero’s mooring field several times. It is a well protected harbor. When we have are dingy in the water we always have two lines secured to it at night and have never had a problem. At vero they have a dingy dock to go into and tie up for the day. We do have a padlock on our motor at all times to deter the less determined individuals. But in eight years of traveling and 24k nm we have never had an issue.

    We just spent 5 days in Vero Beach mooring field. Our original plan was for two days, but Vero Beach was just wonderful and we stayed 3 extra days. The staff was friendly and helpful and the long term residents were delightful. There is a bus that runs in front of the Marina.
    We did lock our dinghy when we were gone for the day, but we do that where ever we go.
    The Vero Beach Yacht Club and US Power Squadron are located next door to the Marina. The Power Squadron was having a party and the guys yelled to our boat to “come on over!”
    James & Gloria Crawford

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  • A Visit to Vero Beach Municipal Marina (Statute Mile 952)

    Vero Beach MarinaGlad to hear such a positive, if brief report about SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Vero Beach Municipal Marina, from former “Coastal Cruising” magazine publisher, Ted Jones.

    We decided to take a slip at Vero Beach Municipal Marina for the night so we could get organized, do laundry, take showers, and leave packed bags ashore in the rental car we will pick up tomorrow.
    Vero Beach is a great destination and very popular. The heads and showers are good, as is the laundry, and the city provides free bus service from the marina (and elsewhere) to such important stops as West Marine and Publix.
    Ted Jones

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  • Good Words About Sunset Bay Marina (on the Okeechobee Waterway, at Stuart, FL)

    Sunset Bay Marina is the new incarnation of the Stuart City Marina and later South Pointe Anchorage. This facility was rebuilt a few years ago, wet slip dockage added, and the adjacent mooring field expanded. By all reports, the new facility is really first-class, and it’s VERY convenient for those who are about to run, or those who have just completed the Okeechobee Waterway.
    Sunset Bay is located just upstream of the old Roosevelt Twin Bridges, on the South Fork of the St. Lucie River/Okeechobee Waterway.

    We have been at Sunset Bay for 2 weeks now and will most likely be here another week. What a pleasant surprise this marina has been! We are on a mooring.
    The staff is great; facilities are excellent and easy walk to town make this the best overall marina situation that we have experienced since we left home in NC.
    Highly recommend it even if you planning to continue South; it is worth getting off of the AICW and take time to enjoy this marina.
    Pat Kenefick

    I could not agree more with the compliments on Sunset Bay Marina. Very nice people and facilities. I would highly endorse this stop.

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  • Captain Jane Reports on the Vero Beach Art Museum

    The always-worth-visiting Vero Beach Museum of Art has some great offerings right now and through January 11, 2011. It’s only a 15-minute stroll from the city marina and it would be well worth visiting, even if it is two shuttle buses away from where you are docked. For those at the city marina, turn right at the marina exit, cross the highway (not so bad — there are traffic lights); the bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway will be on your right; follow the signs to the museum.
    Our favorite exhibit of the current three is Metamorphosis: Abstract Works by Federico Uribe — and he’s not kidding about the metamorphosis part. The artist uses CDs, vinyl records, retired library books, chopsticks and plastic forks and transforms them into works of art. Federico Uribe was born in Colombia and now lives in Florida. This small exhibit packs a wallop — each item gave us a double-take as in “those are chopsticks?!!!”
    Don’t just look around you, also look up in the corners of the ceiling — in this installation the metaphor of “art is everywhere” is also literal. I asked the security guard which of Uribe’s work was his favorite and he said: Everything! I urge you to visit this exhibit and promise you that plastic forks will never be the same.
    The featured special exhibit, Fay, is a selection of William Wegman’s charming and bizarre photographs of his second weimaraner Fay Ray; the entrance fee is $5 and includes two 30-minute movies in the auditorium and on a video monitor outside the exhibit a series of shorts he did for Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live. The Saturday Night Live dog baseball game is a hoot.
    Mr. Wegman bought Fay three years after the death of what may have been the most photographed Weimaraner in the world — Man Ray. As bereft as Wegman was, a four-month old weimaraner puppy named Cinnamon Girl captured his heart and he was soon taking pictures of dogs again. He renamed the puppy Fay Ray and she proved to be quite the actress and performer. A docent is on hand to give you background information on Mr. Wegman and his work.
    Just across the hall is a small salon with the third special exhibit, but don’t let the small size fool you — this is a fascinating, varied exhibit worth savoring. Clearly Color offers selections from the museum’s collection of glass works. Each item is a jewel. Note that some of the works are by Dale Chihuly, his first assistant and the assistant’s student. It’s fun to see the relationships of teaching and inspiration in their works.
    If you are headed for Vero Beach after January 11, check out the next series of special exhibits. It’s a wonderful, creative museum with a splendid sculpture garden and sense of humor.
    Captain Jane
    S/V Lady Jane

    Basic Information:
    Vero Beach Museum of Art,
    Tuesday through Saturday, 10 to 4:30
    Sunday, 1 to 4:30

  • Captain Jane Reports on Vero Beach Municipal Marina (Statute Mile 952)

    Vero Beach MarinaWow, what an active social life and great community spirit at this SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! If you are cruising through VERO, please stop off here if time permits, and let them know how much you appreciate their support of the cruising community, by way of their support for the SSECN!

    View of the Bridge just south of the entrance channel to Vero Beach City Marina

    Here is your 2010/2011 season update on Vero Beach City Marina. This AICW Cruisers Mecca is hopping. While you can sometimes get a mooring ball for yourself, boats are doubled and tripled up on
    mooring balls as I type this, a vessel spent the night at the fuel dock and one boat is heading to a mooring after two at the dock because a previous reservation bumped her. If you want a slip ($1.50 a foot), we recommend you reserve at least several days in advance.

    The social life on shore has changed just a bit, so here’s a summary of how it appears to be for the moment.

    1. Weekly Cruisers Breakfast hosted by Vero Beach’s CLOD (Cruisers Living on Dirt) continues on Wednesday mornings at 8 at 2002 restaurant (the Publix stop on the free Vero Beach GoLine shuttle bus.)
    2. Thursday Night Is Happy Hour, bring your own beverage and bring an appetizer to share at the picnic area near the main dinghy dock. I think this begins at 4:30 PM; there are signs in the cruisers lounge. If you are a musician, bring an instrument. It was hopping this past Thursday.
    3. Free GoLine Shuttle Bus seems to have more routes than ever. Note that the stop at Publix has changed — it no longer stops right in front of this reprovisioning gift to cruisers, but it’s only a short walk across the parking lot. Ask the driver to point to the new return spot just across from where you get out. The GoLine bus stop sign is still in front of the Publix, but don’t let that fool you — or so we were told.
    4. Free Wifi now at Vero Beach Municipal Marina — but it’s a little peripatetic at the moment. Yachtspots is gone and the city marina is in the process of upgrading and installing high speed wifi. The staff may ask you to limit your heavy internet use to the hours of 7 PM to 7 AM until the full upgrades are in. When they are up and running, the high speed signal should reach all the way to the most Northern moorings. Ask for the pass code and current status at the office. For now, easy on the Skype and hold back on Netflix streaming during office hours. 😉
    5. Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. The 10 AM GoLine Shuttle will take you there and pick you up an hour later. Or you can walk. It’s a pleasant 20 minute stroll there and a little less pleasant on the way back if while shopping you forgot you will be walking back.
    6. Recycling is gone, temporarily, we hope! Most cruisers want recycling and value marinas who offer it. From what I have learned, recycling is expensive and the marinas need our help to make it work. Most of us do it right, but it only takes a few to muck it up and it seems some transients have created a problem at Vero which the marina is earnestly trying to resolve. The staff is trying to come up with a way to train cruisers into behaving so that recycling can resume. It seems that some transients, particularly in the summer, have been dumping garbage in the recycling containers and the recycling company did not have the time or person power to sort through the garbage. The marina staff, out of personal commitment to recycling, then set up their own bins and tried marking them really clearly — but then they experienced personally why the recycling company gave up. So, please urge your fellow boaters to behave. Marina staff asked me to ask folks also to please, please, please honor the recycling of oil rules; they collect $1 for disposal and it truly costs them more in labor and fees to provide this important environmental service. Please don’t mix anti-freeze in with the oil or other contaminants as it slaps the marina with a huge bill later in the process. Also, please don’t skirt the rules and dump used oil by the trash or outside the trash bins. Those who tuck in their oil-related trash between the bins and the doorrs create opportunity for costly and time-consuming cleanup when the trash area doors are opened and everything topples over.
    Captain Jane
    S/V Lady Jane

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  • Praise for Pelican Yacht Club, AICW Statute Mile 965.5

    Pelican Yacht Club is located on the southern shores of the Fort Pierce Inlet, east-southeast of flashing buoy #13.

    Spent the last couple of nights here and wanted to mention that it’s a little slice of `Old Florida’ here just off the Fort Pierce Inlet. Nice folks, well kept (fixed) docks, a little tight for maneuvering in and out but plenty of water for our 5’6’³ draft. Two good restaurant finds within a five minute walk: Dave’s Diner, for what we might argue is the best of several very good breakfast places that we have found along the Waterway, and the `Tiki’ like bar and grill On the Edge ‘“ great setting, very good food, welcoming service, mix of locals and visitors.
    Captain Leigh Hough

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  • Accolades for Fort Pierce City Marina (Statute Mile 966.5)

     Fort Pierce City Marina 1 Avenue A, Ft. Pierce, FL 34950 Toll Free (800) 619-1780 (772) 464-1245 Facsimile (772) 464-2589You will seldom (if ever) find a better run municipal watercraft facility than Fort Pierce City Marina. Dockmaster Dean and his staff do everything that can be done to make cruisers welcome, and encourage them to linger for awhile. And, of course, they are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Ft. Pierce City Marina ‘“ Ft. Pierce, FL, ICW 966. This is our southern destination. We stay here for at least 2 months each winter. It is just off of the Indian River, very accessible, and has an excellent inlet to the Atlantic Ocean. The `old town’ city center of activity is at the marina! There is a weekly farmer’s market, parades, monthly old car rallies, motorcycle rallies, great restaurants, shopping, and all other necessary services. This marina is really well managed, with an excellent staff, and is a terrific stop for ocean/ICW travelers.
    Sabra Morgan

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    Centered on the Location of This Marina:

  • Praise for The Loggerhead Club and Marina of Stuart, Fl departing the AICW c. Statute Mile 496

    Formerly the Harbourage Marina and Yacht Club, The Loggerhead Club and Marina of Stuart lies northwest of Okeechobee Waterway/St. Lucie River marker #23, and east of the US1/Stuart high-rise bridge.
    We stayed at the Harborage Marina and Yacht Club, now Loggerhead Marina, in Stuart. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. The clubhouse and pool area are gorgeous. The restroom-shower facilities are the best we have found in Florida. (We felt like we were at a spa rather than a marina). There is a nice live aboard community there on both the floating docks and the fixed docks. Saint Lucie Inlet to the East gives easy access to the Atlantic and the Bahamas. Saint Lucie River to the West gives access to the Okeechobee Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico. The only negative is there are no marine or grocery stores close to the marina.
    Captain Jeff Prahm aboard mv Java Girl

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  • Praise For Sunset Bay Marina (South Fork, St. Lucie River, on the Okeechobee Waterway)

    Since the city of Stuart leased out this property, and the facility was rebuilt as Sunset Bay Marina, we have received nothing but praise for Sunset Bay here on the Cruisers’ Net.

    There is no doubt that Sunset Bay is the BEST marina in the Stuart area. It was opened in 2009 so is not yet in many cruiser’s guides. Everything is new, great facilities, although mostly transient, it would pay to book ahead as many people come in for an overnight, then stay for 2 weeks. There is also a mooring field.
    Keith and Laurie Rawlings
    M/V “KenBane”

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  • Pirates Cove Resort and Marina (on Manatee Pocket, off the St. Lucie River/Okeechobee Waterway)

    Pirates Cove is one of the most upstream facilities on Manatee Pocket. This body of water lies near the intersection of the AICW/Okeechobee Waterway/St. Lucie River, known locally as “The Crossroads.” I’ve always been impressed with Pirates Cove, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sailcraft at their docks. Always has been 100% power vessels.

    We stayed here on 4/5/2010 for one night and had a nice stay. Since we were there for one night they put us on the fuel dock which was fine with me since access into and out of the slips looked like it could be a little tight (50′ LOA). We were enroute from Ft. Lauderdale to the northern Gulf Coast and some of our group who were driving a vehcile home stayed in the rooms and reported them as nice. The restraunt was pretty good, the marina staff were helpful. I’d stay here again. The location is very good if your headed to the west coast of Florida and you’re breaking the trip across into two days.

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