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Archive For: NC8 – Neuse River

  • Baird Creek Adventure, Upper Neuse River, off the AICW near New Bern, NC

    Baird Creek, charted as Beard Creek,liess on the north shore of the upper Neuse River north of Wilkinson Point. As Cat. Ben points out, it is marked by a single marker #1. All of us who have done any gunk-holing will enjoy this delightful tale of keel versus bottom, which will also explain why this particular creek is NOT in our North Carolina Anchorage Directory. Thanks for sharing, Capt. Ben.

    Cruising News:
    The long keel, forever hallowed be its name.
    I may not lay claim to being the dumbest boater, but I strive for the top-five.
    In North Carolina, we have three types of bottoms, pecan-sandy, chocolate-pudding mud, and occasionally rocky-road-oyster shoal. Hungry yet? We love to gunk hole. It’s almost not an adventure if I cannot jump out of the boat and pull it along with the rope or kedge the anchor. Where’s the fun in being sensible? Markers in our waters are usually inaccurate because last month’s hurricane made a shoal where the channel used to be. Soft groundings come with the territory.
    What has saved us in our limitless search for shallow waters and low-cost barnacle scrapings has been our beloved full keel. That and our craft tops out at about eight knots. With a wind. In shallow waters I have the deep sagacity to reduce speed to around 3 knots, so as not to bump anything too hard. One day, I hope to be a smarter captain, but our current mode of gunk-holing has provided hours of adventure, angst, and amusement to my first mate, and I for one refuse to deprive her of the joys of seeing mud churn off our stern. She’s become quite the expert at spotting it.
    On our last adventure, we decided to explore the deep reaches of the Northern Neuse River on Baird Creek just after Thanksgiving. It is marked by a single green “1” daymark and a smattering of private PVC pipes with colored tape jammed in the ground. If you were a golfer, you would call this one hazard-filled course. For a boater it generally tracks around 5 feet deep if you are mostly lucky and very careful. Ours is a single-screw trawler with the aforementioned full keel. Believe me, this captain needs it. Drawing a hair over 42 inches of water, I make it a point to scout out sailboat masts in any unfamiliar harbor, because it’s a good bet that that captain will need a full five feet to knock around in there. Seeing a few masts, we gingerly entered Baird Creek in the afternoon, threw out anchor and proceeded to lounge a bit. I had some minor wiring repairs to do with the generator, so went about that a little after some engine cooling.\
    Around dusk we fired up the generator, only to realize the repairs made did not fix the root problem, which was the transmission of current from the output leads to the rest of our craft. Including the Two-cycle AC (It’s November and a little chilly. After some mutual frowning and head-scratching, my first mate advises me that with the low temperature forecast, we might do better comfort-wise back at our slip, about 10 miles up the Neuse. So after some long deep breaths, inhale/exhale style – to draw in air for the work ahead of course, I agreed with my mate and decided to get about hoisting the anchor.
    Now, this is where the real adventure begins – Anchor, up, no worries. Despite scrubbing and rinsing we still brought a good amount of chocolate pudding aboard as we pulled chain in the dark. In addition, what I failed to notice upon coming into little Baird Creek, was that the wind had shifted to the North, blowing water up the Pamilco Sound and draining the Neuse a bit – lowering the water with one of the Neuse’s famous – or infamous – wind-tides. Our depth finder gets psychotic under 4 feet and we start showing about 700 feet of water whenever this happens – so 700 feet showing usually means we’re near a touch-point, and we were seeing this. We get going about a hundred yards and feel the slow, gentle shudder of bottom. OK- no good. Adrenaline and dismay. We back off a little, free ourselves, and try in a different direction. OK, not so bad, but not for long. We find bottom again. Gentle shudder. Chocolate pudding again. It’s pitch black out except for the small lights of the relatively few homes on Baird Creek. So we back off again and track slowly and surely very close to some of the homes with modest piers. This seems to work. Eventually, gingerly, and nervously we were able to exit Baird Creek with our running gear and some portion of our wits intact. But I can assure the reader any future trip there – in or out – will be in daylight and with a south wind keeping the water high in the Neuse. For Baird Creek – boater beware!
    Thanks once again to King Neptune for providence and our long keel for its patience – it’s saved us from ourselves many a time.
    Capt. Ben
    M/V Sand Castle
    Neuse River

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  • A Good Stay at Whittaker Creek Yacht Harbor, Neuse River, Oriental, NC near AICW Statute Mile 181

    Whittaker Creek Yacht Harbor lies on the point separating the two major branches of Whittaker Creek, northeast of Oriental Harbor’s flashing daybeacon #1.

    Whittaker Creek Yacht Harbor just northwest of Oriental NC is one of the most relaxing stays I have experienced in 5 years of cruising. The $11.00 a day slip with electricity included (that’s right Eleven) way more than made up for the less than new docks. It’s a short bike ride to a lot of fine restaurants and coffee shops. There’s a marine consignment shop with more stuff than I’ve seen in the Defender catalog. There is a hardware store close by, a grocery store, a marine supply store and a West Marine. They’re all within walking distance but might be to far for someone not used to walking, They are all withing less than 10 minutes biking distance.
    I spent three weeks there during the end of November and beginning of December, the best part of my stay was all the great people I met. I was invited to the Orphan Sailor Thanksgiving feast and spent quality time on board other sailor’s boats enjoying adult beverages. I highly recommend visiting, the owner, Knute, will make you feel welcome. If your boat draws more than 5’5″, you have to enter when there is no wind or when the wind is from a northerly quarter, a southerly wind drops the channel depth to less than 6 ft. It’s 6 1/2 ft with no wind and more than 7 with a wind from the north. For those unfamiliar with the Carolinas, there are no lunar or solar tides and the water levels are influenced by the winds.
    Henry Zalegowski on S/V Turn’er Loose

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  • A Fond Look at Oriental, NC (Statute Mile 181)

    Sign just opposite the free dock in Oriental

    The heart warming story below comes to the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net from our dear friend, and fellow nautical writer, Captain Wally Moran, and from his LiveBloggin the ICW ( Anyone who has ever visited Oriental will quickly discern the truth of what Captain Wally has to say!
    Wally seems to be lingering in North Carolina waters a bit longer than most, before heading south to warmer climes. We’ll keep following his travels here at the Crusiers’ Net as he heads his sailcraft towards the Sunshine State.

    Toucan Grill and Fresh Bar in Oriental, NCA drinking town with a sailing problem…
    That’s how Oriental bills itself…well, actually it calls itself the sailing capital of North Carolina, but the t-shirts and coffee mugs all tell a different story.
    It’s a friendly town – people wander to the dock to chat after getting their coffee at the Bean, which is across from the free dock (free is good!™).
    The town is also the most dog-friendly place I’ve ever been. You’ll frequently see dogs roaming the street, and if one of them decides to lie down in front of the Bean (happens often actually), drivers slow down and move around the pup. It’s really quite a hoot to see – anywhere else it would be honk the horn and get upset time, but not in Oriental.
    There is a West Marine, but no other box stores in Oriental. That’s because the locals voted it that way – talk about a great sense of values. West Marine good – Wal Mart bad!
    This is a town that, on New Year’s Day when everyone else in America is watching football, is having their New Year’s Regatta. The last time I was here for it, 26 boats were competing. I was heading out that day and darn near became the 27th boat!
    Villagef Food Emporium 252-249-FOOD Delicious Carry-out Meals The wind today turned strongly into the southwest, and since I hadn’t yet gotten groceries, I chose to remain one more day at the free dock (free is good! ™), rather than bash down the canal at the end of Adams Creek on the way to Beaufort. Winds go light tomorrow, so morning will be an excellent time to head out.
    Like I said, a great sense of values.
    Wally Moran
    LiveBloggin the ICW

    We love Oriental and always make a point of stopping there. However, the lack of pump out facilities is a concern. Oriental Marina has none. The public free dock has none. The marina to the west has two portables but they are often out of service. There are way too many boats in Oriental that should be pumping out and obviously do not. The worst part is that no one we talked to about this problem cared. One marina owner said “I don’t have to have a pump out, so why would I want one?”
    Ginny Caldwell

    River dunes, sailcraft marina and deaton’s marina all have pump outs. Possibly more marinas close by.
    Cliff Kisby

    Cruising News:
    Let me remind Ms. Caldwell and other cruisers passing though Oriental that most of our marinas and other waterfront facilities here are still very much in recovery mode from hurricane Irene, the worst storm we’ve seen here in recorded history. There are adequate pumpouts if you know where to find them but but some of the regular places are still out of service. Everything should be online and operating when the snowbird migration heads north in the spring.
    Captain Andy Denmark
    Lower Broad Creek
    Oriental, NC

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  • More Good Words for River Dunes Marina, AICW Statute Mile 173.5

    River DunesRiver Dunes Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, is located off the AICW’s run along Neuse River, in Broad Creek between unlighted daybeacons #1 and #2.

    Property is all the above comments say it is. Be aware Irene moved markers in Broad Creek around (more than a bit). You will come to a #4 private buoy well before the daymark #4. Coming in the creek, the pipes driven into the bottom mark the ~4 foot line. Stay to the creek side of these marks if you draw more.
    Lunch at M&M’s was well provisioned, well prepared, and very well served. Would certainly return. Oriental hardware store and Town and Country grocery are much more than they appear from the outside.

    We kept our boat at River Dunes for two weeks while visiting family up north. We view the location as a perfect place to keep a boat secure. The staff is great and the showers are the best on the east coast! We will be back!!
    Dick Anderson

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  • Good Words, Past and Present, for River Dunes Marina, AICW Statute Mile 173.5

    River DunesRiver Dunes Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, is located off the AICW’s run along Neuse River, in Broad Creek between unlighted daybeacons #1 and #2.

    Cruising News:
    Oct 2008 – Dockmaster JC Cappleman and his staff make this beautiful facility feel like home. Pool, spa, exercise room, clean and modern steam showers, loaner cars, new floating docks and friendly boaters’ gatherings in front of the clubhouse fireplace . . . all combine to make River Dunes an unforgettable gem on the ICW.
    Oct 2011 – We’ve visited River Dunes five times now on our way north or south. If you haven’t stopped by yet in favor of another marina or anchorage, you’re missing one of the best spots on the waterway.
    Bob Fulton

    Stayed at River Dunes twice in 2011. Both visits absolutely wonderful. JC and his staff are first rate, facility beautiful, protected, great food … a must stop north and south.
    Doug Jacoby..m/v CHANGER

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  • Highest Praise for Staff of Northwest Creek Marina, Off the AICW and Neuse River, near New Bern, NC

    Northwest Creek Marina lies off the eastern shores of Northwest Creek, north of charted McCotter Point.

    Please excuse me adding to my previous comments on Northwest Creek Marina but, with the passing of Hurricane Irene recently I really feel it’s worth adding:
    The standard of preparation and service at this marina went WAY beyond anything we have experienced in any other marina. During the storm (“during”,mind you) the staff were OUT ON THE DOCKS checking and adjusting the boats’ lines and hauling boats when needed. Carol & I were safely tucked into the hotel overlooking the marina throughout the storm and took videos (which can be seen at http://www.HurricaneIrene.Muttlets.Com) of the staff working in 60mph winds and water up to their chests. Several owners had left headsails up and the staff went round removing them and stowing them safely (remember, Irene was expected to be a cat2+ hurricane on arrival). They had lines strung across the marina channels to reduce any damage which might be caused if a boat did break away. They dismantled all the mains power units.
    After the storm, we had power back on the docks just as soon as the power company had returned power to the Fairfield Harbour area and all the cross channel lines cleared ready for the next weekend.
    I can’t say enough good things about this marina. It just keeps getting better!
    They really earned the money we pay there and more (although I won’t tell them that, just in case!).
    Fergus & CarolMcLean

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  • River Dunes Marina, Recommended Hurricane Hole, AICW Statute Mile 173.5

    River DunesRiver Dunes Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, is located off the AICW’s run along Neuse River, in Broad Creek between unlighted daybeacons #1 and #2.

    Cruising News:
    River Dunes, the safest Marina to dock your boat in a hurricane. No damage from Irene and when electric went off we had a generator for the fuel pumps. Just installed more floating docks with a few slips left to rent. What a great place.
    Clifford Kisby

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  • Good Words for Staff at New Bern Grand Marina off the Neuse River in New Bern, NC

    The New Bern Grand Marina lies just inside the intersection of the Trent and Neuse Rivers, along the Trent’s northern banks between the low-level Trent River highway and railroad bridges.

    Many thanks to Durl, Allen and the many volunteers who helped prepare the boats and docks for hurricane Irene. During the storm, Allen and the volunteers stayed outside going up and down the floating docks checking the lines and boats to make sure that everything was as secure as possible.Thanks to them, no boats were lost and all damage was minor.
    During the storm we stayed inside in the hotel. In spite of the storm damage the building was taking, the staff and manager Michael McMahon worked around the clock to make us as comfortable as possible.
    I can’t say enough good things about this place, but I will mention that the Coast Guard Station Fort Macon put their boat and people that were not working during the storm here because they knew it was the best and safest place to be. Enough said.
    Mike And Kim, Ms. Kimberly

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  • More on Winter “Dockage in North Carolina” Discussion

    There has been an ongoing, lively discussion on the MTOA List-Seriver about winter dockage and boat storage in North Carolina waters. I’ve copied most of these messages below. As I’ve said before, but let me say it again, all of us at the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net HIGHLY recommend membership in the MTOA. If your nautical interest lies in trawlers, you simply can’t join a better orgainization.
    As you will see, one of the BIG winners in the discussion below is River Dunes Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR), off the Neuse River on Broad Creek. We have provided links to River Dunes and several other marinas that appear in the various messages below at the end of this posting!

    I also wintered my Grand Banks 42 in New Bern in 2009 for the winter. Liberator stayed at the Bridgeport Inn. Service was very friendly. Access to the Craven County Airport was even better. I did worry for a week about the weather. However, I paid a local boat sitter to look after the boat.
    Martin Conway

    We have just purchased a 40 ft Albin trawler which is located in Annapolis MD. We want to move it to No Carolina before winter and must leave it until February 2011 until our retirement commences. Any
    suggestions RE: a reasonable, safe and secure site, whether on the hard or in the water? We live in northern MN and want a trustworthy provider but need no amenities.

    On the hard, try Bock Marine in Beaufort, NC. I can’t comment on in the water except to recommend that you call Town Creek Marina in Beaufort. Others will have different recommendations. You might even call Grand Strand marina at Myrtle Beach. They are well protected and south of the freeze line.

    Try Cape Lookout Yachts in Oriental

    We have been keeping our 34T at Spooners Creek Marina in Morehead City and are very satisfied. It has modern floating docks and is well protected if you are in close to the bulkhead. We did not have to leave when hurricane Earl came by and their policy is you can stay up to a Cat 2 and possibly more depending on the track. Boats at Morehead Yacht basin had to leave the Marina.
    I would suggest checking out the Hurricane procedures no matter where you choose to keep your boat.

    We wintered over in New Bern, NC in ’06-’07. We stayed at the Sheraton Marina, now called Grand (I think). Bridgepointe, on the other side of the river, was about $20/mo. cheaper. I think either would be good but we preferred the Sheraton because everything in the old town was a short walk away. The only thin you need to be mindful of is the State tax that is assessed on all boats residing there on Jan. 1. We were able to easily exempt because our stay didn’t exceed the six month limit. However, be aware of the tax and keep your documentation after you leave. We were forewarned by the dockmaster so we took a walk to visit the Tax Collector’s office. We talked to a nice lady who took down all the information she needed. Just prior to leaving, we visited again and showed them our final bill. Thought that would be the end of it but not so. We got a tax bill from them later in the year. I was able to make the problem go away with a phone call
    and a quick fax. But if I hadn’t kept copies of the billing I would have been screwed.
    In retrospect, although we thoroughly enjoyed our time in New Bern, we should have gone farther south, below the freezing zone. We didn’t have any problems but it was too cold to cruise the boat.
    Morning Star

    Funny thing… I just posted on a related item on the T&T list about this very topic… Here’s the scoop.
    Have you decided the state and county in which you plan to “register”/”record” the boat? If not, do that before you do anything else. With boats, the general rule is that the boat is “registered” or “recorded” in the jurisdiction of it’s “principal use.” You, the owner, get to decide where that is. There is nothing morally or legally wrong with using the boat principally in jurisdictions with low/no excise taxes and low/no personal property taxes. There is no legal obligation to “register” or “record” or pay taxes on the boat in the jurisdiction where you maintain your domicile if that is not the area of “principal use.”
    In case you weren’t aware, North Carolina has a personal property tax system on boats that is levied by individual NC counties. Additionally, some but not all cities in NC impose their own PPTs. While New Bern is a very nice location to winter, it does have a very significant local PPT on top of the county PPT, but across the Trent River, outside the city, there isn’t one. Liability for the PPT in NC occurs on January 1st of each year. As of recent changes, I understand that it may also occur if the boat is in that jurisdiction for 90 consecutive days. Plan accordingly. The plan that you mentioned in your post appears to bring you into a PPT taxable case in NC. Check with the marina where you ultimately settle to see if they are in a city with a PPT on top of the county PPT.
    A poster on the T&T list implied that there is no excise tax on used boats in NC. I *do not* know if that is correct; it was new to me. If true, that could benefit you if you plan to take the boat to NC. Again, verify it with the county tax office where you decide to locate the boat.
    Consider hauling the boat. In most states, if the boat is hauled it is not “in the water and available for use.” That stops the 90 day “register”/”record” clock, but I don’t know about the NC PPT.
    South Carolina is similar to NC, but I think involves lower tax rates. Most eastern shore counties in SC allow 180 days before the PPT/registration obligation attaches. If you plan to winter there, check with the marina or the county where the marina is located. The better marinas will know what the local rules are.
    Most states will allow you 30 days to get the boat registered and any applicable excise taxes paid. Wherever you do that, decide now. Maryland allows 30 days from the time the boat enters Maryland waters to pay the excise tax and register or record the boat. If the boat was in the water in Maryland, the clock started at closing. Plan accordingly. If you do not plan to “register”/”record” in Maryland, get out within 30 days. You could bounce back and forth from Solomons to Deltaville every 29 days to run out the clocks… Hey, that’s the rules, and you’re just playing their game by their rules… There is no legal or moral obligation to arrange your affairs to maximize your tax obligation! Thus declareth the US Supremes…
    All of the states are desperate for “income” these days. If you trigger any of the time criteria anywhere along the way, the locals will vigorously come after you. So, plan carefully; this decision is worth a lot of money.
    Good luck!

    Morning Gary,
    Give J.C. Cappelmann a call at River Dunes Marina, 252-670-5987. River Dunes is a beautiful marina in a very protected basin. River Dunes is located at m.m 174 just off the ICW up Broad Creek. I would also suggest River Dunes to all the MTOA folks who are headed south for the winter, I promise you won’t be disappointed with your visit.
    Call J.C. for rates and info on the marina,
    Todd & Brenda

    We stayed at River Dunes for several days on our way north in the spring and also highly recommend it. It is a wonderful marina, excellent docks, protected basin, friendly and helpful staff, and free courtesy car.
    Barbara and Jim and Golden Retriever, Lily
    Golden Lily – Nordic Tug 42-092

    We too enjoyed River Dunes. Do note however there is a lack of AT&T cell coverage in the area and the restaurant is only open on the weekends. Call ahead.
    Bob and Kemba
    Aboard M/V Spirit Dancer

    Palmetto Moon with Jim, Su and lazy cat Alex are from SC and have our our boat hauled in NC. Not because the yard is better, it is the yard we know best. Sailcraft in Oriental, NC (MM-180) has done all our work for the past 5 1/2 years. All of our visits, the employees have been very professional and competent. Owned by Allen Arnfast who is always there. Phone 252-249-0522 We stop in on our North and South trips to receive excellent service that is priced reasonably and has always come in, at or under the quoted figures. In the North bound stay the boat is hauled for 30 days and we stay aboard, climbing a 16 foot ladder. You can perform any work yourself, but they will assist at the normal labor rates for that job. Sailcraft is a working yard and you would need to haul your boat for that extended time.
    On the other hand if you just want water storage; Marina [at] Grande Dunes (MM-257) in Myrtle Beach, SC is a marina I recommend. Phone 843-315-7777 We use this marina for our North and South bound stops for about 30 days each way. Boat is safe, we can visit our families, doctors, tax stuff and get ready for the next six months of travel. They are a quality run marina with very attractive rates for long term stays. Very well protected in a basin with floating docks with fingers on BOTH sides, locking gates, and security. Last year Horry County passed a change in length of stays before becoming taxable. From a total of 90 days to total of 180 days. (not sure if this is calendar or any 12 month period) Leave the keys with the office and they will check on your boat for you.
    If you decide on either one tell them that Palmetto Moon recommended you. Sometimes it has made a big difference in your rates GOING DOWN!!!!!!
    Palmetto Moon

    We have docked our trawler at River Dunes for the months of July thru September and December thru March for the last two years. Check the web site. Call JC for long term rates.
    The marina is well protected from storms and the only tide is wind created. The facility cannot be matched in NC. RD is a ten minute ride from the village of Oriental. The village has a West Marine and a hardware store and good restaurants
    If I can help please call.
    Ode to Joy

    I know that many boaters leave their vessels in the water in New Bern, NC at the New Bern Grand Marina (part of the local Hilton Hotel) for the winter. I talked to Nancy, the marina office manager who said that customers boat year around there. The region experiences a mild winter climate, where a small heater or even a 100 watt light bulb in the engine room maintains temperature on the few days the temperature dips below freezing. The marina is in the heart of downtown New Bern with its many shops and restaurants, has floating docks and a full time staff that will look after your vessel while you are away. It’s one of only two NC coastal communities with a nearby airport served by a commercial airline (US Airways). Being part of the Hilton Hotel chain, marina customers have use of the hotel amenities including on-site restaurant, entertainment deck, free morning newspaper and coffee and perhaps most helpful of all – hotel shuttle service to the airport and to local stores for groceries & supplies. But the best part is the monthly dockage rates of $6.25/ft/mo plus metered power (at the standard NC residential rate), which will be offered for up to six month to winter residents; that’s less than $300/mo for a 40 foot boat.
    I have no affiliation with the marina except for being a satisfied customer this summer when we spent half the season away from the boat. For more information call Nancy at 252/638-0318.

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  • Update on Inland Waterway Provision Company Store in Oriental, NC, Statute Mile 181

    McCotters Marina, Washington, NCWe are delighted to learn that this well-known business in Oriental, NC will remain open. For years, it has been the place to get boat gear and clothing in Oriental. McCotter’s Marina, which suffered a devastating fire earlier this year, is located in nearby Washington, NC and is A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    A new owner, McCotter’s Marina of Washington, NC has decided to restock and keep the Inland Waterway store open. The decision was made last Monday and it was open for the Memorial Day weekend. Stock will take a while to rebuild.
    Skipper Jim Duggan

    The Inland Waterway Provision Company re-opened in April of 2011 under new management. The folks from McCotter’s Marina (Washington, NC) are now running the store.
    Captain Ben

    And from the new owners:

    Inland Waterway Provision Company, ICW Mile Marker 181
    Newly re-opened in the heart of “downtown” Oriental!
    Visit us for all your boating and fishing needs. We have marine hardware, electrical and plumbing components, cleaning supplies, charts, line, and safety gear. We are the local dealer for AB dinghies. We offer clothing, Sperry shoes, and nautical gifts.
    If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can order it for you, usually with free overnight delivery on parts.
    We can help you with fishing equipment, ice, and bait. The helpful advice is free!
    Inland Waterway Provision Co. is conveniently located on the Oriental harborfront, right between the Town Dock (free dockage for 48 hours!) and the town anchorage. We have free loaner bicycles for visiting boaters.
    We’re an Oriental landmark! Come see why.
    Monday-Saturday 9-6, Sunday 12-4
    Phone: (252)249-1797

    I am so glad that Inland Waterway is back in business and I really hope it can stay that way! Show them some love if you’re in town.
    Jeffrey Sampson

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  • Good Words for Oriental Harbor Marina, AICW Statute Mile 181

    Oriental Harbor Marina is on the northwestern shore of Oriental Harbor’s entrance off the Neuse River, not be confused with Oriental Marina which is on the eastern banks of Oriental’s inner harbor.

    This is a nice stop. Very helpful Staff. Restaurant across street. Came in during storm and staff was helpful.
    Ed Kroposki

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  • Good Words for Northwest Creek Marina, Neuse River, New Bern, NC

    Northwest Creek Marina and Fairfield Harbor are south of New Bern, NC on Northwest Creek off the Neuse River and due north of marker #17 below Hampton Shoal.

    Carol & I bought our boat (Whitby 42) in February ’11, local to New Bern. We berthed her here at the marina intending to stay a month. The marina and marina staff and the staff of the Hurricane hotel/restaurant were so pleasant and helpful and the work we got done was done so well and promptly that we extended to 3 months. Then, in addition to the friendliness of the people (staff and berth-holders) we decided that we should really be cruising here while we had the chance… extension to 6 months!
    We have lived-aboard in many marinas up the east coast but we totally agree that this is the most enjoyable one we have stayed at (although not live-aboard). We live in Florida and have to feel confident that the boat will be well taken care of; and we are. The staff are excellent at the marina.
    We know it’s a long chug or sail up to New Bern but this place is well worth a visit at least and if you are leaving your boat for a while, this is one of the most reliable places to do so. If you want work done on the boat, there are people who will set a schedule and actually stick to it (what a concept!) and do a great job (am I allowed to mention Harvey Smith, a very local diesel expert who does tremendous work at an excellent rate?).
    Carol and Fergus

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Northwest Creek Marina and Fairfield Harbor

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Northwest Creek Marina and Fairfield Harbor

  • Second Town Dock Proposed for Oriental, NC, AICW Statute Mile 181

    This is welcome news to those of us who have tried to find dockage in Oriental during the busy seasons. Cruisers’ Net would like to hear your opinions on the proposed town dock. Oriental harbor lies northwest of flashing green marker #1 in the Neuss River.

    Cruising News:
    A second Town Dock has been proposed in Oriental. For details of the proposal, and a map showing the location, go to:
    Richard Ross

    Good news. This is one of our favorite waypoints. The deli (now called the Bistro) [I suspect this is SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, the Village Food Emporium – Editor] has the best Rubin sandwiches in the world.
    Jim Powell

    I think another town dock would be great as the current one is always full every time we have tried to use it.
    Larry & Margie Ross aboard Wanderin L&M Hampton 55

    We stayed at a private dock once in Oriental. Other than that, we’ve had to pass by Oriental because there was no place to over-night. We’ll be hoping to visit Oriental for a few days this fall to visit friends … if we can find dockage. We certainly encourage the town to create more space for cruisers.
    Greg & Marian Riach aboard S/V Muskoka Moon

    Current town dock has room for only 2 vessels. Anchoring space is very limited. Marinas there are relatively expensive. We like the town, but space is currently too limited…another place to tie up, or mooring balls would be a great improvement.

    Oriental would certainly benefit by the addition of another town dock. The only limitation to a significant increase in visitors is dockage/anchorages. We skipped Oriental because of a lack of sufficient overnight space.
    Douglas Paddock

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  • High Praise for River Dunes Marina, AICW Statute Mile 173.5

    River DunesRiver Dunes Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, is located off the AICW’s run along Neuse River, in Broad Creek between unlighted daybeacons #1 and #2.

    Stayed at River Dunes Marina just north of Oriental. What a delight! Lovely main building with billiards, great library, super sailing photos of J boats and a great Rest. (Thurs-Sun). New tile heads, laundry, great pool and cabanas, hot tubs, workout room and even croquet on the lawn. New floating docks and $1,50/’. Free courtesy van with Oriental a 15 min. drive. Manager, CJ, is a delight as is the facility. Next time we’ll spend two or three days. A real “resort” atmosphere at a good price. Try it – you’ll like it! Cheers from Queen Ann’s Revenge @ Okracoke,
    Hank Evans

    River Dunes is a real treat! Dont pass it up and plan on staying a week.
    Knot tide down

    Cruising News:
    After reading and hearing all the positive comments regarding River Dunes Marina up the Broad Creek north of Oriental, we were looking forward to the possibility of spending some of our summer cruising season with them. When we contacted the Dock Master and inquired about transient monthly rates we were informed that River Dunes has a ‘no live-aboard policy’ for stays in excess of one week. Oh well, I guess we’ll be looking elsewhere to spend a month.
    Linda Bernabucci M/V Live Wire II Selene 43

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  • An Overnight Stay in South River – Southwest Creek, Off the AICW Near Statute Mile 175.5

    South River branches off the the Neuse River east of Oriental, NC. Southwest Creek branches southwest (what else?) off the South River about 2 miles south of our last listed anchorage for these waters. Both river and creek are unmarked beyond flashing marker #6, so keep a sharp eye on your chartplotter to reach this 8-9 feet of water in Southwest Creek.

    M/V Ruby Slipper anchored on South West Creek (maybe 6 miles up the South River. We had a BIG blow 25-30 k constant, gusts to 40 all from the SE & S. Had 150′ of chain on our 44 lb Delta out in 8′ & rode very well! Very buggy (April ) when the wind wasn’t blowing. Landed the dogs on the north shore of the creek. It had a sign that said, No Trespassing. A derelict dock & abandoned structure were there. Tied dink to “dock.” Boards missing. Be careful. Dirt roads appeared used & grass mowed nearby. We walked briefly on the roads. Saw no one, but wild turkeys. Cleaned up any dog waste & moved on. Felt bad about trespassing. But ZERO options. Brushed dogs for ticks! Check yourselves too.
    Skipper Linda Hughes

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Southwest Creek

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  • Crabpots on Broad Creek Approach to River Dunes Marina ??? (near Statute Mile 173.5)

    River DunesSome 48 hours ago, we put up a posting (linked below) about River Dunes Marina hosting the Coastal NC 2011 Leukemia Cup Regatta (6/4/11 to 6/5/11). Soon after this article appeared, we received the following inquiry:

    Is the approach to River Dunes still a maze of crab traps? I tried a few years ago and it was impossible to figure it out.
    Tedd Greenwald

    Now, the “approach” to River Dunes from the AICW/Neuse River is by way of Broad Creek, which cuts into the Neuse’s northern banks, near AICW/Neuse River marker #4. Personally, we’ve never had an unusually bad problem with crab pots on this stream, though we have certainly seen plenty of these pests on here over the ears. Anyway, I forwarded this above inquiry to Director of Operations, J. C. Cappelman, at River Dunes, and received the following reply.

    There probably will be a fair amount of pots in the creek.They do however leave room for passage.By June 1st they have to be in shallower water anyway,so this tends not to constrict the channel.
    J.C. Cappelmann,
    Director of Operations, River Dunes

    Click Here To View An Earlier Article About River Dunes and the Coastal NC 2011 Leukemia Cup Regatta

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    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of River Dunes Marina and Broad Creek

  • More on Bridgeton Harbor Marina, Bridgeton, NC, on the Neuse River off the AICW

    We continue to hear good things about this new marina in Bridgeton, across the Neuse River from New Bern. The northwest flow of the Neuse departs the ICW at the northern entrance to Adams Creek, statute mile 185. Click on the second link below for further information.

    Bridgeton Harbor Marina. Dock master: Thomas Wynn. Phone 252 349 1194 or 252 514 6728. Location. 35:07:555N by 77:01:747W. On Neuse River, south and east of rail road bridge at Bridgeton.
    Off the north / south migration route but an ideal, safe location to rest awhile or to leave your vessel while attending to shore side commitments. New Bern Airport is convenient to the marina.
    Wide, stable floating docks. each with electricity, water and TV hook ups. Shore side facilities include a clubhouse, which incorporates lounge with wide screen TV, large tiled bathrooms and cooking facilities also a computer for use of guests. Special feature are the free washer/ dryers.
    Outside is an extensive deck fully equipped with comfortable chairs, tables and LPG grills and smoker for dockside cook outs. There is also a large workshop area which can be used with the Dock Masters approval.
    A courtesy car is freely available. Family type restaurant with in walking distance, a pizza store that will delver and a fully stocked Food Lion and pharmacy within 5 minutes drive.
    The Dock Master Tom Wynn is an experienced boat owner who understands and is able to meet the needs of his customers. Tom recently retired as a boat builder and can, when asked, offer solution for most shipboard problems.
    We came for a month , stayed for two and are totally satisfied and will break our future migrations here again.
    Captain Colin Day. M/V LILY MARIA

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Bridgeton Harbor Marina

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Bridgeton, NC

    Click Here for Earlier Comments on Bridgeton Harbor Marina

  • “Dragons” in Oriental, NC (Statute Mile 181)

    Our “fearless roving reporter,” Captain Jane Tigar, is once again on the AICW, and filing stories for the Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net. Captain Jane’s first installment below deals with her home port, Oriental, North Carolina.
    Watch out for “dragons” in this otherwise charming riverside village!

    I’m biased and admit our hailing port is Oriental, NC. I also admit we might have passed her by had our first Lady Jane not needed repairs an hour north of Oriental on our maiden ICW voyage a decade ago proving there’s an advantage to everything.
    Bias aside, don’t pass Oriental by even if you don’t need an emergency repair by the reliable and friendly folks at Deatons boat yard, or a good dinner at the Steamer or M&Ms or the upgraded Toucan Grill or breakfast at Brantley’s where some mornings a baker stops in selling fresh baked fruit and lemon meringue pies.
    Stop in Oriental if for no other reason than because it is the only place in the world — we are quite sure of this –where you can observe an actual nesting site of the rare elusive North Carolina dragon.
    Anchor out just out by the bridge or use the free town dock if you can snag a space. Walk across the street to The Bean, an essential local and cruisers hang out featuring coffee, tea, ice cream and breakfast pastries and, drum roll … Free wifi!
    But I digress.
    Don’t go up to The Bean yet. You are really close… Facing The Bean, look to your left, in the tall grasses until you find this official wildlife sign … Now you are on your own to catch sight of the rare North Carolina dragon.
    Good luck and let us know if you enjoyed your visit in Oriental, NC, a must-visit stop on the ICW.
    Captain Jane
    S/V Lady Jane

  • Captain Jones Shortcuts The AICW/Bay River/Neuse River Intersection, AICW Statute Mile 167

    Captain Jones exposes his sailor’s soul as he cuts corners to shorten the distance traveled. Such tactics do have advantages for the slow boat, BUT keep a sharp eye on the chart and on your depth finder!

    AICW Shortcut Around Maw Point Shoal – Bay River into Neuse River:
    I see no point in going all the way out to the Neuse River Junction marker when it is easy to take the hypotenuse from #1 off Deep Point to #2 marking Maw Point Shoal. The minimum depth between these markers is 8 feet approaching #2. Moon River said he didn’t want to have to explain to his insurance company why he was out of the channel when he ran aground. Point taken, but the purple lines drawn on the chart are meant for powerboats who hardly notice the few extra yards. I guess it’s the racer still in me which refuses to take the long way around.
    Captain Ted Jones

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Bay/Neuse Rivers Intersection

  • Dining at River Dunes Marina off the Neuse River, AICW Statute Mile 173.5

    River DunesNot only a great marina, but great food as well! River Dunes is located off Broad Creek that departs the Neuse River between AICW markers #4 and #6 and they are A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    Please be aware that while the main dining room in the Harbor Club is open only on weekends,there is a chef prepared family style dinner served downstairs in the gathering room Sunday -Thursday. This is a great venue and has become a big hit.The fireplaces will be roaring and the wine a’flowing
    J C Cappelmann

    Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For River Dunes Marina

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