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Archive For: SSECN Alerts Archive Index

  • Announcement: SSECN Alert Archives Index

    Below, you will find listed in chronological order, an index of archived SSECN Alerts, from most recent to earliest.
    PLEASE understand that, particularly in regards to the older Alerts, some of the data contained therein may now be out of date, and some of the links to articles may not work, as the linked articles may have been removed as dated material.
    Nevertheless, we think the cruising community will find the archived version of our various SSECN Alerts to be very useful, and only wish the service we use for Alerts (Constant Contact, had offered this feature earlier.

  • SSECN Alert 05/02/14

    I. The Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net Announces a MAJOR Enhancement of our Marina Directory Function
    II. DON’T DARE MISS This Video of the Florida Senate Debate on the Recently Defeated Florida Anchorage Regulation
    III. Advice on Depths in Smokehouse Bay – Marco Island Anchorage, Marco Island, Southwestern Florida Coastline
    IV. Peck Lake Anchorage Cleared of Dredge Equipment, AICW Statute Mile 992
    V.Latest Update on Gilmerton Bridge Restrictions, AICW Statute Mile 5.8
    VI. Missing Marker Reported at AICW/Mason Inlet Intersection, Statute Mile 280
    VII. Report from Maximo Marina, near Western Florida ICW Statute Mile 115
    VIII. Don’t Miss “Oriental Nautical Wheelers” in Oriental, NC (Statute Mile 181)
    IX. A New, High Volume Dredge Arrives at Amelia Island Yacht Basin (Statute Mile 720.5)
    X. More Information on Bridge Pointe Marina (New Bern, NC, on the Trent River)
    XI. Flagler Memorial Bridge Set To Remain In Open Position For Six Months, AICW Statute Mile 1021
    XII. Oregon Inlet Too Shoaled to Dredge – Inlet Will Now Be Left “To the Elements”
    XIII. Advice on Shoaling in Longboat Pass, near Western Florida ICW Statute Mile 85
    XIV. More Tender Woes at Little River Swing Bridge, AICW Statute Mile 347

    Click Here To View the SSECN Alert 03/28/14

  • SSECN Alert 4/02/13

    I. AICW Groundings South of Fernandina Beach, AICW Statute Mile 731
    II. Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association Reports on Recent Washington, DC Trip
    III. St. Marys, Georgia READY To Greet Cruisers
    IV. Important – Nightly Closure for SR 74 Bridge in Wrightsville Beach, NC to Begin 4/16/13 and Stretch to 3/1/14, AICW Statute Mile 283.1
    V. Fort Pierce City Marina Entrance Channel Now Dredged to 7 1/2 Feet MLW (Statute Mile 966.5)
    VI. A Very Strange “Water Bug”
    VII. Praise for Longboat Key Club Moorings, Western Florida ICW Statute Mile 77
    VIII. Key Largo Will Host “Second Annual Brew on the Bay,” April 4-7, 2013
    IX. Two Recommendation for A1A Ale House (St. Augustine, Fl, near St. M. 778)
    X. Old House Channel Dredging, North of Oregon Inlet Into Roanoke Sound, off the AICW
    XI. Spring Fling at Bucksport Marina, April 5-7, AICW Statute Mile 377
    XII. Reproduction Nina and Pinta Slated For Visit to Regatta Pointe Marina, April 5-15, 2013
    XIII. Okeechobee Waterway Cruising News
    XIV. Washington, NC Slated to Hold One Day “Marine Market,” April 27, 2013
    XV. Frederica River Anchorages (off the AICW on Frederica River Near St. M. 666)
    XVI. Don’t Dare Miss Moore’s Stone Crab Restaurant New Jewfish Key Anchorages (Western Florida ICW Statute Mile 85)
    Click Here To View the SSECN Alert 4/02/13

  • SSECN Alert 3/11/13

    I. Serious AICW Shoaling At Intersection with Southern Ponce Inlet Channel (Statute Mile 843)
    II. Steep 275% to 1025% North Carolina Boat Fee Registration Increases Proposed
    III. Good Dining and Beer In Downtown Sarasota, Florida (off the Western Florida ICW at St. M. 73)
    IV. Famous “Bucksport Sausage” Is BACK, And Bucksport Marina Spring Fling Planned For April 5-7 (Statute Mile 377)
    V. Worrisome Shoaling at AICW/Shallotte Inlet Problem Stretch, Statute Mile 330
    VI. Restrictions to Navigation on St. Lucie Canal/Okeechobee Waterway Lifted as of March 7, 2013
    VII. Entrance Channel into Tween Waters Marina, off Western Florida ICW Statute Mile 14
    VIII. Report from Islamorada Anchorage, Florida Keys Inside Route Statute Mile 1160
    IX. Amelia Island Yacht Basin (St. M. 720.5) Offers SUPER Winter Into Spring, 2013
    X. Breakwater Construction Underway at St. Augustine Municipal Marina, AICW Statute Mile 778
    XI. How Would You Like To See This When Coming On Deck
    XII. Is Maule Lake An Anchorage???? (Off the AICW at Statute Mile 1077.5)
    XIII. St. Johns River Cruising News
    XIV. Frightening Collision Story
    XV. IMPORTANT – More on Marker/Charting Confusion and Increased Shoaling on AICW’s Passage Through Georgia’s St. Andrew Sound (St. M. 690)
    XVI. Bayview Reef Being Expanded on Pamlico River, well off the AICW, near Bath Creek
    XVII. Charleston In-Water Boat Show Slated For April 12-14
    XVIII. Newfound Harbor Northern Anchorage Off-Limits to Masted Vessels, west of Hawk Channel, Outside Route Statute Mile 1207
    XIX. Completion Delayed on Snows Cut Bridge Repairs, Carolina Beach, NC, AICW Statute Mile 295.7
    Click Here To View the SSECN Alert 3/11/13

  • SSECN Alert 2/08/13

    I. St. Johns River Cruising Opportunities
    II. Southwestern Florida Cruising News
    III. Great Photo of the New Gilmerton Bridge, AICW Statute Mile 5.8
    IV. IMPORTANT: Fender Repairs Restricting Navigation at L.B. Knox Bridge, AICW Statute Mile 816
    V. Mangrove Marina – Florida Keys Inside Route – Key Largo (Statute Mile 1150)
    VI. Shoaling at Southern Ponce de Leon Inlet Channel/AICW Intersection, Statue Mile 843
    VII. Good Words for Palmetto Bay Marina, east of AICW Statute Mile 564
    VIII. Washington, NC To Host East Carolina Wildlife Arts Festival, Feb. 8-10, 2013
    IX. Exciting New Amenities Now Open at Old Port Cove Marina (Statute Mile 1014)
    X. Missing Marker north of Blackburn Swing Bridge Could Be Navigational Hazard, Western Florida ICW, Statute Mile 63.5
    XI. Missing Aid to Navigation at AICW/Jupiter Inlet Intersection, Statute Mile 1005
    XII. Missing Marker in Darien River, west of AICW Statute Mile 655
    XIII. Anchoring on the Eastern Shore Lake Worth Channel (Palm Beach, near St. M. 1018.5)
    XIV. Turtle Cove Marina (Tarpon Springs, FL on the Anclote River)
    XV. Dredging in AICW/Port Everglades, Statute Mile 1066
    XVI. “Emergency Maintenance Dredging” to Begin In Fort Pierce Inlet Channel 2/4/13, near AICW Statute Mile 966
    XVII. Input Sought For Peck Lake Anchorage (Statute Mile 992)
    Click Here To View the SSECN Alert 2/08/13

  • SSECN Alert 1/25/13

    I. Important – Florida Boat Registration Questions Answered
    II. Dredging between Captiva and Sanibel Islands, Pine Island Sound, Western Florida Coastline
    III. Shoaling in Motts Channel, Wrightsville Beach, NC, AICW Statute Mile 283.3
    IV. Garmin’s New Quatix GPS Marine Watch
    V. Making a Dinghy Legal in Florida
    VI. Map Depicts Two Small Anchoring Areas on Manatee Pocket (near Statute Mile 988)
    VII. Steel Bridge Replacement Construction to Begin, AICW Statute Mile 8.8
    VIII. Report from Hell Gate, AICW Problem Stretch, Statute Mile 602
    IX. More on Pelican Bay Anchorages (hard by Cayo Costa Island/State Park)
    X. Shoaling Surveyed in New Topsail Inlet, near AICW Statute Mile 270
    XI. Praise for Calusa Island Marina (Marco Island, Western Florida Coastline)
    XII. GREAT Advice About Cruising Western Florida’s Big Bend Region
    XIII. Florida Waterfront Homeowner Speaks Out
    XIV. Update on Vertical Clearance(s!!) of Broadway Bridge, Daytona Beach, Statute Mile 830.5
    Click Here To View the SSECN Alert 1/25/13

  • SSECN Alert 1/18/13

    I. First Annual “Taste The Good Life In Little Washington” Festival Slated For February 21, 2013 6:00 – 8:30pm
    II. “Druggies” Using Crab Pots In the Gulf of Mexico??????
    III. A New Wrinkle in the Florida Sojouners Permit/FL Registration Discussion
    IV. AICW Problem Stretch Shoaling Confirmed Near McClellanville, SC, Statute Mile 434
    V. Ft. Pierce City Marina Entrance Channel Dredging Underway, AICW Statute Mile 966.5
    VI. Major New Facility, “Port City Marina” Slated to Open in Downtown Wilmington, NC During Summer, 2013
    VII. IMPORTANT – Okeechobee Waterway to be Partially CLOSED, 2/11/13 to 3/11/13
    VIII. Dredging of Two North Carolina AICW Problem Stretches Confirmed
    IX. Ballast Point/Tampa Yacht Club Aid to Navigation Destroyed, Hillsboro Bay, Tampa, FL
    X. Report and Comments on Bradenton Beach Anchorage (Western Florida ICW, Statute Mile 87)
    Click Here To View the SSECN Alert 1/18/13

  • SSECN Alert 1/11/13

    I. Our Sincere Thanks to the Cruising Community For Making 2012 Our Best Year EVER
    II. SSECN Strategic Web Partner, the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association, Publishes First 2013 Newsletter
    III. GREAT Video of the Winning Entry in the 2012 Key Largo Boat Christmas Boat Parade
    IV. Edenton, North Carolina Slated to Hold 300th Anniversary Celebration Cruiser Rally 5/6/13 to 5/12/13
    V. Florida “Sojourner’s Permit” Reprise.
    VI. Interesting Night in Russell Pass Southern Anchorage, between Indian Key and Everglades City
    VII. Mile Marker 0 Marine Supply Is Moving
    VIII. New Docks and Dockage Rate at Riviera Beach Municipal Marina, AICW Statute Mile 1018
    IX. New Pink Shell Resort Marina Opens in Fort Myers Beach
    X. Additional Information on Main Street Bridge, St. Johns River, Jacksonville, FL
    XI. IMPORTANT – Serious Shoaling on Jeremy Creek – McClellanville, SC (Statute Mile 430)
    XII. Sunken Vessel Reported in Stump Pass Channel (off Western Florida ICW, Statute Mile 41)
    XIII. Shoaling Reported at Longboat Pass (Inlet) Channel, north of Sarasota, FL
    XIV. Reduced Clearance Reported at Socastee Bridge,…AICW Statute Mile 371
    XV. Sears Landing Restaurant – A REAL FIND!, Surf City, NC, AICW Statute Mile 260.5
    XVI. Restaurant Now Open At Crystal Cove Marina (St. Johns River, north of Palatka)
    XVII. Concrete Hazard on Entrance to Lake Sylvia From The AICW (Fort Lauderdale, FL – Statute Mile 1064.6)
    Click Here To View the SSECN Alert 1/11/13

  • SSECN Alert 12/21/12

    I. A Note of Sincere Thanks to the Cruising Community
    II. IMPORTANT – More AICW Shoaling Reported at Statute Mile 270, near New Topsail Inlet
    III. Possible Shortcut From St. Catherine Sound to Walburg Creek Anchorage (St. M. 619)
    IV. The Coolest Boat at the Launching Ramp
    V. MARK YOUR CALENDARS – Fort Myers Beach 6’th Annual Cruisers’ Appreciation Day Slated For 3/23/13
    VI. UPDATE: Triumph Reef Aid to Navigation Destroyed on Hawk Channel, Florida Keys Between Miami and Key Largo
    VII. A Word of Caution about Conflicting Currents at AICW/St. Augustine Inlet, Statute Mile 777.3
    VIII. Things Have CHANGED On Troup Creek, Georgia (Statute Mile 670.5, just north of Brunswick, GA)
    IX. Little Shark River Southern Fork Anchorage
    X. More Reports of Shoaling at AICW/Shallotte Inlet Problem Stretch, Statute Mile 330
    XI. GREAT Videos of Key Largo (Florida Keys) Christmas Boat Parade, 2012
    Click Here To View the SSECN Alert 12/21/12

  • SSECN Alert 5/18/12

    I. Recent ARGUS Sounding Data Indicates Shallow Water on Channel From Clearwater Pass to Clearwater Municipal Marina
    II. Caution Required at New Bridge Construction south of Norfolk, VA, AICW Statute Mile 3
    III. Swan Point Marina Reopens Under New Ownership/Management (North Carolina AICW, Statute Mile 247
    IV. Darien, Georgia Looks to Attract Cruisers With 48-hour FREE Dockage
    V. New Cruising Craft Friendly, Floating Dock at Leland Oil Company Marina, McClellanville, SC
    VI. Free Waste Boat Pumpout at Tarpon Basin Anchorages Praised (FL Keys Inside Route, St. M. 1139.5)
    VII. GREAT News – Restaurant Now Open Beside Marineland Marina (Statute Mile 796)
    VIII. Sunset Beach Fixed Bridge Clearance Gauge Corrected, AICW Statute Mile 338
    IX. BIG News in the Florida Anchoring Rights Struggle – St. Augustine’s Anchorage Regulations Challengd in Federal Court
    X. Historic Roanoake River Lighthouse Now Perched Atop Its New Home in Edenton, NC Dockage Basin
    XI. Matecumbe Bight Anchorage (FL Keys Inside Route, St. M. 1166)
    XII. Bridge Pointe Marina (New Bern, NC on the Trent River) Closed For New Dock Installation
    XIII. Submerged Tree in Alligator/Pungo Canal, AICW Statute Mile 119.9
    XIV. Good Depths and Gasoline Found in Everglades City (south of Marco Island – Western Florida)

    Click Here To View the SSECN Alert 5/18/12

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