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Salty Southeast
Cruisers' Net
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Archive For: SSECN Alerts Archive Index

  • SSECN Special Transient Alert 4/11/12

    I. Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net Special Spring, 2012 Transient Season Alert.
    II. AICW Problem Stretch Directory
    III. Navigational Alerts
    IV. Fuel Price Directories
    V. “Best-Buy Fuel Price Finder” Service
    VI. Find the Best Fuel Prices In a Port of Call
    VII. Find Sources for LPG (Propane) Tank Refills and Exchanges
    VIII. Cruising News
    IX. Marina Directories
    X. Anchorage Directories
    XI. PLEASE Support Our Sponsors
    Click Here To View the SSECN 4/11/12 Special Transient Alert

  • SSECN Alert 3/23/12

    I. Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net Alert Newsletter Honored With The “2011 Constant Contact All Star Award”
    II. Good Navigational Advice About AICW/Bakers Haulover Intersection “Problem Stretch”
    III. Good Jacksonville, FL Bridge News
    IV. Another Report Of Shoaling at AICW/Browns Inlet Intersection (Statute Mile 237)
    V. Come One, Come All to Eastern Florida Webinar Slated For Monday, March 26 at 8:00 pm (Eastern Time)
    VI. GOOD NEWS – Closing of Moore Haven Lock/Okeechobee Waterway Delayed
    VII. Absurd/Bizarre Proposed Florida Anchorage Regulations
    VIII. Caution Required When Entering Lake Boca Raton Anchorage (AICW Statute Mile 1048)
    IX. Question About Boca Grande Pass Swash Channel…(Western Florida Coastline)
    X. Uncharted Marker/Shoaling On AICW/Stono River (South Carolina AICW, Statute Mile 480)
    XI. Depth Controversy on Sister Creek, Alternate Entrance to Boot Key Harbor (Marathon, FL)
    XII. Floating “Big Black Drums” Navigational Hazard in Hawk Channel, Offshore from Marathon
    XIII. A Tall Ship Will Make Washington, NC Waterfront Docks Its New Homeport
    XIV. GOOD NEWS – AICW Dismal Swamp Canal Route REOPENS
    XV. Lots of Other North Carolina Cruising News
    Click Here To View the SSECN 3/23/12 Alert

  • SSECN Alert 2/22/12

    I. GOOD NEWS For Florida/Okeechobee Waterway Cruisers
    II. An Unfortunate Storm May Be Brewing in Marathon’s (Florida Keys) Boot Key Harbor
    III. GREAT “Photo of the Week” – Don’t Miss It!.
    IV. Shallower Depths Reported Off Punta Gorda, FL Waterfront (Western Florida – Charlotte Harbor/Peace River)
    V. Shad Fishing Nets Reported Along South Carolina AICW/Waccamaw River
    VI. Security Concerns at Bahia Mar Marina (Fort Lauderdale, FL – Statute Mile 1064.5)
    VII. Shallow Depths Reported on Indian Key Channel, Leading to Everglades City (Western Florida, 10,000 Islands Region)
    VIII. Missing Marker And Potential Hazard to Navigation Reported in Georgia AICW/Buttermilk Sound
    IX. 3rd Annual Martin County Nautical Flea Market & Seafood Festival, Stuart, FL
    X. North Carolina’s Cape Fear Memorial Bridge Will Not Open During Spring, 2012
    XI. Cruisers’ Anchored Off Punta Gorda Waterfront Can Beach Their Dinghies (Western Florida – Charlotte Harbor/Peace River
    XII. Two “New” Tarpon Springs Marinas (Western Florida, near Anclote Key)
    XIII. Good North Carolina Winter Marina News
    XIV. Carolina Beach, NC Mooring Field Nears Completion (near Statute Mile 295)
    Click Here To View the SSECN 2/22/12 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 1/27/12

    I. 2nd Annual Treasure Coast Oyster Festival, 3/10/2012 & 3/11/2012, Stuart, FL.
    II. Anchored Sailcraft Located Near Western Florida ICW – No Longer An Impediment to Navigation (
    III. Partially Sunken Vessel Reported Hard by Fort Myers Beach/Mantanzas Entrance Channel (Western Florida Coastline)
    IV. Don’t Dare Miss The Week’s Photo Contest Winner
    V. Okeechobee Waterway/St. Lucie River, South Fork Marker #25 Destroyed
    VI. Shoaling in Big Foot Slough Channel, Ocracoke, NC, Pamlico Sound
    VII. Disturbing News About Anchoring in St. Petersburg, Florida (off the Western Florida ICW, on Tampa Bay)
    VIII. Manatee Pocket Dredging Complete (Statute Mile 987, near Stuart, Florida)
    IX….Abandoned Vessel Reported Near Anclote River Entrance Channel (near Western Flroida ICW St. M
    X. .\Dredging Underway at Lockwoods Folly/AICW Intersection, Statute Mile 321
    XI. Dockage Basin Dredging Underway at Fernandina Habor Marina (Statute Mile 716.5)
    XII. Massive Sewage Spill Reported in the Cape Fear River, South of Wilmington, NC
    Click Here To View the SSECN 1/27/12 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 1/20/12

    I. Latest AICW Marina’s Information – Brunswick, GA to Cocoa, Florida
    II. Niles Channel Navigational Difficulties (Florida Keys – off Hawk Channel Between Marathon and Key West)
    III. Popular North Lake Worth Anchorage Dinghy Landing Closed (Statute Mile 1014)
    IV. Dredging of Entrance to Bimini Bay/Galati’s Yacht Basin Set To Begin 1/25/12
    V. Scheduled AICW CLOSURE at the Skidaway Narrows Bridge, Feb 14 – 20, 2012 (Statute Mile 592.8)
    VI. Belhaven Town Dock Open for Business, Pantego Creek, AICW Statute Mile 135.5
    VII. Help Sought From the Western Florida Cruising Community to Help Clarify a VERY Confusing Local Local Notice to Mariners’ Posting (Western Florida ICW, near Clearwater Beach, FL)
    Click Here To View the SSECN 1/20/12 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 1/06/12

    I. Our Sincere Thanks to the Cruising Community for a GREAT 2011
    II. Western Florida ICW/Pine Island Sound Marker #45A Destroyed (St. M. 16.5)
    III. Attention: North Carolina and South Carolina Cruisers
    IV. Shoaling Worsening at Intersection of AICW and Browns Inlet (North Carolina AICW, near Statute Mile 237)
    V. Marina/Anchorage Review Contest Now in Full Swing!
    VI. VI. Charlotte Harbor Marker #4 Destroyed/Damaged (Western Florida, northeast of Boca Grande Pass)
    VII. VII. Okeechboee Waterway/St. Lucie River Daybeacon Destroyed (Stuart, Florida)
    VIII. A Great Anchoring Tale
    IX. Shallow Spot in Cedar Key’s Northwest Channel (Western Florida – Big Bend Region)
    X. St. Johns River “FEC Bridge” May Be Partically Closed Until Mid-March, 2012 (Jacksonville, FL)
    XI. Dredging and Marker Replacement at AICW/Matanzas Inlet Intersection Pays Off (Statute Mile 795)
    Click Here To View the SSECN 1/06/12 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 12/30/11

    I. Our Last 2011 Alert
    II. South Carolina AICW Bridge Schedule Changes
    III. Two Florida Keys Festivals Set For Late January, 2012
    IV. Western Florida ICW Shoaling Reported South of The Englewood – Manasota Key – Tom Adams Bridge
    V. Good Experience in the St. Augustine Mooring Field (Statute Mile 778)
    VI. AICW/Daytona Beach Shoaling Noted Near Marker #44 (Statute Mile 831.6)
    VII. Restrictions on Isabel Holmes Bridge in Wilmington, NC
    VIII. Shoaling Reported in Ponce de Leon Inlet, near AICW Statute Mile 839.5
    IX. Winter, 2011-2012 North Carolina Cruising News
    X. In-Depth Article Now Available About Anchoring on Boca Grande Bayou (Western Florida)
    XI. St. Marys Town Dock (off the AICW, on St. Mary River, near St. M. 713)
    Click Here To View the SSECN 12/30/11 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 12/16/11

    I. GOOD News – St. Augustine No-Wake Zone To Be Extended – Southern St. Aug. Mooring Field to Benefit
    II. Georgetown SC Dining (AICW Statute Mile 403
    III. Englewood Beach Anchorage (Western Florida, ICW, Statute Mile 43.5)
    IV. Dredging Underway in North Miami Beach at the AICW/Bakers Haulover Inlet Intersection
    V. DON’T Miss This Photo
    VI. LOTS of Florida Anchoring Rights News
    VII. A Fond Look at Oriental, NC (Statute Mile 181)
    VIII. AICW/Shalotte Inlet Intersection Dredging Scheduled for December, 2011 (Statute Mile 330)
    VIII. Possible Debris in Waterway from Holden Beach Fire (North Carolina AICW, Statute Mile 324)
    IX. Okeechobee Waterway Depths as of 12/9/11
    Click Here To View the SSECN 12/16/11 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 12/02/11

    I. Hazard to Navigation on Main Tampa Bay Channel.
    II. A Humorous Look at Florida Manatee Zones
    III. Our THANKS to the Cruising Community
    IV. Bike Thefts at Cooley’s Landing, City of Fort Lauderdale Municipal Docks
    V. Excellent Explanation of Florida Restrictive Speed Zones
    VI. Elizabeth City Bridge Now Open after Repairs
    VII. Complicated Anchorage Plan Proposed for Manatee Pocket
    VIII. Hazard to Navigation Reported on Crystal River near Salt River (West FL Big Bend Region)
    IX. New Dock Planned for Vilano Beach, AICW Statute Mile 775.5
    X. Avoid G81 at Intersection of AICW and Shallotte Inlet, Statute Mile 330
    XI. Reports from Calabash Creek Anchorage, AICW Statute Mile 342
    XII. Laudatory Reviews Posted For Two South Carolina Marinas
    Click Here To View the SSECN 12/02/11 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 11/16/11

    I. Superb Blog Site Provides Dinghy Access Info for Western Florida Grocery Stores
    II. Marker # Changed at AICW/Bogue Inlet Intersection (AICW Statute Mile 227)
    III. Semi-Sunken Wreck Reported Near Florida Key’s Hawk Channel
    IV. Government Cut Vs. East Pass Inlets (Florida Panandle, between Apalachicola and Carrabelle, Florida)
    V. Improvements on the Way For St. Augustine Inlet (Statute Mile 776.5)
    VI. Port Royal Landing Marina Invites the Cruising Community for Thanksgiving Dinner
    VII. Cruisers’ Net Announces Availability of Alphabetical Marina Directory Listings For All Coastlines
    VIII. Tampa Bay’s North Yacht Basin/Vinoy Basin CLOSED to Anchorage
    IX. Sunken Anchor Chain Reported Between the Crystal and Withlacoochee Rivers (Western Florida)
    X. Florida Keys Inside Route Aid to Navigaton Damaged and Temporarily Replaced
    XI. AICW/Little Mud River – November, 2011 Depth Report (AICW Statute Mile 655)
    XII. More on AICW/Ashepoo Coosaw Cutoff Shoaling (Statute Mile 515)
    XIII. North Palm Beach Nautical Christmas Parade Set For 11/26/11
    XIV. Anchoring Hassles Reported Near Anna Maria Island (near St. M. 92, south of Tampa Bay)
    Click Here To View the SSECN 11/16/11 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 10/21/11

    I. Great In-Depth Article about Dinner Key Marina and Mooring Field, Plus Coconut Grove Community
    II. Shoaling Worsens On Two AICW Problem Stretches
    III. Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net Now Offers “Alphabetical” Index of Georgia Marinas
    IV. Detailed Okeechobee Waterway Crossing Report As of 10/12/11
    V. Captains Greg and Susan Han Post Dramatic Live-Fire Video Link
    VI. Report of Shallow Water in AICW/Masonboro Inlet Intersection (Statute Mile 285.5)
    VII. Charleston, South Carolina Swim Event Set For Sunday, October 23, 2011
    VIII. Norfolk/Portsmouth Belt Line RR Bridge Transit Not Affected by Repairs!
    IX. Praise for Charleston Harbor Marina, AICW Statute Mile 465
    X. Ponce de Leon Inlet, North Jetty Light Destroyed, AICW Statute Mile 843
    Click Here To View the SSECN 10/21/11 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 10/07/11

    I. “Spot Dredging” Underway at Intersection of AICW and Browns Inlet (near Statute Mile 237)
    II. Captain Charmaine Smith Ladd Tells All About The Newfound Harbor Anchorage (Florida Keys)
    III. Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net Now Offers “Alphabetical” Index of North and South Carlina Marinas
    IV. Duck Weed No Longer A Problem on North Carolina’s AICW/Dismal Swamp Canal Alternate Route.
    V. DRAMATIC “BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience” Video Now Linked From Crusiers’ Net
    VI. A Sad Passing in the Cruising Community
    VII. Morning Swim Event Will Close AICW, Myrtle Beach, SC, October 8-9, Statute Mile 359.
    VIII. “Wave Attenuators” Being Added to Bird Sanctuary South of Alafia River Channel (Tampa Bay)
    IX. No-Wake Zones on the Western Florida ICW, Between Sarasota and Fort Myers
    X. Eyewitness Report on Martin County (Stuart, Florida) Mooring Field Pilot Program
    Click Here To View the SSECN 10/07/11 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 09/17/11

    I. Latest on Hurricane Irene Recovery Efforts
    II. Full Fuel Price Reporting Service Re-activated
    III. “Life Aboard in the Keys: Where Last Names Are Optional”
    IV. Dredging Complete in AICW/Matanzas Inlet Intersection, Statute Mile 795
    V. Dredging Project In Brunswick, GA Harbor May Hamper Access
    VI. Two Interesting Reviews of Western Florida Marinas
    Click Here To View the SSECN 9/17/11 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 09/09/11

    I. Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net Adds Beaufort, North Carolina Photo Gallery
    II. Dramatic Photo Depicts Why North Carolina Outer Banks Marinas May Not Have Reliable Power For Two Month
    III. Okeechobee Waterway Will Be Open For Fall, 2011 – Winter, 2012 Cruising Season
    IV. Positive Movement on Georgia Anti-Liveaboard Law
    V. Both AICW Passages From VA To NC Open and Ready for the Fall, 2011 Transient Season
    VI. Punta Gorda (Western Florida) Mooring Field Ready For Business
    VII. Crucial Aid to Navigation NOT Replaced on Troubled St. Augustine Inlet
    VIII. Hazard to Navigation Reported Near Stump Pass Channel (off Western Florida ICW, St. M. 41)
    IX. No Hurricane Irene Damage Noted On the AICW Between Gerogetown, SC and Wrightsville Beach, NC
    X. Thoroughfare Creek Idyllic Anchorage, AICW Statute Mile 389
    XI. New Web/Facebook Site Established to Promote Florida Anchoring and Cruising Rights
    XII. Update on Hazard in Watts Cut, South Carolina AICW Statute Mile 503

    Click Here To View the SSECN 9/09/11 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 08/12/11

    I. Swamp Wildfire Closes AICW Dismal Swamp Canal Alternate Route (Northeastern North Carolina)
    II. Navigation Instructions for AICW/Matanzas Inlet Intersection, Statute Mile 793
    III. Okeechobee Waterway To Be Closed 9/19/11 to 11/14/11
    IV. Stump Pass Being Remarked (near Western Florida ICW Statute Mile 41)
    V. Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net’s Florida Keys and Western Florida Marina Directories Updated
    VI. Dredging Underway in St. Augustine Inlet, near AICW Statute Mile 776
    VII. Marker Restored and Hazard to Navigation Removed On Bowlegs Cut, Florida Keys Inside Route
    VIII. Dramatic Photo Illustrates Shoaling Problems on St. Lucie Inlet (near AICW St. Mile 988)
    IX. New Pipeline to be Installed Across Peace River near the Interstate 75 Bridge (near Punta Gorda, Florida)
    X. Concrete Debris Reported Along the Path of the Georgia AICW in Altamaha River (Statute Mile 657
    XI. Avoid Channel Leading from Cape Fear River Marker #41, to the AICW at Marker #162A
    XII. Update on Florida Keys Pilot Mooring Field Program/Anchoring Regulations

    Click Here To View the SSECN 8/12/11 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 07/29/11

    I. Dangerous Navigational Obstruction Reported on the Florida Keys Inside Route, near Statute Mile 1165
    II. New Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net LPG/CNG Availability Directories Ready for Use
    III. Cruisers at Fort Pierce City Marina Don’t Mess Around When It Comes to Waterway Cleanup
    IV. Lockage Hours Curtailed on North Carolina’s AICW Alternate Dismal Swamp Canal Route
    V. New Configuration of Aids to Navigation On St. Augustine Inlet (Statue Mile 776)
    VI. Washington, NC Will Hold “Pickin’ on the Pamlico” Festival 8/20/11
    Click Here To View the SSECN 7/29/11 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 07/22/11

    In This Issue
    I. Sunken Vessel Reported North of Egmont Channel (Tampa Bay Entrance, Western Florida)
    II. Georgia’s 30-day Live Aboard Limit Being Rethought
    III. Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net Announces New, Easier to Read and Record Marina and Anchorage Reviews
    IV. A Really Outstanding Photograph – “Black Skimmer”
    V. Depths at Entrance to Calabash Creek (Statute Mile 342)
    VI. Bio Diesel Fuel Now Available In the Florida Keys
    VII. Input Needed for Our New Repair Yard Project
    VIII. Anchorage and City Dock in Swanquarter, NC ???
    IX. Partially Sunken Slow-Speed Sign Reported on Western Florida ICW, North of Treasure Island Causeway Bridge
    X. Stay Away From St. Augustine Inlet (near Statute Mile 776)
    Click Here To View the SSECN 7/22/11 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 07/08/11

    In This Issue
    I. Grounding Reported at AICW Problem Stretch – Intersection of Browns Inlet and the AICW (St. M. 237)
    II. Navigation of AICW/Mantanzas Inlet Intersection Problem Stretch Becomes Temporarily More Difficult (St. M. 793)
    III. Sunshine Skyway Bridge Fishing Piers To Be Removed (mouth of Tampa Bay, Western Florida Coastline)
    IV. It’s Summertime And Duck Weed Lies on the Dismal
    V. Vital Input From Cruising Community Proves Indispensable In Refining Our New North Carolina LPG/CNG Directory
    VI. Repairs Slated for Little River Bridge, AICW Statute Mile 347
    VII. Details on Beaufort, South Carolina 2011 Water Festival (Statute Mile 536.5)
    VIII. St. Augustine Inlet Buoy #5 NOT Missing, BUT Off Station (near St. M. 776)
    IX. Oriental, North Carolina Proposes Second Town Dock
    X. Captain Bliss Explains Approval Process for Anchoring Regulations Associated With the Florida Pilot Mooring Field Program
    Click Here To View the SSECN 7/08/11 Alert

  • SSECN Alert, 06/24/11

    In This Issue
    I. Unusual Traffic at Fort Pierce City Marina Fuel Dock (Statute Mile 966.5)
    II. Shoaling Reappears at Intersection of AICW and Bakers Haulover Inlet (St. M. 1080, between Fort Lauderdale and Miami)
    III. Shoaling on Eastern Okeechobee Waterway, Independent of Low Lake Okeechobee Water Levels
    IV. Two Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net Sponsors Receive “Clean Marina” Certifications
    V. Why Florida Anchoring Regulations Hurt the Sunshine State Marine Industry (and More!)
    VI. SSECN Fuel Prices Updated As of 6/24/11
    Click Here To View the SSECN 6/24/11 Alert

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